Out of the Closet

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Humor, Romance
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: They are caught in a delicate situation.
Warning: Slash, M/M
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Released: November 2004
Beta: Erika
Word Count: 2.944

"Greg. Stop it."

"I didn´t do anything."

"Actually, you did."

"And what exactly did I do, if I may ask?"

"You´re moving - permanently."

"...Sorry, Grissom. I didn´t mean to." Greg tried to calm himself, but his heavy breathing filled the stillness.

"Greg," Grissom complained again.

"I can´t help it. I don´t like being trapped. It makes me too nervous."

"I always thought it was me who makes you nervous."

Greg bit his lip. He couldn´t see Grissom´s face in the dark but he heard the amusement in his voice. Out of nervousness, he said the first thing that sprung to his mind. "It´s worse than that." Jeez! Am I nuts?

"Oh, so it is. How comforting," Grissom responded dryly.

Greg´s face burnt and now he was relieved it was this dark in here. "I didn´t mean it that way. I just...I just..."

"Calm down. I´m only teasing you."

You´re what? Greg thought, perplexed. Again, he tried to make out Grissom´s expression but it was useless. The only thing he could see was the silhouette of his body.
"I can´t believe we´re stuck in here like this. How long do you think will it take for someone to find us and get us out of here?"

"A couple of hours at least. Eventually, Catherine or Nick will figure out we´ve been gone way too long. Until then we have to make the best of it."

They had tried to get out of here by themselves before. They had kicked and pushed against the wooden door until Greg was drenched in sweat. Eventually, they stopped. It was useless. They were definitely trapped.

Greg rubbed his sweaty forehead. "It´s hot."

"Yes," Grissom murmured. "When we get out of here, we´ll take a shower."

"My leg fell asleep."

"Move it."

"You´re the one who told me to stop."

"Greg," Grissom grumbled.

Carefully, Greg started to massage his leg and brushed against Grissom´s body while doing so. There was no room at all in this damn closet. "Sorry."

"Greg, it´s quite alright." Grissom laid a hand on his shoulder.

Greg held his breath. They had been trapped in here for over an hour. The space being so small, they were standing close, facing each other, only inches of air between them. It was a situation Greg would have considered uncomfortable with any person.
With Gil Grissom it was like hell. Grissom´s scent, his breath tickling his skin, the warmth of his body did a lot of damage to his sense of balance. Greg couldn´t bear it. And now - Grissom was actually touching him. It sent a stirring shiver through his body. I can´t stand this any longer, Greg thought, distressed.

Grissom´s hand stayed put. "You´re tense. What is it? I know our situation isn´t comfortable but it could be worse. The man who locked us in here could have hurt or killed us. We were very lucky."

"I know," Greg breathed. "It´s the closet, the heat. The same thing happened to me when I was a kid."

Grissom rubbed his shoulder encouragingly. "How?"

"My best friend Bobby and I were playing hide and seek and he locked me in the closet where I was hiding. Then he left the house."

"How long were you in there for?"

"Hours. My grandparents weren´t home and nobody heard my cries for help."

"Were you scared?"

"First, I was furious at Bobby. Later, I become scared because of the heat. It happened on a very hot summer day and the air in the closet was very bad. I thought I was going to suffocate. Finally, grandpa came home and released me."

Grissom massaged the tense muscles of Greg´s shoulder. "It´s quite understandable then how you´re this nervous. What happened to Bobby? Did you forgive him?"

Greg sensed a smile in Grissom´s question. "Sure, after one week. In spite of everything he was my best friend."

"How´s your leg doing?"

"Barely awake," Greg joked.

"Mmh, maybe we can find a way to change that," Grissom murmured.

Greg became confused. Grissom was acting strange and he still didn´t remove his hand. Greg shifted a bit.

"Still nervous, Sanders?"

"No - I mean...."

Grissom moved closer, the length of his body pressed against Greg´s.

The next words died on Greg´s tongue.

"Is it only the closet, or is it me as well?" Grissom asked airily.

Greg pressed himself against the wooden wall in his back. He could hardly continue breathing. In desperate need for a light answer, he licked his dry lips.

"Well?" Grissom insisted.

"It´s you too." Feeling Grissom´s touch, he wasn´t able to lie.


"Ermh...you´re my boss."

"Ah, you wouldn´t be as uncomfortable being here with Nick for example."

"Right," Greg burst out. Why´s he this close? Why doesn´t he let go of my shoulder? Please -- God, I´m going nuts here.

His prayers were answered. Grissom removed the hand. But only to let it crawl up Greg´s neck.

Greg shuddered in sweetest agony.

"Are you that scared of me?" Grissom confronted him.

"I´m not scared of you," Greg whispered. "I never was."

"So, what´s behind your nervousness then? You know, I´ve asked myself this many times."

Grissom´s right hand reached the back of his head and started playing with his hair. The left one moved down to gave firm strokes to Greg´s stiff leg. "Is it about you being attracted to me, Greg?"

Greg couldn´t speak. His leg was now finally awake from the constant massaging of his thigh, but something else as well. A flood of heat ran through his groin in a wave of pleasure.

Grissom continued teasing his hair and stroking his flesh. "It is then... mm?" he murmured. "Is there something I can do to make you feel more comfortable?"

The sensation of lips brushing his cheek made Greg jump. "Grissom!"

"Tell me and I might do it," his boss whispered.

"You...you...you don´t mean...," Greg stammered.

"I can and I will," was the stunning response.

Fierce lips found his and made Greg forget whatever he wanted to say.

Grissom´s kiss was hot and strong; it tasted of ripe confidence.

Greg´s excitement grew fast and the tightness of his pants troubled him. Considering how close they were, Grissom certainly would notice.

Grissom pulled back. "You like it," he stated in all seriousness.

Greg was muted by the sensation of the kiss.

"Our chatterbox is a bit quiet, isn´t he? Maybe I know a way to change that." The lips captured his again.

Delight overwhelmed Greg and stripped away all of his concern and shyness. He wanted Grissom, he wanted this. Greg wrapped his arms around him and kissed him back. He tasted him, explored him, and gave in to him with all his heart.

Grissom moved his lips to Greg´s neck, where he sunk his teeth into the muscle, sucking on it like a blood-thirsty vampire.

Greg struggled for his control.

Grissom bit into the flesh.

A sharp shock of pleasure flared through Greg and he held himself back from yelling.

Grissom chuckled softly. "I always knew there is a way to shut you up but I never imagined..." Boldly, Grissom put his hand on Greg´s crotch. "So, tell me Greggo, do you still wish Nick were here instead of me?"

"I...I...," Greg started.

Not waiting for him to finish, Grissom unzipped Greg´s pants.

"Oh God," Greg sighed.

"Well?" Grissom´s voice was dripping with amusement. He slipped his hand inside.

"No," Greg breathed, and shoved his hard flesh into Grissom´s firm grip.

"What a relief." Grissom´s fingers teased the pulsing cock with a calm certainty.

Greg wriggled and panted. "Please, oh please."

"Such a pity, I cannot see what is tangibly worth a good look," Grissom whispered into his ear. He brushed the head of Greg´s cock, making him beg once more.

"Do it, please do it."

"Begging suits you, my boy," Grissom teased, his hot breath tickled Greg´s ear. Firmly he seized the aroused cock and Greg´s knees gave in but he was caught safely by Grissom.

"Imagine, Catherine or Nick come in right now to save us."

"I don´t care," Greg growled, gritting his teeth. "Please, oh please."

Grissom fondled gently Greg´s balls.

Greg sighed and moaned. He enjoyed the feeling of Grissom´s muscles under his hands, the heat of his body, the firm caress of his hand. "I want you so much. I always wanted you."

"Really? If only I would have known." Grissom explored the base of Greg´s cock.

Greg pushed his hips forward, joining with the rhythm of Grissom´s hand. He groaned his name. At once, his mouth was taken and stilled. He shuddered with desire. Kissing back with force, Greg felt like he was in heaven - but a heaven of searing-hot lust, not innocuous angels.

The heat in his body competed with the heat in the closet. As the tension in his cock grew bigger and bigger, he panted helplessly into Grissom´s mouth. Grissom´s stroking became frenzied. His kisses were more greedy. Greg felt the tension rising and rising. He tore his lips free and cried out. Wildly, he bucked his hips against Grissom and came. Spurts of liquid ran over Grissom´s hand. Greg pumped every drop out and thereby he sobbed. Finally, he was finished. Hanging weakly in Grissom´s arms, Greg became aware of what happened here.
Finally, he came back to his senses. Shame flushed him, a shame he had never experienced in his life. Keeping still, he waited for Grissom to say something. Anything. It didn´t happen. Greg´s shame became stronger. He sighed quietly.

At once, Grissom pressed his body yet tighter against his.

Greg felt the hard length of Grissom´s arousal. "Oh," he exclaimed on impulse.

A passionate kiss muted him and made him stop being embarrassed. Eagerly he answered the demanding question. It was a clear yes - and yes again and again.

They stopped to breathing.

Grissom took his hand and led it to the spot Greg had never even dreamt of being touched. "You want this, yes?" Grissom whispered softly.

"Grissom...." he started shyly.

"Gil," his boss said simply.

Greg was touched. "Gil, I...I never imagined..."

"...Save your breath, Greg. The answer is yes, I want to fuck my lab boy." Gil laughed.

Greg´s heart leaped. "I´m a CSI," he corrected cheekily.

"A CSI wannabe," Gil teased warm-hearted. "Do you want to complete your training?"

Greg considered quickly. His mouth watered to taste more of him, to taste all of him. "Can I do...what I want?"

"Sure," Gil affirmed.

"Can I...taste you?"

"I never imagined you want that." Gil´s smooth, even voice sounded unfamiliar unsure.

"There are a lot of things you haven´t imagined," Greg replied, while sinking down to his knees. He found barely room to do so, but somehow he managed.

Gil was silent.

Slowly and carefully, Greg handled to open the zipper. Gil´s hard-on sprang into his hands, more than ready to be taken, just begging to be sucked.

Thoughtful, Greg grasped the base and put his lips on the head. He pointed out his tongue and swirled it around the swollen flesh. The feeling and texture gave him pleasure. Gil´s delicious essence teased his taste buds. He let go to lick his lips.

Gil growled quietly.

Greg´s heart beat happily by Gil´s response. He wanted to make him do that again. Gil should give in to him like he did to Gil.

Greg slipped further down and began working on the balls. He suckled them gently, while his hand worked the hard length. The cock pulsed fiercely in his grip.

Gil growled again.

Greg engulfed Gil´s left ball in his warm mouth, pleasing it with his tongue.

Gil pushed his hips forward. "Lab boys do a thorough check, Greg." His voice was different.

Greg couldn´t identify it anymore. Slowly, he switched the attention to the other ball, checking it the same way. He felt Gil´s finger stroking his hair. A shudder ran through him. He left the heated balls and licked his way up from the base to the head. It leaked with sweet longing. Greg took the head in and swallowed the hard-on to the root.

"Yes. Good," Gil praised. He pushed deeper inside him, groaning.

Greg joined the rhythm and went up and down the shaft. Faster now. He held the vibrating cock tightly and moved down to the root. He felt Gil was close. Very close.

A sudden noise startled them - a door banging open. Then - voices - shouting. "Grissom! Greg! Are you here? Answer if you can!"

At once, Greg loosened his grip.

"Don´t...let....go. I´m too close. Suck me - suck - suck me," Gil conjured him in a husky, melted voice.

It was a new tone to Greg´s ears. A tone which razed every reasonable thought. He put all the pressure back on the cock´s tip, sucking it fiercely. Once. Twice.

Gil panted.

The cock burned like fire in Greg´s mouth. Once again, he swallowed it down to the root. It touched the back of his throat.

Gil cried out and surrendered.

Hot juices swept on Greg´s tongue and down his throat. He continued sucking and drinking. It was a lot to take.

Gil´s member softened.

Greg released him.

Without hesitation, Gil shouted: "We are here!"

Greg heard the sound of a pulled-up zipper. He smoothed back up against the wooden wall, while he licked drops of cream off his lips.

Gil touched his check. "The boss is quite impressed with your skills."

Noise outside the closet announced that the CSI´s had found the right room.

"We´re in the closet to the left side of the room!" Gil informed them.

They heard laughter. "Dear God. In that small thing? That must be fun."

"Stop joking around and get us out," Gil snapped.

Greg waited for Gil´s hand to stop the stroking. It didn´t happen, by no means at all.

Gil captured his lips again. His tongue slipped inside Greg´s mouth, tasting his own savored essence.

Greg weakened once more and grabbed Gil´s arms.

The CSI´s worked to open the door.

Greg got consumed by the kiss. He didn´t care anymore, the door would open any second and they would get caught.

The lock clicked.

Gil´s tongue slipped out and ran slowly over Greg´s lower lip.

The door squeaked.

Gil backed up.

The door opened and daylight streamed in. For seconds Greg was blinded by it.

"Hey there," Catherine cheered. "Feeling comfy?"

"Give it a rest, Cath." Grissom left the closet.

Greg´s vision returned to normal. He followed Grissom out.

"Hey buddy. Are you all right?" Nick addressed him.

"I´m fine." Greg breathed deeply in and out to fill his lungs with fresh air. "It was just very hot in there."

"That´s why you look so flushed."

Greg swallowed. The taste of Grissom was still present.

"What happened?" Nick continued.

Greg was relieved to hear Grissom was giving the answer. He didn´t dare to look at him.

"Someone broke the seal of the Crime Scene and took us by surprise when we were coming in. He took my gun and our cell phones and forced us in here."

"How?" Cath and Nick asked.

"He had a gun. What you think?" Greg was angry at them. "He could have killed us!"

Nick patted his arm. "Easy, easy. How long have you been in there?"

Grissom looked at his watch. "About two hours."

Cath chuckled. "You two - in there - for two hours. That must have been interesting."

Nick joined her amusement. "Greggo my man, did you confess all your sins?"

Yes, we did confess to each other, Greg mused, while Grissom´s demanding "Suck me" ringed in his ears. "Well, like I said it was hot in there...and...and...," he stuttered and then he broke off. He just didn´t find any proper words to reply to Nick´s teasing. Not at the moment.

Grissom´s eyes narrowed. "Greg is obviously in shock. It was by far an intense experience. It´s better to get him home. Cath, you and Nick can finish the search for evidence."

The CSI´s glared at him.

"I knew your bad luck would become ours," Cath complained.

Not minding her, Grissom took Greg´s arm. "Get going. You´ve done enough for one day. Time to take that shower we were talking about."

Dazed by heat and exhaustion, Greg waved "bye" to his friends and let Grissom take him away. Though, he feared to be alone with him, to be alone with him in daylight. Now, he had to look into these blue, inquiring eyes, which put him always to the test. As if he were some evidence under a microscope. It unnerved him all the time. Well, in this case the evidence is clear as the day. I sucked his dick and I liked it. So what? He wanted it too and obviously liked it a lot.

They reached the car outside the house. Grissom opened the door for him. "Get in."

Greg came back to reality. He slipped into the seat.

Grissom walked to the driver´s side and got behind the wheel. He didn´t start the car. He just sat there, silent.

Greg could feel his heart beat in his ears. He clenched his hands around his knees to keep them from trembling. He cleared his throat. Once. Twice.

Finally, Grissom did something. He put his hand on Greg´s left hand, and stroked it gently with his thumb. "So, my boy, given that we´re out of the closet, we have to consider thoroughly."

Greg dared to look into the dreaded blue eyes. Surprisingly, they were warm and friendly. "Huh?"

Grissom raised an eyebrow. "Where to take that shower, of course. Your place or mine?"

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