Ianto Mine - 5/8

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Janto
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance, Humour
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Intimate Fragments
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine, especially Ianto. I wouldn´t mind Gareth as well.
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Beta: badly_knitted
Released: April 2012
Word Count: 2.105

The horror of their trip to the country was finally over. They headed back to the Hub. Needless to say that Jack was driving and Owen occupied the other front seat, while Ianto, Tosh and Gwen were sitting in the back, clinging to each other for comfort.

"Why...always...Owen...sitting...front?" Ianto stammered out of the blue, after he had been silent for over an hour.

"What?" Jack glanced back to him.

"I´m hurting...all over," he babbled. "I want to sit up front."

"I gave you enough pain killers," Owen snapped. "Where exactly does it hurt?"

"My balls."

Jack jerked the steering wheel around. The car swerved slightly to the right. Gwen and Tosh screamed. Their nerves were pretty shattered after the incident with the human cannibals. Owen swore loudly. Only a few seconds later, Jack got the control back. He exhaled, disgruntled.

Ianto´s head slumped against the back seat. "It hurts," he groaned. "I hurt."

Gwen touched his cheek. "Just try going to sleep, sweetie."

"I can´t...," he murmured, "...pain everywhere..."

Jack glared at Owen. "How many pain killers did you give him?"

"A lot," Owen repeated angrily. "Those bastards beat him up badly."

Ianto straightened up and jerked his head at Gwen. "Why are you here? I want to be alone." He chuckled madly. "No. Not alone. Just with...with...oh god...it hurts...I can´t think straight...not since that day we caught Myfanwy...not since that bloody day..." His head lolled backwards, his eyes closed.

Gwen felt the pulse on Ianto´s neck. "He´s fine. Finally fallen asleep."

"What is he talking about?" Tosh asked shyly.

"It must be the drugs," Jack said in a strained voice.

Owen gave a sly smile. "Drugs make you tell the truth. It appears our tea boy needs it pretty good. It seems he hasn´t been getting any."

"Shut up!" Jack´s anger turned everybody still. Tosh grabbed Ianto´s hand and held it tightly. Since he had almost sacrificed himself to save her she felt extremely close to him. He could have said or done worse things she wouldn´t have minded. Owen huffed and gazed out of the window while Gwen observed Jack´s stern face. Puzzled, she noticed a shimmer of red on his delicate cheekbones. What was going on? Was it something Ianto had said? What had he meant by the day we caught Myfanwy? She always thought Ianto had only cruel memories concerning the primeval bird. Apparently, she had been wrong.

Ianto started mumbling in his sleep but it was only a slur. Jack pressed his lips together and concentrated on the night time street. Gwen closed her eyes and tried to think of Rhys and forget about her own pain. This mess. My own bloody fault. I chose this myself.


Coming out of the darkness, Ianto at first only noticed shadows and murmurs. Panic gripped his heart. Was it the maniacs who had wanted to cut him into pieces and eat him? Had they come back? Even if they had, he wouldn´t be able to escape, because he couldn´t move a muscle. His body was aching all over. The maniacs had beaten him pretty hard. Was it them shuffling around like death himself?

"...looks bad...don´t you think we should..."

"...no...go...I will..."

"...are you sure...well...okay..."

Footsteps. A door was shut. Silence. The voices were gone. Ianto sensed a light was shining somewhere. But he restrained himself from opening his eyes to look around a world as cruel as it had treated him in the last hours. He kept his eyes closed, breathing flatly, hurting for comfort and warmth.

Someone grabbed his belt and opened it.

Ianto bolted up. His eyes shot open. "What?"

"Relax. I only want to make you more comfortable."

It was Jack.

"Why? What?" All that Ianto could think of was Jack´s hands on his crotch.

"We brought you back to your flat. You have to rest." Jack pulled Ianto´s trousers down.

Ianto flinched. "Don´t...."

"I won´t hurt you. I need to get your shirt off you as well, it´s bloody. You don´t want to keep it on, do you?"

"No," Ianto croaked and shivered violently.

"That´s my boy," Jack said softly.

Ianto blinked in surprise. Jack had never spoken in such a tone to him.

"Lift your arms."

Ianto did and groaned.

"Almost done." Carefully, Jack pulled Ianto´s shirt over his head.

Sweating and close to tears, Ianto leaned into Jack.

"All done. Rest now."

"Okay," Ianto sniffed and turned away. He´s my boss. He´s bloody Jack Harkness.

"Ianto." Jack´s hand fell on his shoulder, squeezing gently. "Are you alright?"

Ianto didn´t answer while he bit back the tears. He wouldn´t allow himself to cry. Not again. He wasn´t a bloody wimp.

Jack pulled him by the shoulder, turning him around to look at him. "Are you still in pain?"

Yes. Being so close to you brings me pain. I´m so scared of my feelings for you. So scared of being hot for a man. "No."

"No pain anywhere?" Jack raised a mocking eyebrow.


"Don´t you?" Jack said lightly, and got rid of his shoes and coat, joining Ianto on the bed, pulling him against his body, spooning.

"Ah...sir," Ianto gasped, "you don´t have to..." He tried to shut out the storm of feelings which were brought on by Jack´s embrace but of course it was in vain. "This...you...we...."

"Are you hot for me, Ianto?" Jack whispered into his ear. "I asked you that already a couple of times as I remember?"

Touch me down there and you won´t have to ask. Never before in his life had he been so horny. How is this possible? I´m beaten. I´m exhausted. I´m broken.

"Ianto, Ianto," Jack murmured, amused.


"Why didn´t you tell the others it was I who kissed you last and not Lisa?"

"I don´t..."

"Don´t say you don´t remember because you do, you certainly do."

"I don´t," Ianto denied but only weakly.

"Let´s refresh your memory then." Jack turned Ianto´s head around and kissed him boldly on the lips.

Ianto froze and pressed his lips together. He wouldn´t kiss Jack back, no, he wouldn´t. But the sensation of Jack´s lips was too much. Naturally, his lips softened, and opened up to Jack´s insistent tenderness. Jack´s sneaky tongue slipped in, caressing every heated spot inside, licking away all pain and sorrow.

Ianto bent back. "I...I am in no condition..." he stammered stupidly. ....for what? Oh no!

"I´m in charge."

"Ah...sir...don´t..." please don´t do this.

"Doesn´t it hurt here?" His hands went up Ianto´s thighs, crossing the line, feeling the pressure underneath the thin fabric of the boxers. "Do you want me to make the pain go away?" His fingers scraped the curve of Ianto´s balls, seizing, measuring. "Don´t fight so much. I know you want me." He rubbed the bulge beneath the thin fabric, getting an immense response. "I heard your pleading in the car."

"Please...Jack..." Gasping, he bent into Jack´s touch, rubbing his ass against Jack´s groin, feeling his arousal. "I can´t take any more."

"Trust me." Jack spread Ianto´s legs further apart, seizing the pleading cock, experienced hands palming lightly up and down. "I will make you feel much better."

"Oh...sir," Ianto moaned and turned in to Jack and the flow of the motions. He didn´t feel any more pain. His injuries were forgotten. Just the pleasure in his cock, an unbearable pleasure, consuming his body and his mind. When Jack gifted him with another kiss, a kiss so intense and hot and soothing after all the cruelty a few hours ago, Ianto surrendered in every way. Shame was forgotten, also his fear of being gay, or any other reason he might have had to keep fighting Jack. He returned the kiss with all the desire, he had bottled up for so long, did what he had wanted to do all along. And Jack succeeded easily in making Ianto come, soiling his boxers like a twelve year old. Jack held him tightly until the wave ebbed down, until he was able to think straight again.

"That´s my boy," Jack murmured fondly. "Wasn´t that good?" He smoothed Ianto´s messed up hair. "Didn´t I tell you?"

Ianto was not capable of a witty reply. What was there to say? He had let his boss jerk him off and enjoyed every part of it. So, I´m gay after all.

"Now we have to clean you," Jack declared, pulling at Ianto´s boxers.

Ianto pushed away from him. "I can do that myself." He stumbled off the bed and to the bathroom.

"Are you sure?"

Ianto heard the smirk in Jack´s voice, while he splashed his face with cold water, again and again, yet he still looked like he had a fever. Well, I have, haven´t I? A fever called Jack. With trembling hands he fetched a wash cloth and cleaned his privates. Heavily ashamed, he walked back to the living room, finding Jack at the kitchen counter, making tea. "Ah...sir...that´s not necessary. You´re right. I´m feeling better. I can do this myself."

"Are you?" Jack turned around, eyes gleaming with amusement. "Well, you had the best treatment, didn´t you?"

Ianto blushed crimson.

"Back to bed it is."

And then what? Sucking? Rimming? He started shaking.

"Come on. You really need to rest." Jack´s tone had changed. There wasn´t the slightest hint of teasing in it anymore. "That´s an order."

Ianto obeyed and slid under the blanket. Without Jack it felt oddly cold. "I´m sorry I´m such a bother..."

Jack brought the tray with tea and sugar. "You will never be a bother to me, Ianto Jones."

Ianto fought another blush. Bloody Hell! I can´t work like this. This is pathetic. Quickly, he lifted the cup off the tray, spilling a few drops of tea on the blanket.

"Easy! Don´t burn yourself."

Too late. Carefully, he put a few spoonfuls of sugar in the tea.

"That much?"

"I always liked it sweet."

"I can´t wait to put you to the test eventually."

There! His blush deepened, and he tried hiding his embarrassment over the hot fumes of the tea, sipping slowly, trying not to think about Jack´s lips on his cock.

"You must eat something as well."


Jack sat down and patted Ianto´s thigh under the blanket. "You need some meat on your bones."

Ianto winced. "You can head back to the Hub, sir. I´m okay."

"Maybe, I don´t want to leave you all by yourself."

Ianto focused on the cup of tea.

"Don´t you enjoy my company?"

Ianto didn´t answer. His heartbeat drummed in his ears.

Jack seized his chin and made him look at him. "Don´t you?" His blue eyes were misty.

"No, I do. I do." He swallowed convulsively.

"Good." For a long time, which seemed like eternity to Ianto, Jack looked into his eyes, not blinking once, making Ianto wish he´d kiss him once more, do whatever was on his mind to him, now and forever.

Casually, Jack released Ianto´s chin and got to his feet. "I´ll go check on the Hub. I´ll expect you to come back to work tomorrow at the earliest."


"You don´t mind coming back, do you?"

"No, no." Ianto feigned an easy-going attitude. The disappointment about Jack not kissing him once more concerned him strongly and it was hard to breathe evenly, and even harder to hide this silly longing.

"We´ll also discuss what´s happened, Ianto Jones," Jack said in the flirtiest tone.

Ianto startled. Am I this obvious? Am I this easy? "Sir?"

"See you later." For a second Jack´s eyes held on to Ianto´s gaze then he turned around and walked out the door.

Ianto absorbed the image of this beautiful man in this gorgeous coat to save it for a rainy day. Finally alone, he sighed and put the cup of tea down. Didn´t I hate this man? Didn´t I want him dead? Yes, I wanted to hate him for what he did to Lisa, I wanted to see him dead. But in truth I knew that Jack only put Lisa out of her misery. And I knew how dangerously irresistible he was to me from the first second on. I knew what I was getting into and did nothing to prevent it. I´m the one to blame. I´m a bloody fool. He hugged his pillow for comfort, which was of course in no way a substitute for Jack, but through pure exhaustion, whether from the adventure in the country or in this very room, sleep took him mercifully by the hand and led him away from distress and sorrow.

And even if he did dream of a monster it was by no means a nightmare.

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