Seductive Blue - 2/4

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/David
Rating: R
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: Having the Blues
Summary: Greg advances in his studies.
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Hodges is the man.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: February 2008
Beta: Isha
Word Count: 614

"Well, well, well, Greg Sanders found his way back here after all," Hodges said softly.

How does he know it´s me? Greg wondered. He just keeps looking through his microscope. "I just came by to collect the results in the Pearson case."

"Sure. I can´t imagine for what other reason you´d pay me a visit." His voice was full of mockery.


"So what?"

"Do you have the results?" Greg asked, irritated.

Hodges kept looking through his microscope. "No."

Greg didn´t move a muscle.

Just then Hodges looked up. "Still here?" He stepped forward.

Greg flinched back. "I was just..."

The blue eyes sparkled brightly. "...thinking about a kiss."

"No!" Greg blurted, as heat rushed to his groin.

"Is it so awful to admit you want me to fuck you? I promise I´ll be nice." Hodges moved closer. "I won´t bite. I´ll be gentle...a few licks here...a few kisses there...just the way you want..."

"God...," Greg groaned. His cock had become stone-hard by just listening to him.

"It will be great," Hodges whispered seductively and touched his face.

Greg panicked, pushed him back and ran out. Once again he fled to the locker room where he fumbled his pants open. He needed he would explode...

"Don´t you dare, Sanders. I always finish what I start."

Greg jumped around to find Hodges right behind him. "Don´t...please don´t..."

Unimpressed, Hodges slipped his hand inside Greg´s pants and started to rub. "Shut up. I won´t hurt you." He captured his mouth in a kiss.

The weirdest sensations swept through Greg´s body while he turned into Hodges´ mere tool. The man had the power to make him do anything, absolutely anything. Hodges´ tongue pressed against his lips and Greg opened them as quickly as if a lightening stroke had hit him.

"That´s my boy," Hodges praised between the kisses. His hand did a busy job on Greg´s happy cock.

Kissing. Rubbing. Moaning.

"What if somebody comes in?" Greg objected huskily.

"Don´t worry. The lab is almost empty. Though, you won´t last long..."

"I...," Greg sputtered, offended.

At once, Hodges increased the speeding with a firmness that was nearly unbearable.

"Oh...oh...," Greg gasped, helpless.

Hodges grinned smugly and captured his lips again, kissing him vigorously.

Shaking, Greg shoved his hard-on into Hodges´ hand, bursting for release. Seconds later he came in a shuddering explosion, squealing into Hodges´ mouth.

Hodges stepped back. "Still denying that you dream of me fucking you?"

Breathing harshly, Greg leaned against the locker. "Leave me alone." This has to stop. I don´t like this man. He shoved his limp penis into his pants and tried to close the zipper.

"Let me." Skillfully, Hodges zipped him up.

Greg pushed him off and ran out. Fleeing had become his nasty habit. In the hallway, he bumped into Grissom.

"Do you know where Hodges is? The lab is empty."

"No," Greg lied with trembling lips.

"What´s going on? You look...shattered."

"Ermh...I think I´m getting sick."

"Go home. We´ll get along without you tonight."

"Okay," Greg agreed, relieved, and went on.

"The locker room is this way."

"Right." Go on. You have to cope with this. You have to cope with Hodges. "I just need to go to the bathroom first." Nervously, he stumbled down the hallway, feeling Grissom´s curious look in his back. The CSI who knows it all. Does he know about this too? No. It´s not possible. He entered the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Hiding like a little boy...

That´s what I am. The lab boy.


A man who is able to make me do anything. A man who could win my heart - and break it.

...the only...

Please, no.

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