Castiel Dean - Season 10 - 15

Soul SurvivorThe Things We Left BehindThe Executioner´s SongThe PrisonerThe PrisonerThe Prisoner
The Bad SeedThe Devil in the DetailsThe Devil in the DetailsThe VesselAlpha and OmegaAlpha and Omega
Keep Calm and Carry onLotusLily Sunder has some regretsLily Sunder has some regretsStuck in the Middle (with youThe Future
All along the WatchtowerAll along the WatchtowerLost and FoundTombstoneTombstoneDevil's Bargain
Good IntentionsGood IntentionsGood IntentionsExodusThe ScarUnhuman Nature
ByzantiumThe SpearProphet and LossLebanonJack in the BoxBack to the Future
Raising HellThe RuptureOur Father, Who aren't in HeavenDespairDespairDespair