King Baby

  • Gregīs appearance: Dutiful

  • 7 Scenes: With Grissom, Sara,
    Catherine, Brass and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:
    He witnesses an interesting
    dialog between Catherine and Ecklie

First Scene:
Sara and Greg walk up to Grissom, who informs them how strange the behavior of Mrs. Eiger was when finding her husband lying in the driveway. He asks for Gregīs and Saraīs opinion.

Second Scene:
Sara finds an oil spot on the driveway. Grissom stands nearby writing on a clipboard. Sara kneels down in front of the oil spot. Greg kneels down near Sara. She touches the oil spot and looks at the stain on her fingers. "It hasn't absorbed into the stone yet. It's fresh," she says. Grissom tells her to swab it and then to check all the cars.

Third Scene:
Conrad Ecklie and Grissom walk through the hallway, talking about Eiger, the victim. Greg catches up with them, bringing the results about Eiger's home phone records in the last year.

Fourth Scene:
Brass and Greg are walking toward Sy Magli. Brass interviews Magli. Greg mentions Magliīs phone records which indicate he had spoken recently with the victim.

Fifth Scene:
Mia and Catherine talk about the evidence. Greg peers into the locker room through the hall. He tells Catherine there is something on the TV she has to see.

Sixth Scene:
Greg and Catherine walk into the room with the TV. Ecklie is there watching the set also. The photos Catherine has lost are shown on the news.

Seventh Scene:
Warrick and Greg look over the hard drive from Bruce Eiger's security system. They find out Mrs. Eiger let pass an hour between the finding of her husband and the 911 call. So, what was she doing for over an hour?

Best Dialogs:
Grissom: "Question. You come home, see your husband lying in the driveway.
What do you do?"
Greg: "Is that a trick question?"

Greg: "Between midnight and 4:00 a.m. -- What I like to call "love hours."
Grissom: "Wouldn't be the first time that hate mutated into passion."
Greg: "Public enemies, private lovers. So Jackie Collins."

My Comment:
Ah. Finally some Greg/Grissom action. I missed them being together very much. And - at once - we get some fun. Grissom mentions a husband in his question. How does he expect Greg to answer? That he accepts the possibility of having a husband someday? Greg has to make fun of it even though itīs obvious Grissom only addresses Sara with the particular question. My Greggo just never misses an opportunity to make a joke. The look Grissom gives Greg is once more priceless. William Petersen is marvelous.

Greg in the leather jacket. PLEASE. Can he look any better? No. Can he look any more gay? No. Thatīs what I truly was thinking seeing him in that outfit. I canīt help it. Heīs so adorable and heīs so gay. Itīs not the leather jacket. Itīs him.
Did anyone else get the strange feeling even Ecklie - the moron - likes our boy Greg? Well, I did. While Greg is talking to Ecklie he looks many times at Grissom whoīs walking behind Ecklie. Greg would never forget whoīs the most important to him. Grissom clearly smirks at Gregīs "love hours" remark. His statement "Wouldn't be the first time that hate mutated into passion" is very interesting. Really Gil? Do you know that from experience or only from the many novels you have read?

The remaining scenes with Greg doesnīt give us much. Itīs nice to see him with Brass but heīs only in the background and has one line.
It could be of importance for later that he is witness to Catherineīs and Ecklieīs weird understanding. He doesnīt say a word, but guess, whoīs the first to whom Greg will give the news away? Right. His boss and lover.
The scene with Warrick is very technical. Only Gregīs mocking "Bye bye Bruce" remark concerning the victim worries me a little. Greg smirks while saying it. I hope with losing his innocence in the field he doesnīt lose his compassion as well.

Hodges - gets along nicely with Nick in the meantime - is hilarious in the scene with Cath and Grissom: "And people call me anal." Plus there is a very peculiar look between Grissom and Hodges. How now?

"It's only the truly powerful that have the luxury to relinquish power," says the coolest man on the show. Oh please, Grissom. Itīs about time you grant Greg and us the pleasure.

Starring Greg