June Bug

Author: Daniela
Fandom: The Closer
Pairing: Brenda/Flynn
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance, Humor, Smut, AU
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: An unexpected event triggers an avalanche.
Disclaimer: Love is not about ownership.
Warning: Adult Fanfiction, Agent Fritz Howard doesn´t exist in my world.
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Released: November 2008
Beta: Amber
Word Count: 5.303

"Flynn." No answer. Ridiculously annoyed by his silence, she kicked him against the shin.

"Ouch! What, Chief?"

"Talk to me."

"About what?"

"About...anything. This darkness makes me uncomfortable." Oh sure, it´s the darkness. Tell yourself that a million times and you might believe it. He might believe it.

"I´m right here," he grumbled.

"I know," she snapped. I feel more of you than I ever wanted.

"I think it was a mistake to come here."

"Do you think so, Lieutenant?"

"I just said so."

Ooohhh! She wanted to kick him again. But she restrained herself. "Will they find us?"

"I told Gabriel where we were headed."

"Are you sure?"


"You better be." Her arms hurt. She shifted slightly to make it better.

"Stop it."


"Stop moving around. These knots are too tight. It won´t help..."

"I know, but I´m hurting. It seems like hours since we´ve been here."

"I know." His voice sounded different. Not annoyed or angry but strained as if he was in pain. "This is as awkward for me as it is for you."

You think? Her body was hot due their closeness, despite the fact they were locked up in an icy-cold room. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to feel me? she was tempted to say but she didn´t. She knew it wasn´t a gun. The stupid guy who had put them here had taken their guns with him. The pressure against her right thigh was simply...simply...

"Sorry, Chief," he murmured, abashed.

"It´s...it´s okay," she stuttered, illogically.

"It...is?" he stammered, unbelieving.

"Of course it´s not. But fact is, we´re as close as..."


"...we´re too close. There is nothing I can do to prevent this. Neither can you."

"Got it."

"I´m just...confused. I always thought you hated me..."

"I´m still a man," he breathed against her ear.

I figured that, she concluded sourly.

As if he had sensed her feelings, he pulled back. Well, as much as he possibly could. The tight bonds forced him to stay close. "And you are wrong. I don´t hate you. Once...I did...at the beginning...thinking of you as the bitch."

The pressure against her leg increased. She swallowed quietly.

"But then you saved my ass...and not just once..." He shifted around. "You are the one who hates my guts."

Now she felt more than surprise. More than... "I don´t." She felt his arousal moving along her leg and pressing into her crotch. "Not anymore." Her face became hotter than her body. For heaven´s sake. We have to get out of here.

"Also...at the beginning...you only liked Gabriel."

"So?" A mess of sensations attacked her body.

"Well, you favored Gabriel, which made me angry and so I tried to annoy you in any way possible..."

"Flynn, that´s..." She broke off. Feeling his breath caressing her neck, his hard-on pressing against her flesh was too much. Having him this close was too much. The one man she always had kept her distance from. The one annoyingly attractive man. Stop thinking like this!

"...childish? I know. I was never famous for my common sense. Emotional, that´s me, right?"


"You said so yourself."

A strange sweetness swept over her. She shuddered and bit her lip.

"Are you cold?"

"Yes," she lied.

"I see."

She knew he knew she was lying. So it wasn´t that big surprise as she felt his lips gliding over the rim of her ear.

"Don´t," she murmured, anguished.


He wasn´t sorry. Not at all. He didn´t go further, but he didn´t pull back either. The situation was getting out of hand. He didn´t try to pull back anymore. No, he smoothed his body delicately closer to hers. Oh, he was very careful but still she noticed. His lips brushed over her cheek...searching...wanting...she couldn´t think straight, nor could she order him to stop. She didn´t know why. She just let him go further. There. His lips found hers. No pressure. His lips just covered hers, nibbling lightly. No more. No less. She swore silently at herself. Say something. Make him stop. One word would be enough. He listens to you. She didn´t. Her lips opened and he moistened them gently. So gently that she was inflamed and her body started to ache with longing... No. This has to...

Noises from outside interrupted the tight and steamy stillness. Voices. Busy steps. A second later someone was banging at the door. "Chief, are you in there?" It was Gabriel. Her favorite!

Flynn startled back. "We´re here!" His voice was quivering with suppressed emotions.

The door crashed open. Light flooded into the room. Brenda was confronted by Flynn´s face. It was a mask of confusion and pain. A second later he had pulled himself together.

"Get us out of here!" she shouted, licking Flynn´s saliva off her lips. The pleasant taste infuriated her. How dare he taste this good!

Sanchez ran into the room, his gun pulled, and stopped in his tracks, laughing.

"Stop that at once, Detective!" Her anger was interrupted by Gabriel who was hovering over her and Flynn. Carefully, he cut the bonds. Dear Gabriel.

"Easy!" Flynn complained sharply.

"Sorry, Chief." Sanchez put his gun away. "But you two look like one cozy package."

Gabriel was finished and helped Brenda to her feet. "Are you alright?"

"Well, it was just being held against our will," Brenda said, demonstratively light.

"That´s always a drag, huh?" Gabriel stated, watching Flynn struggling to his feet, his back to them.

"Not always," Flynn commented sweetly, while he turned around.

Brenda shot him a look. She expected a smirk in return, or even a satisfied, arrogant grin. She didn´t get any of it. Flynn looked the other way while he was brushing the dirt from his suit.

Brenda sighed and rubbed her wrists. It was over. They had made it through this without embarrassing themselves more than necessary. Really? Right this second, Flynn looked up. Their eyes met for a few intimate moments, before Flynn turned around and walked quickly outside. Brenda frowned. Did we? Maybe this wasn´t over yet. Maybe what had happened here today would influence everything. Their work. Their partnership. The team. Damn. She followed him, finding him standing next to one of the police cars. "Lieutenant Flynn, you´re okay?"

"Are you?" he muttered, barely audible.

"I´m fine."


"Sure. Why shouldn´t I be?"

He shrugged. "Just...we..."

"It´s done. Over. Understood?"

"So we won´t talk about what happened?"

"No, I don´t think so. No."

"I just thought..."

"I said no."

"But Chief...Brenda..."

Hearing her given name from him made her uncomfortable - no, worse, it frightened her. "Go home, Lieutenant. Take a couple of days..."

"But Chief!"

"Do it!" She turned around and walked back to Gabriel and Sanchez. Sanchez was still smiling stupidly. Brenda grimaced. Great! In a few hours this will be a hilarious office story retold again and again.

Two days later Flynn was back on duty. Gee! He was truly grateful to be back to work. Work was good to keep his mind busy. His mind and also his body. Flynn didn´t feel well, his heart hurt like hell, his balls too. He had an itch he wanted to have scratched, an itch he couldn´t make go away until she...well, no surprise there. Brenda Leigh Johnson was more than one man could take. A slice of yearning ran through his body and he sighed desperately. Sure, yearning was better than feeling nothing, yearning for her was better than the longing for a drink. But still, he hurt all over. He just wanted her to scratch... He stopped in his tracks as he noticed that Gabriel and Sanchez were running past him. "Hey! What´s going on?"

Brenda followed them seconds later. "An actress was killed in a beauty shop!"

"I´ll go with you, Chief."

"No, you won´t, Lieutenant."

His eyes narrowed. "Why not?"


"But, Chief..."

"You stay here and get updated by Lieutenant Provenza." She scurried after Gabriel and Sanchez.

Gabriel. Why am I not surprised? He smiled sourly and walked towards Provenza.

His old buddy gave him a smirk. "Isn´t that the man who was closer to the closer than anyone else?"

He grinned, friendly. "Funny. Anything else?"

"Yes. I wanna know every little detail."

"You find me at my desk if you have anything important to say to me." He walked briskly to his desk and dropped into his chair. He felt Provenza´s hurt and surprise. No wonder. Normally, they told each other everything. Maybe it would have been better if I stayed at home forever.

Brenda came back an hour later, without Gabriel and Sanchez. She went on to her office, where she made a call. Flynn watched her secretly while he played with his pencil. Finally, she hung up and met his gaze. She frowned angrily and he lowered his eyes, and scribbled something futile on a paper. Envious, he heard her calling Provenza to her office. He dared to observe them, seeing them talking for a very long time, and became furious. Are they talking about me? Is Provenza... Finally Provenza left her office and walked back to his desk. He hummed softly. Flynn clenched his teeth. He didn´t notice that Brenda had approached his desk until she spoke to him. "Lieutenant Flynn, with me, with me, with me." He blinked at her. Not waiting for his reply, she rushed back into her office.

Going tingly all over, he stumbled after her and closed the door. She pulled the blinds to guard them from any curious looks. "What were you doing?"


"Just now."

"My work."

"Really? Lt. Provenza told me you refused to work with him."

"Provenza is the one who didn´t want to work with me. The only thing he was eager to find out are the details about you and me wrapped up in that cellar room."

"Lieutenant Flynn!"

"What are you yelling at me for? I didn´t...tell him anything. I kept my mouth shut."

"There is nothing to tell."

"Isn´t there? What about me and you..."

"Not another word. Understood?"

"...getting..." He noticed the tight dress she wore, the red lipstick she had put on, the shimmer of her hair and the bright light in her eyes.

"Knock it off!"

He shrugged and stared at her lips, glittering wet. Made for kissing.

She handed him a paper. "There are plenty of cell numbers we have to check out."

On purpose, he touched her hand while taking the paper. She flinched back. "Go to work."

He nodded and left. Outside, he remembered the touch of her lips in the cellar. So ready. Ready for him. Why did it have to be right that second for Gabriel to save his boss? Certainly he didn´t come to save me. I didn´t want to be saved. He smirked and threw the paper on his desk. Immediately, Provenza strolled by. "There is something wrong with her, I´m telling you. Something."

"So? And who here is going to ask her about it?"


"Why me?" As if I didn´t see that coming.

"Aren´t you the one who had a tête-á-tête in the cellar with her?"

"Just forget about it. I won´t talk about it."

"So something did happen," Provenza figured, smiling.

"Get lost," he growled angrily. "I have work to do."

"Seeing you so eager to get to work just makes it clear: There is something wrong with you, too." He strolled away, humming.

Flynn glared at his back. Damn. I wish I could brag about something. But nothing happened. Not even one real kiss. Almost is not enough. That´s the tragedy.

One hour later, the team assembled for a meeting to share the results of the current investigation. Gabriel was first. College boy. If looks could kill..., Flynn fantasized, and didn´t notice it was his turn already.

"Flynn!" Brenda was furious.


"Go on."

"So I can talk again?"

Her glare was beyond words. "Yes."

"Great." He gave a boring account about his results on the cell numbers. He didn´t look at anyone of his teammates or Brenda. He finished and walked to his desk.

Sanchez and Provenza shared a grin.

Brenda frowned angrily. This can´t go on forever. I have to make this go away. This stupid awkwardness.

Later, the team was about to leave for home. She tried to get Flynn alone, but Will engaged her in a discussion, and Flynn escaped. More than unhappy with the present situation, Brenda saw no other way but to pay him a visit at home. She had to fix this. Now! She had to do this to save their good and successful teamwork. She caught him, baffled with surprise.

"Chief! What...? Did something happen?"

"Can I come in?"

"Sure." He led her into the living room.

Brenda forbade herself to check his way of living and came right to the point. "There is something I have to tell you. Something I should have told you right after we were locked up in that cellar."

"Suddenly you wanna talk?" he mocked in a bitter tone.

"Yes. I didn´t thank you for being so respectful. You behaved truly...decently under the circumstances."

"Decently?" he spat like he had a bad taste in his mouth.

"What´s wrong with that?" she snapped back. This man was unbelievable. "I want to tell you how grateful..."

"I didn´t behave decently. Nothing happened because I couldn´t do anything. My hands were bound. I couldn´t take my chances."

It was now that he presented that arrogant smile she had missed for days. Missed? Am I nuts? "Chances?" she snorted. "What chances? You have none whatsoever." She was furious. She had figured that she had been naive to think that their intimate closeness in the cellar wouldn´t have any consequences to their relationship.

His voice dropped to a harsh whisper. "Really?"

She couldn´t even blink before she found herself in his embrace, smelling his aftershave. "Flynn!"

He didn´t listen. He pulled her head back and kissed her. Kissed her like he had every right to. Kissed her as sweetly and intensely as unexpectedly. The kiss was the consequence to their foreplay in the cellar. An inevitable consequence.

In shock, she realized she wasn´t appalled or disgusted by his attack. No, she liked it. She liked the way he tasted. She liked the way he smelled. She liked the way he kissed. Even so, she grabbed his shoulders to push him away - and failed. Instead she pulled him closer. His kiss deepened thoroughly. Her legs got weak. She swaggered slightly. At once, he tightened his grip around her waist, and swept her onto his arms. His mouth didn´t lose touch with hers while he carried her through the room. Her head was spinning. She knew she had to fight him off. Now or never, before it was too late. But as she found herself on some sofa, with the Lieutenant on top of her, she figured it was already too late. Why did I come here? How could I be so stupid? I should have known better...

He broke the kiss. His brown eyes were meeting her stunned gaze. They had the color of a dark and starless night. He didn´t say anything. He didn´t smirk. He wasn´t the man she thought she knew. He gave her an insecure and boyish look.

How can a man of this age look so young and...? She cleared her throat. She had to say something. She had to break the spell. But she didn´t. Licking her lips, she hesitated. That was enough to make him grunt with need and kiss her again. She struggled, but not seriously. His tongue entered her mouth and caressed the insides so gently it was unbearable. A moan climbed up her throat and was muffled by his mouth. She grabbed his shoulders and wriggled her legs, feeling her skirt sliding upwards, giving him better access. Chief, you have really great legs. He groaned and pulled her closer. "I want you...I´ve wanted you for so long..." The sound of his voice was even more surprising than his look. Broken and husky, it came to her ears. "...since the day you came to save me..."

She buried her hands in his short, grey hair, rubbing her body against him. A clear invitation. She whispered his name. It sounded strange to her ears. Soft and tasty. He bent her head back, kissing the line of her neck, whispering naughty things into her ear, leaving her needy for more - more of him. His ragged breathing turned into begging, her name into an enchantment. In no time, he had stripped her naked, leaving her at his mercy. For moments she feared he would gloat in victory, but he didn´t. He caressed her breasts with a maddening tenderness, teased and insisted, but she wasn´t satisfied. She wanted more. She needed more. "Harder," she whispered urgently. "Flynn, please."

He obeyed and pinched her nipples firmly. Her heart flew to him. His way of taking her made her defenseless. His surprisingly sensitive way made her mind shut down, while she yanked his clothes off. He growled, utterly pleased, pressing his feverish body on hers, caressing her skin, licking and kissing and sucking. She pushed against him, opening up, letting him in. His tongue made her ready. Dripping wet, she awaited him.

He stopped and pinned her against the sofa. "Do you want me to go on?" he choked out.

This is my chance. Tell him to stop. But once more she didn´t. The sweetest thrilling captured her under his hot gaze, and overmastered, she nodded. Gleaming with pleasure, he entered her swiftly, and she wrapped her legs around him, making him stay inside. "Slowly." He groaned in agreement, savoring her tightness, making her trust him. She smoothed against him, kissing his lips tenderly, kissing him utterly intimately. He gasped, overjoyed, and began to move, and she met his rhythm, exhilarated, feeling like flowing silk.

Quickly, they moaned in combined bliss, their hands touching and stroking, their bodies rubbing against each other, until their climax hit them like a flash. Brenda came first, still shaking in Flynn´s arms, when he joined her. Gasping, they rested shortly, glued together in peace, while he remained inside of her. It was not until she felt him sliding out of her that she tried to get up, tried to get away from him, but he didn´t give her a chance. He grabbed her by the arms and hugged her from behind, letting her feel his unsatisfied hunger. "Flynn," she objected, but not insistently.

"Shut up," he whispered so softly that he turned the rude remark into an endearment. His hands cupped her breasts firmly and he kissed her neck. His passionate tenderness made every nerve in her body sing. He took her again and sighed happily as he slid back into her warmth. He moved only slowly, making her feel good but also vulnerable. She liked it but hated him as well for making her feel this way, making her feel for him, making her want him. More of him. Everything that was Flynn. His rhythm increased and she put her hands on his. His skin was hot and rough. Men´s hands.

"Do you like this?" he whispered into her ear. "Do you like this, Chief?" He began to move faster, no longer gentle and sensitive, no, he fucked her, hard and relentless. Passionately, almost desperately, he took possession of her. The woman who was his boss. The woman who made the rules. But not now. Not here.

She cried out.

"Yes." He thrust wildly into her. "Let your control go." He made her his.

Having his cock inside of her was heaven and hell at the same time. Having him so close was punishment. The sweetest sort of punishment. Allowing him to control her was amazingly satisfying. Bad Flynn. Good Flynn. Annoyingly hot and naughty Flynn. He was inside of her, deep inside, he was in control. She came again. Shuddering and gasping, she came in his tight and merciless embrace. She let go. She gave in to him. Her eyes became wet while she felt his seed filling her womb once more. We haven´t...Oh God! She crumbled to a boneless heap and he comforted her while he pulled a blanket over them.

She knew she should push him off and just run. But she couldn´t. For minutes, she let him comfort her without looking at him, squeezing her eyes shut. He didn´t say a word and, spent, his grip loosened, and he slid out of her. Now, the epiphany of what she had done hit her like a blow. She groaned and slipped out of Flynn´s arms, away from his unbearable hotness. He kept still while she got dressed in a rush. Done, she dared to give him one final glance.

He looked like one happy schoolboy with his messed up hair and the rosy cheeks.

Angrily, she shook her head. He is not. He is older than me. He is one of my Lieutenants. One 'pain in the ass' Lieutenant. What have I done, for heaven´s sake? This is...

His soft expression changed. It turned possessive. He moved.

In panic, she fled out of the room, shoes still in her hand. She ran away, knowing she had to confront him eventually.

The following days she avoided him. She buried him in paperwork. She lent him to Captain Taylor. She wasn´t even for a second alone with him. She held on to Gabriel like he was her guardian angel. She denied what had happened. She even denied he existed. He was the invisible man. By day, she succeeded, but by night she dreamed of him. Only of him.

In the end, Flynn gave in and disappeared out of her sight for real. She thought she had won, and couldn´t have been more wrong. Coming home in the dead of night one evening, she found him at her door, patiently waiting. "How dare you come here!"

He didn´t reply.

"Go home."

"You´ve been to my place, too."

"We have nothing to discuss, Lieutenant Flynn."

"Lieutenant, huh?" He smirked. "I thought we were way beyond that - Chief."

"What´s done is done. Now - leave." She unlocked her door and slipped quickly into her house, trying to surprise him.

It didn´t work. Smoothly, he sneaked in and slammed the door shut. "No. I´m done pretending that nothing happened. I´m done being ignored."

"I didn´t..."

"Yes, you did. It´s like at the beginning. It´s like we´ve started all over again. I don´t like it." He paced through the room and grabbed her. "Here or in your bedroom?"

"Nowhere!" she snapped, stunned. I didn´t see this coming.

"Right," he agreed, and kissed her impetuously. It was a shock, how easily her anger melted away under his touch. In no time, she found herself kissing him back. Their tongues were sweeping together like they had never been apart. Quickly, they landed in her bed, making love for hours. In between, she tried to come back to her senses, scolding him, making him understand how wrongly they behaved. It was in vain. Eventually, the night embraced them, uniting them secretly, giving them time to rest.

The phone rang. She jerked awake and fumbled for it. It was Gabriel. My favorite, right? She listened briefly and replied: "...yes...I understand. Yes...okay. No. No problem. I believe I know the place." She hung up.

"Where do we have to go?" He was awake. At once, he drew her closer.

"Don´t. We have to go. He is waiting for me."

"As far as Gabriel knows, it will take you some time to get there." His lips caressed the line of her back and went further down...

"That´s not the point." She slapped his hand away and jumped out of bed.

He sighed. "Okay. Let´s go to work. Let´s behave properly." He threw the blanket off and showed himself imprudently.

She fled to the bathroom. He grinned and followed nonchalantly.

In the mirror, she watched him coming on to her. But it was too late to shun him. He grabbed her from behind, carrying his hunger over to her.

"Stop it."

"Why? I can feel you want me."

"That´s not..." His arousal pushing against her back made her ridiculously weak. She didn´t like to be so weak. She didn´t like not to be in control. Oh no. I like it. I need it. He took her gently, giving her time to be as ready as he was.

"I knew you were trouble. I always knew," she whispered huskily.

He smirked against her ear. "I knew you knew." He moved faster, breathing harshly. "That´s why you tried to get rid of me, didn´t you?" She met his heated gaze in the mirror. "No. It was you who tried to get ridden off." He laughed and drove forcefully into her, feeling her muscles clench around his hardness. "Maybe because you made me uncomfortable. You hit my spot."

"No," she panted. "You hit mine." She was watching them in the mirror, an image of lust and desire and...love? She came. Overjoyed, he grabbed her tighter, and feeling her convulsions, he climaxed too.

Lips glistening and eyes blazing she grabbed the sink. "Leave me alone for a second. I need some privacy." He slid out of her and obeyed. Brenda sighed. The image of her naked body mocked her. She was glowing. How could she? How could she look so satisfied - so content. Enraged, she jumped in the shower and almost slipped. She just grabbed the rod to support herself. "Damn." When she left the bathroom, she found Flynn still naked. Silent, he went to take a shower himself. The silence lasted until they sat in the car.

"Are you okay, Chief?"

"Sure - Lieutenant." She noticed that he grabbed the wheel tighter, his knuckles turned white. "I´m fine," she continued, softer. "It was..." Yeah? What? Great? Satisfying? Unexpected? Perfect, even?

A muscle in his cheek twitched, but he didn´t say a word.

Not like Flynn at all. She felt vulnerable but also sorry. She touched his arm. "It was nothing like I had expected it to be."

He smiled weakly and relaxed. "Good." The mood changed. The silence turned peaceful and, surprisingly, their truce lasted at least for a few hours, and it wasn´t even their fault that it was broken.


In the afternoon, they went on an ordinary stakeout, a simple routine task, but an unexpected shooting turned it extraordinary and altogether complicated.

Two shots. One hoarse cry. Not in pain, but in anger. Brenda knew at once who it was. "Man down! Call an ambulance!" she ordered Buzz before sprinting out of the van. She reached the scene seconds later, seeing a tangle of bodies on the ground and blood, lots and lots of blood. She gasped in shock. "Flynn!" He didn´t respond. His eyes were closed, his face a sickish white, drained of any color. Gabriel kneeled at his side, pressing his jacket against the bleeding on the thigh. "The main artery. He´s already lost a lot of blood."

Brenda dropped down. "I can see that myself." Gently, she touched Flynn´s face. His eyelids fluttered but didn´t open. "Help is on the way," she murmured, "You´re gonna make it. You hear me?"

"Hey," he whispered weakly. "Don´t get excited. I´m just a June bug in July..."

"Don´t say that!" she replied sharply, feeling Gabriel´s curious concern.

Flynn didn´t say more, while his breathing became alarmingly shallow. Finally, Brenda heard sirens in the distance. They were coming. "Don´t you dare die. You are an important member of this team."

The ambulance bounced over the lawn and stopped. Two men with a stretcher jumped out and ran over.

"They are here, you hear me, Flynn? You´re going to the hospital now." No answer. The medics put him on the stretcher and shoved him into the back of the ambulance. One medic put pressure on Flynn´s injury. The other closed the door and the van left in a hurry, sirens crying annoyingly. Brenda watched them shortly, while she was still holding Gabriel´s bloody jacket.

"Chief?" Gabriel asked quietly.

She whirled around. "How could this happen? This was a simple observation."

"The suspect pulled a gun and started shooting."

"Just like that?"

"Yes. Flynn was only saying 'May we have a word' and this asshole shot him." He glanced at the body on the ground. There was a hole in his chest, smeared with blood. "I had no other choice but to shoot him. He wanted to...kill both of us."

It was obvious that Gabriel was in shock. Well, he just killed a man. Brenda gave the lifeless bundle of flesh a glance. She recognized him at once. It was the man who had locked Flynn and her in the cellar two weeks ago. Stupid asshole.

The reinforcement arrived at the scene and she ordered them around. Pope came too and she reported to him. At last it was done and they could leave. Will was driving her to the office.

"How is he?" Her voice was trembling. Shit!

"Stable," he answered curtly.

"Good." She didn´t say more because she feared she would lose it, crying or worse.

Will glanced at her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Sure. This is not my blood." No. I´m not okay. The man I´m sleeping with was gunned down. "It´s his." Oh, big mistake.

"His?" One hard look. "Since when...? Is this more than concern for a team member?"

"I don´t know..."

"Don´t bullshit me, Brenda. Do you care for him, yes or no?"

"None of your business."

"Jesus, Brenda. We´re talking about Flynn here."


"Don´t you remember that he was the one..."

"Was," she emphasized strongly. "He is doing well. He is an important member of my team. A clever man."

"I don´t doubt that he is clever," he mocked openly.

"Well, he´s in your league then, isn´t he?" That hit the target. Will went silent. At the office, she jumped out of the car, mumbling "Thank you," and hurried to her own car. Going home never touched her mind. As fast as possible, she drove to the hospital, and there, she bothered the nurse in charge as long as necessary, until she was allowed to visit Flynn. He was sleeping, of course, and also drugged with pain killers. It didn´t matter. She dropped into the chair by his bed, just happy to see his face. Being close to him soothed her heart and she fell asleep watching him. It was the nurse doing her morning rounds that eventually woke Brenda. A few minutes later, Flynn opened his eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"You´re welcome."

"People will talk."


His expression was priceless. "What?"

"Pope already knows and...well..."

"You told Pope?"

"No. He figured it out himself."

"But why? I´m just a June bug in July."

"Don´t say that."

He smirked. "It was you who said so first."

"I forbid you to ever say that again, Andrew," she repeated angrily.

His eyes sparkled brightly. "No one calls me Andrew."

"I will. It´s a good name for a good man."

"But I like you calling me Flynn. Shouting or grumbling is even better. It excites me."

"Does it?"

"Yeah - Chief." He seized her by the arms and pulled her on the bed.

"For heaven´s sake, your injury...." Carefully, she minded his leg.

"I´m in need of your medicine."

"You´re an impossible, annoying man," she scolded softly.

He pulled her closer. "But still you feared for my life."

"Arrogant bastard."

"But still..."

She stuffed his mouth.

Needless to say, he gave in, overjoyed.

Everybody said it was a miracle how quickly Flynn healed and came back to work.

Flynn agreed smugly. Miracle Brenda.

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