How to handle a crying CSI wannabe

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: PG
Category: Angst, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Missing Scene from "Bloodlines", Grissom has his hands full
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Bloodlines"
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: June 2004
Beta: Erika, Monika
Word Count: 1.116

Late at night, Grissom strolled through the lab, checking on every detail. It was only an hour ago that he had driven Sara home. She had been caught by the state troopers because she was driving while she was intoxicated.
He had assumed everyone had gone home, so he was surprised to find Greg still sitting at his desk. "What are you doing here? The case´s closed. You are finished with work for today."

Greg didn´t respond; he only made sniffing sounds.

Just then, Grissom noticed Greg´s pale face. More than that, the young lab tech was visibly close to tears. Grissom was confused. "What´s wrong?"

Again, no answer. Only a tear was trickling down Greg´s cheek.

Concerned, Grissom moved closer. While patting Greg´s arm, he tried for a third time. "Greg?"

More sniffing sounds were the answer.

Grissom became impatient. "Greg, tell me what happened, now!"

Greg opened his mouth, obviously trying to talk. But no words came out; instead another tear ran down his face.

Perplexed, Grissom stared at him.

Greg started to sob.

Grissom´s tone became shrill. "In Heaven´s name, what is wrong?"

Greg raised his head, his tearstained eyes were meeting Grissom´s grim look. "Is it my fault?"

"What, in God´s name?" Grissom was angry.

"Did Todd Coombs kill the girl because of me? Because I messed up the DNA samples?"

Grissom´s anger melted away. "No, Greg. Certainly not. Who gave you that idea?"

Greg wasn´t able to tell him, not to mention stop crying.

For a second, Grissom eyed him undecided and then he pulled him up to his feet. Wrapping his arms around Greg, he hugged him dearly, comforting him.

Trustingly, the young man clung to him and wailed into his sweater.

Grissom stroked Greg's hair soothingly.

After a couple of minutes, Greg had calmed down, but he didn´t let go of Grissom just yet. "Hodges," he mumbled.

"Hodges gave you the idea? And you believed him? You know..."

"Oh, isn´t that sweet?" A familiar sarcastic voice made Grissom jump away from Greg and turn around.

Hodges leaned in the doorway, leering. "Caught in the act."

"To my office," Grissom ordered sharply. "We have to talk."

"Certainly, boss," Hodges agreed, not in the slightest intimidated. Before he left, he winked playfully at the gaping Greg.

"Did you tell Sanders that he was responsible for the girl´s death?" Grissom started angrily.

Hodges shrugged his shoulders. "I only mentioned that if the DNA from the suspect would have been a match to the sperm sample found on the victim´s body, she still might have not died."

Grissom couldn´t believe his ears. "Are you out of your mind? That isn´t funny. You know, he takes everything to heart..." Hodges´ smile made him stop. "What?"

"I always knew that he´s your favorite lab boy, but now I´m wondering..."

Grissom interrupted him angrily. "Listen carefully. Stop bothering Greg, or otherwise..."


"You´ll leave town. Understood?"

Hodges chuckled. "Sure, boss."

"One more thing. What you saw today stays between you, me and Greg. Do I make myself clear?"

Hodges nodded.

"Go," Grissom snarled. Alone, he shook his head. What a mess. It would have been better to drive home immediately after tucking Sara in bed.

The next day, Grissom realized pretty quickly, Hodges hadn´t kept his mouth shut.

Catherine was the first. Without reason, she came to his office, asking straightforward: "Is Greg alright?"

"What? Why? I didn´t see him today."

"Just checking. He looks a bit pale, so I was wondering..."

"Ask him, not me," Gil snapped.

"Oh, I certainly will."

Catching her sudden grin before she left made it obvious to him: She knew. Grissom sighed. This is just great.

One hour later, he caught Nick and Warrick whispering and sniggering behind his back. Every time he turned to them, they stopped, showing him a straight face. Shortly, he had enough of their childish behavior, leaving them alone to their simple joy. After catching many more amused glances, he fled to Dr. Robbins in the morgue.

Mumbling angrily under his breath, he was under the impression to find some peace of mind there. He couldn´t be more wrong.

The down-to-earth doctor greeted him with a big cheering smile. "Well, Gil, I´m happy to see you. First, I have to say, I was mistaken when it came to you."

Grissom frowned. "Yes?"

"I would never have believed that a humorless man like you would ever get it on with a funny boy like Greg."

Swearing Grissom whirled around and rushed out, still hearing the doctor´s laughter. Thank God Sara wasn´t here today to bother him too. He really couldn´t bear that. But it was a small comfort.

Grissom finally exploded when even Brass gave him the message: "You could have told me, you know. I have no problem with you and Sanders together. He is a cute..."

"For God´s Sake, I was only comforting him. There is nothing going on between us. Nothing. OK?!"

Brass showed him an amused smile. "If you say so."

The face red with anger, Grissom grumbled on.

One hour later, he went to his car to drive home. His paperwork was still unfinished, but he couldn't concentrate. He had enough of being the laughing stock for everyone. Anyhow, he didn´t regret to comforting Greg. His sorrow had affected him deeply. He was such a sensitive guy. It would be very hard for him to be out in the field every day. Presumably, sooner or later he would lose his touching innocence. What a shame.

A figure appeared from the dark, almost colliding with him. David, the assistant from the morgue. "Hello, Grissom," he mumbled shyly, beaming at him. "Isn´t it a coincidence we met here. For hours, I wanted to talk to you about Greg..."

Fleeing to his car, Grissom left him talking to himself.

Once home, he threw the keys on the table and hung up his jacket. "Honey, I´m home," he announced sarcastically.

"So soon," his love answered from the kitchen. "Did you have a particularly difficult day today?"

"Whaddyathink? Hodges must have been on the phone the whole night."

"I´m sorry." Greg was entering the living room.

"No more apologizing and - no more crying," Gil scolded him. "And promise me, it will never happen in the field."

Greg grinned like a rascal. "Why? Now I know I can always find comfort in the arms of my supervisor."

"Don´t you dare."

"But Gil..."

"You won´t."


"I´m not joking."

"All right. Maybe Nick would..."

"Over my dead body," Gil snarled.

Placating, Greg snuggled into his arms. "Would you like to comfort me now, my dearest supervisor?"

"Only if you promise me to behave, my favorite lab boy."

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