Field Trip - 13/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I love them dearly.
Summary: Favorite lab boy Greg becomes favorite CSI.
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Assume nothing" + "All for our country"
Feedback: Yes, please. It's the icing on my cake.
Word Count: 4428
Released: October 2003
Revised: January 2014/May 2021
Beta: None

What does Grissom think? What does Grissom feel? What does Grissom want? Not a clue. Not a chance to find out today. Out in the field as a CSI trainee, with Grissom supervising me. But we won't be alone. We'll be surrounded by people and Grissom will never ever give the slightest sign that there is more going on between us than work. He'll never do the same to me like he did in the dark room. He'll be the master but not in the way I want him to.

"Greg!" Nick was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

"Huh?" Greg stretched his long legs and hit the dashboard. Ow!

"I asked if you are nervous?"

"Why should I be nervous?" Chill! He rubbed his right knee.

"It's your first day out in the field."

"My fourth."


"It's my fourth day."

"Come on. You can't count the other trips, nor the already infamous soda bottle adventure. Today is your genuine first day as a CSI trainee."

"Fine. Whatever. But why should I be nervous?"

"Because of Grissom."

"What? Why should I be nervous because of him?" Don't worry. He knows nothing.

"You want his approval. You need his approval. You live for his...."

"Will you drop it!" Greg snapped, irked by his jammed but restless legs. "I don't go out in the field to get Grissom's approval." Gee! I do, don't I?

"You don't?"

"Not at all. Why do you think that?"

Nick shrugged. "You showed to have great affection for him. During the last weeks more than ever."

Greg kept rubbing his knee. "I can say the same thing about you."

"Yeah?" Nick smirked. "I'm not Grissom's favorite, am I?"

Fuck. Greg caved in his seat and struggled to keep his legs still. He felt Nick was watching him from the corner of his right eye. Luckily, just then they arrived at the Crime scene and Nick was busy parking the car.

A female body had been found in a house in the suburbia of Las Vegas. Caucasian, in her thirties, long dark hair, multiple stab wounds all over her torso. The daughter of a rainmaker businessman. Her body was already on his way to Dr. Robbins.

Grissom stood outside the house, wearing common rubber gloves.

A sight that shouldn't be in the slightest a turn-on, Greg thought, troubled by Nick's innuendo and his improper feelings. He untangled himself from the seatbelt and tripped over the curb shortly after. Damn. Get a grip! He heard Nick chuckle. If not for Grissom watching he would have given his buddy a mouthful to remember.

Grissom didn't bother their fooling but came right to the point. "Nick, you and Greg will search for evidence around the house. Be particularly careful with the collecting. The new sheriff ordered us to." He turned to Greg. "Well,'s your first day as a CSI trainee. I want you to take it slow. Stay in the back, listen, and learn. Follow Nick's instructions."

"Nice," Nick quipped, nudging Greg.

Greg rolled his eyes. "Don't get the wrong idea."

"Understood, Greg?" Grissom wasn't in the mood for jokes.

"Sure. No problem!" Greg raised his right thumb.

"No questions then?"

I sure have many questions as well as desires, though this is neither the time nor the place. "No, I'm ready."

"I thought so." A shimmer of amusement gleamed in Grissom's eyes. "Be attentive."

"I'll do my best, sir," Greg said with confidence.

Oddly enough Grissom didn't disapprove Greg for calling him Sir. He just turned around and went into the house.

"What did you do to him?" Nick said, nudging him once more.

"What do you mean?" Greg replied, a little breathless due to Grissom's irresistible appeal and his confusing feelings.

"Lately Grissom acts different around you."

"In what way?" Yeah, you can say so, kissing and rubbing off included.

"I can't put my finger on it."

"Sure, because you're imagining things."

"No, I don't. You're behaving different, too."

"Save it, okay?" Greg snarled, and bent down to collect two cigarette butts. Don't push it, please. I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone. Grissom and I are plenty complex already.

Fortunately Nick silenced. For a while, he and Greg focused on searching the ground for traces of every sort. Greg was glad he could walk around to put his mind and legs at ease. All good. Keep your mouth shut and do your best. Perhaps Grissom will be pleased.

Though Nick couldn't leave the subject alone for long. "It isn't just you behave differently. You don't go out anymore as well."

"So what?" Greg startled out of his fantasies about Grissom giving him a special treat.

"Are you seeing someone?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you dating?"

"Hell no!" I wish!

Just then Grissom turned around the corner. "Are you two finished out here?"

Greg jumped. Shit! Did Grissom hear what I just said?

Grissom's blank expression didn't prove anything. He was always unreadable.

"Almost," Nick replied, picking up a tiny piece of plastic.

"Okay, get on with it," Grissom said, plucking at his rubber gloves. "Greg, come along. I'll teach you a particular lesson."

"Yeah, sure." Greg squared his shoulders. Oh god. Don't even think what you're thinking. Don't be that guy.

"The master and his grasshopper," Nick murmured under his breath, shaking his head.

Greg heard him anyway. "Stop that." Gee! Focus! Don't waste your chance to get out of the lab. Right. He chased after Grissom.


Greg caught up with Grissom in a small but tidy kitchen. The light was dim, the air spiked with the pleasant smell of coffee and pepper, unsuggestive of a recent and brutal murder. Greg didn't have a clue what he was here for. He couldn't see any blood, suspicious marks, or traces either.

"Flirting at a Crime scene is not acceptable," Grissom said, leaving through a few papers on the kitchen counter.

Greg gaped at him. "What?"

"Aren't you seeing someone?"

Oh my God! His hearing has improved rapidly. "Gee! What was I supposed to say?" he said, raising his hands in defense. "That you and I-"

Grissom grabbed him by the hips and silenced him with a passionate kiss.

Shaking with surprise and longing Greg arched into him and opened his mouth to deepen the kiss. Delight lashed through his body right to his groin. He ground his hips against Grissom's, feeling a positive response. God, yes. Show me!

But Grissom didn't deliver but shoved him away. "Take the evidence bags and bring them to Nick for storing."

What the hell? Greg licked his lips and reached out. "Grissom...."

"That's an order," Grissom snubbed him, picking the scattered papers off the ground.

"Uh... okay, I'll go." Greg seized the bags and slouched off. Damn. Why did he come on to me? Who does he think he is? Why can he make me this upset?


"Here! He ordered me to give you that," Greg snapped at Nick, throwing him the bags.

Nick almost dropped them. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Stop bothering me." He pulled his gloves off and leaned against the car.

"Sure. Whatever." Nick opened the trunk and put the bags away. "Never mind."

"Good. Finally, you got my message," Greg muttered, watching the breathtaking sunset.

Grissom joined them seconds later, not giving away the slightest hint that he had just crossed a line once again. "Are you finished?" he barked at the two men, twiddling with his glasses.

Nick nodded. "Sure, we're done out here."

"OK then. Nick, take the evidence back to the lab and give it to...," Grissom paused for a second, "...Hodges."

Nick smirked. "He'll be delighted to be in charge."

Greg didn't join making fun of Hodges but kept staring at the common house, illuminated by the sinking sun, in which the crime had taken place.

Nick frowned. "What are you going to do?"

"The sheriff called me on the cell," Grissom said, looking as if someone had kicked him out of his comfort zone. "He wants to see me."

"I see! When can we expect you to be back to the lab?"

"I don't know. Maybe in an hour. If something important comes up call me on the cell. Get a move on, Greg. You're coming with me."

Nick stared at Grissom and then Greg, looking curious as well as stunned.

"What are you waiting for, Nick?" Grissom said, walking to his car.

"Already on my way." Nick locked the trunk.

Greg lifted off Nick's car and followed Grissom on wobbly legs. What the hell? What's he up to now? I'm fed up with being pushed around. I'm fed up playing his games.

Grissom got rid of his latex gloves. "Still having trouble with your hands?" He opened the door.

"Yeah, sure." He slipped into the front passenger seat, clenching his hands to fists.

"All right." Grissom started the engine. "Yet, what else is bothering you?"

"Nothing much. Why's everybody asking me that?"

"Well, for weeks you were enthusiastic about going out in the field. Now that it happened, you're acting... unsatisfied?"

Are you kidding? Greg snorted. "Maybe I grew up."

"Greg..." Grissom put his hand on Greg's knee.

Greg flinched. "Don't touch me!" Don't you know how close I am to lose it? Don't you know what you're doing to me? Hey! Do you?

Grissom jerked his hand away. "Sorry. My fault."

Holy shit! What is this? How did I end up in such an awkward and stupid situation? Greg swallowed and stared out of the window. Hey! Look! What now? The surrounding area flashing by was not familiar. "That's not the way to the sheriff's office."

"Really?" Grissom gripped the steering wheel tighter. His knuckles cracked. "Clever boy."

"Isn't the sheriff at his office?"

"Actually, I don't know where he is."

What! "Aren't we going to meet the sheriff?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

"Didn't he call you?" Greg shifted. The seat was hot. His legs got restless again. Damn! His heart was pounding just as restless.

"Certainly not."

Oh! Greg exhaled and plucked at his pants. Grissom lied to Nick. He lied on purpose. "Where are we going then?"

"My place."

Oh my God! WHAT? We're going to his place! Now! Jeez! Is this another dream? Maybe I'm mistaken. We only go there to pick something up. That's it. Yeah, sure. My boss is taking me to his place. During work time. It's about one thing only. He wants to fuck me. So what? I dreamt about this more than once. I want to fuck him too. Why am I so nervous then? It's Grissom for god's sake. Not some guy I met in a bar. Oh my god! He crossed his arms and legs to keep his excitement in check. He didn't want Grissom to know how easy he was, how needy to go all the way.

Ten minutes later, Grissom stopped the car in front of a casual looking building. "We are here," he said in a low voice, and a blank expression. Only his shining eyes were telling he was not as indifferent as he pretended to be.

Greg felt as if someone had hit him with a bat. He stumbled out of the car and followed Grissom, not questioning his lead for a second. They could have gone right to hell he wouldn't mind.

They took the stairs to the second floor, where Grissom unlocked an unremarkable door. Greg followed him inside. The door clicked shut. Soft light charged the spacy room revealing itself along with the flavor of ease and comfort.

Greg was looking around, half in a state of trance. Grissom's apartment. His sacred refuge. Wow! He had never believed he would ever be allowed to come here. He couldn't glory in the survey though because Grissom grabbed him and dragged him to a door at the back of the room. No time to waste a second, huh? That's okay. I don't mind.

Grissom pushed the door open. The bedroom. Bright but cozy. A significant bed. Crammed bookshelves on one side of the wall. A stylish lamp in a corner. Once again Grissom didn't let him gawk but whirled him against the wall, pinning his hands above his head. "Let me think what I got on your list of wrongdoings. Flirting with Nick. Calling me 'Sir'. Shouting at me. You knew what you were asking for, didn't you?"

"Yeah?" Greg wriggled in bliss. His cock twitched, leaking for a fast release.

Grissom delivered. "A lesson to remember."

Talking was over. Kissing started. Nothing else mattered anymore. Only this world of lips and tongues and hands. Breath on breath. Skin on skin. Flesh on flesh.

The kiss was perfect, but Greg broke away anyway. "Touch me, please. I can't wait any longer. I'll be coming right in my pants."

"Lo and behold! Now he wants to be touched."

"Back in the car? I didn't mean that." He nestled his face to Grissom's neck. "It was your fault. You made me nervous." He licked the pulse beating rapidly beneath the skin. "And horny as hell."

Grissom's strictness melted away. "Mm. Maybe it was my intention to make you beg for my touch since the moment you've arrived with Nick."

Greg chuckled. "At a Crime scene? No way. Not you."

Grissom lifted him from the wall and threw him onto the bed. He then got rid of his pants and shirt in a stunning speed. "You don't know me. You have a lot to learn. You'll see."

Greg gaped at the sight of his boss in shorts, the muscled arms and flat belly. The throbbing ache in his groin increased.

"Are you ready for a unique lesson?"

He nodded; eyes fixed on Grissom's visible erection. He shuddered with the desire to touch him and to be touched.

"So am I." Grissom got on top of Greg, kissing him a good deal more, not only on the lips, but on his neck and chest, making him whimper and moan in his relentless grip. The moving sounds turned him softer. He was putting only feathery kisses on Greg then, on the shoulder blades, the ribcage, and belly button, until they were both breathless. "Do you really want to be lectured?"

"Oh yes. Go on." Greg sprawled. "I want you."

"That's my boy." Grissom opened Greg's pants, pulling them down, and over the ankles. Shortly he reveled in Greg's arousal, then he unbuttoned his shirt, one button after another. He stripped the shirt off and caressed Greg's freckled skin, using the tips of his nails. "Nice and soft."

Greg shook with feeling.

"Are you still nervous?"

"Uh... yes, somewhat."

"Why? I'm certainly not your first."

"No, but I've never been with my boss before."

"Glad to hear that." He teased Greg's nipples, pinching them hard. "You can always say stop, you know."

"I won't."

"So, you will do whatever I want?" He returned to Greg's mouth, sucking the bottom lip seductively, swapping saliva and desire.

Ah. Such spice. Greg wrapped his arms around him, grinding his throbbing cock against Grissom's body. "No more foreplay, please. I need you now. I'm ready."

"Don't you dare ruining my lesson," Grissom denied his plea with moist lips. "I'm the boss and insist on obedience."

Greg stifled his laughter. "Oh please. Touch me, sir."

Grissom pleased him with one more heated kiss on the lips. "Asking so nicely is getting you what you want." He made a wet trail of kisses down to Greg's chest then, but stopped at the nipples, nipping them gently.

Greg panted, and grabbed Grissom's hair.

Grissom bit down harder.

"Oh God, come on. I want you now!"

"A CSI trainee must take all the lessons. That's the rule."

Greg groaned. He worried his cock would burst any second. "Grissom, I can't hold out any longer...."

Grissom put his hands on the needy cock, rubbing its length through the shorts. "I see testing is over." He pulled Greg's shorts down and seized the thick shaft.

"God, yes, touch me. Right there. I want..."

"Yeah, what do you want?"

Greg bucked his hips. "Suck me, please."

"All right." Grissom bent down and swallowed the head of the cock, swirling his tongue around like Greg's penis was a tootsie pop, and he was curious how many licks it took to get to the center.

"Ooh...god, you're killing me." He closed his eyes, surrendering himself to the treat he was dreaming about for such a long time. The reality of amazing pleasure washing over him right now was so much better though. "What can't you do?"

Grissom sucked and licked the sensitive tip, teasing the tender crown with his tongue, tickling the balls with subtle motions.

"Yeah, more of that," Greg whispered, clawing at Grissom's upper arms.

Grissom moved his full attention to Greg's balls, lingering with them, eating them up.

Greg moaned and bucked, eager to hold on but also eager to come.

Grissom embraced the hard length, straining his jaw muscles, moving up and down, again and again.

Greg's breath came in ragged gasps. He dug his nails into Grissom's arms, pulling him closer. "Yeah, faster now, more. Come on."

Grissom swallowed him all the way down to the root, and let go again, sucking, slurping, squeezing his flesh in a steady rhythm.

"Ah, god, I-" Bucking his hips in a frenzy, Greg thrust into Grissom's mouth, giving a cry of pleasure. He came in a sudden blast, spilling his seed down his bosses' throat.

Grissom drank every drop, suckling the limp length gently empty. He then lifted his head and winked at Greg. "Sweeter than sugar."

Greg gasped with burning joy. The room was impregnated by the scent and taste of desire and pleasure. His insides were a firework of tumbling emotions and needs.

Grissom stripped his shorts off. "Like what you see," he teased, aware of Greg's bold and curious look.

Greg couldn't believe to see Grissom stripped in every sense. Naked. Exposed. Open. Overwhelmed he nodded and pulled him down on him.

"I assume that's a yes." Grissom chuckled, caressing Greg's ass. "Mm, smooth and tight."

Greg shuddered. The heat was rising still. He feared to get burned badly but didn't want to stop anyway.


"Where's Grissom?" Catherine asked Nick at the lab.

"He got a call from the sheriff's office and went there, half an hour ago."

"Well, and where's our enthusiastic CSI trainee?"

"Along with Grissom."

"He is? I'm surprised. Not long ago, Grissom avoided his presence and now he even took him along to the sheriff's office. What for?"

"How should I know? Greg doesn't tell me anything lately. I even suspect he hides some secret."

"Really? What did you ask him?"

"What's on his mind? Is he seeing anyone? Why's Grissom behaving differently around him?"

"And what did he say?"

"Not much. So not like him. Something happened at the Crime scene today as well. They had an argument or something like that. But neither of them disclosed anything."

Catherine didn't feel the need to tease Nick about him sulking. She remembered the time when Greg had almost lost it. She had asked Grissom to talk to him and afterwards Greg had been back to his old self again. Until now she had never asked herself what it was that Grissom had said or done to Greg. Now she wondered. It must have been convincing. "That's for sure curious."


"I want to fuck you," Grissom whispered, exploring Greg's ass avidly.

"Come on then. I've wanted you for such a long time. I can't stop thinking about you." He bit his lip, startled. Why did I say that? Do I think I can win him over this way? That confessing my feelings makes him feel the same way about me?

"You did?" Grissom kept stroking Greg's ass, sliding one finger in the tight opening. "Well, that makes it easier."

Greg tensed a little. "Lube?"

"Yeah, sure." Grissom fetched a small bottle out of the drawer by the nightstand. He oiled his hand and Greg's opening plenty, and slid two fingers inside of Greg, probing the effect.

Greg yelped, but his muscles eased quickly around the pressure. "It's fine. Go on."

Grissom showed a roguish smile, and pushed deeper.

"Yeah, come on," Greg spurred him on, helping along by circling and wriggling his ass. "I can take it."

"What a naughty boy you are." Grissom chuckled. "No patience at all. Okay. Fine." He removed his fingers and flipped Greg on his belly.

"Didn't you know that already?" Greg got on his hands and knees. "I'm always ready to make a presentation."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Grissom fetched a condom from the drawer he'd gotten the lube and slipped it on. "Why am I even surprised?"

"Now, please." Greg spread further, goading him. "I need you inside."

"Bossy rascal," Grissom chided him, yet he pushed into Greg.

A shiver ran through Greg's body, and he clenched around Grissom's cock. He whimpered and slumped down a bit.

"Am I hurting you?" Grissom put his hands on Greg's hips, holding him in place.

"No, keep going."

"Yeah!" Grissom exhaled, though he was moving at a slow and easy pace.

"Oh shit, this feels great." Gee! How is he even real? How can I bear letting him go again?

"Right," Grissom said, panting in rhythm with his movements, thrusting harder and deeper now. "Hot and tight." He dug his nails into Greg's hips. "As if I hadn't guessed you own such lewdness." Soon he was plunging into Greg, not holding back anymore.

Greg didn't mind the harsh taking. "Oh yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

A loud groan slipped past Grissom's lips. He pushed his strokes to the limit and came close to ravishing Greg.

Greg was shaking and whimpering under him, clawing the linen. He was close to come again. "Yeah, that's it."

"I can't... " Grissom gasped, thrusting hard, and then he spilled himself into Greg.

The delightful pressure hitting his hole made Greg climax too, and he stifled his lustful screams into the mattress.

Grissom collapsed on him and rested shortly stuck to his back, even snuggling him.

Greg savored the perfect moment of unexpected intimacy. He liked the spooning even more than the wild ride before. Sadly, the moment of bliss didn't last long, not even long enough to glory in the sensation of utter satisfaction.

Grissom broke free and rushed to his feet. "Take a shower and get dressed. We have to go back to the lab."

"Something wrong?" Greg looked at his bosses' dazzling nakedness. Gee! He got hard again.

"We're gone for almost an hour. They'll ask questions."

"That's right," Greg agreed and hurried to the bathroom. Holy shit! He was the master's grasshopper.


The drive back happened in awkward silence. There was nothing to say. At the lab, Greg opened the door of the car rashly, ready to flee into the building and away from Grissom's incredible pull. The rude awakening after a blissful time was too damn cruel.

Grissom held him back by grabbing his wrist. "Wait a second."

Greg fell back into the seat, swallowing hard. Shit! Why's this so hard?

"We had a good time."

No kidding! Greg blinked.

"A great time," Grissom corrected himself. "That doesn't mean we'll start dating or something like that. Do you understand?"

Greg felt tears stung behind his eyes. "Sure, Grissom," he said, proud about how chill he sounded. "You're the boss." He got out of the car and didn't even slam the door. Slowly, he walked into the lab, showing his ID card. That wasn't easy though because he could still taste Grissom's flavor on his tongue. He could still feel how it was to have his cock inside of him. Oh god. Don't think about that now. Don't even- He bumped into Nick.

"Hey! Watch it. Who turned your head? Grissom or the sheriff?"

Greg didn't crack the tiniest smile. "Funny."

"Well, how was it? What did the sheriff say?"

"Say?" he choked out, brought back down to Earth on the quick.

"He said something, didn't he?"

"Uh...sure, the usual. I need a suspect. I need the case solved. As fast as possible. The victim's daddy was rich after all."

"Waste of time then, this ride across town."

Greg shrugged. "Sure." Nah, literally a joyride.

Michael passed them and stopped. "How's my buddy Greggo today?"

"Couldn't be better," Greg snarled. "Anything else that's on your mind?"

"Let me think about it?" Michael said, handling the bunch of files he carried around with ease.

Greg considered to leave Michael and Nick both to their business, as Grissom joined the odd gathering. "Well, Nick, what's new?"

"Not much. Hodges is still analyzing the cigarette butts and the unknown substance from the bedroom. Brass and I will question a suspect in ten minutes."

Michael eyed up Grissom, then grinned like a rascal.

Greg shuffled his feet. What's he grinning about? Why am I still standing here? Get going already!

"And? What did the sheriff say?" Nick asked Grissom, peering at Greg.

Grissom pushed his glasses up his nose. "Just the usual. I need a suspect. I need the case solved. As fast as possible."

"Really?" Nick quipped, winking at Greg.

Greg's face felt like burning. Shit. Don't say anything. Don't even blink.

Grissom didn't notice Nick's amusement, or maybe he only pretended that he didn't. Wasn't he a master in hiding his feelings? "That's right. We've wasted enough time going there. I need an update about the suspect, Nick. Let's go to my office." He and Nick walked away.

"What are you smiling about?" Greg hissed at Michael, watching Grissom's back until he was out of sight. Don't sulk. You know how he feels about work. You'll always be second at most.

"Did you take a shower?"

Greg winced. "Sure. Before I went to work."

"Nah. I think you had one recently. I think our big boss had one too."

"You're crazy," Greg huffed, shaking his head.

"Am I? You two were having a little fun, right?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"All right. It's none of my business." He nudged him. "Was it at least worth it?"

"Shut it, Michael!"

"Hey. Don't fuss. First times are never perfect."

"Oh yeah? Too bad for you. Mine was historic." He rushed on, determined to rank this night among the most amazing nights in his life, no matter how his walk on the wild side had ended. "That's what you get for working in the field."

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