Exit Wounds

Ianto: Retreats. Checks out the Central Server Building. Shoots creatures. Listens to John Hart. Threatens him. Goes up to the roof. Sees buildings explode. Smashed down by the blast of an explosion. Tries to fix the reactor servers. Hides from Weevils. Shoots Weevils. Locks Weevils up. Is locked up by Gray. Sees Tosh die. Delates Tosh and Owen´s files. Mourns Tosh and Owen. Watches Tosh last recorded message.

Janto: Threatens John Hart because of what he did to Jack. Points a gun at Hart's head to kill him. Screams at Hart because of what he did to Jack. Threatens him again. Locked up he threatens Gray because of what he did to Jack. Jack frees him and they hug. He and Jack mourn together. Jack puts a hand on Ianto´s shoulder and pulls him close.
Best Quote:
Ianto: "If we don´t find him, I´ll kill you! Very slowly."

Best Dialog:
Ianto: "We thought we´d lost you."
Jack: "Never. Never."

There is a very serious bond between Ianto and Jack. Ianto is ready to kill a man in cold blood to revenge Jack.
Ianto shows no fear of John Hart or Gray, even if he is in the weaker position.


How many times does Jack die?
Shot by John Hart. Stabbed by his brother Gray. Buried by his brother Gray.

Gwen asks if Ianto is alright. Ianto saves Gwen shooting Weevils. Gwen holds him back from killing John Hart.

My Comment:
Seriously. Every time I watch this episode I cry like a baby. It´s brilliant but bloody sad. I can´t even hate Gray or John Hart. They are victims, too. The deaths of Tosh and Owen are devastating but what always breaks me is that Tosh doesn´t tell Owen how serious her condition is. He dies believing she´s okay. God, this is the saddest thing. Bloody Hell! I´m crying again writing this.

Dear Janto