Lab Rats

  • Greg´s appearance: Dirty

  • 2 Scenes: with Grissom

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Grissom walks through the hallway and meets up with Greg to give him an assignment. Greg takes the assignment sheet from Grissom and leaves.

Second Scene:
Hodges uses the scope and looks at the Mannleigh chicken factory miniature crime scene. Henry and Wendy watch him. Greg appears in the doorway behind them and asks for Grissom. Hodges, Henry and Wendy immediately turn around and block Greg’s view of the miniature crime scene on the table. Greg is in blue overalls with spaghetti on the front. Greg hands Henry a sample container and rushes off to take a shower.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Have any of you guys seen Grissom?"
Hodges: "Some garlic bread? Nice Chianti, maybe?"
Greg: "Kiss my ass."

My Comment:
An extraordinary episode with tons of fun. Grissom tricks Greg by giving him a disgusting assignment. "Trust me, you don't want Greg's 419," Grissom tells Catherine. Indeed! Greg has to take a shower by all means. He is so pissed that he insults Hodges. Nasty move, dear master. Did you do it for the purpose to shower with your grasshopper?
Catherine calls him Greg-O.
Hodges - miniature-Grissom - knows the combination of the padlock to Grissom´s things. Isn´t he a clever man? Wendy calls him freakboy. LOL!
Dr. Robbins is scared of rats.
Hodges and Wendy like to play games.
Hodges: "You think you're too cool."
Wendy: "Oh, my God. What are we, 12?"
Hodges: "I don't know, are we?"
Wendy: "I don't know, are we?"
Grissom catches Hodges red-handed messing around with the miniatures. "This better be good, Dave." But Hodges surprises and impresses Grissom by presenting a new clue. "Good job, Hodges. Really," he praises and asks him to leave his office. "I...I'm sorry if I crossed the line. It won't happen again," Hodges says. Sure. Nobody believes that, Dave. In the hallway Hodges punches the air with success and gives a little hop for joy. It´s definitely his lucky day.

Random moment:
Wendy: "Hey, Sara? Is it true that the ‘miniature’ cases have been keeping Grissom up at night?"
Sara: "How would I know?"
Oh. Funny.