I loooooooooooooooove Slash. The kiss between Rodney and Carson, Sheppardīs concern for Rodney, Sheppard apologizes to Rodney. God! Thatīs all a dream for every slasher.

Talking to Ronon Elizabeth calls John clearly "Major Sheppard". What the hell? Was this just a mistake by the writers or the actress or was it a mistake by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Did she still think of John as "Major"? Does she like to call him Major in private moments? *giggle*

Itīs pretty certain Rodney McKay has a problem with Sheppardīs new rank. Not once until now he has addressed John directly by his rank "Colonel". Is this just coincidence or what? I desperately wait for Rodney to call Shep by his given name. PLEASE dear writers.

Ronon is much stronger than Shep but I think if Ronon dares to pay Elizabeth as much attention as he does with Teyla Shep will happily die by trying to kill him.

Radek kills me even when heīs talking Czech and I donīt understand one word. Heīs just adorable.

When Shep had to choose between McKay and the unknown femaleīs life he chose Rodney in an instant, of course. But what if he has to choose between Rodney and Elizabeth instead one day? What then, John? Not that simple, right?