Lost in the Woods - 3/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: One day they get literally lost.
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for Season 1
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate: Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Released: August 2006
Beta: Susan
Word Count: 3.080

Dried by the sun, Rodney put his clothes on and started walking back to the hearth. Back to Sleeping Beauty Sheppard, Rodney thought, suddenly in a good mood, while he was busy tucking his shirt into his pants. Sheppard was right. I´m feeling much better now. Only his stomach loudly notified him that he needed something to eat to feel perfectly fine. Leaving half of his shirt outside his pants, he started looking for the berries Sheppard had told him about yesterday. Straying from the path back to his companion, he reached one tree-lined side of the clearing. He didn´t find berries, but a bunch of brown, delicious looking mushrooms, growing under a very old tree. Many mushrooms are poisonous; it isn´t wise to eat any of them, a rational voice warned him at once. But Rodney didn´t listen. His hunger made him kneel down to pluck a few of the brown seducers, wishing they were chocolate bars. His growing need for chocolate bothered him a lot. Sighing, he took a careful bite of the first mushroom. It tasted pretty good. So did the fruit from hell, idiot. Didn´t you learn your lesson? Yes, but this mushroom is not poisonous. It can´t be. It looks similar to a boletus. It just has to be one. He laughed humorlessly. Since when do I know anything about things growing in nature? An alien nature. With his arms full of mushrooms, he had intended to go back to the water to clean them, but only managed to take one step. Stumbling over an outstanding root, he landed on his front. "Oh, good, McKay, too stupid to watch where your feet are going. That´s just...," he scolded then froze. His foot was trapped. He couldn´t get it free. The clinging root felt strange, it felt bad, like a big, greedy... Rodney became as cold as ice. The tree devil. He is real. He is alive. He is devouring me. In fear and pain, Rodney screamed for Sheppard but got no answer. Panic rushed over him. Gasping, he struggled against the tight grip of the hungry mouth wooden trap, tearing at his pants. In the next moment, Rodney felt teeth gnawing at his flesh. Frenzied, he pulled harder and was suddenly free. The mushrooms were forgotten. Furious, he stumbled over to Sheppard, shouting at him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

Sheppard jerked awake. "Huh?"

"I cried my soul out. Are you deaf?"

"What are you talking about?! I didn´t hear anything!"

"Liar. My throat is sore from screaming for help because my foot almost got ripped off."

"I swear to you I didn´t..."

"Fine. Whatever. Don´t bother. It´s only me." Rodney turned and started limping away.

"Rodney. Come back here at once."

"No way," Rodney replied angrily. "From now on I´m on my own."

"Let me take a look at your injury."

"As if you care."

"Do I have to come and get you?"

"Hah! I´d like to see that."

"Do...not...test...me," Sheppard said very slowly.

Rodney hesitated. What am I doing? I don´t want to be alone out here.

Sheppard walked towards him. "Sit down."

Still trembling from shock, Rodney gave in. "You think I´m crazy, right?"

"Not at all. Perhaps a little bit eccentric." Sheppard inspected Rodney´s foot. "Where are your boots?"

"I left them with you and the rest of our stuff."

An amused twinkle appeared in Sheppard´s eyes. "Take a bath after all, did you?"

"Yes," Rodney said curtly.

Carefully, Sheppard felt Rodney´s ankle, hands gliding over the skin, up and down. Once. Twice.

Rodney stared at him. His lips trembled.

"There is nothing to see but a hole in your pants. Your foot is alright."

"I don´t care what it looks like." Rodney jumped up. The recent pain was quickly forgotten, replaced by his anger at Sheppard. "That tree captured my foot and tried to rip it off. We are surrounded by all these... green... growing... dangerous things ... they are... everywhere..."

"That´s why it´s called the forest," Sheppard remarked dryly. "I think this is the heart."

Absently, Rodney picked at the frayed hole in his pants. "Pardon?"

"This place is like the eye of a storm. Outside this circle it appears to be more dangerous."

"Didn't you thought earlier that this was paradise?"

"Briefly." Sheppard smirked. "Finally having you for myself."

Rodney winced but ignored the remark. "This place is no forest. It´s like a place ripped from one of the strangest dreams I ever had."

"Define strange," Sheppard teased further, grinning.

"Don´t you know what strange means..." Irritated, Rodney broke off. There. He´d done it again. Sheppard was mocking him. "It´s nice to see that you´re having the time of your life, Major." Rodney glared at him.

"Not yet, Rodney. I´m still waiting for you to finally come around."

That´s it. Rodney slapped him. Just like that, he hit him in the face. Not hard, but purposefully.

"Fine!" Sheppard growled. "Let´s get physical at last."

Seconds later, they were down on the ground, rolling in the creek bed, clutching at each other´s clothes, fighting. Untamed, the water splashed around them. In no time Sheppard was on top, laughing in delight. "Military man."

"Are you mocking me?"

"Not at all. I´m quite serious." The hard-on he was grinding into Rodney´s groin made it perfectly clear how serious he was. Rodney tried to push him off but only managed to get himself excited as well. Somehow the heated argument had mutated.

"Stop enjoying this," Rodney yelped, struggling like a fish in a net. "Look what you did! My clothes are all wet!"

"I´ll get them off anyway," Sheppard said in the softest tone and, very sure of himself, he started to pull on Rodney´s soaked shirt.

"No way!"

"Rodney!" Sheppard´s tone became very severe.

The kind of severe that made Rodney shiver, that made him want to be taken right now. "Major," he murmured, helpless. "Don´t... do... something you´ll regret..."

"I won´t regret a thing," Sheppard whispered back. "Open your pants."

"No," Rodney refused, despite the hardness pressing against the caging fabric. Shit!

"I´ll teach you to obey my orders."

"Stop it," Rodney panted, knowing he was lying to himself. I´m ready. He wanted Sheppard. I´m ready to let him have his way with me. He wanted everything this man was about to do to him.

"I´m deadly serious, McKay. Do as I say right now or I´ll make you," Sheppard said, and kissed him ferociously while holding him down with brutal strength.

Rodney kept struggling but realized he didn´t have a change. Sheppard was just so much stronger. All their clashes in the past had been playing around. The fierce mouth and the iron grip of Sheppard´s hands made him also realize the playing around was definitely over. Just as Rodney feared he would faint from lack of air, Sheppard broke the kiss, panting excitedly. "Well well well, Rodney McKay. Don´t tell me this is morning wood again. The sun is pretty high in the sky."

Blushing, Rodney tried to throw him off once more. Of course, he didn´t succeed.

Sheppard grabbed him by the tails of his shirt. "That´s exactly where and how I´ve wanted you to be for a very long time."

Don´t! But it was too late for further denial. Sheppard´s hot mouth enclosed one of his exposed nipples, biting down. "Major!" Rodney called.

Sheppard ignored him, biting and licking Rodney´s sensitive nipples until the scientist squealed with delight. "Oh... God... yes..." Rodney arched up, grinding his groin into Sheppard´s touch. Gentle fingers stroked his arousal.

Sheppard grinned down at him. "Changed your mind, didn´t you? I always knew you wanted me."

Rodney prayed for the earth to swallow him up right now. "This has nothing to do with you...I was just thinking about..."

Sheppard muted him with another kiss. The perfect way to shut him up. In fact the only way Rodney would never mind. The kiss left him completely at Sheppard´s mercy.

"Who? Ford? I don´t believe you. All you can think about is me," Sheppard said smugly, while he released Rodney´s cock. "It´s a shame to hide something so pretty." He seized the cock firmly.

"Rubbish!" Rodney denied but he couldn´t hold back a delighted groan.

"Yes," Sheppard disagreed, licking his lips. "You can´t wait for me to suck you to heaven."

"Why... are... you... doing... this?" Rodney stammered, horny and helpless.

"Stop talking," Sheppard replied and made his lips busy otherwise. Forcefully, his tongue sneaked into Rodney´s mouth, exploring it thoroughly.

Muffled sounds came to Rodney´s ears, he eventually realized he was making them himself. With all his strength, he broke the kiss. "What is this? What are we..."

"We can name it later," Sheppard replied seriously and continued to undress Rodney and himself. That happened so quickly it was amazing. Rodney wasn´t able to continue fighting. It would have been a losing battle with himself. Sheppard had won but Rodney didn´t feel like a loser.

Naked, they collided at last, meeting in a teasing game of searing kisses and touches.

"I´ll make you pay for this," Rodney yet complained to have the last word.

"Mmh-mmh," Sheppard commented while he was busy eating up Rodney´s balls.

"Aaah..." Rodney´s babbling turned into senseless noises mostly whimpers and sighs. His cock was rock-hard. Bucking up his hips, he pushed deeper into the hot wonderful mouth. "Oh... oh Major... oh... John..."

Sheppard let Rodney´s cock slide out of his mouth and growled, "Say that again."

"John..." he whimpered once more.

Gently, as never before, Sheppard kissed him, and this kiss was much more disturbing than all the fierce kisses they had shared already. This kiss scared the hell out of Rodney. This kiss told him he was in danger of losing himself for good. This kiss convinced him he was about to lose his heart to Major John Sheppard.

The military officer returned his attention to Rodney´s cock, licked and caressed the length devotedly, up and down, up and down, so slowly it drove Rodney almost mad. "Please..."

Mercifully, John drew the moist cock back into his mouth, giving him everything he had.

"Faster... John... oh please faster," Rodney begged in a broken voice. The sucking speed increased at once as a result of giving up John´s name for the third time. "God... yes... faster..." The sensations rushing through his body made him forget he had ever known such a feeling as shame. Greedy for release, he pushed his cock deep into John´s mouth, faster and faster, desperately begging without words until he exploded forcefully and utterly breathtakingly. His juices were running down the Major´s throat while Rodney surrendered with the most satisfied sound.

"You taste like the sweetest sugar," John whispered, pleased. "That must be the loads of chocolate you eat all the time."

Does he speak the truth? Does he like my taste?

Lifting up, John gave Rodney some room to move around. "I want you so much. I can´t stop myself anymore. You calling me John is almost enough to make me come."

"I don´t know why. I´m..."

"...fucking hot," Sheppard confessed huskily. "So damn fuckable, Rodney McKay. Don´t you know that?"

"No," Rodney smirked. "But if I had known me saying your name would give you that much pleasure I´d have said it earlier."

"I wish you would have," John agreed honestly. "Major this and Major that. It troubled me pretty much."

"Is that right, Major?" Rodney mocked him.

"Yes, it is."

"What does the Major want from me?"

"Rodney," he warned playfully.

"Right. What does John want from me?"

"I want to fuck you."

Rodney shivered and started backing away. "I don´t know..."

"Please," John murmured, "Rodney, please. I promise not to hurt you." He bent down, licking him all over, touching him everywhere.

Rodney moaned, faltering. I´m weak. So damn weak. Shame on me. John Sheppard claimed his body like he had every right to and he...he did nothing to prevent it. "Just relax," he heard his irresistible companion whisper while he turned Rodney around. The grass tickled his belly. Smooth fingers entered him. He held his breath while he enjoyed the sensation of being prepared with stunning ease. "John, oh John," he muttered and buried his hands in the greenery around him.

John pushed deeper, feeling inside; exploring every inch of Rodney´s wet warmth.

Rodney wriggled. "Ah... yes... more... oh yes..."

"I can´t... wait anymore... I-I have to... now," John stuttered. "I´m going to explode."

"What are you waiting for?" Rodney snapped, slightly irritated that John Sheppard, superhero, was asking for permission. "Take command."

Instantly, John thrust his hard-on into Rodney´s eager opening. With the first stroke he buried himself all the way down to the root.

Rodney cried out, not in pain, but in surprise, at the change of speed. The sudden attack stripped away all the defenses he had left.

John sank his cock in deeper.

It was good. So good. "Oh Major... oh John... fuck me... oh please fuck me..."

John grabbed his hips and did, slowly but purposefully.

Stuck between the smooth, tickling green, oh nature! and the strong, demanding body of Major John Sheppard, Rodney writhed and whined and begged. "Faster... harder.. .more... yes... yes." His own cock was already dripping with need again. Wildly, he rubbed it against the horny grass.

Eagerly, John fulfilled his wishes, pumping wildly into him, gasping the same word again and again. "Rodney! Rodney! Rodney!"

"Yes Major! Yes John! YES...YES...YES!"

Inflamed, John screamed his pleasure and pounded him yet harder.

Unzipped... ravished... taken... consumed... Rodney´s body went rigid. He longed for immediate release.

John´s last control snapped. His seed rushed into Rodney´s hot center like a flood taking down a city. Roaring with joy, he pressed his body to Rodney´s back.

Filled to the brim, Rodney spilled himself into the soft grass, soiling it nicely. Both men crumpled in a boneless heap, melting together, breathing heavily. Using the grass as a comforting pillow they lay still for quite a while. Finally, Rodney gave a small sigh. "Ermh... Major?"

John chuckled. "It´s nice to know your respect for me hasn´t changed, McKay."


"Never get tired of calling me by my rank, do you?"

"It´s... just... I´m not... used to calling you..."

John got up, shaking his legs and arms. "I think it gives you some twisted pleasure to call me Major." He walked over to the water, bent down and took a mouthful.

"Ridiculous. I just..." Rodney watched him intently. God, he is so pretty. So damn pretty. Way too pretty for me.

John turned around and cocked his head, a well-known smirk on his lips. "Do I have to fuck you again to make you agree, Rodney?"

Rodney blinked and nervously licked his lips. Don´t look at him. Just don´t.

John´s smile became truly blinding. "I take that as a yes."

Rodney stumbled to his knees. "I´m fine for now. Thank you, Major."

In a split second, John rushed over and pulled him back down.

"Let me go! This is insane!"

"Right. Let´s get insane together - again." John shut him up the best way, the only way Rodney wouldn´t mind. No further complaints followed. John won hands down. Well, actually his hands were busy. The second round was fought and this time they came together, spending their seed in perfect bliss becoming one in heart, body and soul if only for a second, a simply beautiful moment in time, not comparable to any other feeling in the whole universe. Once more, they became still in a sprawled mess of grass and come. Eventually, John rose, sighing, satisfied. "I´m hungry. I´ll go and pick some of the berries over there. You can watch me if you like."

"I don´t," Rodney huffed and turned his face away.

John laughed cheerfully. "I can just imagine a search party from Atlantis finding us right now."

"That´s not funny," Rodney scolded like a pouting child.

"Oh yes, it is." Naked, John plucked a bunch of berries and stuffed them into his mouth. Soon his hands and lips were red with the juices.

I want to lick him clean, Rodney thought, exhilarated, and was shocked by his insatiable craving. I have never felt this way before. Well, only about chocolate.

John fetched himself one of the licorice things and started licking. "This stuff is tasty. I´m starting to get used to it."

Rodney gulped. This is too much. Stop it please. His cock twitched. God!

"What´s the matter?" John had stopped licking.

"Nothing." Concerned, he hid his arousal.

"You are way too still, McKay." John smirked. "What are you hiding, huh?"

"It´s nothing. Leave me alone." Rodney rolled onto his stomach.

Casually, John strolled over and hovered above him. "Are you showing off so nicely to inspire me?"

"Certainly not!" Rodney blurted and turned around without thinking.

"Ah." John threw the licorice away. "That´s what you´re hiding."

Speechless, Rodney stared up at him. This is not a situation when me being a genius is going to be of any help.

Slowly, provocatively, John joined him on the ground, pinning Rodney´s hands above his head. "Rodney?"

"Yes?" Rodney croaked.

"I really liked fucking you."

"I really liked being fucked by you."


"But if we start again I´m not gonna be able to stop - for a long time."

"Sounds good."

"Doesn´t it?" Rodney sighed. "But seriously, John. I´m perfectly exhausted."

"Really?" John smirked. "Let´s find out."

Soon, John was inside Rodney for the third time. "John," he objected without much effect. "Don´t..." The rest of his speech was swallowed by John´s hungry mouth. The murmur of the stream close by attended their stifled groans and whimpers throughout their passionate hours.

Two days and nights went by during which they drifted into a strange sort of laziness, making love again and again. They stopped wondering about a way out of the woods. They even stopped caring about the outside world. They reached a point at which their home Atlantis became a distant memory while they only lived for water, food and sex. It was possible they could stay lost in these woods forever, fucking each other senseless until the end of days. But then the magic spell, or was it a curse, got broken by an eerie event. Fear brought them back to reality, but not Rodney´s fear of threatening nature and strange tree devils. It was the one fear Major John Sheppard couldn´t handle at all. His worst personal nightmare.

John Sheppard/Rodney McKay