A Kiss before Frying

A case gets very personal when Greg falls for a woman who is involved.

Best Quote:
Greg: "Why do the rotten ones smell so good?"

Best Moment:
Greg is not able to kiss a woman properly. ;)

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Problem, Hodges?"
Hodges: "Don´t let us interrupt your personal life."

My Comment:
This episode should have become one of my favorites ever. Greg all over. But sadly I didn´t like it.
Why? Because this is one cliché storyline. Man falls for a femme fatale. From the first second it is
so obvious that the woman Greg is falling for is no schoolteacher and is playing him for a fool.
Easy to see through writing. The whole story feels forced and Greg´s character doesn´t feel true.
The worst is Greg quoting: "She is a beautiful woman who has no idea how beautiful she is."
Are you blind? She was very aware of her looks the whole time. Particularly at dinner with you
when she posses like a pro. You fell for one of the oldest tricks ever. You are the typical male.
A woman looks good and you stop thinking.
Greg, the biggest chatterbox in the lab, complains that nothing remains private around the lab.
Nick urges Greg to ask a woman out. The fans of the slash ship must have been very sad.
Later, Nick complains that Greg is in way over his head. And whose fault is this, Nick?
Only Hodges appears to be jealous about Greg´s crush.
It´s strange that even Greg dates and kisses a woman,
(a moment that fades to black so quickly it barely can be called a kiss)
he still looks so very gay. More than ever.
In the end, when the bad girl almost gets him killed I thought:
Stupid boy, you should have known better. You are thirty-five!
This episode gave me a bad taste. :( I miss Grissom terribly.