Ianto Mine - 1/8

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Janto
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Romance, Humour
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Intimate Fragments
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine, especially Ianto. I wouldn´t mind Gareth as well.
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 1.803
Released: November 2010

Fighting the Weevil had been easy. A few bruises and scratches here and there. Nothing to worry about. No, it was Jack Harkness who he had to worry about. He hadn´t expected that the leader of Torchwood Cardiff would be this impressive. He hadn´t expected that the man would be strikingly handsome. But it wasn´t just because of the way he looked. It was way more than that.

"Jones, Ianto Jones," he introduced himself, feeling stupid at once. I´m not bloody James Bond, am I?

"Nice to meet you, Jones, Ianto Jones." Harkness echoed his name like a sentiment, shaking his hand, smiling cryptically. "Captain Jack Harkness."

The dashing smile. The electrifying handshake. "Lucky escape," Ianto implied, looking at the Weevil, only to look anywhere but at Harkness.

"I had it under control."

"You think so? Looked pretty vicious." The aura around Harkness was utterly magnetic, sucking everything and everyone around into him. He noticed the blood on Harkness´ neck and reached out to wipe it off. Just like me. "You´re, um..."

Harkness flinched back.

"You were bleeding." What are you doing? Focus! Remember why you came here.

"Had worse from shaving."

Ianto looked at the creature on the ground once more. "Looked like a Weevil to me."

"I have no idea what you´re talking about," Harkness lied cheekily.

Ianto smirked at him.

Harkness´ smile faded. "I´ll take it from here." He shouldered the Weevil. "Thanks for the assistance."

"Anytime," Ianto granted softly. "By the way, love the coat." What does it matter what he´s wearing? What does he matter? Remember the mission. Remember Lisa. Nothing else matters.

Harkness kept walking.

Ianto sighed. The first meeting didn´t go as planned. Well. It didn´t matter. He knew what he had to do. He knew what he was fighting for. The love of his life.


The daybreak was cold but sunny. Ianto waited patiently until Harkness left the Hub. "Morning." He offered the man a cup of his number one magic. "Coffee?"

Harkness frowned but took a sip. "Wow!"

Ianto hid his satisfaction. He knew how good his coffee was. "I wanna work for you."

"Sorry. No vacancies."

"Look, let me tell you about myself."

"Ianto Jones. Born..." Harkness started walking, while he recited Ianto´s personal data.

Ianto followed him eagerly.

"...Girlfriend, Lisa Hallett."

"Deceased," he threw in hastily. No. Not yet. Not if I can help it.


"Look, you checked me out." He moved in Harkness´ way.

"You knew what a Weevil was. Thought I was going to have to come ´deal with you´."

"But instead, you can see I have the right qualification for the job."

"There is no job. We´ve nothing to do with Torchwood London. I severed all links." He started walking again.

Ianto ran after him, begging, well yes, begging was exactly the proper word for what he was doing. But it was for Lisa. He had to get this job, no matter how; he had to do whatever it took, even making a fool out of himself. He stopped Harkness again. Why do I keep touching this man? Do I have to touch him to make this work? Really? Swiftly, he told his traumatic history, furthermore breathlessly. If his nervousness came from lying in general or Harkness´ presence he couldn´t say.

Harkness grabbed Ianto´s hand and put it off his chest.

Ianto kept pleading, no, begging, to be given a chance, even offering to work for nothing. Don´t push it! He´ll get suspicious.

The answer was still no. Yet Ianto was touching him. Jack Harkness´ lips twitched. A sudden glimmer grazed the stunning eyes. Ianto let go of him. Why is he looking at me like this? Does he know what´s going on? Is he playing me? "Same time tomorrow, then."

"There is no job for you here and there never will be." Harkness didn´t turn around.

"I really like that coat." Oh, bloody hell, stop it. You sound like you´re coming on to him.

Harkness kept on walking.

He had failed again. I´m a bloody idiot, playing this silly charade, ain´t I?


The creature was down. The chase was over. They laughed in combined victory. It was a perfect and exhilarating moment, until Ianto made the mistake of looking at Harkness, whose face was only inches away. Not making a sound, Harkness gazed back. Even though Ianto was on top of him, he didn´t feel superior, by no means at all. The man´s scent was absolutely breathtaking, and for seconds, Ianto lost himself to Harkness´ irresistible gravity, falling into him in blissful surrender. ...no...god please...no...

Harkness moved to meet him halfway. Now Ianto felt a good deal more of the other man than he had ever wanted. This is not what I came for...this is not...right....

Harkness licked his lips. He looked like he was going to...

"I should go." Ianto jumped up and walked briskly away.


He turned half-way around.

"Report for work first thing tomorrow."

He didn´t reply but continued walking away.

"Like the suit by the way."

This particular compliment made Ianto march off in pain. Don´t look back at him. Dont´t you dare to look back. Grinding his teeth, he resisted the urge to head back to soak up the man´s magnetic energy once more, until he would burst and die. Stop it! The second, he had left Jack Harkness´ sight, he started running and didn´t stop until his breath came in harsh, painful gasps. He had never been a runner, but right now he had the feeling he could have kept on running forever, just to get away as far as possible from this man. Jack Harkness was way too dangerous, no, way too attractive.
Completely unsettled, he jumped into the rented car and caught his breath. Yes, he was glad that his plan had finally worked. Harkness had recruited him to work for Torchwood Cardiff. Ianto had found the only possible place to hide Lisa and help her. This was all he had ever wanted. But now something had happened back there which wasn´t good at all and he had never seen coming. Harkness had been close to kissing him and Ianto would have let him. Confused, he frowned at his reflection in the rear view mirror. His eyes were as huge as saucers, his face looked flushed and...well... excited. This can´t be. I never have...never even have fantasized...not ever... He put his head on the steering wheel and groaned, remembering the lust in those mesmerizing eyes, the full curve of those passionate lips, and the scent, that bloody, magical scent...and the hard-on grinding into him. But it was the moment he had felt himself respond to Harkness´ arousal that he had fled. I wasn´t disgusted. No, I liked it. I feel drawn to this man. Why? I was never into men. Harkness isn´t even my type...ah...well...that´s a lie. Poster boy Harkness is certainly everybody´s type. The throbbing pain in his groin shamed him even though no one was a witness. Casually, he started rubbing himself, and stopped, startled. Bloody Hell! He started the car and tried to think of disgusting things, forcing his arousal to shrink and die, while the sensation of Harkness´ scent was still haunting him. That´s it. It´s those bloody pheromones. It´s not me. It´s something chemical, something I can´t control. A little calmer, he pulled the car onto the street and drove home to his flat. He needed to rest. Tomorrow he had to report to Harkness. Tomorrow he had to be calm enough to confront this man again. For at least a couple of months he needed all his strength to resist him. He could do this. He could make this work. For Lisa. As soon as Lisa was turned back they both would leave Torchwood Cardiff and Jack Harkness behind. Just as simple as that.


All his life Ianto had been sure of who he was and what he wanted. He had wanted to work for Jack Harkness to save Lisa. He loved Lisa so very much and wanted to be with her forever.

He had never wanted to feel drawn to a man like a moth to the light, particularly not to a man like Jack Harkness, a man who would shag anyone remotely good-looking. He had never wanted to fall for a man. Ianto had never felt gay, not with any man ever.

But everything about Jack Harkness made him feel gay. His looks. His voice. His scent. The way he called out for him. "Ianto! Come here!"
Sometimes, he shivered to the bone, hearing that voice, wishing Jack would drag him somewhere and just...just...just what? Ianto groaned. Bloody Hell! I´m pathetic. Lisa would laugh at me. Lisa...my god....

Worse, Harkness knew pretty well the effect he had on him. He had started flirting with Ianto the day he had come to the Hub and had never stopped since. He was testing Ianto every day.

"Are you hot for me, Ianto?"

"No, sir."

"If I order you to kiss me, would you?"

"You are the boss."

Jack smirked. "Ianto, Ianto."


"If I order you to fuck me, would you?"

"I might," Ianto replied, deadpan, holding his breath steady with so much strength it hurt deeply in his chest.

Jack laughed, impressed. "You are a tease, Ianto Jones, do you know that?"

"Me, sir? Not that I know of."

"Don´t you?" Jack lifted his hand and touched Ianto´s cheek.

Ianto winced. "Owen and Tosh are coming soon. I have to make more coffee."

"Mm." Gently, Jack thumbed Ianto´s cheekbone.

"This is not what I signed up for, sir," Ianto babbled, meaninglessly.

"No?" Jack didn´t stop caressing him, moving on to Ianto´s left ear. "Didn´t you promise to be everything I want you to be? Didn´t you promise to serve me however I like?"

Ianto couldn´t think of anything witty to say to break the tension. He knew if Jack kept up what he was doing only a few seconds longer he would break into pieces right here and now, obeying completely, no matter what the consequences would be. "Well...sir...I did...but...."

The alarm of the door went off.

Jack dropped his hand and strolled casually away.

Ianto gulped and turned to the coffee machine, keeping his trembling hands busy.

Owen came in and shot him a glare. "Hey."

Ianto nodded. He didn´t know what to make of Owen but one thing he was sure of: Owen didn´t like him. For whatever reason. But today Owen had accidentally saved him from utter embarrassment. Why do I feel so disappointed then? Why for heaven´s sake? Why is this happening to me? Why me of all people? The coffee was ready to be served. Ianto sighed and conquered his feelings. He had to be strong and make it through this. For Lisa.

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