I'm the boss - 16/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom, Nick/Sara (implied)
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I love them dearly.
Summary: Grissom takes advantage of his position.
Warning: Slash, M/M
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Released: December 2003
Revised: November 2019/June 2021
Word Count:
Beta: None

"Hi, Greg. How's it going?" Michael said, dropping by.

"I couldn't be better." Greg smiled enrapt.

"I see. You've fixed your problem with the boss then." Michael returned the smile.

"I still don't know what you're talking about," Greg said, jigging around the printer. Though he wasn't wearing a showgirl's headdress today.

"Sure! Be that way. I don't mind. It's fun standing on the sidelines."

Enchained by their conversation the two guys didn't notice Grissom, who had just arrived at the lab.

Gil wasn't in the best mood. The newest murder case appeared to be unsolvable, and he just came back from a meeting with the sheriff. Seeing Greg with the man, who was famous for being the best-looking guy and the most shameless flirt in the lab, let him feel something he had thought he would never feel again.


He hated to feel that way. "Have you two no work?"

Michael's grin broadened. "Sorry, boss. I was just passing by. I couldn't resist having a little chat with my buddy here."

"Michael's already on his way," Greg said, picking up the printed result papers.

"See you later - buddy." Michael walked away, swinging his hips.

Greg chuckled, and then he turned to Gil. "What's up, bossman?"

"Do something you get paid for," Gil snapped, not amused by his usual attempt to charm him.

Greg's grin faded off. He looked puzzled. "What's the matter, Grissom?"

"Just do what I told you. That's an order. I'm still your boss."

Greg's expression turned blank; his lips small. "Yes, sir."

Gil walked away, feeling unfair as well as unsatisfied.

Greg dropped into his chair. He did his duties in a cheerless manner, was only working by rote. His mind was busy with different things. Grissom's behavior was sometimes more than unreadable to him, rather intolerable. Greg didn't have a clue what was going on. What had he done now? He couldn't think of a thing. Okay. Time to make a fuss. That's right. He took the result papers and walked to Grissom's office.

The big boss was sitting at his desk, looking particularly grim.

Yeah, well. That didn't scare him anymore. "I have the results."

"Close the door from the inside."

"Uh, sure." He carried the order out.

"Come here."

Sure! He advanced the desk, though slightly pissed he was willing to talk things out.

Grissom took the papers from his hands, laying them down, unread. "Didn't I tell you, don't bring your private life to work?"


"You were flirting with him."

"Who are you talking about?"

"Michael Andrews."

Greg was stunned speechless.

Grissom raised his eyebrows. "Don't you have anything to say?"

"No. I mean... yes. I wasn't flirting. I'm with you. You know that."

"Exactly. I'm the only one you're gonna get off at the lab."

"What?" Greg blinked.

"Blow me."

"Sorry. What?" Greg flushed, at the same time abashed and excited.

"I said, blow me."

"You can't be serious?"

"I'm your boss. That's an order."

"Someone could come down the hallway at any second."

"Almost everyone went home. We're basically alone. Do it."

Just now Greg got a glimpse at Grissom's crotch and the undeniable bulge in his wide-cut pants. Well. Look at that! Inspired by his lover's horniness he conceded to his craziness. "Yes, sir." He circled Grissom's desk and knelt. Strangely aroused by the idea of getting caught in the act by one of his friends he freed the hard cock of his boss and started licking him.

"Good. Just faster. Come on!"

That Grissom was expressing his feelings so open-hearted excited Greg even more and he doubled his efforts to please his lover. Sucking him harder and deeper, showing him how much he liked tasting him, how much he liked to drink him down.

Grissom's hands clenched around Greg's upper arms. He gasped. Just a bit too loud.

"Shush!" Greg warned him, though he was not helping by circling the sensitive tip of Grissom's cock with his tongue. That treat just increased Grissom's blunt noises. Oh, yeah, baby. Come on. Go for it! Greg swallowed the whole length of the cock.

"You-" Grissom dug his fingers into Greg's arms.

Greg hummed and sucked avidly on the hard-on.

Choking out a stifled groan Grissom spurted off.

Greg didn't mind but sucked him dry, smacking his lips. He then stood up, smiling.

His boss and lover pulled his zipper up. "What are you still doing here? You can go back to work."

"Is that right?" Greg kept smiling.

Grissom's midnight-blue eyes narrowed. "Go."

"Okay. Fine." Greg shrugged and turned around.


"Yes, sir?"

"Come here."

"Whatever you want." Greg walked back to him.

Grissom kissed him quick but just as thorough. "You're the best."

"Thank you, sir."

"We'll see each other later."

"Is that an order?"

"Of course. I'm your boss."

Greg showed his most cheeky smile. "Okay, Gil."

"What about going out to grab something to eat first?"

"You mean together?"

"That's right, Greggo."

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Just don't get used to it. It won't happen often."

Greg leered. "Sure - sir. Don't get used to me being submissive. That won't happen too often either."

"Don't push it, smart boy."

"Well, maybe you should teach me a particular strict lesson tonight, Gil." He licked his lips. "Just to keep me in line."

"Maybe I should, Greggo. Go now, before we both get sacked."

"Right." In high spirits Greg bounced out into the hallway and almost ran Sara and Nick over.

"Hey! Watch it," Nick scolded, shaking his head.

"Sorry, I didn't see you."

"What's the matter with you? I've seen you daydreaming often lately."

"Nothing in particular. Just having a lot of work to do and I can't wait to go home." Greg chuckled and almost took off sprinting away.

Nick frowned. "I think he's madly in love."

"Why do you think that?" Sara said, dispassionate.

"He'd never behaved this strange before. He was lovesick a few weeks ago, but now he seems plain happy. Something has changed."

"Do you know who he's in love with?"

"I don't know for sure. Yet."

Sara winked at him. "I'm sure you'll find out in a blink."

Nick smirked. "Just watch me, Sidle." He had no intention to tell Sara what he suspected though. He had seen where Greg had come from skipping on his way like a schoolboy.

Grissom's office.

That couldn't be, right? He was just imagining things. Greg and Grissom? No way! Yeah, sure, but what if he was right? He'd suspected for some time that Greg had the most serious crush on Grissom. Though he would never believe that Grissom could return those feelings somehow. And even if there were any feelings on Grissom's side, he could never tell Sara about that. She would be heartbroken. Nick could never hurt her; even she would always choose Grissom - and not him.

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