Assists the team. Drinks coffee. Writes down notes. Eats pizza with the team. Goes in the field with Owen. Meets Rhys. Attends a team meeting. Goes out in the field again. Shocks a man with a taser. Gets caught and threaten by men with guns. Fights back. Watches Jack and Gwen argue.

Secretly watches Jack. Gets caught by Jack. Watches Jack flirting with Rhys. Brings the matter up. Teased by Jack.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "Hello. I have a thing here, somewhere. Hell of a day."

Best Dialogs:
Jack: "Do I show off?"
Ianto: "Just a bit."

Ianto: "Rhys, should we arm him?"
Jack: "Hell, no. He´s hot-headed enough."
Ianto: "Like stags, but in antlers, I half expected you to get out the measuring tape."
Jack: "Who do you reckon would win?"

Ianto and Jack have regular sexual intercourse. Ianto is still ashamed and adjusting to the new situation in his life.
Ianto is a bit jealous that Jack is flirting with Rhys but tries not to show it. Jack is amused and teases Ianto by
making a sexual move. Aroused, Ianto backs down.


How many times does Jack die?

He brings her a cup of coffee, calls Rhys´s company song "catchy",
and watches Jack and Gwen´s arguments about Rhys doubtfully.

My Comment:
An entertaining episode. A lot of funny quotes. Mostly I enjoyed Rhys´s interaction with Jack and Gwen (beyond Ianto of course).
The cut out scene between Ianto and Jack is one of the hottest moments ever. Get it on, boys! ;) In the field Ianto is pretty cool,
almost got shot (the gun didn´t work) and threatens ("Pray they survive.") and hurts the bad guys with a taser.
That Jack makes an exception for Gwen considering Rhys is not fair and I understand that Owen and Tosh are pissed.

Dear Janto