Clean me

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: Missing Scene from "All for our Country"
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "All for our Country"
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: January 2004
Beta: Anomaly, Monika
Word Count: 2.452

Morose, Brass left the room.

Alone, Greg and Grissom were looking at each other. Grissom showed his little half-smile, and Greg was waiting expectantly.

Teasing, Grissom was imitating him: "Sorry, I didn´t find the soda bottle."

"I am. I really am."

"Don´t give me that innocent smile. You know exactly what important evidence this uniform can be."

"So, did I solve the case?"

"No Greg, you didn´t. But you´ve helped....a lot."

"Really? What are you giving me for finding it?"

"Nothing. What for? You just did your job."

"Please, Gil..."

Softened by the big, brown, begging eyes in the dirty, sweaty face, Grissom granted: "Well, I will allow you to take a shower."

"With you?" Greg was beaming with joy.


Pouting, Greg muttered, "I thought, I did good work."

"You did and I´m really proud of you. We will talk about this later, at home."

"In the shower?"


"Will you clean me completely? Right now I´m feeling very dirty. I´m afraid one shower won´t be enough."

"Back to work. Now. As your supervisor, I order you...."

"Oh, I like it when you play ´strict master´."

"Greg! Get going. Now."

Grinning, Greg moved to the door, brushing lightly against Grissom´s body on his way out. "I have faith in you. I know you will solve the case in no time."

Trying to stay serious, Grissom bit hard on his lip.

David rushed by and threw them a curious look.

One day, Grissom thought, everything will come out and I will pay the price.

Much later at home, Grissom went to shower. Alone. The events of the last case had worn him out. Especially the stupid fight with Brass. He valued the mutual friendship too much to ruin it over a childish disagreement. The shooting exercise he had taken after work didn´t let him feel any better. He simply was depressed. The sensation of hot water, running down his body didn´t help much.

Suddenly, someone tore the shower curtain aside. Startled, Grissom jumped and almost slipped on the wet surface. Confronted with a grinning, naked Greg, he burst out: "Jesus! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry, I thought you were expecting me. You knew I would come right after you solved the case." Not waiting for Gil´s response, Greg stepped into the bathtub.

Gil shied away from him. "Greg, I´m really tired. I had a very bad day."

Greg was pouting. "But you promised."

"What?" Gil asked, perplexed.

"You promised to clean me. I deserve it."

"Well, yes. I promised, but I...."

Not waiting for Gil to finish his excuse, Greg took a bottle of liquid soap from a shelf. "I already understand. You feel much dirtier than I do. No problem. I´ll clean you."

Baffled, Gil stared at Greg´s grinning, cheerful expression. That´s my Greg. Always trying to make the best out of the worst. "Greg, really..." He stopped talking, when his lover pressed his body against him.

Kissing Gil tenderly on the cheek, Greg whispered: "I will be very thorough. You will feel much better afterward." Giving him the next kiss on the mouth, Greg put some liquid soap in his hand. Slowly, he began to lather Gil´s skin, starting with his butt.

The firm stroking let Gil forget about his objections pretty quickly. Deepening the kiss, he grabbed Greg´s ass, pulling him closer. The skillful hands of the young man were gliding up his back.

Breaking the kiss, Greg murmured seductively: "I will wash away all your anger, your sorrows and frustrations." Giving him quick little kisses all over his face, Greg´s hands turned to the front of Gil´s body, soaping it up, making his lover moan with relish.

Lazily, Gil nuzzled his head on Greg´s shoulder, kissing his neck.

When Greg was feeling Gil´s cock harden, grinding against his own arousal, his fingers glided in the wet curly pubic hair, burrowing in it.

Gil´s cock was twitching, a horny groan escaped his mouth. "Now."

But Greg smiled his adoring smile and resisted. "Not so fast. We have time." He left the center of lust to put more soap in his hands. Enclosing the shaft, he washed it almost aggressively.

Gil groaned. "Oh God, Greg...don´t. It´s too much. I can´t take it much longer."

"Sure you can." He shut Gil´s mouth with a similar aggressive kiss. Making him wriggle in surprise.

Gil broke free of his fierce taking. "Greg. Ease off. What´s getting into you?"

Instead of doing what was told, Greg grabbed him, forced him to turn around, facing the wet, cold tiles.

The warm water was pouring down on their bodies; the soap was long gone, washed away down the drain.

Demandingly, Greg pressed his hard, pulsing cock against Gil´s ass. "No. I´m not easing off. I´ll fuck you. The way I want it." Skillfully and quickly, he entered Gil, pushing deep inside of him.

A muffled cry escaped the older man, helplessly pressed between the tiled wall and his young lover.

Finally having his cock buried to the limit in Gil´s ass, Greg stopped moving. Instead, he kissed and sucked on the neck where it was exposed to him.

"Greg, please."

"Please what?"

Silence. Panting. Cursing. Finally, an answer.

So soft Greg could barely hear it.

"Fuck me."


"Fuck me. Now."

Hearing Gil´s submissiveness, his pleading, Greg´s heart filled with love, but still he didn´t give in. "No. Not yet. I think it´s better to take it slow, to improve the thoroughness of the cleaning."

His boss tried to object. "But I want...."

"Shh. You aren´t in any position to want anything. I´m in control here. I am fucking you." Letting his cock rest in Gil´s ass, he grabbed Gil´s hard-on, working it gently.

Whimpering with longing despair, Gil pressed his face against the tiled wall. Giving in to Greg like he never had before.

Pleased by this, Greg reinforced his grip on Gil´s cock. Fiercely, brutally, almost mercilessly, Greg jerked him off.

Gil was groaning loudly.

In a brisk, unusually authoritative voice, Greg demanded: "You wanna get nailed? Say it. Beg me to fuck you. Beg me, like you mean it."

For a few seconds, Gil didn´t make a sound, wasn´t even breathing.

Greg yanked his cock harder.

Gil buried his face in his arm, stifling a scream. Finally, he whispered even more submissively: "Fuck me. Please. I need it now. I can´t...Greg...don´t make me...please...." His voice broke.

Knowing he had pushed it far enough, Greg started to move, fucking his lover, making him squirm and groan in lust and pain. Horny as hell himself, he shouted,"You like this, don´t you? Being taken! Being ordered around! Being weak! Say it! Say, you like it!" Greg fucked Gil harder, while jerking him off, and repeated himself until his boss uttered the words Greg longed to hear. "Yes...yes...yes. Take me...break me. More! I want it harder! Much harder!! Oh Greg!!!" Screaming lustfully, Gil came, spilling his hot seed, which was washed away in the warm, streaming water.

The satisfied, deep groaning of his lover took Greg over the edge too. Biting Gil´s neck, he emptied himself into the hot, tight ass of his boss.

For about a minute, their bodies pressed together, they rested, exhausted. The water, still pouring down, turned cold.

Greg slipped out of Gil, and closed the tap.

Immediately, Gil moved passed him and left the bathtub, grabbing a towel on his way to the living room.

Still a little breathless, Greg dried himself off, and then he followed Gil, finding him already dressed in a shirt and some shorts.

Standing at the kitchen counter, Gil fetched himself some bread and fruit.

Covered only in his towel, Greg sat down on the sofa.

Gil joined him and switched the TV on.

After a while, Greg, uncomfortable with Gil´s silence, announced, "I´m tired. I think I´m going home."

A hand grabbed his wrist and Gil said, "You don´t go anywhere before I´m finished with you."

In a split second Greg´s tiredness was gone. "What?"

"It´s my turn, my dear boy."

Greg stared at him. Oh God, he´s going to punish me because I humiliated him. Maybe even hurt me.

"Lay down," Gil ordered.

"Gil, I..."

"Shut up. Just lay down."

Hoping to earn some mercy by giving in, Greg obeyed.

Gil observed him intently. The weird haircut, the big brown eyes, the slender freckled body, which was only covered by a very small towel. Kneeling between his legs, he hovered over Greg. Gently, he touched the white skin of the chest. He let his fingertips glide down to the edge of the towel. Then he let them turn and glide back. Up and down, again and again, like he had all the time in the world. Not rushing a thing.

Watching him, Greg was at first tense, but then he became impatient. "Gil, don´t tease me."

Stopping his endearments, Gil grabbed Greg´s hands and placed them firmly by the sides of his head. Gil brought his face very close to Greg´s. "Listen boy, I´m the master now and you will stop complaining. OK?"

Feeling his lover so close made Greg breathless. He just nodded.

"Good boy," Gil praised and kissed him hard and quick on the lips. Not lingering, he returned to the trail made by his fingertips, this time using his tongue.

Greg lifted his hand to touch Gil, but immediately his master ordered: "No. No touching for you. Hold still." The hand dropped down again.

Gil caressed and explored every inch of Greg´s skin.

Quickly Greg realized Gil was torturing him for what had happened before, only in a different way - Grissom´s way. Trying to drive him mad by slow deliberation, by distance. His skin started burning, his cock started rising. His arousal was visible, even if it was covered by the towel.

Needless to say, Gil noticed it instantly. Smiling, he buried his face between Greg´s thighs, licking the left one.

"Gil, please. I want to touch you."

Gil bit the soft flesh.

"Ah!" Greg cried, more in surprise than in pain.

Before he could complain much more, Gil kissed and sucked the wounded place thoroughly.

A wave of lust rushed through Greg´s body, his cock throbbed painfully. Writhing with desire, Greg grabbed the fabric of the sofa under him. "Please, please, let me touch you. I promise, I´ll never try to control you again."

Busy taking care of Greg´s right thigh, Gil lifted his head, grinning in victory. "Always forgetting who is the master my little lab boy, aren´t you?"

Greg´s answer was only a series of gasps, because Gil decided at this moment to touch Greg´s fully-hard cock, rubbing it through the towel, causing the gasps to be followed by a relieved and satisfied groan. "Oh yes. Don´t stop, don´t stop, don´t stop."

"Pretty horny again, pretty fast. Didn´t you get enough in the shower?"

Grabbing his arm, Greg babbled, "No, you are right. I want more. Now. I can´t wait any longer. I..."

But Gil shoved Greg´s hand away. "No touching. Do you want me to stop?"

"No!" Greg burst out. "I want..."

"I make the rules this time. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Gil."

"Fine." The next second, Gil tore the towel brutally away, exposing Greg´s most excited part.

Greg flushed.

Gil smiled at his arousal. "Oh my dear boy, we are horny." Instead of touching him there, he stroked Greg´s inner thighs up and down.

Greg started whimpering. It grew louder and louder, more and more desperate.

Gil was leaning down, brushing his boy´s lips softly with his own, sucking in Greg´s lower lip.

Greg whispered as calmly as he was able to: "I want you. Please. What do you want? Wasn´t I a good boy today? Didn´t I deserve your approval?"

Amused, Gil´s eyes glittered. "Maybe you´re right." He squeezed Greg´s balls firmly, making him suffer a little bit more. Maybe it was Greg´s desperate sigh; Gil decided it was enough. More than ready to take Greg, he stripped his clothes off and spread Greg´s legs. Gil poised at Greg´s luscious opening, waiting, feeling Greg´s legs trembling under his hands. Looking down at him, he saw Greg´s eyes glaze in lust, his cheeks blush red and his lips glisten. An exciting thrill of power raced through Gil. Touching the longing lips with one finger of his right hand, he demanded, "Who is your boss?"

"You are," was the quick and husky response.

Satisfied with the answer, Gil ended Greg´s suffering. He pushed slowly into Greg´s ready hotness. Gently, very gently. Inside, he rested, enjoying the wonderful tightness.

Greg´s patience had ended. Bucking up his hips, he demonstrated his pure need.

Showing mercy, Gil started to move, but increased the rhythm only slowly, while he kept squeezing Greg´s balls.

Whimpering gratefully, Greg grabbed Gil´s shoulders, pulling him close.

This time, his boss and lover didn´t order him to let go. Shafting him slowly but deeply, every stroke more intense then the one before, Gil leaned into the embrace.

"Kiss me," Greg begged, offering his wet, soft lips and Gil showed more mercy and took them.

They melted together, two bodies moving as one, uttering choked sounds of pleasure.

Breathless, Greg broke the kiss, nuzzling his mouth to Gil´s ear, sucking and biting the earlobe. "Oh Gil, Gil, Gil."

Increasing his full, intense strokes, jerking Greg off with quick, firm motions, faster and faster, Gil made him come.

Surprised by an overwhelming climax, Greg felt all the tension rushing from his body. The creamy, hot, sticky fluids spilled on his stomach and Gil´s hand.

Knowing his lover was satisfied, Gil gave in to his own, filling Greg up with all his savored lust. Deeply exhausted, but feeling much better, Gil sighed. A sound coming from the depths of his heart.

They rested quietly, only breathing in each other´s ear.

Feeling like he had been to heaven and back again, Greg finally dared to ask: "Were you mad at me?"

"Mmh? Why? Because you acted like you are the boss?" He kissed Greg´s ear. "No. But don´t bring it to work."

Greg snickered, amused. "Yeah. I would like that. Only to see the looks on the others´ faces, especially Nick´s."

"Oh yes, I know exactly how much you would enjoy that. But you can´t. Understood?"

"Yes. Yes. I know."

"Instead, I allow you to keep surprising me, like you did today."

"No problem, boss. I would do anything to get your approval," Greg teased with loving eyes.

Gil grinned with affection. "Don´t worry. You will always be the only one getting it. Do you still want to go home?"

"Would you like me to stay?"

"No. I need you to stay."

Greg leered. "Still feeling dirty?"

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