Ianto Mine - 8/8

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Janto
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Romance, Humour
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Intimate Fragments
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for season 1
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine, especially Ianto. I wouldn´t mind Gareth as well.
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Beta: badly_knitted
Released: February 2016
Word Count: 1.978

I´m bloody mad, Ianto thought, after he had risked health and life to save Owen and some abused Weevils. No. He wasn´t complaining about spending time outside. He was long done being the teaboy. Without Lisa there was no point in staying at the Hub. Frequently he became bored and going outside meant trouble but also adventure. Right. He loved being part of the team and going on missions. He loved driving around in the SUV at Jack´s side.

After he had witnessed Owen´s pain today though, and what had happened to Janet, the Weevil, he felt ashamed of feeling so good. He was particularly kind to Owen to make amends despite the fact that Owen would never do the same for him. Finally he went back to his monotonous duties at the Hub.

"What a day, right?" Jack said, humourless.

"Indeed, sir."

"How is Owen?"

"Difficult to say."

"Mmh." Jack sipped his coffee. "How are you?"

"I´m fine."

"We were lucky, you know, this could have turned out a lot messier."

"Yes, sir."

"It´s better you stay in the Hub from now on."

Ianto frowned. "Did I do something wrong?"

"You? No. I´m the one who was wrong for putting you out there. I´d just forgotten what happened the last time."

"Having said that I think..."

"You do as I say, Ianto." Jack´s anger couldn´t hide his deep concern. "You do what I´ve assigned for you."

"Right. This place is a mess." He turned around but heard Jack groan in frustration. Jack´s worried I might get hurt. Does he care at least a little bit for me? Ianto smiled. He sensed a lovely night of making up coming as soon as they were alone. Exhilarated with anticipation he did his usual work in half the time. Well. He was bloody right.

Jack was very thorough about apologizing.

In the blissful afterglow Ianto watched his lover sleep. Jack was holding him tight, his body as hot and steamy as an oven, the heat almost unbearable. Yet he didn´t want to pull away. Oh, Jack. What am I doing? What comes next? What if...?


He jerked awake. He knew at once that he had overslept due to the sounds of the busy team moving around above him. Bugger! Why didn´t Jack wake him? Unwashed and uncombed, he crawled up to the Hub, trying to get outside before he was seen.

"Morning, sleepyhead."

Ianto whirled around.

Jack gloated. "You look a bit ruffled."

He smoothed his hair. "I have to go home."

"No time for that. You can wash up in my bathroom."

"What about my clothes, sir? I need fresh underwear."

Jack´s grin widened. "Take some of mine."

"Are you sure?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Not at all, sir." As nonchalantly as possible he walked away. Fifteen minutes later he was serving coffee to the team.

Owen gaped at him. "Where did you come from? And what are you wearing?"

Well, they had never seen him in such an informal outfit at the Hub. I look like I got a good seeing to. I look like I gave as good as I got. So what? I did, didn´t I? "I didn´t go home."

"We can see that." Owen smirked. "Boy toy."

Tosh and Gwen whispered to each other.

Ianto kept his dignity and continued serving the coffee like it was any other day. That wasn´t easy considering he was wearing a pair of Jack´s boxers. He even smelled like Jack, bloody hell.

"Ianto!" Jack called him to his office.

He strode off, feeling everyone´s eyes on him.

"Playtime," Owen taunted him.

"Owen," Gwen hushed him. "Leave him alone."

Ianto sighed. Bear in mind that this is only the beginning. Are you sure you can tolerate all the bashing? Are you sure you´re ready for the world to know?

Jack looked like a tomcat in heat. "You look so damn arousing in my clothes I´m thinking of ripping them off."

"I don´t think that´s what you have assigned for me either."

Jack laughed. "Oh yeah? Do you remember the day I recruited you? Do you know why I finally gave in?"

Ianto pursed his lips. "That´s why you took me on? Just because you fancied me?"

"Definitely." Jack shrugged. "That doesn´t mean I didn´t figure out soon enough how essential you are to this team. But at first I only wanted to get into your pants."

"I am shocked, sir."

"Really? Didn´t you pick me because you wanted to hide your girlfriend in the basement?"

Very well then! "Let´s say we are even."

"No way. You just started making it up to me. We are not even close to being even." Jack grabbed him by the belt and pulled Ianto towards him.

The tray in Ianto´s hands crashed onto the desk. "I just showered..."

"I promise to lick you clean afterwards."

"In that case...."


Ianto stared into the darkness surrounding him. Jack was back from the past. Owen would survive the bullet in his shoulder. Everything should be all right. But Ianto was a mess and not because the rift was open. It was because of what Owen had said. In your dreams maybe, when you are his part time shag. Those words had hurt him much more than expected. Well. Owen was right. He was only a casual shag for Jack. Neither more nor less. He was convenient. As much as he despised Owen he had a way of looking at things differently. A lot more cynical and a lot more realistic.

Yes. Ianto had noticed Jack was rather distant after coming back. Something had happened but Jack didn´t talk to him. Jack didn´t share his feelings and Ianto didn´t ask. His whole body was hurting from the fight with Owen and he was almost relieved Jack wasn´t making a move. He needed some rest. He needed time to think, to get his life in order. Where was this thing with Jack going? Was there any future in it? Did Jack consider him a real person or just a boy toy like Owen said? Did he worry too much? Did he see problems where none existed?

For two nights he had tossed and turned in his bed. Yes. He was home in his own bed but couldn´t find any sleep. Well. He wasn´t used to sleeping alone anymore. He was used to hearing Jack´s breathing calming him down. He was used to Jack´s heat keeping him warm. He was used to being close to Jack. Bloody Hell! This wasn´t how he wanted this to go. This would end in heartbreak. One day Jack would leave him and what would he do then? Indeed. What if Jack didn´t come back the next time he left? Would he have a breakdown like after Lisa? Would he do something desperate to bring Jack back? Would he go through hell again? Oh god, I don´t think I can do this again.


Ianto sniffed Jack´s coat. He didn´t care that he might get caught being silly. Nothing mattered anymore. Jack was dead. Some horrible creature had sucked the life out of him. The Hub was destroyed. The team was breaking apart. Everything was lost. So a little coat sniffing didn´t make a big difference, did it? Oh god. He started crying. Jack was dead, and the last thing Ianto did to Jack was to disobey him. Well. He had to. Rhys just died and Gwen was losing her mind. Still he wished he could take it back now. But there was no chance of taking it back. Not ever. Jack was dead and he died thinking Ianto was against him. Oh God. He rubbed his tears into the collar of the coat. That he was ruining Jack´s favourite piece of clothing didn´t matter. He would keep the thing forever. The one thing he had left of Jack. The thing that was soaked in Jack´s scent. He would never clean it. Oh, Jack. The tears didn´t stop falling. Lisa. Jack. Rhys. He couldn´t take this anymore. The suffering. The pain. The loss. He sobbed into Jack´s coat because he couldn´t sit with him like Gwen. He was a man. He was not supposed to cry for his lover. His male lover. Oh God. Jack. Jack. I didn´t mean it. But he was crying for him. He cried until he was drained empty. A broken shell cast out by the sea.


Ianto couldn´t do his work because he was shaking. The Rift. Abaddon. Jack dying and coming back. All that would be enough to have an immense effect on anyone. Right, but Jack topped all that by kissing him on the lips in front of the whole team. Until now Jack had never showed explicit affection towards him in public. Sure, their "casual shagging" had been as much an open secret as Jack not being able to die, but still a private matter. The kiss had changed that for good. Not that anybody had said a word about it, not even guttermouth Owen. He was just relieved that Jack had forgiven him. The kiss had come out of nowhere and had been sweet, tender, and pure. A promise of love. Dazed, Ianto had kissed back without any concern for their onlookers. Jack is alive, was all he was thinking. Alive. Right. He had put his arms around Jack and had kissed back so fervently that remembering now made him wobbly in the knees. Oi! Don´t think this will change anything. Convenient. An easy shag. That´s what you still are. Fine. He forced himself to continue fixing the mess in the Hub ignoring that his body didn´t comply. They had more than enough work on their hands. He couldn´t waste time on something as pathetic as one simple kiss. Well. He shouldn´t be too hard on himself because this had been a unique day. He was more than entitled to get his knickers in a twist about it.

"Hey, Welshman."

Ianto jerked around.

"Sorry." Jack grinned. "Is everything alright? You look a little bit out of it."

"Well, it´s not every day that your boss returns from the dead," he deadpanned. Come on. Didn´t you already suspect about the miracle thing? You just didn´t believe it. "Twice."

Jack stepped closer and grabbed him by the sleeves of his jacket. "You are lying, Ianto Jones. That´s not what´s bothering you."

"What else...?"

"This." Jack sealed his lips with a passion that was stunning for a man who had just come back from the dead.

Oh, well. Ianto kissed back and if the kiss wasn´t a promise of love then at least it was a serious promise of hours of sweat and screams and come. Bugger!

"I was right," Jack murmured, "me kissing you bothers you."

"Why should that bother me?" he kept on lying. "You´ve kissed me plenty of times."

"Ianto, Ianto." Jack breathed on Ianto´s lower lip. "Don´t you know?"


"I´ll never be done kissing you," Jack said, and fleshed his words out, making Ianto crumble and melt against him.

No. Ianto didn´t hear the team coming in. Well. He wouldn´t have stopped snogging Jack anyway, would he?

"Ah...fuck...they´re all over each other again," Owen complained, laughter in his voice.

"Give them a break, Owen," Gwen interrupted, but she was giggling, too. Tosh was just smiling bashfully. She appeared content that all of them were together again, particularly Owen.

"We´re going to get some coffee. Are you coming, Ianto?" Owen sneered.

"Certainly." Ianto broke from Jack´s embrace.

"You will be back, you know," Jack said, caressing Ianto´s jawline. "You´ll be back and then you can explain what you did to my coat."

Bugger! Blushing, Ianto hurried out, staying in front of the others to hide his glorious hard-on. Jack Harkness, you will be the death of me.

Well. He was bloody right.

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