Lost in the Woods - 1/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: One day they get literally lost.
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for Season 1
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate: Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
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Released: August 2005
Beta: Anomaly
Word Count: 2.221

No breeze rustled through the leaves of the nightly forest but the darkness was filled with disturbing smells and sounds of an unknown nature because this wasn´t earth but an alien planet in the Pegasus galaxy. The two men hunching between the close standing trees on the ground didn´t bother to be afraid of the moaning and wailing of the unfamiliar forest around them. They were too busy sulking and arguing.

"As much as I like you being this quiet, it doesn´t help our situation, McKay," Sheppard growled.

"What is there to talk about, Major?" Rodney snapped back. "Your stupidity led us here and now we´re lost."

"I´m not lost," Sheppard insisted stubbornly.

"So where are we?"

"I don´t know, but it´s not my fault. I did nothing wrong but..."

"...lead us to the middle of nowhere, right?" Rodney mocked bitterly. He was fed up with this man. Nothing but trouble he was. "Just because the super-hero Sheppard is obsessed with straight lines."

"I´m no super-hero," the Major admitted, "but I knew exactly what I was doing."

"Well, what happened then?"

"I don´t know, McKay. This forest must be somehow... jinxed... or something. But don´t worry..."

"We have neither food nor blankets," Rodney interrupted him angrily. "Either I´ll freeze my butt off or starve to death."

The Major smirked and mumbled something under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"Stop whining, okay? It´s not that bad."

"Maybe for you, the military man, but I´m more sensitive to nature."

Slowly, Sheppard stretched his legs and leaned against a tree. "If you´re cold just move a little closer."

"Huh?" Rodney asked, dumbfounded.

"We can keep each other warm, McKay."

"No, thank you."

"Don´t get funny ideas. I´m talking about sharing our body heat."

"I don´t want to."

Sheppard´s eyes narrowed. "Why not?"

"I don´t feel comfortable getting... physical... with you."

"Physical?" Sheppard chuckled, amused. "Don´t be such a baby, Rodney. This is a state of emergency. There´s nothing wrong with doing this." He patted the place beside him.

Rodney froze. "It´s not that."

For a few seconds, Sheppard stared at him, confused, and then he realized what Rodney was talking about. "Oh, I see. It´s just me you don´t want to share with, right?"

"Now you´ve gotten the point, Major," Rodney said coldly.

"Fine. Suit yourself, McKay." Clutching his gun tightly, Sheppard turned his back on him and shifted around until he lay outstretched on the ground.

Rodney scowled at him, considering. I´m being childish... and damn... I don´t want to freeze to death... I can do this. "I didn´t mean it that way," he mumbled, softer.

"Go to Hell, McKay. I´m not listening."

"Hey! It´s not because of you. It´s just...," he faltered.

Sheppard turned to him and raised a mocking eyebrow. "What?"

"If anyone in Atlantis finds out about this..." That´s a poor lie, Rodney.

"Who will tell them? You?"

"No, of course not."

"Neither will I. Do you think I want everybody to know I snuggled with you of all people?"

Rodney winced. "It´s not snuggling."

"I was kidding, McKay. Jesus, relax."

"Sure," Rodney replied humorlessly. "Let´s do this. I´m really cold and I don´t want frostbite or anything from this mess, which is, by the way, completely your fault..."

"Who told me about the strange readings?" Sheppard countered.

"It was your call. You´re the leader of this team," Rodney fired back.

"Rodney! Stop talking and get over here." Sheppard attached the gun to his belt.

Rodney moved closer - but very slowly.

Impatiently, Sheppard grabbed his arm and pulled him the rest of the distance.


"Stop fighting!" Sheppard yelled.

"I´m not!" he shouted back, although he struggled in the Major´s grip. Finally, panting heavily, he gave in and they lay still, snuggling.

Rodney tried to breathe evenly. God, this is harder than I thought. Does he have to smell this good after hours of walking through the wild?

"Relax, Rodney. I won´t bite."

Oh please do. Shut up, idiot. "Very funny, Major."

Sheppard wrapped one strong arm around McKay and rested his head on the mossy ground. "Do what I do. Just close your eyes and go to sleep. In a few hours the sun will come up and..."

"How do you know that?" Rodney snapped. "It could be that the nights on this planet are much longer than on earth."

"I think Teyla would have told us that."

"So? Why didn´t she tell us about the jinxed forest then?" he mocked, pleased he had found something to rub in the Major´s face.

"Shut up, McKay."


The Major tightened his grip around Rodney´s waist and their bodies smoothed together like they were one piece.

Rodney stopped talking. The warmth of Sheppard floated his body and a tingle rushed through his blood while the manly scent of the handsome soldier tickled his senses once more. He took a sharp breath and lowered his head, finally.

"That´s better," Sheppard praised sweetly. "Sleep, Rodney. You´ll need your strength in the morning."

Rodney heard the smirk in Sheppard´s voice and normally he would have become furious. But the wonderful warmth spread to his fingers and toes and the pure exhaustion from hours and hours of walking won over his fury. Feeling uncharacteristically dovelike, he just sighed and softened into Sheppard´s embrace. Jesus! This is snuggling.

The Major didn´t ease his grip but his noticeable tension vanished with Rodney´s surrender. "Night, Rodney," Sheppard breathed close to his cheek.

"Night, Major." Seconds later he drifted into sleep, protected by the warm, strong body next to him.


Ten hours earlier the team was on their way back to the stargate. Teyla had acquainted them with the planet of the Frenas - very simple people. Not at all like the Genii. Unlike the Genii, the Frenas were truly friendly and shy. They lived in small villages scattered over the whole planet. It wasn´t very big or very populated. The team had been able to make some arrangements for food in the near future. On their last stop, in the village of their guide, Teyla had asked them to wait for a short time, because she wanted to visit an old friend. Alone, if possible. Sheppard had agreed, but of course he didn´t let her go alone. Ford had been sent with her and didn´t seem unhappy about it. Rodney had been grumpy because they hadn´t left any food, not even one chocolate bar. Passing the time to forget about his hunger he had taken some readings of the nearby area. Sheppard had made himself as comfortable as possible by leaning against a rock.

"Major?" Rodney shouted after ten minutes.

"Yes, McKay?"

"I´ve gotten some strange readings from this small forest over there."

"Define strange?" Sheppard replied teasingly.

"Funny," Rodney answered dryly, remembering one particular moment on the home planet of the Genii. Taking more readings of the area, he simply waited for the Major to make a decision.

Sheppard left the rock and walked to him. "OK. Let´s check it out."

They entered the small circle of trees which appeared peaceful and safe. Sheppard led them straight forward but they didn´t find anything but trees and bushes and grass. Nothing strange at all. Rodney´s readings got weirder and weirder but he couldn´t figure out why. After five minutes they turned back. Fifteen minutes later they knew they were in trouble when they couldn´t find the edge of the forest anymore. Sheppard swore furiously and called Ford on the radio. It didn´t work. Both radios were dead. By then they realized they were in serious trouble. At which point Rodney started talking nonstop until Sheppard yelled at him to shut up. It already was sunset time then and hurt, he did shut up.


In the middle of the night, Rodney was frightened awake by a strange cry. It was pitch black. He listened intently. There it was again. A cry that curdled his blood. It didn´t sounded like an animal, more like someone being tortured - someone sounding vaguely human.

"Go back to sleep," Sheppard murmured.

"But... don´t we... need to..."

"No. Just go back to sleep."

Rodney hesitated.

"Don´t make me force you, McKay."

"Try it," he huffed but obeyed and nestled closer. He didn´t have any desire to walk into the night all alone to find some... monster.

Sheppard sniggered and breathed against Rodney´s neck.

He trembled slightly and it was not out of fear. Maybe it would be wiser to walk into the darkness and find whatever is out there and not have to deal with him.

Sheppard started to snore softly.

The cries stopped. Rodney relaxed a little but it took some time until he fell back to sleep.

No bird was singing when the first morning light awakened him again. No sound was heard but the snoring right next to him. Sleepily, he blinked a few times and realized where he was and what he had brought upon himself. The handsome face of Major John Sheppard was right in front of him. Just a kiss away. Don´t think that! His whole body was wrapped up in Sheppard´s tight embrace. Feeling very hot from their hours of closeness, Rodney was also sporting some wonderful morning wood. Groaning, he tried to free himself but Sheppard´s grip was steely. The hand on Rodney´s waist slid down to his ass, lying there as if it belonged there. Rodney swore under his breath. "Damn."

"Morning," Sheppard murmured and tightened his grip on Rodney´s butt.

"Major, do you mind?" His heart beat like a hammer in his chest. I wonder if he has shared with other soldiers just like this.

The eyes of his keeper fluttered open while a smirk crept along the lips. "I always knew all the bickering between us was just... foreplay."

Rodney´s hard-on twitched fiercely. "Stop this nonsense and let go of me. We have to find our way back..." He fought to stand up and almost succeeded. Almost.

In a swift motion the Major tackled him and pinned his hands to the ground. "Not so fast. First, we have to take care of you."

"Major Sheppard, I order you to let me go."

"On my team I give the orders and at the moment I have the feeling you´re very happy with my actions."

Rodney froze with embarrassment. "It´s not what you think. It´s just morning wood."

"Ah," Sheppard exhaled hoarsely. "Is it nature which made you hard or just me, Rodney?"

"That´s a silly question. I´m neither crazy about... nature... nor...."

"You always talk too much, McKay," the Major complained fondly and shut him up with a kiss.

Sheppard´s lips felt soft and warm with a touch of insistence. Rodney´s cock hardened a bit more. Morning wood, right? Who am I kidding? I haven´t had such an erection since... Sheppard, ground his groin into him, and deepened the kiss, nearly putting an end to clear thinking. With all his strength Rodney broke free. "Major, we should..."

"...just do it," Sheppard finished with a wicked grin. Quickly, he opened Rodney´s pants before the confused scientist could even consider saying "No".

A strong hand slipped inside, seizing his cock with confidence. The feeling was more than he could bear. Rodney bit his lip but it was in vain. "Oh God... don´t... Major..."

Sheppard squeezed his cock with delicious firmness. "Yes. Come on. Come for me, Rodney. You know you´ll feel all better then." Teasingly, he stroked over the sensitive head finding horny wetness. Smiling, he increased the rubbing speed.

Rodney panted helpless. "No... no... ah... yes... oh yes!" It became quick and fast; with a burning ferocity that made him thrashing his legs. "yes... oh yes... now... now...." He was close and didn´t hold back, well, he couldn´t hold back. The sensation of Sheppard jerking him off was enough to turn him into a whimpering, begging bundle of flesh. "John!" Sputtering Sheppard´s given name for the first time, he splashed every drop over the Major´s hand.

Sheppard groaned and squeezed Rodney´s cock harder. "Damn!" For seconds his body went rigid and then burst into convulsions.

Even dizzy from his fierce orgasm, Rodney noticed that Sheppard was coming in his pants.

Just a few moments later, the Major pushed back from him and stumbled to his feet.

Rodney saw him turn around and fumble at the front of his pants. Quickly, he was done. "Let´s find our way back," he said dryly and started walking. He didn´t even turn back to check if Rodney was ready to follow him.

Downright deflated, Rodney closed the buttons on his pants and got up. He felt pretty shook up. It´s unbelievable. He just stood up and went on walking. He stared with burning eyes at the Major´s back. Hunger made his stomach cramp, but for the first time, he didn´t dare to complain. One part of him wished Sheppard would turn around and present him one of his irresistible smirks, while the other part feared it at the same time. One of those smirks and he would crumple down right in front of those green eyes. The same intense color as the surrounding trees had. Rodney sighed. God damn this stupid forest. Oh, how I hate nature. Uncertain, he followed the leader of the team and didn´t bother with where the man intended to go.

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