Castiel - Angel of the Lord - Moments

4. Season

Lazarus Rising

Castiel makes an entrance.

Are you there God, it´s me Dean Winchester

Castiel threatens Dean.

In the Beginning

Castiel zaps Dean back to the past.

It´s the great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Castiel meets Sam.

On the Head of a Pin

Castiel saves Dean and fights Uriel.

Lucifer rising

Castiel rebels against heaven.

5. Season

Sympathy for the Devil

Castiel is back and kills other Angels.

Free to be you and me

Castiel pretends to be a FBI agent. Dean brings him to a brothel. He drinks alcohol. He confronts Raphael.

The End

Castiel is not an Angel anymore. He takes drugs and is into orgies with women.

I believe the children are our future

The Anti-Christ turns Castiel into an action figure.

Abandon All Hope

Castiel drinks a lot of alcohol. He meets Lucifer and the demon Meg. He throws her into the fire and walks over her.

Bloody Valentine

Castiel and Cupid.

Castiel´s hunger for burgers.

99 Problems

Castiel is drunk.

Point of no Return

Castiel fights five Angels. He carves sigils into his chest and banishes four of them, including himself.

2 Minutes to Midnight

Castiel cuts Pestilence´s finger off and kills a demon.

Swan Song

Lucifer kills Castiel but God brings him back.

6. Season

The third Man

Castiel tortures a boy. He is reunited with Balthazar an Angel friend. Raphael almost kills him but Balthazar saves him.

Family Matters

Castiel lies about Sam´s resurrection.

Caged Heat

Castiel watches porn. Meg kisses Castiel and he kisses her back. Castiel kills Crowley.

Like a Virgin

Castiel tries to hug Sam.

The French Mistake

Castiel becomes much more powerful.


Castiel kills his Lieutenant after she figures out his secret.

The Man who would be King

Castiel fights, lies, threatens, kills for his agenda. Dean and Sam capture and confront him. Crowley rescues him.

The Man who knew too much

Castiel breaks Sam´s wall and kills Balthazar. After sucking up the souls he is all powerful, kills Raphael and orders Dean and Sam to bow down to him, the new Lord.

7. Season

Meet the New Boss

Castiel/God spares Dean and Sam.

Castiel/God smites a hypocritical preacher.

Castiel/God makes a deal with Crowley.

Castiel/God meets Death.

Castiel´s body is overtaken by a Leviathan, who tells them that Castiel is not there anymore. He says the angel is dead.

Hello, Cruel World

Castiel's vessel wades into the reservoir and instantly dissolves, creating a vortex that then erupts outwards and spreads a black ooze throughout the water.
Dean finds Castiel's Trench Coat floating in the water, but nothing else is seen of the angel's vessel.

The Born-Again Identity

Castiel is back but has lost his memory and calls himself Emmanuel.

Castiel remembers everything he had done.

Dean gives Castiel his bloodstained trench coat back.

Reading is Fundamental

Castiel asks Dean to pull his finger.

Castiel and Dean play the boardgame "Sorry".

Survival of the Fittest

Called, Castiel shows up on Dean´s car, naked, and covered in bees.

Crowley figures that Castiel is off his rocker.

Castiel is serving food and drying dishes.

Castiel is playing twister

Castiel and Dean have a talk and Castiel detects a note of forgiveness from Dean.

8. Season

What´s up, Tiger Mommy?

Dean hugs Castiel. Castiel doesn´t hug him back.

Castiel is on the ground reaching out. Dean loses his grip on Castiel.

Blood Brother

The vampire Benny saves Castiel from the Leviathan.

A little Slice of Kevin

Castiel cleans himself in two minutes.

Castiel confronts Crowley and puts him to flight.

Hunteri Heroici

Castiel smiles.

Castiel is playing bad cop.

Castiel interogates a cat.

Castiel is free to do whatever he wants to do.

Torn and Frayed

Castiel catches Dean having porn on his notebook.

Castiel kills Samandiriel.

Castiel bleeds a tear.

Goodbye Stranger

Ordered by Naomi Castiel has to kill thousand copies of Dean to train for the time when he has to kill Dean for real.

Castiel has a very intimate conversation with the demon Meg.

Castiel almost kills Dean.

Castiel rebels against Naomi and heaven.

The Great Escapist

Castiel tricks the angels chasing him for some time.

Castiel is shot in the stomach by Crowley with a bullet made of an melted angel sword.

Crowley plunges his hand into Castiel´s stomach and pulls out the angel tablet.

Castiel digs out the angel bullet from the wound on his stomach and pushes it into Ion´s eye. The angel erupts with white light, dying.

Clip Show

Castiel tries to get Dean´s forgiveness and fails. Afterwards he buys Dean´s favorite stuff to placate him and makes a mess at the shop.

Castiel kills a Nephilim.


Metatron extracts Castiel's Grace and sends him back to Earth - to live as a human.

9. Season

I think I'm gonna like it here

Castiel walks the Earth being human. He gets injured pretty fast.

Castiel threatens to hurt a Rocker without having any supernatural power.

Castiel outsmarts the angel Hael who wants to possess him and rat him out. He kills her.

Castiel visits a laundry mat to clean his bloodstained trench coat and clothes. He strips down to his white boxers, then abandons his clothes, steals new ones, and buys water.

Castiel drinks a bottle of water.

I'm no Angel

Castiel lives in a shelter and chews toothpaste.

Castiel sleeps with April Kelly who turns out to be a reaper send by the angels.

Castiel dies and is brought back by Ezekiel.

Castiel tells Dean and Sam that he lost his virginity.

Dean exiles Castiel from the bunker to protect Sam.

Heaven Can´t Wait

Castiel works as a Sales Associate at a Gas-N-Sip.

He thinks his boss Nora asks him out on a date but she only needs him to babysit her daughter.

Castiel sings a lullaby "Believe It or Not" to the baby.

Castiel kills the angel Ephraim.

Holy Terror

Desperate, Castiel prays to God for help.

Castiel slices the Angel Theo in the throat, letting his white grace slip out; then he opens his mouth and swallows it. The grace fills him up; his eyes turn blue; he is back to being an Angel.

Road Trip

Castiel drives a golden Cadillac because his wings are still broken and he cannot teleport.

Castiel and Crowley quarrel like little boys.

Castiel slaps Dean´s hand off of his shoulder. Oops!

First Born

Sam and Castiel hug.


Castiel kills the dreaded angel Bartholomew. Isn´t he the most badass angel killer ever?

Meta Fiction

Castiel smiles about a joke Dean made.

Castiel laughs with Gabriel.

Castiel learns about pop culture.

Castiel understands a Death Star reference - almost.

Castiel decides to lead the rebels.

King of the Damned

The Angel rebels call Castiel "The Commander".

Stairway to Heaven

Castiel impresses Sam and Dean with his recently gained pop-culture knowledge.

Sam is unable to open a locked door.
Castiel: "Step aside. I got this."
He tries to break the door down. He joggles at the doorknob. The door remains locked.
Castiel: "I don´t got this." cut to a Jesus Christ Superstar poster LOL!

Tessa: "There is no God. There´s only Castiel."
Dean: "Oh, and you´re done."

The Angel rebels ask Castiel to punish Dean to prove he spoke the truth. Castiel can´t. His followers leave him.

Do you believe in Miracles?

Castiel tries to explain a Star Wars reference to Gadreel.

Castiel fools Metatron.

10. Season


The angel Hannah feels nauseous due to Castiel´s slow driving of the Cadillac.

Human things had become pretty normal to Castiel.


Castiel is seriously sick. He sleeps most of the time. He cannot heal himself anymore. He can barely stand up straight.

A little girl makes Castiel smile brightly.

Hannah wants to make a deal with Metatron to get the last of Castiel´s grace. Castiel interferes and talks her out of it. Metatron taunts Castiel that he will get out some day. Castiel walks away.

Soul Survivor

Castiel thinks Hannah has feelings for him. He tries to let her down gently. She declares there are no feelings whatsoever. Well, he´s damaged, Hannah. A demon loved him. A demon!

Crowley steals an angel´s grace and feeds it to Castiel. Crowley saves Castiel because he needs him alive.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Hannah undresses in front of Castiel because she wants to take a shower. He behaves very awkward.

Hannah kisses Castiel to make a point to the husband of her vessel Caroline. Castiel is stunned, but doesn´t return the kiss.

Castiel talks about his vessel Jimmy Novak. He looks him up on the net.

Inside Man

Castiel and the atheist mind-reader.

Book of the Damned

Castiel hits Metatron - twice.

Castiel gets his grace back.

Castiel meets Charlie. Hilarious!

Charlie shows Castiel the game potsy.

Angel Heart

Castiel gives Claire a stuffed grumpy cat for a present. She conceals that she keeps it as well as an angel sword. Does she really believe Castiel doesn´t know?

Castiel makes an awkward speech to say good-bye. Claire hugs him.

Dark Dynasty

Castiel calls Sam but gets Dean. Awkwardness.

The Prisoner

Castiel fights Dean. The angel doesn´t want to hurt him. Dean beats him up and almost stabs him with an angel sword. Dean leaves a bloodied Castiel lying on the ground behind.

Brother's Keeper

Crowley makes Castiel beg for his help.

11. Season

Form and Void

Castiel asks his brother to kill him.

Hannah tells Castiel the other angels hate him.

Oh dear. Castiel kills two more of his brothers. Hannah dies, too.

The Bad Seed

The Winchesters chain Castiel to the floor.

Castiel is offended that Sam thinks his car is crappy.

By accident Castiel finds Dean´s Asian porn.

Our little World

Castiel is trash for Real Life TV

The Devil in the Details

Castiel allows Lucifer to use his vessel to beat the Darkness.

The Sound of Silence

Castiel/Lucifer snaps his fingers.

The Vessel

Castiel/Lucifer has fun with his doggie Crowley.

Castiel/Lucifer soaking wet just for show to make Sam believe the lie.

Castiel/Lucifer finds it hilarious that Sam offers him to touch his soul.

Hell´s Angel

Castiel/Lucifer shows up in heaven and gives the angels a hell of a time.

Lucifer mocks Dean´s begging for Castiel to break free of Lucifer.

A Happy Few

Castiel/Lucifer tries to kill Sam and Dean by snapping his fingers - but God doesn´t allow it.

Castiel/Lucifer apologizes to Rowena.

Castiel/Lucifer mocks Dean about his concern for Castiel.

12. Season

The Foundry

Castiel is Agent Beyoncé.

Rock Never Dies

Insulted by Dean Castiel fires back by calling him a lumberjack.

Castiel picks a pair of pink panties up.

Castiel mistakes a breakfast menu with a spell book.


Castiel is not impressed.

Lily Sunder has some regrets

Castiel - angel killer number 1 - strikes again. ;)

Stuck in the Middle (with you)

A waitress hits on Castiel.

Castiel is dying (Duh!) - Crowley saves him.

Somewhere between Heaven and Hell

His brothers offer Castiel that he can come back to heaven.

The Future

Due to Lucifer's child, Castiel has temporarily full powers, and is able to kill Dagon and heal Dean. He decides that Lucifer's child must be born and he will be his guardian, because he showed him the future.

All along the Watchtower

Lucifer stabs Castiel with an angel sword. Castiel dies. (Duh! That is the fifth time!)

13. Season

Lost and Found

Castiel is dead. Really? Dean and Sam burn his body.

Jack, Lucifer's son says that Castiel is his father.

The Big Empty

Castiel is the first one to ever be awake in the big empty and a Cosmic Entity is not amused.

The Cosmic Entity sends Castiel back to Earth. Duh! He is wearing Jimmy's original suit, blue tie, and trench coat again.


Castiel and Jack meet. They connect. By accident Jack kills an innocent. Castiel tells him about the people he killed.

War of the Worlds

Castiel has to handle a powerless Lucifer.

Devil's Bargain

Donatello: "Who kills angels?"

Castiel, the greatest angel killer of them all, looks ashamed.

Good Intentions

Castiel tortures Donatello until he is brain dead.


Rowena calls Castiel "the handsome angel". Castiel is taken with her flattering.

Castiel sits on the throne of heaven.

Beat the Devil

Crossing over to the Alternate World Gabriel ends up with his face buried in Castiel's crotch.


Castiel stabs and kills the Alternate World Castiel.

14. Season

Unhuman Nature

Castiel takes desperate measures to save Jack, who is fatally ill.


Castiel makes a severe deal with the Cosmic Entity to save Jack from going to the empty.

The Spear

Castiel took the decoder ring out of the Cookie Crunch box and unriddled the secret password 'cookie-tacular.'

Jack in the Box

Castiel kills one more angel. Duh!


Castiel mourns the loss of Jack.

15. Season

Back to the Future

Sam shoots Castiel by accident.

The Rupture

Dean sends Castiel to hell.

Castiel jumps into hell.

Castiel needs to sing Enochian verses.

Castiel kills Belphegor, consequently he also destroys Jack's vessel.

Castiel and Dean have a serious parting.

Last Call

Castiel is almost back to his old badass self.

Our Father, Who aren't in Heaven

Castiel lures Michael into a trap and then takes him on.

The Gamblers

Castiel reunites with Jack.

Galaxy Brain

Castiel loses at playing "Four in in row" with Jack. *eyeroll*

Destiny's Child

Castiel goes to the Empty to find Ruby and runs into someone else. Kind of.

Gimme Shelter

Castiel and Jack in the field solving a murder case.


Castiel sacrifices his life, and goes voluntarily to the Empty, to save his family.

Carry on

Jack resurrects Castiel again. He helps Jack to reshape heaven for the better.