Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Angst
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: Greg concocts a plan
Challenge: The CSI Ficathon!!!
Requests: Hot wax, Grissom´s bottoms, Greg gets "creative"
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Who shot Sherlock?"
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
E-mail: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Released: February 2005
Beta: Anomaly, Erika
Word Count: 3.476

Morning was about to come. Everything was prepared.

Handcuffs - borrowed from an accomplice.

Candles - fetched from the Christmas decoration on a bookshelf in the living room. Isn´t that some kind of a sacrilege? He didn´t know. But frankly, he didn´t care.

A bottle of oil - brought from his home.

Thoughtfully, Greg surveyed the various items for the umpteenth time. Finally, he shoved them under the bed to hide them. I´m ready. Ready to make a change. I´m ready to take a risk and possibly lose it all. And it will all happen here in this bed.

Gil and me.

He moved away from the concealed "weapons". They had to wait to get be used by him like he had to wait for Gil to come home. Very slowly and feeling slightly sick to his stomach, he strolled to the living room. He just stood there in the middle of it, waiting.

The buzzing noise of the street came through an open window. The cold air of the early hour made him shiver. I should have put on a shirt not just shorts, but at the moment I want to feel everything, even the cold. He watched the phone. It didn´t ring, meaning Gil would be home on time. Soon. His hands were sweaty and he rubbed them on his shorts. I should take a shower. He chuckled, amused. The shower I took half an hour ago didn´t last long. I´m too nervous, too afraid of what I´m planning to do. Jeez! The clock ticked annoyingly. Maybe I´m wrong. Maybe I´ll ruin everything. But I want more. I want to fuck him. I need to touch him. Greg sighed deeply. It´s the perfect day. I passed my final proficiency and he and I are in high spirits. Just do it. His sweating bothered him. The sweat of guilt. I hate this but I have to do it. Things aren´t right between us.

The sound of arriving footsteps in the hallway made him jump.


Spinning, he hurried back to the bedroom where he slipped under the crumpled blanket. His heartbeat pulsed in his throat, and he shook like a feverish boy as he listened to the familiar sounds of Gil coming home. The door opened and closed. The keys thrown on the kitchen counter. The shower running. Greg´s tension loosened a little bit but his fingers felt numb, as if they didn´t belong to his body. Firmly, he rubbed them together again and again, while he shifted nervously around. Only a few minutes now and Gil would come in here. Stop now. Do you want him to notice at once something is going on? Relax.

The shower stopped.

Here he comes. Be calm, be calm.

Gil entered the bedroom and closed the door to shut the coming daylight out. The blinds were down and left the room in a cozy semidarkness.

Greg forced his eyes shut and abandoned the joy of seeing Gil half-naked, wrapped in a towel. His heart ached in his chest. Calm down. Nervously, he listened to the shuffling sounds of Gil getting himself a pair of shorts from the drawer. When Gil slipped under the blanket every muscle in Greg´s body tensed.

"Are you awake?" Gil asked quietly.

"Mmmh?" Greg mumbled sleepily. He sensed Gil´s longing for a quick fuck and repressed a hysterical chuckle. That´s the problem. Yet another passionless fuck in the morning hour. Gil on top. Quiet and polite - always in control of his feelings - while he is fucking me. No. Not anymore. "I drank a little too much, celebrating with the gang. I just need a couple of hours to rest," he lied. Unvoiced, he counted: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro....while he breathed evenly.

"I´m tired myself," Gil said finally.

Noticing the disappointment in Gil´s voice, Greg had trouble keeping up his pretending. Gil had been so nice to him at work. Like never before. In truth, he had drunk next to nothing. He had wanted to stay sober to work out his plan.

Silence followed. Greg felt Gil´s eyes observing him....cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez...the strained silence spread out...Gil didn´t beg, he never had...once, doce, trece...finally, Greg felt Gil turn away from him and lay down...veinte, veintiuno...The most embarrassing part had been to borrow the handcuffs. He remembered the sparkle in the eyes of his accomplice and the amused grin. A grin, which had made the familiar friend very attractive and were it not for Gil, Greg would have caught fire pretty easily. What is it with me and older men? ....treinta, treinta y uno, treinta y dos...the silence became a smothering embrace, still he waited patiently....ciento, ciento y uno, ciento y dos...Eventually, Greg dared to open his eyes, but only slightly.

Gil rested on his stomach; his face was turned to the other side. The sound of heavy breathing came to Greg´s ears. Gil didn´t snore, he never had, but his breathing was noticeably that of a sleeping man.

Greg smiled. He liked the familiar sound which often had put him to sleep instantly. But not today. Slowly, he lifted his head and whispered: "Gil?"

No answer.

"Gil?" he tested once more.


Carefully, Greg slipped out of bed and knelt down to get his partners in crime. He had to hurry. Gil´s sleep was never deep. He could wake up any second. Never letting Gil out of his sight, he positioned the candles on both bedside tables then he fetched the matches he had picked up at the lab. Lighted, the candles gave the room a warm and inviting ambiance, which made it even cozier. Now comes the hard part, he considered anxiously. With trembling fingers, he managed to wrap one handcuff around Gil´s right wrist before he stuck it through the metal bars of the bedframe. What luck, Gil´s owning this particular bed. The second he snapped the second handcuff shut on Gil´s left wrist, his lover woke up. "Greg?" Gil shifted but was abruptly stopped from further movements. The handcuffs jingled. Gil´s eyes shot open. "What?"

Greg stumbled back a few steps and drew a deep breath. It had started. Too late to think it over or to take it back. Now he had to go through with it. "I´m right here."

Confused, Gil looked at him, then at the handcuffs. "What is going on?"

"Your proficiency," Greg answered, mysteriously.

"What?!" Gil blinked, perplexed.

Greg put his hands on his hips and measured Gil with a daring stare. "It´s your final proficiency Gil Grissom and I advise you to take great pains to pass." His heart beat like a hammer in his chest, his mouth was as dry as the sandy desert outside of town.

Not in the slightest amused, Gil took a look around, realizing Greg´s purpose. Gil surveyed him closely. "You don´t have the balls," he scoffed.

Enraged by the insult, forgetting his concerns, Greg rushed over and snatched the blanket off, exposing Gil´s well-cleaned body. Quickly, he took a seat on Gil´s ass, making himself comfortable. "Are you feeling my balls?"

"Get off me," Gil ordered icily. "You have no right..."

"I have every right," Greg snapped, angrily. "You fucked me. You had me." Greg seized a candle from the bedside table. "Now, I want to fuck you. I want to touch you. I want to have my way with you." He rocked himself, grinding his balls into Gil´s ass.

Gil arched up and tried to get rid of him. "Get off. Now."

Greg leaned forward and used his whole body weight to hold Gil down. The candle tipped and a drop of hot wax landed on Gil´s back. "Ouch!" Gil stopped struggling. "Are you nuts?"

The second drop fell and hit.

"Greg! Stop it!" Gil yelled.

Pitiless, Greg burnt a trail of fiery drops down Gil´s spine.

His lover tore at the cuffs, swearing under his ragged breath.

"Every drop stands for one moment you didn´t let me get close to you."

"It hurts," Gil blustered.

"It´s supposed to hurt. Your rejections hurt me too." He put the candle away.

"Let me go and we´ll talk it through."

Greg smiled, unbelieving. "No way." He bent down and licked around the spots of dried wax, making his way along the spine until he reached the back of Gil´s neck. The smell of Gil´s hair, clean and still wet, delighted his senses. "Neat as a pin. That´s what makes you just irresistible." Greedily, he buried his mouth in Gil´s neck, sucking on the soft spot. Ah.

Gil arched up and brought them closer. Unfamiliar heat emitted from Gil, and Greg´s cock awakened quickly. No, no, no. Not yet. I need time to carry out my plan properly. Greg backed up. "Let´s take a look at you." Forcibly, he jerked at Gil´s shorts and ripped them half apart.

A strangled sound came from Gil but nothing more.

A few more jerks and the shorts were gone. Licking his lips, Greg stared, magnetized, at his boss´s delicious looking ass. "Nice," he mumbled. "Very nice. I really don´t understand why you keep it hidden from me." Ever so gently, he stroked over the sensitive flesh, using only his fingertips, while he treasured each touch like a unique experience. Well, it is a unique experience because I was never allowed to do this before. Never.

Gil sighed and shifted.

The candle found its way back into Greg´s hand, while he knelt down on Gil´s legs to continue the signing of Gil´s backside with hot drops of pain.

"Damn it, what is wrong with you?" Gil complained, enraged.

"Every drop is a loving kiss from me." Greg smirked, amused by himself. His face burned with excitement as he himself burned with excitement. The swaying butt cheeks in front of his eyes screamed at him, asking for more. Burn me. Take me. Make me yours. Viciously, he let one drop plunge into the crack between those cheeks.

Gil´s body jerked up but he did not cry out.

"Hey!" Greg jeered while he grabbed one of Gil´s shoulders to stay on top of him. A second drop followed by accident and a third on purpose.

"Stop it, you crazed lab rat."

Greg clicked his tongue. "CSI." A couple of drops fell down.

Gil still swore - but quieter. It seemed he was trying to regain his control. Or was it for another reason?

A big happy grin spread over Greg´s face. "Are you afraid?"

"Do I have to answer that?" Gil snapped.

Fiercely, Greg pushed a hand between Gil´s thighs, spreading them apart.

Gil resisted with all his strength. "No."

"Are you afraid you might like it?" Greg mocked. Insisting, he fought to get a grip on Gil´s balls - and succeeded. Thick and swollen they pulsed in his hand - ready for every bit of fun he was offering. "I see your babies like what is happening here. They like it a lot." Firmly gripped, Greg squeezed the balls harshly, bestowing upon them his fickle mercy.

"Don´t. Please, don´t," Gil whispered in fear of what he thought would follow.

Greg laughed. "Who will stop me? You?"

"Greg...." A bewildered plea. "I beg you...."

Not listening, Greg bent down and - lapped at the balls, hot saliva running down his tongue.

Taken by surprise, Gil gave a soft moan.

Greg put the candle aside and pushed deeper, licking the balls hungrily. They tasted exceptional, well, they tasted like Gil. He seized the left one and took it in completely. Gil´s balls. In my mouth. Finally.

Warming the vulnerable piece gently, and with all the love he felt, he moved it around slightly, sucking on its skin.

Gil moaned louder and wriggled forcefully.

Greg grabbed Gil´s ass to hold him down, to keep control. The sweetness in his belly and groin grew stronger and his erection tormented him. Still, he wasn´t ready to stop the sucking. Gil, oh Gil. I can never get enough of you. He released the left ball and took care of the right one, lingering with it. "Mmh...pretty...mmh...nice...mmh...boss...mmh...do you like it...?" The taste. The smell. Gil´s sounds. The wonder of being in control. I´m dreaming. This is not real. Greg came close to losing it completely.


His name had never sounded quite this brilliant, spoken by the one man whom he had always wanted. "Yes?" he asked short and sweet, lips moistened and glittering.

"Fuck me already," Gil growled.

"Not yet," Greg replied smugly - remembering the plan. He fetched the bottle of oil and put a small amount of the slippery fluid on his palm. "The inspection isn´t over." With loving and strong strokes he applied to oil Gil´s back from the neck to the ass. In firm circles, he went up and down, easing the tensed and tormented back with a massage. The hardened pieces of wax fell off, leaving small spots of red. He covered them in oil and stroked them tenderly - deliberately slowly. Once again, he pressed himself to his lover´s back, picking up the oil with his chest, while he stuck his tongue into Gil´s ear. A tremble answered. "Do you like that, Gil Grissom? Do you like the carrot and the stick?" The oil found its way down the crack of Gil´s ass. Greg followed with a soft and searching finger. There, the tender spot. He pushed against it.

A muffled grunt came to his ears. A grunt of need. Greg grinned, while he nibbled at Gil´s ear. "Do you want more?" He glided downward on the slippery oil until he faced Gil´s ass. "Do you like this?" Determined, he forced Gil´s butt cheeks apart and let his tongue find the way inside the crack.

"What are...you...you...you can´t mean to..." Gil stuttered incoherently.

Greg raised his head. "Don´t you like it?" Not waiting for an answer, his tongue found the tiny hot spot, massaging it insistently. He paused. "You know, you were right. Cleanliness is next to godliness."

"Greg..." The rest of the protest died unvoiced, because Greg continued to explore the most delicate inches of him. "I always wanted to taste all of you. But you never let me." His tongue licked and pushed, teased and demanded, slipping in and out, caressing him unashamed.

Gil started to move his ass with Greg´s rhythm, answering every stroke with a moan. Eventually, it was enough. Gil´s control snapped. "Fuck me," he pleaded in a broken voice.

Greg did - with his tongue.

"I want your fucking cock inside of me!"

Greg rose. "I think I´m done here." He pushed back from Gil, getting up.

"Bastard," Gil mumbled, his voice was hoarse and needy. He couldn´t see Greg eagerly getting rid of his shorts.

Greg´s lips curved up in a rather cruel and unfamiliar smile. "Unless..." Naked, he dropped down on Gil´s legs again and slid one finger into Gil, quickly and rather sharply. Greg felt Gil gasp and twitch and grinned. "So, you want me to fuck you? Is that right?"

No answer.

Greg launched a second finger and fucked Gil´s ass resolutely. "Do you want to feel my cock, boss?" Greg teased. The fingers shifted and tormented further - and harder.

"Obviously you're the one who wants me," Gil countered, breathless.

"Say it."

Gil felt his balls tighten and the muscles of his ass spasmed violently. "Fine!" he barked in a high, sharp voice, "I want you!"

A confession, at last. "Now?"

"Now," Gil groaned.

"I can´t hear you."

"Fuck me now!"

"Get on your knees," Greg ordered simply.

Gil assumed the demanded position, having Greg´s fingers still buried in his ass. He groaned louder.

Greg let go to smooth his overexcited cock carefully with oil. He bit his lip. Easy. Easy. A few more strokes and I come right now. The view of Gil´s eager opening, his submissive position didn´t help to lessen the urge to spill his juices in a split second. Groaning, he abandoned every strategy and buried himself fast and deep in Gil´s inviting insides.

"AAHHH!" Gil welcomed him.

"That´s what you begged for, right?" At once, Greg glided out and rammed back inside.

"Yes!" Gil yelled. He grabbed the iron bars to hold on. The bedframe was rattling with every thrust. A slick film of oil and sweat made it easy to increase the speed rapidly. Greg had to. He was so fucking close. The heat of Gil´s shaking, groaning body, the muscles of his hole, clenching around his cock, the inspiring sounds. "Yes...yes Greg...give it to me...fuck me...YEEES!"

No. Not yet. Feeling the fire of climax swelling up, he rammed himself into Gil and then once more. Now. NOW! He exploded and cried Gil´s name like a prayer. His fluids spurted into Gil and he nestled to his body. Feeling Gil´s shakes, he knew that their shared pleasure had given him great satisfaction. Greg rested, waiting for his happiness to end.

"Get the keys," Gil ordered. The tone of his voice was quite familiar. It was the voice of Gil Grissom, supervisor.

Silently, Greg hurried to get the keys from his pants. Swiftly, he opened the first handcuff.

Gil turned on his back and gave him a hard look.

Greg´s eyes fastened on Gil´s still apparent arousal, lingering for a moment. Suddenly ashamed, Greg lowered his eyes. "Do you want me to leave?"

"Not exactly what I had in mind." Gil pulled him back into bed, rolling on top of him.

Greg´s jaw dropped and he shivered in sudden fear. I hurt him. I embarrassed him. He´ll pay me back.

Gil grinned. "I always knew you were through and through a clever boy, my clever boy. Just tell me, who gave you these lovely handcuffs?"

"Brass," Greg confessed, intimidated.

"Does he know about us?"


Gil´s hands rambled over his body. "You want more, yes? You want everything?"

"Yes," Greg whispered.

"You want me to fuck you like I mean it?" The handcuffs dangled from Gil´s right wrist. He rubbed his slick body against Greg´s.

Greg´s color rose. He had never seen Gil like this. He had never felt such heat in his boss. Greg felt captured. Could it be he had made a mistake?

Gil bent down to whisper: "Now I know what you are into. That creates a lot of excellent possibilities." He bit into the soft skin of the freckled neck.

Greg cried out. He didn´t know at what point he had lost control but there was no time to figure it out.

Gil shut him up, taking his lips brutally. He shoved his tongue in and made Greg his. His hand firmly gripped Greg´s limp penis, working it mercilessly back to hardness.

Greg struggled and pushed - in vain. His head was bent back and the kiss deepened. Relentlessly his lover´s tongue filled him inside, suffocatingly. Greg panicked and thrashed his legs.

Gil released him. Spreading Greg´s legs, he aimed for Greg´s opening and shoved his thick cock in, grunting in satisfaction.

Greg cried out once more.

Gil fucked him dry but the mingled mess of sweat and come and oil made it slicker. He eagerly drove his hardness in and out. His steel-hard cock filled Greg´s insides, almost tearing him apart. The longing to fuck Greg blue was exhilarating. "Yes!" Gil shouted.

Greg screamed, but was it pain? His newly bloomed erection told otherwise.

Gil didn´t back off. He fucked the wriggling body under him, shafting him hard and relentlessly. The screams made him hornier, made him increase the speed to the limit. Oh Heaven, this hot, slick hole.

Greg´s pleasure took over. "Ah! Oh God! Fuck! Fuck me Gil! Fuck me harder!" He fumbled for his cock to jerk himself off.

Gil drove in faster, making Greg squeal, "I want you, I want all of you! It´s not enough, it´s never enough!"

A smirk flitted over Gil´s face and he did what Greg needed him to do.

"Harder Gil, much harder!"

Their lips found each other, crashing into a passionate kiss. Gil fucked Greg even deeper, ramming his cock in to the hilt. Completely unleashed, they reached their climax, splashing their seed, collapsing on the soiled blankets. This time their recovery took a couple of minutes.

"Aren´t you mad at me? Don´t you want me to leave?" Greg mumbled, while he treasured the moment in his heart.

"No." With a swift fluid motion, Gil reached over and closed the open end of the handcuffs around Greg´s left wrist. He tossed away the key. They were bound together. "I think," he said, a daring glint in his eyes, "the CSI level 1 still has a lot to learn. Don´t you?"

Greg gulped. Perhaps I made a mistake.

A lick was awarded to his navel.

Or maybe not.

Sharp teeth scribed his skin.

Hodges told me being a CSI could get me killed.

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