Ianto Mine - 7/8

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Janto
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance, Humour
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Intimate fragments
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine, especially Ianto. I wouldn´t mind Gareth as well.
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Beta: badly_knitted
Released: October 2013
Word Count: 1.564

Ianto was freaked out. Only ten minutes to go until Jack would meet him in his office. Jack had accepted his earlier offer as casually as if they´d already been fooling around for ages. Which we didn´t! And now Jack expects me to demonstrate how much fun a stopwatch can be. What was I thinking? Really? Oh, yes, I certainly remember what I was thinking this very moment I was showing off. I wanted to make Jack happy. I wanted to wipe that devastated expression off his face. That´s why I brought this on myself. Bloody hell! Now what? What am I supposed to do to satisfy a man like Jack? How can I compete with him? Which ludicrous idea is good enough to set him off? Uncertain, he turned around in Jack´s office, clutching the stopwatch like a life line, scraping the hard surface with his thumb. Jack Harkness had lived a very long time and had been with uncountable lovers. So this was an all but impossible task. Nervously, he nibbled on his lip and looked at the stopwatch, checking the time once again. Only eight minutes to go. Downstairs the team was leaving. He heard Jack talking to Gwen, who was lingering around to discuss the whole matter with Suzie. Great! I´m standing here with a bloody hard-on, woman. Just leave it for tomorrow, will you? Seven minutes to go. He was in need and Jack wasn´t coming. Better to start without him. He put the stopwatch on Jack´s desk and stripped down to his boxers. Six minutes to go. Jack was still discussing with Gwen. Ianto groaned and dropped into Jack´s chair. Knowing Gwen all too well it was absolutely possible that Jack wouldn´t make it on time. Ianto didn´t waste any more time but smoothed himself into Jack´s chair, savouring the distinct scent of his lover while he rubbed his cock through the fabric of his boxers. He was already pretty close. He could be done before Jack was able to join him. Four minutes to go. Well, thinking of Jack was enough to make him come...soon...any second...now. No. Jack won´t make it. What a pity!

The door crashed open and Jack burst in. Seeing Ianto jerking off, he cocked his head, eyes blazing. "You dare to start without me? You dare to turn this into a competition?"

"It´s a race against the watch, not you, Jack."

Jack laughed and looked at the stopwatch. "Time?"

"Two minutes to go."

"That´s enough." Seconds later, he had stripped naked, sporting a hard-on that would win any competition. He grabbed Ianto´s boxers and tore them down. "Don´t hide from me. Rub your cock. Rub harder. Come for me. Come now."

Ianto gasped, jerking off faster and faster, losing himself in front of Jack´s smouldering presence. If he had suffered any doubts about his performance those were simply forgotten. "Jack!" Shamelessly he spilled his load over his hand and thighs, and some drops even splattered the floor.

"Kiss me!" Jack pulled him up crushing their lips together. A passionate exchange of kisses and licks turned them mute for some time.

"Have we made it?" Jack finally asked, seizing Ianto´s cock in a tender grip.

Barely able to focus on anthing but Jack´s tasty lips Ianto checked the stopwatch briefly. "I think we lost."

"No way. We´re better than this. I´m better than this." He dropped gracefully to his knees. "I´ll be damned if I´m not able to beat a stupid watch." Carefully he sucked Ianto´s spent cock into his mouth. "...mmm...yum..."

Ianto shook with laughter and want. So much want. Shame and insecurity were forgotten. This was Jack. This was fun. He pressed the button. "Here we go again, sir."

Needless to say that in the end there were no winners or losers in this very strange but satisfying game.


No. Gwen´s growing affection for Jack still didn´t concern him as much as it probably should have. He liked Gwen, and it wasn´t her fault that Jack was such a bloody magnet to everyone. So Ianto didn´t see Gwen´s love as a threat. How could he of all people forbid her to love Jack? Everybody was a little in love with him. Certainly, Jack was flattered by Gwen´s attention. Ianto wondered if Jack preferred that kind of affection. Ianto could never show his affection that openly. Ianto just knew how much he cared for Jack, even knew he cared much more for him than Gwen, but he would never have the courage to show it so freely. After all it was still a miracle to him that Jack was shagging him. Sleeping with Jack was easy, showing his feelings was hard. Yes. Ianto was indeed done with being ashamed of what he and Jack were doing in private. Being intimate with Jack felt as natural as being with a woman. Maybe he felt this shy because so many people loved Jack. He didn´t think his affection mattered that much. So what? I love him. So do many. He had never been the guy who liked to compete with others. Strangely, he knew that Gwen felt the same. She liked Ianto. She truly loved Rhys. She didn´t like to compete with Ianto. So. They both never did. They just accepted each other's love for Jack. As if they had a secret pact. A secret that was well known.


It was after midnight. The Hub was empty and silent, almost a little bit creepy. Ianto didn´t care. He was waiting for Jack to come back from searching for their guest from the past. Ianto sensed that the destiny of the lonely and old man out of his time reminded Jack of himself. He could only imagine how devastating it must feel for Jack to be trapped in the wrong time and cut off from his people. Therefore he waited patiently and alone in the dark to be around for Jack if he needed someone to take care of him. What if Jack doesn´t want me around? What then? Well. That doesn´t matter. He would hang around anyway. It seemed like forever since he had slept at his flat the last time. This was the place where he felt safe, the one place he belonged in, the only place where he didn´t feel scared. Not with Jack around. And even if he wasn´t around, Ianto could feel his comforting presence lingering in the air, sizzling like electricity. I miss him. How is it possible that I miss him that much after the short time we are...we are...what are we anyway? A convenient shag. That´s it. Jack had never said...anything close to... The entry alarm went off. Ianto startled to his feet. It was Jack. The expression on his face was devastating. Something terrible must have happened. "Sir? Is everything..."

Jack glared at him. "What are you still doing here? Go home!"


"Leave!" Jack brushed him off and climbed down to his hideaway, shaking.

Indecisive, Ianto stayed put and plucked at his tie. The man Jack was looking for is dead. I´m certain of it. God. It´s my fault. I let him get away with the car keys. "Jack?" he whispered down the hole. He wouldn´t beg to take care of him.

"Go home!"

Well. Maybe he would. "I am home." Ianto climbed down to Jack.

"Don´t make this harder as..."

"Bloody hell, Jack! It´s me."

Jack´s shoulders slumped. He staggered forwards.

Ianto caught him in his arms.

"I´m so damn tired," Jack chuntered, barely audible.

"I know." Ianto caressed his back. "I know, Jack." He lowered him down to the bed. "I´ll get your coat off, okay?"

"Sure - undress me," Jack joked, but with a sad smile, a broken smile.

Ianto´s heart ached with compassion while he got Jack´s coat and boots off.

"Pants," Jack ordered spiritlessly.

Without further ado Ianto stripped him down to his boxers.

"That´s the way you like me, mh?" Jack realized, sounding slightly bitter.

As if there was nothing else to like about him other than his sex appeal. As if he were only an empty shell without a heart or a soul. As if he wasn´t loveable beyond his breathtaking looks. "Certainly, but for now you will go to sleep and nothing more."

"Is the teaboy ordering the boss around?"


Jack dropped back and pulled the covers up. "Don´t stop. I kind of like it."

What now? Ianto watched Jack´s well-manicured fingers clawing into the blanket.

"Come here." A snuffled plea.

Relieved Ianto stripped down to his boxers and joined Jack. He pulled his very mature lover close and put Jack´s head on his shoulder. Jack moved his hand over Ianto´s chest until he found the place above his heart. There the hand stilled. "Were you waiting for me?"

"Of course. I always do."

"You´re too good for me," Jack murmured, and snuggled closer. "I don´t deserve you."

"Stop talking rubbish, sir, and go to sleep," Ianto ordered strictly. It didn´t matter what kind of relationship he and Jack had. Whatever this was it made Ianto inexplicably happy. Their attachment didn´t have to mean anything and certainly didn´t have to be labelled.

The brother of death came and gifted them with hours of dreamless oblivion.

Ianto dreamt. Not of monsters this time but a place of endless bliss.

Of course Jack was there with him.

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