Don´t take "no" for an answer

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Greg tries to comfort Grissom
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "High and Low"
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: August 2003
Beta: Anomaly
Word Count: 1.674

Restless, he zapped through all the channels, with no interest in any program, only waiting for him to come home. He had done nothing else for hours already. Even at work today, they had noticed how cranky he was. Have you taken your medication today, Warrick had asked him. He had almost thrown him and Nick out of the lab. No. I didn´t take my medication today. My medication wasn´t within reach. For the whole day, my medication was at the doctor´s office.

He was torn out of his thoughts by the sound of a key turning in the lock. At last, he is home. "Hi. How are you? What did the doctor say?"

Grissom´s expression was gloomy. "I don´t want to talk about it."

Sure. As always. Every problem got hushed up. Greg sighed quietly. What had I expected?

Grissom went immediately to the bathroom.

Patiently waiting, Greg stayed on the sofa.

Coming back, Grissom sat down beside him, took the control without asking and switched to the discovery channel.

Greg watched him closely. "Are you hungry?"

"A little."

"I cooked rice and vegetables."


Greg went to the kitchen to get the prepared food.

Grissom stared with empty eyes at the TV, until he received a filled plate. He mumbled, "Thanks," and ate in silence, visibly not taking any pleasure in it.

After a while, Greg asked a second time, "Well, what did the doctor say?"

"I told you, I don´t want to talk about it. Stop bothering me."

Awkward silence followed. Greg swallowed soundlessly.

Barely finished with his meal, Grissom announced, "I´m going to bed." He left without a ´Goodnight´ or a kiss.

Watching him entering the bedroom, Greg considered whether he was more angry or worried about Grissom´s behaviour. Gil already had shut him out many times. That was so wrong. Now, he was doing it again. Feeling huffy, Greg debated to staying on the sofa the whole night. The thought vanished quickly. Switching off the TV, he followed Gil to the bedroom. It was dark, he didn´t hear a sound from Gil. He undressed quickly, slipped under the covers and snuggled against his lover´s back.

"Greg, please. I´m really not in the mood."

"I´m not doing anything."

Breathing in harmony, they rested together.

Greg could feel that every muscle in Gil´s back was tensed. Greg tried to hug him completely.

Instantly, Gil turned on his stomach.

Great. Yet another rejection. Gil´s familiar retreat into his shell. Sometimes, I wonder why I always play this game. Over and over again. Well, maybe I can´t resist Gil because his refusals incite me even more. Boldly, he pressed himself closer to his lover´s back and began to lick his neck.

"Greg, stop it." Uneasily, Gil shifted around.

Keeping his lips on the warm skin of Gil´s neck, Greg stopped moving. Wait. Wait. Just a little bit. I know, how it goes. I know the rules. Obviously, his fingers didn´t know the rules. They developed a life of their own and began to examine the smooth skin of his lover. Stroking softly but forceful up and down the spine. Again and again. After they had sampled this pleasure enough, his fingers went inside Gil´s shorts to get in touch with the firm butt. Teasing, massaging, provoking the heated flesh. Eventually, his lips were following the trace of his fingers. His tongue caressed the spine, licking it all the way down. His hands were pulling at the shorts.

"Greg. Stop it. Don´t you understand me? I don´t want to."

For a moment, Greg stopped again. Waiting for a subtle hint to go on.

Gil didn´t pull his shorts back over his half-exposed butt.

Well. As I hoped for. What you say and what you want are quite different things. I know you better than you think. Swiftly, he pulled the shorts fully down to Gil´s ankles and shoved them off.

Gil, now fully naked, didn´t make a sound.

Greg smiled to himself, knowing now for sure, his love wasn´t as immune to all the endearments as he pretended to be. Affectionately, he began to lick Gil´s butt, getting his tongue on every reachable spot.

Gil´s breathing changed rapidly, and his body squirmed under his insistant touch.

Stimulated, Greg continued by giving little bites to the tight ass.

"Greg, don´t do this."

Greg didn´t obey. He bit more, not quite so softly. He felt Gil wincing, but heard no further complaints. Careful, Greg pushed one of his hands between Gil´s thighs, spread them apart and touched the unprotected balls, squeezing them slightly.

Gil gasped. Only once.

Smiling, satisfied, Greg squeezed the balls again. Firmly.

Another gasp was the response.

So, your resistance is almost broken. Well! I´ll get you where I want you. Wait and see. Ecstatic, he increased the stroking of Gil´s swollen balls, while he gave more bites to the ass.

Growling, Gil shifted and turned on his back, finally exposing his front. In other words, he surrendered.

Greg lifted his head to give him room but put his face right back to the sensitive spot. Meeting a hard-on. Aah! Surprise! It´s about time. Grinning, he placed his tongue on the balls, and continued licking and caressing the spots which were already inflamed by his fingers. "Mmmh. Do you like this? Is this good?"

The answer was another choked gasp.

Encouraged, Greg shoved his hands upwards, finding Gil´s nipples, stroking and plucking them, then pinching them. Soft. Hard. In turn. His mouth was working the balls, sucking them in. The right one. The left one. Over and over again. He wanted to give Gil the best blow-job ever. Sucking him right to heaven, sucking him like he had never before. He didn´t care about his own hard cock, which was in the meantime almost killing him.

Gil was breathing heavily now.

Greg sensed it was about time to hit the target. He gripped the pulsating cock, kissed the tip tenderly and sucked it in. Several times.

Suddenly, Gil pushed Greg off him.

Taken by surprise, Greg lay on his back, gaping at him.

Gil got to his knees and grabbed Greg by the shoulders. Spinning him around, Gil pressed him face-down on the mattress.

"What the heck?! What´s wrong now?!" Greg shouted, irritated.

Violently, Gil ripped Greg´s shorts from his body. "I said no! You heard me, didn´t you? Don´t you get it!? I said no!" He knelt on Greg´s legs, pinning him down. "Why are you pushing me? Can´t you just leave me alone? No. Not you." He grabbed the younger man´s legs, spread them and pulled his butt to him. Feeling for Greg´s cock, touching it roughly, he noticed with a satisfied grunt that it was as hard as his own and close to climax. "You want me? You want this?" Directly, he pushed his aching cock into the small entrance of Greg´s butt, making him cry out, "Gil!"
"Shut up! You begged for this. I know what you need." He thrust harder and shoved deeper inside.

Greg groaned loudly.

Gil gave more powerful strokes until his cock filled Greg´s hot insides completely. Oh God. It feels good. So good. Wet. Hot. Tight. Inside of him. His lover. His boy. His cute, sexy boy. Control yourself. Not...yet. He slid softly out and pushed in again. Hard. Out. In. Out. In. "Do you want more?"

"Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Don´t stop. I want you so much."

Gil fulfilled his desire. Holding his orgasm back, he plunged into him until he reached a smooth steady rhythm. Savoring every second of the overwhelming feeling of being a part of Greg.

Greg was begging outright now. "Please Gil, please, please!" His legs were trembling uncontrollably.

"Yeah! Never forget who´s the boss. You are mine. Forever mine."

"Yes! Yes! I´m yours. Just fuck me."

Gil couldn´t hold back anymore. As his orgasm hit, he screamed Greg´s name. His seed poured out of him, leaving him shaking and panting with delight. Collapsing next to Greg, he turned him around and pulled him close. Seizing Greg´s overexcited, dripping cock, he stroked it rapidly, to give Greg the release he deserved.

Greg´s erotic suffering ended in sudden wetness spilled over Gil´s hand, while Greg melted into his comforting embrace.

Panting and drenched in sweat, they rested, exhausted, but at peace.

After a while, Gil moved again.

Greg felt tender lips kissing his neck softly. Then, Gil´s lips were covering his mouth, caressing it for a very long time. Greg was deeply moved. When Grissom pulled back, Greg mumbled fondly, "That was fucking great."

"You can´t be serious?" Gil sounded ashamed. "Didn´t I hurt you?"

"No. You just surprised me. I wanted to satisfy you."

"You did."

"Good. That makes me happy." He snuggled deeper in Gil´s arms. "Can we talk now?"

"You never give up, do you?"

"No. Haven´t you learned that lesson yet?"

Gil grinned. "Well, you surely pointed it out."

Greg chuckled. "Don´t try to distract me. What did the doctor say?"

"I have to consider surgery."

"Would surgery fix your hearing problem?"

"Maybe. They don´t know."

"Are you scared?"


"I´m here for you. You know that."

"Yes. But what is going to happen, if I become deaf?"

"Don´t even think that. I´m certain the surgery will be successful and heal you. Sometimes you have to take a risk."

"Like the risk I took, when I chose you?"

Greg gave him a quick kiss. "Exactly. Was it worth it?"

"Are you fishing for compliments?"

"Sure." His expression turned serious. "I love you so much. I don´t care if you are deaf or not, or whatever. I love you anyway."

Gil sighed. "I know. Let´s go to sleep. I´m tired."

"Okay. You´re the boss." Sniggering.

"Stop talking, you naughty boy."

But Greg had to add something. "You know, you can still fuck me, if you´re deaf."

Gil laughed out loud. "Ah. I see. That´s what you love me for."

They hugged dearly and went finally to sleep, forgetting about their problems until morning.

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