The Killing - Stephen Holder & Sarah Linden Quotes

4. Season

Blood in the Water

Holder: "We´ve gotta keep our stories straight, Linden. No one is gonna find out. No one is gotta know what we did."

Linden: "What about after?"
Holder: "Just worry about what we gonna do right now. Okay, that´s all you gotta think about, Linden."
Holder: "What?"
Linden: "There´s blood. There´s blood on your coat. You were supposed to clean up. Put your arms up."
Holder: "I did...I mean...I-I took a shower...and I-I changed my clothes...that´s the only jacket I got...Fuck!"
Linden: "It´s okay. I wash it out."
Holder: "Fuck...okay..."

Holder: "What do you need is rest, Linden. Get a few hours of shut eye, and then we go in."
Linden: "They never gonna find those girls or Kallie. We put Skinner there. No one is gonna find those girls. No one should ever...end up like that."
Holder: "You wanna go to prison? Is that it?"
Linden: "There´s gotta be some other way."
Holder: "He was on his knees when you shot him. Twice. Ain´t nobody is gonna believe that was self defense and you know it."
Linden: "But...we..."
Holder: "You want Jack grow up without his mom´s. Is that it?"
Linden: "No."
Holder: "Then quit talking bullshit, okay, because I ain´t going to prison."
Linden: "You didn´t have to stay. You didn´t have to help me."
Holder: "Yeah, I did."

Linden: "Let´s go."
Reddick: "Let´s go. Chop chop, Mrs. Linden."

Holder: "You don´t need no more rocket fuel, Linden." - "Linden? You okay?"
Linden: "I´m fine." - "Cut it out, okay? This kid glove thing handling me thing. I´m fine. Just quit hovering."
Holder: "I didn´t know I was hovering."
Linden: "Bullshit. You did know."

Holder: "Is there anything else, anything else that could fuck us up?
Linden: "No, but maybe you need to check your coat again."
Holder: "We need to keep our shit tight here, alright?"

Holder: "Is there anything else? Think."
Linden: "No, there´s nothing."
Holder: "Look, I know how personal this is to you."
Linden: "What?"
Holder: "I mean with you and Skinner being together..."
Linden: "Shut up!"
Holder: "I-"
Linden: "You shut up!"

Holder: "Damn. Get any sleep?"
Linden: "Why you´re here, Holder?"
Holder: "You wanna let me in or what?"
Linden: "Not if you´re smoking. My house reeks. I´m done. This time for good."
Holder: "Yeah, I give you 10 Minutes tops. You wanna grab a shower before we hit the road. You look like shit."

Holder: "Already done, mamacita. Even minus my joe with a kiss of hemp milk I´m a 1-900 rockstar."
Linden: "You´re in a good mood this morning."
Holder: "That I am."
Linden: "You want me to ask you why?"
Holder: "Sun´s out. Got my smokes, and a murder case worth working."

Holder: "Linden, the repressed catholic. It fits, it fits."

Holder: "Quit worrying so much, okay?"
Linden: "Yeah."
Holder: "You got rid of the gun, right? And the shell casings? Right?"
Linden: "I will. They just lay on the table. You know it´s fine."
Holder: "You´ll do it tonight."
Linden: "I know."
Holder: "Tonight."


Holder: "Jesus Christ, Linden. You gotta keep it together. At least in public."
Linden tells him about Skinner´s daughter.
Holder: "Calm down. Calm down. We´re good. Keep trust me."
A gun shot. She runs off.
Holder: "Linden! Linden!"

Linden: "Those ballistics reports are inconclusive. Let it go. We can´t charge Kyle and you know it."
Holder: "Religion is inconclusive. Don´t stop five billion people to believe in what they believe."
Linden: "God is not the DA."

Holden: "What do you know about style, Linden? Thought you shopped at Ross Dress for Less."
Linden: "Instead of gettin´ my clothes at the good will."
Holder: "Hey, you´ll find anything you like in there you´ll take it for a spin. Extreme makeover Linden edition."

Linden: "No one talks about family secrets and you know it. They just stay screwed up."
Holder: "Not everyone messes up their kids. That´s a choice how you act."

Holder: "They´re still be dead tomorrow, Linden. What´s the matter? You´re afraid of being alone or something?"

Linden: "Don´t ever do that again."
Holder: "I was helping you out, Linden. You can´t always be going at eleven. Now we got her right where we want her. It´s like with lions. Now when you tame them you gotta put them on a pedestal. Make them think that they are dominant. That they got the upper hand. They feel safe up there, feared, like the Alpha dog. You gotta make them believe they´re looking down on you, when all eyes are actually on them, you´re the one who´s really in control. Trust me, Linden. We´re good." - "Stop worrying about Bethany?"

The Good Soldier

Linden: "How could I not have known who he was? I don´t know if I can do this. I´m drowning, Holder."
Holder: "You have to. We got no choice."
Linden: "No, we do. I can tell them...I just tell them who he...who he was...what he was."
Holder: "Are you fucking crazy? After everything we´ve gone through. Look, I´m not going to jail for that scumbag." - "Caroline is pregnant. Everything is different now. I´m gonna be a dad." - "Gonna have a wife and baby that need me. Here is what we gonna do, Linden. We gonna move forward and leave this shit behind. So eat your fucking muffin. We got a funeral to get to."

Linden: "Told you that girl wouldn´t be here."
Holder: "Really?"

Linden: "You´re gonna feed that kind of crap to your baby?"
Holder: "Maybe. When he has teeth."
Linden: "He? What makes you think it´s a he?"
Holder: "I don´t know. I guess I just figured out I have a little man, you know."
Linden: "So you just going for it, this whole baby thing?"
Holder: "I´ve got my first prenatal OBGYN thing tomorrow."
Linden: "I just never saw you as the parental type."
Holder: "What can I say, Linden. I´ve been in this parathion team."
Linden: "You´d be a good dad."

Holder: "He´ll be alright as long as the internet works."
Linden: "You´re full of sunshine today."

Linden: "Why didn´t you tell me about this?"
Holder: "I just did."
Linden: "We cannot afford to keep secrets. So keep your shit together, Holder."

Linden: "You´re losing your shit, Holder, and I didn´t know what you´re doing."
Holder: "Me? You´re the crazy one. You´re the one who can´t keep your shit together."

Dream Baby Dream

Holder: "You get cigarettes?"
Linden: "I quit. I told you." - "You got any sleep last night because you look like shit?"
Holder: "Whatever."
Linden: "And you stink too. What were you doing?"
Holder: "Don´t worry about, alright? I had a few beers."
Linden: "Yeah?"
Holder: "Yeah."
Linden: "So, you´re good then?"
Holder: "I´ll be good if you´ll get off my fucking back about it." - "I´m okay, alright. Except for the rest."

Linden: "What´s wrong with your legs?"
Holder: "What? I got restless legs sometimes. You never get that?"
Linden: "No. Never."

Holder: "Let me out. I gotta do something."
Linden: "Did you use?"
Holder: "What?"
Linden: "Don´t bullshit me, Holder. You´ve been acting like an out of control asshole all day long and I´m asking you if you´re using again."
Holder: "What the fuck, Linden? Let me out. Pull over!"
Linden: "Why? So you can score?"
Holder: "Pull the fuck over!" - "Hey, isn´t your kid in town? Why don´t you go and spend some time with him? Be a good mom for a change."
Linden: "Alright, I forgot, now that Caroline is two seconds pregnant you´re the expert on parenting."
Holder: "Yeah, I´ve learned from the best."

Holder: "Ain´t nothing like a pleasant drive in the countryside looking at some stinking ass toilets. Let´s go." - "I was fucked up yesterday...m-my bad."
Linden: "Is that an apology?"
Holder: "Yeah. I said it, you know." - "I´m sorry."
Linden: "Do we need to talk about anything else?"
Holder: "I just want my kid´s sins to be his own."
Linden: "Yeah, I know."
Holder: "How do you do it? How do you not fuck them up?"
Linden: "You´re asking me that?"
Holder: "Yeah."
Linden: "Just do your best."
Holder: "What if someone´s best ain´t shit?"
Linden: "You´re here. That´s what matters. That´s kind of the only thing that matters. That you show up. You´ll be alright."
Holder: "Everybody thinks I´m a piece of shit tweak-head. You seem to think I´m something better."
Linden: "Yeah, you´re a 1-900 rockstar." (OMG! This is close to a declaration of love.)
Holder: "Aw."

Linden: "So where did you go after I dropped you off yesterday?"
Holder: "Church."
Linden: "Church? I thought you´re a Buddhist."
Holder: "Same thing. Thirty-one flavors all made out of milk."
Linden: "I have no idea what you´re talking about."
Holder: "That´s because I´m a mystery wrapped up in a conundrum."

Holder: "I go in quieten my mind filling it with those nun´s voices."
Linden: "Sounds really beautiful actually."
Holder: "It was. Whatever. It used to be. Yesterday it was just noise. What about you?"
Linden: "What about me what?"
Holder: "Great lightshow. Being catholic for a minute. Just to believe."
Linden: "What? God and angels and anything like that. Uhu...but hell...we´re in it."

Holder: "You gave him those porkrinds?"
Linden: "I thought I get him something to make up for the pin."
Holder: "Excellent choice."
She smiles.

Truth Asunder

Linden: "Reddick´s got nothing."
Holder: "He´s got everything."

Linden: "Call him back. Now!"
Holder: "Alright. Chill, Linden. Do some push-ups or something."

Holder: "Where are you going? Linden!"

Holder: "How long is Jack in town?"
Linden: "Until tomorrow night."
Holder: "Maybe you should go and spent some time with him. Get a burger or something."
Linden: "What´s that supposed to mean?"
Holder: "You´re in a common fuck down, Linden. You can´t keep running around burn the only bridges we´ve got left. Nothing get through this."
Linden: "I thought you wanna solve this case?"
Holder: "I do. You can´t steamroll Caroline like that. Yeah, we need her help."
Linden: "Whatever. Give me the keys. It´s my car. I don´t do smoking in it."

Holder: "You see this fucking shitstorm we´re right in the middle of, right?"
Linden: "Caroline´s got you by the balls."
Holder: "It´s you and me, Linden. We are on the same team, remember?"
Linden: "Are we?"

Linden: "No, he´s telling me the truth. I trust him. I can see it in his eyes. He´s not the one lying to me."
Holder: "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
Linden: "I know what you said at the AA meeting. You told everyone what we did?"
Holder: "What we did? I didn´t do anything. You´re the one who did it. You´re the one who couldn´t get your shit together. I was just trying to help you."
Linden: "Yeah, well, thanks for all the help. I told you to walk away. You wanted to stay. I would have been a lot better on my own."
Holder: "Look, I´m sorry, Linden. I fucked up, okay? It has felt like the whole world was coming crashing down on me. I was about to explode."
Linden: "Yeah, well, I was wrong about you. You´re just a fucking junkie like the rest of them. What kind of father you´re gonna be?"
Holder: "How´s Jack doing, by the way? Weren´t you supposed to take him to the airport right now?"
Linden: "Shit."
Holder: "Oh snap, classic Linden. Not giving a shit about anyone who´s still alive, not even her own son. I´m the one who´s fucked up? The only people you care about are dead." - "Tell little man I said Adios."
Linden: "Fuck you!"
Holder: "Yeah, fuck you, too!"


Holder: "I´m gonna have to make a choice." - "Between me and her."
Caroline: "Sarah?"

Linden: "You took that shell casing."
Holder: "What?"
Linden: "It was never missing. You took it. It was your insurance in case they´d ever found out, to prove that I did it. You and Reddick were talking. I saw you. I should...I should...I should have known you´d leave me, too."

Holder: "Oh snap! 1-900 Linden. Dial and you shall receive."
Linden: "Hi. Hi, Holder."
Holder: "What up, Linden?"
Linden: "I...I heard you got a new job."
Holder: "I see you got a new scarf."
Linden: "Yeah, Ross Dress for Less, three-for-one rack."
Holder: "Oh snap! Linden got jokes?"
Linden laughs.
Holder: "You looking good."
Linden: "You, too. You look happy."
Holder: "Happy, joyous and free. That´s me. I´m a daddy. Got a little girl."
Linden: "That´s so great. What´s her name?"
Holder: "Kalia."
Linden: "Oh, that´s great."
Holder: "It´s the goddess of life and death in the Hindustani tradition."
Linden: "So, you´re a Hindu now?"
Holder: "You know how we do." - "So, when did you come back?"
Linden: "I´m not back. I´m just passing through."

Holder: "So, did you find him on your travels in the big, wide world, Linden? The bad guy?"
Linden: "There´s no bad guy. There´s just... I don´t know... life."
Holder: "We tried at least. You gotta give us credit for trying. Right?"
Linden: "Yeah, we did." - "Anyway, I´s good to see you, Holder."
Holder: "So, why you´re here? For real? Mm?"
Linden: "I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing, you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe, that home was us. It was you and me, together in that stupid car, riding around, smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. Iím sorry. I should have known that you were one person who always stays. And you were my best friend."
Holder: "Why don´t you stay? Stay."
Linden: "Um...I think that this city is....the city of the dead for me."
Holder: "It´s a matter of perception, ain´t it?" - "Close your eyes."
Linden: "What?"
Holder: "Just close your eyes."
Linden: "No. You´re so weird."
Holder: "Just close your eyes. Just give it a try. Then maybe you´ll see what´s really there. What´s standing right in front of you. It ain´t ghosts, Linden. It ain´t the dead."
Linden: "I´m thinking I take it I should go..."
Holder: "Linden..."
Linden: "You..."
Holder: "Bye."
Linden: "Bye."

3. Season

The Jungle

Linden: "Nice suit, by the way."
Holder: "You know how we do."

Holder: "Ain´t that sweet, Linden is dating."
Linden: "I´m not dating."
Holder: "Booty calling then. Dial 1-900 Linden."

Linden: "Jack always liked you for some reason."
Holder: "What´s not to like?"
She smiles.

Linden: "Not every victim´s worth it. You know, you start´ll end up like me, working minimum wage on a ferry."
Holder: "Never thought the day would come that I´d hear that from you."


Holder: "What the hell, Linden."
Linden: "What do you want, Holder?"
Holder: "Next time you decide to work my case, you mind give me a heads up?"
Linden: "It´s a crime scene. I called the cops."

Holder: "Yo, Linden, you´re mad at me now?"
Linden: "I wasted my entire morning with finding some kid you already talked to."
Holder: "I guess we´re even. You know, we´re not even even. You´re still like minus three."

Holder to Linden: "No man is an island, not even you."

Linden: "Where´s Reddick?"
Holder: "Punched out. Get his beauty sleep. Me? I´m already beautiful, so..."
She smiles.

Head Shots

Holder: "Yo, Linden. I´m coming with you. But I´m driving."
She hands him the keys. Sitting in the car she smiles happily.

Linden: "So what´d you say to Carl, anyway?"
Holder: "Nothing."
Linden: "He´s gonna hate you."
Holder: "Not as much as he hates you."

Linden: "What´s up with that ADA anyways? Are you two a thing?"
Holder: "You jealous?"
They both smile.

Scared and Running

Linden: "Give me the keys."
Holder: "Just like old times." - "Pretty hard on mom´s back there."
Linden: "Don´t start with me, Holder."
Holder: "Just sayin´. You spot it you got it."
Linden: "Is that one of your addict sayings?" - "I´m sorry."
Holder: "That´s cool. I mean we do say that in the program and whatnot but doesn´t really apply, right, to you?"

Bullet: "If he (Holder) ain´t your boss, what is he? Your man?"
Linden: "You´re not supposed to be smoking in here?"
Bullet: "You´re smoking."
Linden: "Yeah, well, it´s my car."

Linden: "You okay?"
Holder: "Yeah."
Linden: "We´re approaching seventy-two hours straight. We should probably get some sleep."
Holder: "Yeah."
Linden: "I´ll, uh, get a ride back to the station. See you in a few hours."
Holder: "You wanna come by my dojo, get some food?"
Linden: "I´m not a fan of tofu and lentils. Thanks."
Holder: "Right. See you manana."
Linden: "Yeah."

Linden: "I missed the ferry to Vashon, so I figured I..."
Holder: "Just couldn´t stay away, huh?"

Holder: "99% of the times I´ve seen Linden eat it´s been in a car."

Eminent Domain

Holder: "You don´t want me to come with you?"
Linden: "No, I´m fine."

Holder: "W-What are we doing here? Unless you got a body back there..."
Linden: "You get somewhere else to be? Joe Mills is in the wind. You want to go back to the hospital and babysit Angie with Reddick, be my guest."
Holder: "Oh, no way. Wow. So, when you said the Seward file was in storage, you meant your back seat." - "Yo, don´t get handsy. I got a girlfriend, okay?"

Holder: "See, we´ve been going at it all Copernicus, when we need to be Galileo on this bitch, you feel me? See, Copernicus, he was, you know like looking at the Sun doing its thing from this middle place, like he was the middle. But then Galileo was all like, nah, man, that´s conceited. And then Copernicus started fronting, like...what? What´s wrong with your face, Linden. Don´t stroke out on me. You know, hire-backs ain´t on the health plan."

Holder: "What are we doing now, Linden? We playing hide and seek?"

Hope Kills

Holder: "Opiate of the masses."
Linden: "I thought you liked opiate of the masses?"
Holder: "Not everyone needs that N.A./A.A. blah, blah. You know I been clean for almost two years now?"
Linden: "Good for you. That´s great."
Holder: "Not everyone finds their salvation in some stank-ass basement with a bunch of old booze hounds."
Linden: "I´m gonna get some sleep. You should too. See you in a few hours."

Linden: "If you light it, it´s gonna start raining again."
Holder: "It´s true."
Linden: "Jack still knows I smoke."
Holder: "Yeah, well, you ain´t exactly Houdini with them smokes, Linden."
She laughs.
Linden: "He wants me to move to Chicago."
Holder: "Chicago P.D.´s a storied institution. It´s good police. Cold as hell. What´s holding you back? It ain´t that boyfriend of yours."
Linden: "I´m just a hire-back. Temporary police."
Holder: "You dodged that. So what´s going on with Mr. Boatman Cody? What? He hurt your feelings? I´ll beat his ass. Just say the word."
Linden: "No, he got, uh, too attached, I guess. I didn´t mean for that to happen, but I don´t know. He´s just a kid. Don´t even go there."
Holder laughs.
Linden: "I guess I wanted to be that person, you know, like, living on an island, working nine to five, not smoking. But I..."
Holder: "Sometimes what you get isn´t really what you want." (Oh my god. Is he talking about Caroline?)
Linden looks at him, startled, and asks for a smoke.


Holder (to a police man who made a bad joke about Linden): "You think that´s funny - that´s funny to you? Get out of here before I break your face."

Linden (about Holder): "I found my friend standing there up on that bridge one night. He had lost hope, too. He´s my good friend."

Holder: "Get out of the way, Sarah."

Holder: "You left your keys in the door. I got chow mein, egg rolls, lemon chicken for you, and fortune cookies. What more could you want?"

Linden: "Thanks for the take out. Nice of you to do that."
Holder: "You´re welcome. I needed an excuse to get out of there anyway."
Linden: "If one more person asks me if I was alright, I swear..."
Holder: "Are you alright?"
Linden: "Yeah, I´m fine."
Holder: "I thought I lost you there for a second. Just when I was getting used to you. That was scary, huh?"

Holder: "I should have got there sooner."
Linden: "You got there. You found me."


Linden: "Actually give me a smoke."
Holder: "No."
Linden: "What you mean no?"
Holder: "I mean no."
Linden: "Seriously?"
Holder: "Yep."
Linden: "Oh. It´s fine. I get it."
Holder: "All I´m saying is you know you buy a pack or two reciprocate the love every now and then you know we´re back to being BFF´s again."
Linden: "Whatever. I gave you one. You gave it to Bullet." - "What´s going on? You two break up?"
Holder: "She´s unreliable. I can´t trust her no more."

Linden is picking up a cigarette butt.
Holder: "Seriously, Linden. I was just playing with you back there. I you need a fix that bad...?"

Linden: "Don´t open the trunk."
Holder: "What?"
Linden: "Just come over here. Please, Holder. You don´t need to be here. Holder, please, don´t."

Six Minutes

Linden: "Hey. Where have you been?"
Holder: "Out."
Linden: "You've been drinking since yesterday?"
Holder: "Yeah."

Linden to Holder: "You´ll do it. You good with kids."

Linden: "I have to go back in."
Holder: "Yeah. I´m here, you know, whatever you need. Smokes and whatnot. I got the party pack."

Holder: "Hey. Where are you going?"
Linden: "He played me. He lied. He's been lying all along."
Holder: "Whoa. Whoa. Hold up. What are you talking about?"
Linden: "I shouldn´t have come here. It was a mistake. He was there in the apartment. He killed his wife."
Holder: "What about the ring?"
Linden: "You said it yourself. It can be anybodies. It didn´t mean anything."
Holder: "So you´re just leaving? You can´t. They won´t let you see him again."
Linden: "Give me them back."
Holder: "No."
Linden: "Give them to me, Holder."
Holder: "No! After all this you just walk away? There´s lots of reasons why he could have been there. He lived there."
Linden: "So why did he lie about it?"
Holder: "I don´t know. Go in there and ask him. What about Adrian?"
Linden: "I´m done. I´m done! Give me the keys!"
Holder: "It´s like a pattern with you, you know that? You´re always leavin´, runnin´, never stay."
Linden: "You´re drunk."
Holder: "´Cause if you did, then you´d want it, you´d need it. And then you´d get hurt. Left, and not left. What the hell happened to you, Linden? Why you always taking off?"
Linden: "Why don´t you just shut up and take your own damn advice."
Holder: "Yeah, maybe I should. We never stay and in the end we lose everyone." - "I´m not gonna try and kiss you again, Linden. Keep dreamin´. You hear me? I´m not gonna kiss you again, Linden. missed your chance, Linden."

From Up Here

Linden: "Youíre late."
Holder: "I thought youíd be halfway to Chicago by now."
Linden "I thought Iíd wait for you." (with the case)
Holder: "Oh. So this is for real then? Detective Linden. Not gonna peace out on me leave me to crime-fight with jank-ass Jablonski?"
Linden: "Well, you´re my ride, so...I guess you´re stuck with me." (OH. THIS IS SO SWEET)
Holder: "Good. I mean not that I need you. But itís good."
Linden: "You look nice. I see you changed your...thingy."
Holder: "Mm."
Linden: "And shaved..."
Holder: "Yup."
Linden: "...kinda."
Holder: "Even got a shower, Gotta keep fresh."
Linden: "One step at a time."

Holder: "So? What up with you and the boss man?"
Linden: "Nothing. What?" (It is a miracle she even replies to such a personal question. This is new.)
Holder: "Going to the lake making a fire?"
Linden: "I don´t know what you´re talking about?"
Holder: "Oh, come on, Linden. I mean, I don´t gotta be my sleuth par excellence to see that the cat gets the hand in the jelly jar and it ainít the first time neither." He laughs.
Linden: "We worked together. We were partners andÖ"
Holder: "And...ngh and...ngh and n..."
Linden: "...and we..."
Holder: "Oooh."
Linden: "Donít...don´t do that..."
Holder: "Oh snap!" Hunking the horn like a silly kid.
Linden: "Don´t do that...donít make it look like that..."
Holder: "How many times? One time? Two times? Three times? Stop me at anytime, Linden. Four times? Five times?" THE MAN KILLS ME.
Linden: "You´re such an idiot."
Holder: "You are a human being."
Linden: "Aaaw."
Holder: "Youíre actual flesh and blood. I mean, I´m just as surprised as you are."
Linden: "You jealous?" She giggles like a schoolgirl. WOW! I WAS SO WAITING FOR THIS!
Holder: "Oh, well played, detective Linden, well played." INDEED!!! YOU TRIED TO KISS HER AND CANíT TAKE IT BACK. Never.
Linden: "All right. I´m gonna do some work if that's alright with you?"
Holder: "Do your thing, 1-900." (the best petname ever.) She can´t stop giggling. Oh dear.

Holder to Linden: "What you wanna do? Let the state hang another guy who didn´t do it?"

Holder to Linden: "What the hell are you doing? Hey! You gonna break your damn neck."

The Road to Hamelin

Linden to Skinner: "Holder was taken by I.A. I´ve been calling you. They won´t let me see him. You gotta get him out."

Skinner: "Holder is a good cop. But he´ll be a better one once he learns all the self control."
Linden: "You had him detained by I.A."
Skinner: "You´re getting too close too fast." Oh. Really? You noticed.

Linden: "It´s the loneliest thing in the world waiting to be found." God! Heartbreaking!

Linden shoots Skinner in the stomach. Holder hears the gunshot and comes running.
Holder: "Linden? Linden? You okay, Linden? You okay? We got him. Adrian. He´s alive. Reddick found him. He´s with him right now. Adrian is alive. He´s fine. Put the gun down. Linden. Linden, look at me. He wants you to do this. Put the gun down. Put the gun down."
Skinner: "Look at me, Sarah. Look at me. It´s gotta be you. It´s gotta be you. You loved me."
Holder: "Linden."
Skinner: "You loved me."
Holder: "It´s over."
Skinner: "Look at me."
Linden shoots Skinner a second time. He´s dead.
Holder: "He w...NOOO!" - "No. No no no."

2. Season


Holder: "Oh snap! What´s up, Linden? Busted. You´re like that monster in Friday, the 13th. The only way to kill you is chop off your head. I was only kidding. You know you´re my BFF."

Holder: "I bet you´ll get that same psycho stewardess you yelled at so you could get off that plane."
Linden: "Yeah. And good luck cleaning up the mess. I hope it was worth it."

Holder: "Hey, Linden is back. She lied about why. Why would she do that?"

My Lucky Day.

Holder: "Linden? Open the door, Linden. I-I know you in there. I need to talk to you. Linden. Open the door. I-I know you in there. I-I saw your car parked outside. Linden? Open the door! Linden. Uh...I...Linden. Open the door. I gotta talk to you. I-I-I can explain...Linden. Just open...Open the door, Linden!"


Holder: "Yo, it´s me. Leave a message."
Linden: "Where are you, Holder? Look, I know what you did with the backpack and why you came by last night. I get it. We need to talk. So, call me back, please."

Linden: "Come on, get out of there, before I leave you here."

Ogi Jun

Holder: "Oh snap, Linden rocked the booty-call."
Linden: "..."
Holder: "Dial 1-900-LINDEN."
Linden: "That's not even enough numbers."

Ghosts of the Past

Holder: "Keep that up and they gonna say you broke up with Sonoma because of me. Yo, wouldn´t be the first time, you know what I´m saying?"

Holder: "You wanna smoke?"
Linden: "Mm-Mm."
Holder: "You sure you don´t want a cigarette?"
Linden: "Holder."
Holder: "It´s just a matter of time before you're back to the fold. At least live a little."
Linden: "Smoking isn´t how I define living?"
Holder: "Well, just don´t go all fallin' down on me 'cause you can´t get your fix."

Holder: "Don't worry about me."
Linden: "I never do. Thank you."


Holder: "Guess who the passenger was?"
Linden: "I´m not guessing, Holder."
Holder: "I won´t make you guess who was sitting next to him on the flight because you suck at it."

Holder: "Hey, you´re becoming like a beautiful mind with that board, Linden?"

Holder: "You realize if we write about this we gonna end up work in a toll booth in Walla Walla the rest of our careers."
Linden: "Probably."

Holder: "Empathy can poison your brain. It´s like elephants. I mean they mourn their dead. Go nuts over them. Pace around. Piss on themselves. You gonna need the diaper soon, Linden?"
Linden: "You still watching discovery channel?"

Holder to Linden: "You wanna count to ten or something?"

Holder: "You´re okay, Linden?"
Linden: "I´m fine."

Linden: "We should put a tap on Amses´ phone."
Holder: "Yeah, right, because that worked like gang-busters last time." - "You´re serious. Linden, you gotta chill, I mean, Carlson´s gonna ride our asses just for coming here."
Linden: "What? You gotta promotion? You´re suddenly Carlson´s boy?"
Holder: "Whoa. I´m just trying to save you from getting that file whatever it is thrown into your face again."

Linden: "We need to stay here. Just for tonight."
Holder: "Yeah. Sure."


Holder: "You need to trust me on this, Linden. We´re safe. No one ever comes around here. Not even Jehovah´s witnesses."
She smiles.

Linden: "I think your Zen rock garden and fountain are what´s really gonna help me relax."
Holder: "Laugh it up Linden, my dojoís a sanctuary of light."

Holder about Linden: "She rises from the dead."

Holder: "Just a heads up. There´s a poison control number on the top of the fridge. In case you got into shock since this ain´t freeze-dried."
Linden feigns a mocking laugh.

Linden: "You think because you made us some omelets, you know what´s best for Jack?"
Holder: "It was breakfast burritos."

Linden: "You can walk from here."
Holder snorts.

Linden: "You talked to your sponsor lately. You might gonna give him a call, make sure you don´t go off the rails again."
Holder: "Yeah, at least I own my addiction."

Sayonara Hiawatha

Carson: "It´s not your fault. You had some bad luck being paired up with Linden."
Holder: "Hey, Linden ain´t so bad."

Linden: "Holder, I´m sorry. We shouldn´t have split up."
Holder: "It happened. We´re good, Linden. You´re still my BFF."
She smiles.

Holder to Linden: "I told you, you can crash at my place."

Holder: "You´re okay, Linden?"
Linden: "I´m fine."
Holder: "You know, you...can talk to me...about whatever...if you want I´m here."
Linden: "I know you are. So can we find the key now?"
Holder: "Yeah, whatever you say, boss."

72 Hours

Linden: "Please, don´t leave me here."
Holder: "I´m gonna get you out of here. Just hang tight for a couple of hours. I´m not leaving you in here. You hear? I´m not leaving you here."

Rick: "She knows I´m here?"
Holder: "No."
Rick: "I helped get her out but I can´t be involved anymore. She´s your responsibility now."


Holder: "I´m just saying you have been sleeping inside your car, you just got out of that place...maybe, I don´t know, take a nap, take a shower, rest a little..."
Linden: "So now it´s you, too?"
Holder: "Come on."

Holder: "Tell little man I say hi."
Linden: "Holder says hi."

Donnie or Marie

Holder: "Maybe Bobby isn´t just her pit-bull?"
Linden: "You just figured that out?"

Holder to Linden: "It´s time for you to buy your own pack." Because she always mooches off his cigarettes.

Holder: "You never told me he was your shrink?" - "Rick."
Linden: "Your point?"
Holder: "Nothing. I´m just saying."
Linden: "You think I´m gonna go nuts again?"
Holder: "No, Linden, I´ve got your back. That´s all I´m saying. Think of me as your sensei in the bloodsport of life?"

What I know

Linden: "Got a smoke?"
Holder: "I'm out. You should quit. Save me some bank."

Holder: "Linden, we got the bad guy?"
Linden: "Yeah? Who´s that?"
Holder: "Hey, keep in touch. You´re my ride, you know?"

1. Season


Holder: "Bad w-what are you doing here?"
Linden: "Who are...can I help you?"
Holder: "Yeah, this is my office."
Linden: "Who are you?"
Holder: "I´m Holder from County. Oh, you Linden?"
Linden: "Yeah, I´m Linden."
Holder: "I-I thought you'd be out of here by now but if you need more time I can wait outside..."
Linden: "It's okay. No no. Come on in. I´m almost done."

Holder: "Oakland?"
Linden: "Sonoma."
Holder: "Sonoma? That´s nice."
Linden: "Yep."
Holder: "Nice weather. Ocean. Beaches. Hate that shit."
Linden: "You must love this place then."

Linden: "So you think Homicide´s gonna be any different?"
Holder: "Well, at least you got a bad guy."
Linden: "Yeah? Who´s that?"
Holder: "Is that why you´re running away, Linden. ´Cause you don´t know no more?"

Holder: "Yo, we got here first."
Linden: "Yeah, and we don´t got a body."
Holder: "Not yet."
Linden: "You wanna follow it up go for it."
Holder: "You´re my ride, Linden."
Linden: "So I´ll drop you off at the station. I need to finish packing up."
Holder: "I thought you were done. Flight´s not till nine, right? I won´t let you miss it. Promise."

Linden: "In situations like this I like to ask myself what would Jesus do?"
Holder: "Don´t know. I´ll ask him."

Holder: "Where are you going?"
Linden: "Get a K9 unit out at the park. I´ll meet you there."
Holder: "You´re my ride, Linden."

Linden: "Welcome to Homicide. Clock never stops."
Holder: "I thought you had a plane to catch."

Holder: "Let´s go, Linden! What´s the hold up?"
Linden: "Give me a minute."
Holder: "You said that twenty minutes ago! Let´s go. Let´s go."

The Cage

Holder: "So where to next to, boss? Are you still mad about that what I said to the Larsens? I mean I can handle them."
Linden: "You know the guy probably punched Rosie in the face before he grabbed her. That´s what they do to kids. That´s why the headwounds. You wanna tell that to the parents go ahead."

Holder: "Don´t feel bad, Linden. I mean you - you really ain´t that bad."

Linden: "What do you got?"
Holder: "I got a fish filet and a veggie burger but..."
Linden: "What did you call me down here for, Holder?"
Holder: "Okay."

Holder: "But, you know, don´t you worry, Linden. I´ll get a ride."
Linden: "Oh, I won´t. Good luck."
Holder: "Yeah, and good luck in...uh...San Diego. And tell little man I said you know..."
Linden: "Yeah, definitely."

Holder: "You missed your plane? Again."

El Diablo

Holder: "So how long are you stayin´ this time? You like the L.T.´s pet?"
Linden: "Maybe he just wants the case cleared."
Holder: "Maybe I didn´t just find the crime scene."
Linden: "Assumptions are your enemy, detective. I´m lead on this for the next few stop pressing everyone we question like they´re in the box. Let go of the idea that you have some BS detector."
Holder: "And how do you know I don´t have one of those?"
Linden: "´Cause you´re dressed like Justin Bieber and eat pork rinds for dinner."
Holder: "Ooh! Me and your kid got the same diet, Linden."

Holder: "No visitors. She´s a prison guard. She´s got a crush on me."
Linden: "So work your magic."

Holder: "Get cozy, Linden. We gotta wait."

Holder: "Chill, Linden, I mean I never had dinner with my mom and...look at me."
Linden: "That´s comforting."

A soundless Echo

Linden: "You got a minute?"
Holder: "I´m in the middle of something here, Linden."
Linden: "I know. Let´s go."
Holder: "Yo, I´ll catch you later, alright?"
Linden: "Fine."

Holder: "I-I love this partnership. You do whatever you want and I spend my time chasing you down."
Linden: "Is there a problem?"

Holder calls while she is with her boyfriend Rick.
Linden: "New partner. Complaining again. He can wait."
Rick: "New partner?"
Linden: "Ah...I mean the new guy. Rick. Come on."

Super 8

Holder: "What is this, twenty questions? It´s like a first date. Are you checking me out, Linden?"
Linden: "There´s plenty of women with poor judgment out there, I´m sure you´ll get lucky."
Holder: "Not now. I´m celibate."
Linden: "Celibate as in no sex?"
Holder: "That´s what it means, don´t it? Six months now. Personal reasons."
Linden: "That´s nice."
Holder: "It´s not the usual convo on a first date. But it´s just something about you , Linden, just makes me wanna open up. We moving on to my diet and exercise next?"

Linden: "You got somewhere to be?"
Holder: "Don´t you? Starts with an S, ends with an A. Sonoma." My favorite!

What you have left

Linden: "Thanks. I hate it when somebody brings me coffee."
Holder: "Don´t be like that. I got you a goin´ away present, but I´m saving it for when you, you know, actually go away." Hilarious!!!


Holder: "We? What the hell are you talking about, Linden? Don´t you got a plane to catch?"
Linden: "Shit!"

Holder: "Linden. I was just thinking about you. How´s Sonoma?"
Linden: "Did you get that warrant on Bennett´s place?"
Holder: "It´s not your problem, girlfriend."

Holder: "So, why you really calling? You miss me? Come on now. Don´t be shy, Linden."

Holder: "What the hell? You got fear of flying."

Holder: "I´ll bet he ain´t too happy with you, huh? How many times you stand him up now? Aw, I get it. I get it. He´s one of them understanding types, right? That explains why you don´t want to get on that plane."
Linden: "And that thing you do, where you run your mouth off without thinking? That explains a lot, too."

Holder: "The ride´s over here, Linden."

Holder: "Linden, you done talking to the B.F. yet? Come on!"


Holder: "What´s up, Linden? How´s Seattle´s chillest detective? You married yet?"
Linden: "How´s your blackjack game? Any more payouts yet?"

Holder: "What the hell is your problem?"
Linden: "Why don´t you make yourself useful and stay here and do nothing."

Holder: "So, um- is there somethin´- is there somethin´ you want to ask me?"
Linden: "Not anymore, no."
Holder: "Good. ´Cause what you see is what you get."
Linden: "Yeah. I should´ve known. Subtlety isn´t exactly your strong suit."
Holder: "No. Maybe not. So what do you say? You wanna be my date tonight? Sit on a wire?"
Linden: "Yeah, why not?"
Holder: "I´ll drive."


Holder: Where you going?"
Linden: "Make sure we dot the i´s and cross the t´s."

Holder: "At least you got Sonoma. By the weekend, I´m gonna be working as a security guard at the Space Needle."

Holder: "I gotta be honest, Linden. I suck at this racial profiling."

I´ll let you know when I get there

Holder: "Come on, Linden, it´s almost midnight. You can get all anal tomorrow."

Holder: "Are you coming?"
Linden: "Yeah."

Holder: "Morning to you too, Linden." She didn´t say G.M.

Linden: "What is it?"
Holder: "It´s a maple bacon doughnut. It´s the breakfast of champions."

Linden: "Aren´t you a vegan?"
Holder: "No, vegetarian. And it´s a doughnut."

Holder: "That´s the last time I buy you breakfast." After she had thrown most of the doughnut in the garbage.

Linden: "Where are you going?"
Holder: "Sleep. You should try it sometime."


Linden: "What? You got somewhere to be?"
Holder: "No. Why?"
Linden: "´Cause if you do, I´ve got this covered."
Holder: "I´m here, ain´t I? Damn, is there one or two days a month, you´re not P.M.S. - ing?"

Linden: "Take a right here."
Holder: "I know. I been here before, Linden.
Linden: "Then you gotta move over, Holder."
Holder: "I am. I am, damn."

Linden: "I´ll be back. Wait here."
Holder: "All right. I´ll wait here. Don´t worry about me, Linden. Limo´s ready whenever you are."

Linden: "Let me have the keys. I´ll drive. You drive too slow, Holder. Give ´em to me."
Holder: "Hey, thanks for stayin´, Stephen. Hey, you´re welcome, Sarah, you know, that´s what friends are for, yo."

Holder: "Sometimes I think you run away just so someone will come looking for you. You know stayin´ put - it´s a kind of runnin´ away. You know what I´m sayin´?"
Linden: "I usually have no idea, and this time is no different."
Holder: "Sonoma? Come on?"
Linden: "You are a true sage. A real astute observer of human nature. You ever thinking of writing a book?"
Holder: "I did. It´s called 'How to be me'. I´ll get my peeps to send you a signed copy."
Linden: "I´m sure it gave Deepak Chopra a run for his money."
Holder: "Oh snap, Linden´s making a joke."

Linden: "You got somewhere to go, I can get a cab back to the station."
Holder: "No, I´m good for now."

Linden: "So go. Get laid. I´ll find a ride."
Holder: "She can wait. I mean, who wouldn´t wait for this slice of heaven?"

Holder: "Everything makes sense. Depends on how you perceive it."
Linden: "Oh, yes. Perception is circumstantial. I didn´t forget that nugget."

Holder: "Mr. Sonoma - he ain´t cuttin´ it no more?

Linden: "Thanks, Holder. For being my ride."
Holder: "Well, yeah - It ain´t no thing."

Holder: "No wonder you ain´t a pro. At being a mom, I mean."
Linden: "Wow. You´re a real dick sometimes, you know that?"
Holder: "What? I´m just sayin´ you didn´t have the blueprint, you know? It´s like cats. If they don´t get raised by their moms...they don´t learn how to bury their caca right. It´s true. What? You want a smoke or somethin´?"

Linden: "You´re an asshole."
Holder: "Well, yeah, so are you."

Holder: "I´m sorry. Please, get in the car."

Holder: "Where to, boss?"

Holder: "It´s not him!"
Linden: "Get off!"
Holder: "It´s not him!"
Linden: "Jack! Jack! Damn you!"

Holder: "Kick his ass."
Linden: "No doubt."

Beau Soleil

Holder: "Was that little man?"
Linden: "Little man´s dead-beat dad."
Holder: "Sounded like you were tearin´ him a new one. So?"
Linden: "That´s who Jack was with yesterday."
Holder: "Wow."

Cami: "Red head your new partner?"
Holder: "Mm-hmm. This is Linden, my new ball and chain. Meet Cami, my old ball and chain."
Cami: "He still trying to throw his skinny white ass around, act like he´s boss?"
Linden: "And thinkin´ he´s all that."
Holder: "Okay, we done here?"

Linden: "She show up yet, your big date?"
Holder: "Oh, she´s late. I´m telling you, Linden, customer service just ain´t what it used to be."
Linden: "Yeah, well, the postings are our only link to you better be willing to put out, Holder."
Holder: "Yeah, well, speaking of, when you´re going on some dates? You know your man in Cali´s M.I.A., and Jack´s running off to Chicago. Linden, are you there?"

Holder: "My-My date´s here."
Linden: "Be safe."

Orpheus descending

Linden: "He is his father."
Holder: "Hey, right on. But if he don´t work out, Jack´s always got me, so-"

Linden: "Whenever you have a moment. I don´t want to intrude on your little project there."
Holder: "Why don´t you focus your beady little eyes on driving instead?"
Linden: "What the hell are you doing anyway?"
Holder: "The math ain´t adding up."

Holder: "What´s so funny?
Linden: "You trying to do math is kind of like a dog wearing a hat."
Holder: "Yeah, well, listen."

Holder: "Yo, trust me, Linden. I got this."

Holder: "Yo, where you been? Been lookin´ for you."

Linden: "I´m thinking you can handle the paperwork."
Holder: "Oh, so now I´m okay to work alone."
Linden: "You´r a pretty good cop, Holder. You´re gonna make a passable detective. You want a tip? That mouth of yours? You don´t have to say every thought that runs through your head."
Holder: "Yeah, well, guess what I´m not sayin´ now?" - "So get outta here."