Intimate Blue - 3/4

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/David
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: Having the Blues
Summary: David puts Greg to the test.
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Hodges is the man.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: November 2008
Beta: Isha

Word Count: 1.771

In the last couple of days, Greg had succeeded not to run into Hodges. Considering the limited space in the lab, this victory was close to a miracle. Every night he came in first and left last in the mornings. Being mostly out in the field was a great help. Only Grissom had started to get suspicious.

"Have you trouble with Hodges?"

"No. Why?"

"You haven´t been in his lab for a week now."

"He´s a pain in the ass. I just don´t want to run into him."

"I see." Grissom didn´t push him. "Go home then."

"Are we already finished?"

"Only the run to the lab is still pending," Grissom noted casually. "No worries. I´ll take that challenge."

Greg was glad that he had managed to escape once more. In spite of this, he didn´t feel like a winner but rather like a coward. Grissom´s remark bothered him as well as playing hide and seek like a silly kid, and even more, that he had dreamt about Hodges many times recently, exactly like the hateful man had predicted. The dreams were mostly about rubbing and coming and fluids, and an insatiable yearning had started to torment him. All too often, Greg caught himself wishing that Hodges would find him no matter how hard he tried to stay away from him and just...just...No, no, no. This is crazy. Don´t go there. Quickly, he closed his locker and walked through the lab, looking everywhere for a glimpse of his foe until he was outside in the parking space. Safe, he thought, tired and sad, while he strolled to his car and got in. He longed for his bed. He longed for a private hour with himself. He pushed the key in and started the car. It made a few coughing sounds and died. "Shit!" He tried again and again. It didn´t work. He looked around and saw nobody. Nobody was around who could be of any help. Greg swore once more. "Fuck!" Angrily, he jumped out of the car and kicked against its metal skin. "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

"Do you need a ride?"

It was him. The one man he was afraid of. The one man he didn´t want to come close. He pressed himself against the cooling metal of the car. "No."

Hodges´ blue eyes were remorseless. "Liar."

"I don´t need a ride with you," Greg said with all the courage he had left.

"Hey, I won´t rape you in the back of my car if you worry about something like that."

"I don´t."

" do." Hodges smirked. "Come on, I´ll drive you home and expect nothing in return."

Greg considered the offer while he nibbled on his lip.

Hodges stepped closer. "Yes or no?" Impertinently close.

Greg noticed his hands were trembling. I don´t like this man. I won´t fall for his...

"Are you that scared of me - CSI?" He emphasized the last word with glee. "Does Grissom know that he trains such a chicken boy?"

"Shut up!" Greg´s face burned with shame. "Alright. I accept your offer."

"Good." Hodges went right. "Come on then." He led him to an old red Mustang.

"Oh." Greg was taken back. "I didn´t know..."

"It´s a vice I allow myself to keep." He opened the door and slid in.

Greg followed on the other side. "It´s a gem."

Hodges mumbled something.


"Let´s enjoy the ride." He showed a sly smile.

Greg knew that wasn´t what he thought he had heard but didn´t dare to take the challenge. Hodges started the car and they drove into the night. Greg marveled about the sudden silence of Hodges´ malicious tongue as much as he marveled about his decision to surrender to the man´s mercy. The silence remained until they reached the suburban´s of the town. The sun wasn´t yet rising.

Hodges took a turn which led into a deserted street.

"Where are we going?"

"This is a shortcut."

Greg stared out the window. "Really?"

"Don´t you trust me?"

No! He couldn´t answer. His mouth was too dry. He licked his lips.

Soon the street exposed itself as a blind alley. A cat was the only living thing around. Greg swallowed rapidly.

Hodges killed the engine and the lights. They sat in the dark. Alone. "Let´s have some fun...finally." His voice was ripe with hunger.

"," Greg stammered, perplexed.

"Did I?" A smug grin. "Don´t you know me?" He grabbed Greg and captured his gaping mouth.

Greg struggled. "Get off..."

"Why did you get in my car? I tell you why. You want me, Greg Sanders. You want me to fuck you blue." He started to pull at Greg´s shirt.

He froze in confusion. Is he right? Is this why I got in? "That´s not true."

"I promise you won´t regret it, pretty boy," Hodges whispered and drew him into another kiss, while his hands roamed over Greg´s chest and belly.

Greg tried to master the situation. "I...order you..."

"You...what?" Hodges chuckled. "So funny, my Greg." He pushed a button at the dashboard and the seats were going down automatically. In seconds, Greg found himself on his back, Hodges on top of him.

Bad Boy David had everything under control.

"Hodges! Please!" His begging hit deaf ears. Hodges ripped Greg´s shirt open and bent down to lick over Greg´s left nipple. "Ah...sweet Jesus...are you delicious." Rashly, he worked Greg´s zipper down and slid his hand inside to get a grip before Greg could even blink.

"David!" he squealed in panic and struggled fiercely.

"Oh my, call me David and I shot my load the next second." Smiling in bliss, he bent down and swallowed the shy cock.

"," he whined and arched up.

"Mmpf...mmh...," Hodges agreed and grabbed his ass firmly.

In defense, Greg yanked at his air.

"Ouch!" Hodges complained, laughing. "Easy, sweetie." He kissed Greg softly, making him calm down, while he worked the cock eagerly. Greg moaned into his mouth. His struggling increased steadily. But Hodges didn´t let go. He kissed and stroked and squeezed until he felt Greg was ready. Now he released the lips. Greg cried in ecstasy and came in a heavy splash.

"That´s it!" Hodges cheered. "See, I told you, you like it. Wasn´t this good, sweetie pie? Wasn´t it worth it?" He licked Greg´s load tenderly off, licked the cock and the balls some more, licked him back to hardness. "Oh my, you are so horny. I knew you´d need it many times. Oh, sweetie." He grabbed Greg´s pants and pulled them down to the ankles. Greg groaned but there was no more fighting. He had given up. His abashed cock pleaded for another round.

Hodges pulled his zipper down and released his fleshy rod. "David is ready to fuck you now, Greggo. Are you ready, too?"

Greg was panting heavily, and tried to speak, but he couldn´t, and in doing so he agreed silently to Hodges´ request.

"Good," David stated arrogantly and spun him around. "This ass of yours is one tasty dish. I always was eager to have it. I always was eager to fill it to the brim." Smoothly he prepared Greg´s hole with plenty of saliva. "Mmh, I´m so horny. I fear I´m gonna explode soon. So sorry, Greggo." Slowly, so very, very slowly, David sidled inside of Greg.

"Oh God..." It wasn´t what he had expected. It was good. It was intimate. It was more than he could take. He felt the hardness moving gently, caressing his insides fondly. His ass turned against him, feeling more than pleased, but utterly blessed to be so lucky to be fucked by a well-versed expert, who knew how to fuck. Utterly taken by surprise, Greg stopped pretending that David rubbed him the wrong way on the spur of the moment. Oh no! David knew exactly which buttons to push to make him squeal like a horny slut. " this...oh...yeeeeeeeeeeees..." Greg clawed his nails in the expensive looking leather seats.

"I told you, you´d like it," David murmured, excited, giving Greg the best of him. He pushed harder and deeper. "Ah...your ass is so tight...and so hot...I want to fill it with my seed..."

"More...more...fuck me more..." Greg screamed and clawed and screamed, entirely shameless. "Much more!"

"Ah yes, show me your pleasure." He thrust his cock in the limit, feeling the tightness, feeling like the king.

Greg wriggled his cock against the leather. His ass burned. His nails clawed into the seats. His cock swelled and burst with excitement. He came again. "Oh...David!" His hotness smeared the leather.

David didn´t care. His eyes were closed. He experienced his climax in highest concentration. He embraced his coming. A wave of fluids overran Greg´s insides. David growled and grabbed Greg´s hips yet firmer. Greg whined and sought support in the leather under him. Spent, David snuggled to him, kissing him, murmuring naughty things into Greg´s ear, implying that he was still not finished, that he was ready for more - much more.

But Greg couldn´t face much more. It was too much...just too much. "I wanna go home."

Surprisingly, David gave in. "As you wish." Greg tried to help himself but David didn´t let him. He buttoned and zipped him up like a child. Greg let it happen. The seats came back up and David fastened Greg´s seatbelt. No word was spoken. David started the engine and drove towards the rising sun. Greg sat in shocked amazement. David didn´t bother him. A few minutes later they reached their destination, Greg´s apartment. David put a hand on Greg´s knee. "Well..."

Greg yelped and jumped out of the car. He ran off and didn´t look back but he heard the two words Hodges called after him. "Chicken boy!" His heart was an aching fist of misery. I´m a slut. I let David Hodges fuck me in a car. A man I despise. A man I...but...who fucked me so good... Greg sobbed and slammed the door of his apartment shut. Shut the world out. Shut the shame out. The shame of being easy to get. By this man of all people. How could he...

I can´t go back to the lab tomorrow.

I can´t go back ever.

I have to quit.

He stumbled into the bathroom. The mirror showed him a flushed face. An excited face. The face of a man who had been fucked recently, who had been fucked good and proper. Greg groaned. I´m ashamed because I liked it, liked it a lot.

He filled the washbowl and splashed his face with cold water.

Hodges is right.

He dunked his face into the water.

I´m chicken boy.

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