Ianto Mine - 3/8

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Janto
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Intimate Fragments
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine, especially Ianto. I wouldn´t mind Gareth as well.
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Beta: badly_knitted
Released: August 2011
Word Count: 829

He was having the dream again. Lisa smiling. Lisa suffering. Lisa dead. Gasping, he jerked awake, feeling tears on his face. For a second, he didn´t know where he was. Darkness smothered him, thick and foggy, making him feel like a little boy, who was trapped in a nightmare that would never end.

A soft but insistent voice shoved him back to reality. "You shouldn´t sleep here."

Ianto jumped, almost falling off the sofa, but Jack caught him, holding him firmly by the arm.

Is he naked? Ianto tore his arm free. No, thank God, he´s wearing some pants at least. Still Jack´s smouldering presence was more than he could bear right now. "Neither should you," he countered in a broken voice, trying to save the last of his dignity.

"Ianto...don´t try to fight this alone."

Go away. I can´t face anyone right now, certainly not you. He wiped his face. He didn´t want Jack to see him crying like a baby. So what? He saw me crying a lot worse losing Lisa. "What do you mean?"

"I´m here for you."

"I don´t need you."

"I´m concerned...."

"You weren´t concerned when you pointed a gun to my head."

"Really?" Jack growled. "Wasn´t I? Why didn´t I shoot you dead in an instant then? Why didn´t I fire you? You went behind my back and put us all in danger. You betrayed us. I should have killed you."

"Why didn´t you? I wish you would have." More tears sprang to his eyes. Shit!

"Come here," Jack whispered harshly, and pulled Ianto towards him.

"You killed Lisa. You shot her in cold blood. You are a monster." Ianto tried to shove him away.

"You already said so, yes, and you may be right." Jack embraced him mercilessly. "But I do care for you. Ever since the day we caught Myfanwy." Jack huddled Ianto´s face against his shoulder. "I thought you felt the same."

"I didn´t," Ianto sniffed, still struggling.

"Right. You never felt the slightest bit of affection for me, Ianto Jones," Jack teased softly. "And you never will."

Ianto stopped crying but kept his face hidden in Jack´s shoulder. He felt warm and safe, which was more than stupid, knowing what sort of man Jack was.

"What am I going to do with you, Ianto Jones, what am I going to do with such a liar?"

"I´m not lying."

"Yes, you are." Casually, Jack fondled the hair on Ianto´s neck. "Stubborn Welshman."

"What do you want from me?" Ianto asked, anguished, eyes swimming in tears.

"For now I want you to rest." Jack took him by the hand and led him to the manhole in the floor. "Climb down the ladder."


"No buts. You´ll sleep down there."

It was the first time that Ianto had entered Jack´s sanctuary, the private hideaway, to which nobody else had ever been. The place felt small and damp, but also strangely cosy. "I can´t sleep anyway."

"I´ll watch over you." Insistently, Jack put him on the bed.

"You can´t protect me from nightmares."

"Try me."

Ianto sighed and closed his eyes. He was too exhausted to argue with this man, though, how fascinating he was. Don´t forget you hate him. He´s a monster. He´s no good. Yet Jack´s presence was strangely soothing enough to make him fall asleep in minutes.

The nightmare was back. Lisa waved goodbye. He screamed her name and attempted to run after her. But he couldn´t move because a strong force was holding him back. He jerked his head around and found himself looking at Jack. "I´m here for you." Jack kissed him gently.

The vision vanished but Ianto was still feeling Jack´s lips and realized he was being kissed for real. The kiss had started as a tender caress to heal the soul. Ianto´s eager encouragement changed it for good. Returning the kiss with desperate ferocity, releasing feelings he had repressed for such a long time, he turned the endearment hot and passionate himself. For a few seconds everything was good. There was no more fear. The past was forgotten. Only the warmth of Jack mattered. Ianto was finally ready for drifting into uncharted waters.

Jack broke their connection abruptly. "I don´t want to molest you."

Ianto, shocked and ashamed by his needs, jerked off the bed, rubbing his swollen lips frantically. "You sick bastard!"

"Relax." Jack stayed put, licking his lips lasciviously. "This wasn´t our first kiss."

"That was different. I was hurt. You shared your breath."

"You shouldn´t have kissed me back that eagerly."

"I...I didn´t." Ianto was dripping with shame. I did, didn´t I? "You killed her!"

Jack´s eyes narrowed. "Why didn´t you leave Torchwood if you hate me that much? After Lisa´s death you had no reason to return."

"I need you to leave me alone, Jack Harkness."


"Just leave me alone!" Ianto cried out like a wounded animal and fled up the ladder.

Jack didn´t follow.

And that was even worse.

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