Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Greg´s bad day ends surprisingly well.
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Anatomy of a Lye"
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: July 2003
Beta: Anomaly
Word Count: 1.599

At a quiet hour, Grissom struggled with his endless paperwork. Suddenly, the entire lab was vibrating, because someone had turned on extremly loud music. Grissom hurried to the door, tore it open and shouted only one word into the corridor: "Sanders!!"
The noise ceased immediately. "Greg Sanders! To my office! Now!" Grissom claimed, infuriated. He had hardly sat down at his desk again, when Greg rushed in, breathless. The chemist was silent, only scraping nervously with his feet.

"Didn´t I tell you I don't want to hear your music everywhere in the lab?"

"Yes, Grissom, you did, but I thought...."

"You think?" Grissom cut him off. "That I can hardly believe. You never think while you listen to this crap you call music. Maybe you forgot, you´re here to work, instead of dreaming of becoming a star. So, stop it!"

Greg tried to answer him, but Grissom was enraged. "I really wonder why I permanently tolerate your behavior. Any other supervisor would already have you...."

Greg winced and awaited uneasily the end of this sentence but a loud knocking at the door interrupted his dressing-down.

Sara looked in. "Sorry, Grissom, but I need to speak to you right now. I found some important evidence." Not waiting for a response, she closed the door again.

Greg stood frozen, waiting for Grissom to say something.

"Go back to work, but we will finish this later. Understood?" Grissom ordered sharply.

Subdued, Greg nodded and tiptoed back to his workplace. Damn! Grissom is really angry. I was so stupid to turn it up that loud. Now, I have to think of a way to soothe Grissom, because I don´t like it when the boss is mad at me.

A few hours later, Grissom came by his desk. "So, do you want to tell me about the silver flecks I found." He acted quite normal, like nothing had ever happened between them.

Greg was surprised. Did the boss already forget about his anger? Trying to stay calm, he started to explain everything he had found out about the evidence.

And Grissom was smiling.

Wow! The man is in a good mood. Maybe, I´m lucky and Grissom actually had forgotten about the unpleasant argument about my music. Greg became pretty cheerful. "It´s not technically part of my job description, but as you know, I´m always eager to expand my responsibilities." He showed his most charming smile. Well, in his opinion.

Grissom eyed him critically, but he looked down the scope, when Greg told him to do so.

Encouraged, Greg continued trying to impress his boss, until he said imprudently, "Sara is tracking down the owners."

"You´ve already shared this information with Sara?" Grissom´s approving expression changed.

Blinded by exaltation, Greg totally overlooked this. "Yeah, an hour ago. And she was way more fascinated than you are." Beaming, he expected an approval and couldn´t be more wrong.

"Well, I´m somewhat fascinated by the fact that I´m your boss, but you talked to her first." Grissom frowned seriously.

Finally, Greg figured out that he had made a big mistake. Again. Therefore he tried to save the day. "Well, you were at dinner."

It didn´t work. "I´ve been in the lab all day, Greg."

Concerned, Greg swallowed hard and lifted his eyebrows. He felt devastated.

Grissom turned and left.

Greg sank down on his chair. Shit! Why has everything gone wrong today?

Later, he was able to give Nick some tips on the case he was working on. But that didn´t change his mood. He felt very unhappy. Why am I so stupid? I know, Grissom has a thing for Sara. Naturally, he´s pissed, because I talked to Sara first. Completely my own fault. Feeling totally down, Greg decided he needed a drink to recover from this ruined day. Just once, he was ready to drown his sorrows in alcohol. So, he entered the bar next door and after he had emptied his second glass, he was looking around. He was shocked to see a very familiar face.


Sitting at a table in a dark corner. Staring into nothing.

Jeez! What a crazy coincidence. What now? Shall I leave? But too late.

Grissom had already seen him. He blinked, surprised, and looked as shocked as Greg felt.

After a few seconds of watching each other, Grissom signaled him to come over.

A little tipsy from the drinks and the butterfly feelings in his stomach, Greg walked over. "Hi boss. What a coincidence. Are you here for a drink, or are you waiting for someone?"

"No, I´m alone. Just wasting some spare time. Sit down."

Greg did and instantly burst out: "I´m sorry for today."

"What? What do you mean?"

"I should have told you the results first. Not Sara."

"Forget about it, Greggo. There is nothing you have to be sorry about. I overreacted."

What the heck? Grissom must be drunk to call me by my nickname and apologize so easily. Greg was confused. "But you were right. You are my boss and I thought...."

"Greg, I said forget about it. I was wrong to behave like that." Grissom sighed heavily. "Maybe, I was jealous."

Huh! "About Sara? Come on, you know I have no feelings for her. I was just having fun by flirting with her."

"No, about you."

Dear God! Grissom must be definitely drunk.

"Why did you tell Sara first?"

"I wanted to impress you with the already finished results." There! The truth was out before he even could think about it.

Grissom seemed baffled.

Nervous, Greg kneaded his hands. I said it. Just like that. I must be drunk too.

"To impress me?"


"Not Sara?"


"But you have a crush on Sara?"


A short silence.

Then Grissom resumed the questioning. "Why did you come here tonight?"

"To drown my sorrows."

"Because of me?"


"You know why I´m here?"


"Because of you."

Greg looked in Grissom´s blue eyes and started to drown in them. He couldn´t believe what his boss had just admitted.

Grissom laid his hand on Greg´s thigh and mumbled: "I´m sorry. Can I make it up to you?"


Not waiting for any agreement, Grissom touched him where it felt the best.

Greg´s heart skipped a beat. His whole body tensed. Grissom wouldn´ couldn´t...a voice screamed inside of him. On the outside, Greg kept still.

Forcefully, Grissom kneaded his crotch.

Greg´s eyes were flashing. Nervously, he observed the other people in the bar. But nobody seemed to notice them. The corner in which they were sitting was very dark, the music was loud.

"Relax," Grissom soothed him. "Nobody pays attention. Sometimes even loud and annoying music can be very convenient." He smirked, while he intensified the pressure on Greg´s crotch.

Greg couldn´t help it to get very excited.

Grissom smiled encouraged. "Oh, I see my boy does like my form of compensation."

Greg´s face was burning with embarrassment. The strange situation. The other people. The risk of being caught. Grissom´s unfamiliar closeness. It was too much.
But - he didn´t care. The only thing he cared about was the sensation he experienced through Grissom´s massaging hand. He let himself go and his cock became hard as a rock. He resisted the urge to ask Grissom to do more to ease his pain. That was unthinkable.

Grissom leaned against him and whispered into his ear: "I think my boy wants more than just my approval." He pulled down Greg´s zipper and slid his hand inside.

A moan escaped Greg, and he bit startled on his lips.

"Quiet. Control yourself." Firmly, he was stroking Greg´s throbbing cock. He could feel the boy was close to exploding.

Greg whimpered softly.

Increasing the rhythm, Grissom whispered into Greg´s ear, which was so close to his mouth. "You know, you are my favorite lab boy. Sometimes, I can´t wait to get the results. Only to take a look at you, to hear your voice, to check you out. My own pretty, crazy lab boy, who wants to get it on with me."

That did it. Greg was coming. All his creamy fluid was spilled over the hand of his boss and with difficulty Greg repressed a cry.

Grissom let go of him and cleaned his hand with a napkin.

Greg sobered up quickly. "I have to go to the restroom."

"Do that." Grissom´s voice sounded not drunk. Not even a little bit.

More embarrassed, Greg stumbled to his feet and didn´t dare to look back, when he fled to the restroom.

After he had cleaned himself, Greg was still shaking. He stared at his flushed face in the mirror. He breathed in and out a few times to pull himself together before he dared to confront Grissom again. Jesus! What a day! First, I made Grissom angry - twice - and now this. Nobody will ever believe this. I almost don´t believe this. My adored boss gave me a hand-job. In a bar. And he said he was jealous. About me, his pretty lab boy.

It took Greg ten minutes to come out of the restroom. Seeing Grissom was already gone, Greg didn´t know how he should feel. Was he more relieved or disappointed? Then, he noticed the napkin under the glass. Something was scribbled on it. He took it and read:

Dear Greggo, I wasn´t drunk. I knew exactly what I was doing. See you at work.

Greg´s mouth became dry. He tumbled into the chair. Jeez! Work. How could I forget work. I will see Grissom every day there. Can Grissom pretend like nothing happened? I know, I can´t.

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