Blazing Cold

Author: Daniela
Fandom: The Closer
Pairing: Brenda/Flynn
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor, Smut
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: This is the day ...
Disclaimer: Love is not about ownership.
Warning: Adult Fanfiction, In my fantasy world Agent Fritz Howard doesn´t exist.
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Released: March 2010
Beta: abracax
Word Count: 2.817

"Try your cell. There must be somebody we can reach."

"I already did - lots of times. There is no reception."

"Oh shoot!" Through the fly-spotted front window, Brenda was gazing at the beautiful, but useless stars. "I never thought it could be this damn cold in the desert."

"Not like back in Georgia, huh?" Flynn enjoyed her misery just as much as the sight of her erected nipples which could be seen through her shirt. Certainly, she was longing for her jacket, hanging uselessly on the chair in her office.

"A few hours ago it felt like the sun exploded and now I´m almost frozen," she groaned, irritated, grinding in her seat. "And they call that summer."

"Maybe there is a blanket in the trunk," Flynn suggested kindly.

"So go and look." She took a sip from the water bottle.

"Don´t be too greedy. We only have this one bottle."

"I know," she snapped back. "Just water and no candy." She pouted like a six year old brat.

He repressed a smile and eased out of the car only to find the trunk empty. Well, not completely empty, but without anything in it to heat her up. It´s my lucky day. "Sorry, Chief," he mumbled, feigning disappointment, while he got back into the front seat. Brenda wasn´t there anymore.

"I´m here, Lieutenant." She had moved to the back seat, shuffling around, desperately seeking some sort of comfort.

Jesus Louise! The toothpick between his teeth bounced restlessly around.

"A blanket wouldn´t help anyway. I need heat - and something sweet."

"Maybe I can help," Flynn said smugly, shifting salaciously.

"No kidding?" She shot him a glare.

"Just a suggestion... considering it´s your fault we landed here in the first place. You said you knew the way."

"I wasn´t the one who forget to gas up the car," she barked. "It had to be Gabriel!"

"Yeah." Flynn didn´t hide his joy about Gabriel´s failure. "Your favorite messed up - again."

"Oh shoot! I wish... I wish..."

"...Gabriel were here instead of me." The toothpick danced non-stop from side to side.

She stared at him. "No. Why should I? He wouldn´t be of any help."

Gabriel was sick. That´s why he was at home and not at the chief´s side. That´s why she had asked Flynn to join her on this trip to a small town in the desert. He had been the logical second choice. "No...but you like Gabriel better." He shifted further down the driver´s seat, hiding like a pouting kid.

"That´s nonsense. I don´t prefer Gabriel to you. I just don´t know..." She sighed, exasperated.

"Yeah?" He pricked his ears but didn´t get out of hiding.

"For heaven´s sake, get back here, Flynn!"

Oh...she is angry, even furious. He smirked, but resisted obeying - for now.

"You are as worthy as Gabriel. You are a member of my team," she continued softer.

"But he´s your favorite."

"Says who?"

"You never snap at him like you snap at me."

"I never snap at you!"

"You just did." He noticed the heat in his groin. No miracle. Any discussion with her had this effect on him. Would be better for her body temperature if she would feel the same.

She breathed deeply. "That´s because you´re one annoying man, Flynn."

"True. But you knew that the first time we met, didn´t you?" He chewed heavily on the pick.

"As well as you knew me when you applied for permanent transfer to my squad."

"Sure." Flynn´s desire was growing. "Do you really want me to come back there?"


"O - kay." He peeled himself from the depths of the seat and opened the door. The coldness awaited him with biting teeth but he didn´t shiver nor did he feel cold. How could he, being here with her all alone? He hoped the iciness would cool him off or this could turn very embarrassing for both of them. For a while, he concentrated on the star-strewn sky, breathing in and out, in and out. Come on. Come on. Desperate, he finally got rid of his jacket and tie. You´re way too old to get so easily aroused. It didn´t work. He was burning up from the inside.

"Will you remain there the whole night, Lieutenant?" she nagged through the window.

"No." Just as long as I do feel the need to fuck you. But even in his shirt, with a few buttons opened, he didn´t get cold enough to make him feel less horny. He kept prowling around the car like a tomcat in heat. Oh Jeez! I´m so screwed.

Angrily, she unlocked the door, and pushed it open, almost hitting his knee.


"Come on!"

Flynn´s eyes rambled over her décolleté, which naturally didn´t help to kill his desire.

"And get rid of that disgusting piece in your mouth."

"No way. I need something to chew on having no food around." Though, I would prefer chewing on you. Hiding his heat as well as possible, he jumped in.

"Shut the door! Quickly! Quickly!"

He did - with a bang. Silence. She glared at him, pulling his toothpick out, throwing it on the front seat.

"Happy now?"

"No. I´m too cold."

"I could heat you up."


"What are you implying?" he observed smugly. Oh, he so wanted to make her happy, make her smile in pure bliss - only because of him. "I only meant give you my jacket." Yeah. Sure.

"Well...uh...thank you." She pulled it over, almost vanishing in it.

She´s so small. Those high heels really make a difference.

"My feet are the worst. As long as...."

Boldly, he grabbed her feet and lifted them on his lap.

"What are you doing???"

"Just trying to help." He pushed her shoes off. "Trust me." Gently, he thumbed the skin of her left foot which felt as smooth as that of a baby.

"Oh...well...that´s nice...I think," she muttered, sounding unfamiliarly insecure.

"You´re welcome." Secretly moving closer to her, he enjoyed her natural scent, which was much more powerful than any love potion.

"So...tell me what is it that kept you in my team if I´m that horrible to you?"

"Ah... well... you´re better than Captain Taylor."

"Really? That´s comforting. Wasn´t he your best buddy?"

"He was until he showed his true nature."

"I see." She shifted slightly, sipping more from the bottle.

Feeling her calves brushing his cock, and noticing the drops on her red and glowing lips, fire shot through his groin. I have to have her. Just now, before I turn to ash. Oh fuck! He started caressing her other foot. "You´re one tough...lady but you´re fair."

"One tough bitch you wanted to say, right?" She giggled.

Her surprising amusement made him look right into her eyes. His body temperature rose a few more degrees. "Ah... are..."

"You´re one honest man, Flynn."

"...a sweet bitch." His left hand glided over her ankle up to her calf, teasing, stroking, warming her - and himself. His arousal bulged heavily in his pants. She had to notice.

She giggled again, delighted, and leaned her head against the back seat.

He noticed that his touch got to her, and ripe with flaming lust, he restrained himself from saying something arrogant or stupid to destroy the mood.

"Why didn´t you marry again?"

Hey! "It wouldn´t work." His hand passed her knee and he asked himself if she truly wasn´t noticing or just didn´t care. Does she want me after all? Does she want me to go on? Does she want this as much as I do? Is it possible?

"Why not?"

"Being stuck in a car most nights isn´t helpful to make a marriage work."

"Mmh." Her head lolled on the seat cushion, while she took another sip from the bottle, leaving her lips glistening like rubies.

I gotta have these lips. "Still cold?" His hand glided under her skirt.

Her eyes narrowed. "Stop it."

"Sorry, but Gabriel isn´t here, is he?"

"What´s that supposed to mean?"

"I´m saying if you like it warm and cozy my body heat is enough for both of us."

The bottle dropped from her grip, falling to the ground, spilling the remaining water. "Let go of my feet. I´m warm enough."

"I don´t think so." He caressed the inside of her thighs in the gentlest way, stroking up and down, brushing closer and closer to her center. Her thighs quivered excitedly, no, her entire body quivered.

"You want me to go on. You want me to make you feel good." Slowly, he began to unbutton the lower half of his shirt, while he didn´t cease stroking her fervently. She started shaking. He didn´t know if it was because of the cold or because she was horny. Only one way to find out, right? Well! No risk no fun. "You want me to make you hot. You´ve wanted me all along." He slipped out of his shirt and threw it behind him.

Her eyes widened in shock. Her mouth formed a perfect Oh.

"You command me - Chief." He seized her hips, pulling her into him, claiming her.

"Oooh...oh Flynn...don´t...please don´t...," she yelped and grabbed his shoulders.

"Why don´t you shut up." He kissed her forcefully, finding her lips not cold but burning sweet, utterly accepting his attack. No wonder he wasn´t able to stop. Not now or ever. Her precious taste hardened his cock to a painful throbbing thickness and desperately, he was rubbing against her, rubbing into her, sparking spikes of blazing heat. She stopped shivering and cried out, grabbing his hair, twitching the short grey strands defensively, still not giving in or giving up. His jacket slid from her shoulders. Groaning, he pushed her on her back, pinning her figure under his weight, feeling her tits through the thin fabric, checking them out intimately.

" not...oooh...," she croaked, lips swollen from his kiss.

"Are you sure?" he murmured smugly, getting rid of her shirt. Her breasts welcomed his touch, the hardened nipples pressing into his flesh. "...oh fucking hotness..."

She still fought, drawing her face away, pushing against him, mumbling incoherently. "´ll regret this..."

"I won´t," he confessed hoarsely, and unclasped her bra deftly, sucking one delicate nipple into his mouth.

Moaning, she arched her back, pushing her sensitive knob deeper in. "Oh my..."

" last..." He sucked and nibbled and bit eagerly, holding her down, leaving her no chance to get away. His tongue licked and caressed, his teeth seized and marked, satisfying the first nipple, moving on to the second one, until Brenda melted into him, taking his heat and desire, taking him like God´s gift. Encouraged, he was feeling inside her panties, feeling her small triangle of lust, all wet and needy.

"Oh...oh can´t..."

"Oh yes we can...." He pulled her panties down. "Like hell we can." He opened his pants, struggling them off, longing to feel all of her, not only her delicate breasts, but her smooth, long legs and her hot and rosy pussy. Oh yes, he wanted to fuck her but first...first...he wanted to taste her. Tracing the curve of her belly along to her hips and down to her vulva, he buried his tongue in her center.

" smug bastard....," she yelped in surprise. Her legs thrashed the seat but he got hold of them, pressing her harder into the firm fabric, showing her his hunger.

"Aaah...Flynn...that´s not fair..."

"I never said I´m fair." He pushed and licked, holding her thighs firmly, not giving her an inch to manoeuvre herself out of this. Despite it, she bent and backed, sighed and groaned, and fought him still. He darted deeper, adoring her fierce tenderness, making her lose control in the most submissive way.

"oh yes...faster Flynn...faster..."

Eagerly, he suckled along, one hand buried in her damp curls, while with the other he palmed her belly. He gave her a few more lashes with his tongue, brisk and purposeful, making her whine and beg. " this...more of this...oooh..." She arched up, bucking her vulva into him, merging with his tongue and lips. "Ahhh....yeees!" She came, splashing her juices over his lips and face in a warm wave, while she kept his head caged between her legs.

He chuckled, wiping his face and mouth. "Fortunately, we´re all alone out here." His need to fuck her had reached the peak. Hastily, he pulled his shorts down, releasing his over-ready hard-on.

Barely down from her first orgasm, breathing like having a fever, she gazed at him. "...oh my God...oh dear´t..."

"What now?"


He was beyond backing down. He would fuck her. He would make her scream again - and again. "I got it." Casually, he rummaged through his crumpled pants and pulled a package from the pocket, ripping it open. "Enough for the hottest fuck ever. Enough for plenty of cold nights to come."

Her jaw dropped. "You planned this? You..."


"...smooth bastard."

He chuckled. "Not at all." He kissed her tenderly, letting her know he wasn´t as arrogant as she might think.

"I hate you," she gasped, but pulled him against her anyway.

"No, you don´t." He kissed her again, coddling the insides of her mouth as thoroughly as he had done her clit. The kiss breached her open. "Oh! Now!"

"Yes, Chief." He slipped inside her. His cock cheered because of her warmth and settled, for the moment completely content. "Ah...fuck...are you hot inside...I always dreamed of fucking you...Chief...mmh..." His mouth found her pouting lips once more, kissing them greedily, consuming her passionate approval like a wondrous blessing. "So good..."

"Oh yes...fuck yes..." She pushed against him, her muscles tightening around his cock, urging him to speed up.

Groaning, he began to move, driving into her, while he was pinching her nipples ceaselessly, making her purr like a soft little kitten. "Oh... oh yes... oh fuck...oh Andy...fuck me...yes...yes...mmh...mmh...make me hot..."

He smiled, happy to hear his name over and over again, happy to be serving her well, banishing her coldness for good.

"...make me hot!" Her nails scratched his back violently, while her hole was dripping from his feisty cock. "Oh yes please! Yes please!" Her screams rocked the stillness of the sandy desert.

"I make you burn." He fucked her harder, smashing her mouth and body, leaving no room for an inch of coldness, exploding into her, branding her insides, marking her.

Her second orgasm shook her violently, and she consumed him, taking his seed, taking his hot filling, glowing and gasping gratefully.

For a while they rested, glued together by satisfying feverish heat. The windows of the car were steamed up from their desire; the air impregnated with thick lust. The cold night outside was forgotten and had no power over them anymore.

"You´re okay?" Flynn thumbed her cheek. "Hot enough?"

She was all smiles. "Certainly, but now I need sugar - lots of sugar."

"Well, ma'am." He put her hand on his damp cock. "What about my nuts?"

Gracefully, she flattered with her eyelashes. "Excuse me?"

"Are my nuts allowed to serve you?"

"Do they have sugar on them, Lieutenant?"

"Give it a try - Chief."

She rolled her eyes. "It´s ridiculous to call me that after all we did."

"Is it?" he countered, breathless, shifting around to find the most comfortable position.

"Mm-mm," she emphasized, testing his shaft, smacking her lips. "And it´s ridiculous to suck a man who still wears his socks."

He stripped them off in a split second. "How´s this?"



The sun came out and banished the night. The temperature in the car increased rapidly. Andy woke up and observed her fragile figure, smoothed into his jacket and her spoiled skirt. He smiled and touched her cheek. "Who would have thought that car trouble could be so much fun?"

Brenda opened her eyes, lazily rubbing her legs against his skin.

He chuckled. "Still cold?"

"Mmh." She suckled dedicatedly at his earlobe. "How´s that for an answer?"

The sensation sent an overwhelming thrill of pleasure through his body. "Enough to set my loins on fire."

"You´re one naugthy man."

"Yeah." He showered her breasts with kisses. "That´s what you like the most about me."

"That and..." She wrapped her legs around him. "...that you´re not tasting salty at all."

He grinned. "I was just teasing you that day."

"Like I said - very naughty."

Her silvery laugh stirred his cock awake. "It seems the sun is going to explode once more."

"Don´t stop her." She leaned back, exposing her erected nipples.

" burn me up...."

"My pleasure!"

Over the day they were found and brought back to civilization.

The team never suspected that their trip had been an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

Only Gabriel noticed that Flynn was suddenly much nicer to him.

Maybe for the reason that Brenda allowed Flynn to heat her up again - and again - and again.

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