Ianto: Hunts Weevils. Attends a
team meeting. Gives Gwen a package. Makes coffee. Talks to
Gwen on the phone.

Janto: They go Weevil hunting.
They argue after the team meeting.
They fool around at the office.
Jack calls for Ianto. Twice.
Ianto deceives Jack by giving
secret information to Gwen.
Best Quote:
Ianto: "He cheats. He always cheats."

Best Dialog:
Jack: "Coming back in? Work to do?"
Ianto: "Yup."

Ianto and Jack are doing it. A lot. Ianto and Jack are close. Ianto is in on Jack´s secrets.
Ianto is the one Jack trusts the most of the team. Ianto betrays Jack by giving Gwen information behind his back.
Jack knows at once that Ianto was the whistle-blower. Ianto loves Jack but he still makes his own decisions.


How many times does Jack die?

Ianto likes Gwen. He is on her side. He helps her out, even if that means he has to betray Jack.
Gwen likes Ianto. She´s not angry or jealous when she catches Ianto and Jack in the act at the office.
She rather looks embarrassed and amused. Ianto and Gwen are friends.

My Comment:
A Gwen-driven episode. The highlight is definitely the "sex at the office".

Dear Janto