Lost in the Woods - 6/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: One day they get literally lost.
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for Season 1
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate: Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
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Released: October 2009
Beta: Susan
Word Count: 2.260

He was back to the woods. The clearing was bathed in hellish, poisonous green, the grass was glimmering waxen; the fruits gifted the crooked trees in black purple. Only the berries were beaming red, seducing him to feed on them once more. He forced himself to look away to the creek whose surface flashed greasily, hinting at something moving underneath. The bugs! A shrill laugh out of the darkness made him jerk around, gripping his gun until his knuckles creaked. Don´t rest here! Run!

Like a ghost Rodney appeared out of the deep greenery, smiling confidently, taking him by the hand. "Come on. Don´t be scared."

Move along with him. Don´t stay alone in the dark. They walked together. No creature threatened them. No cries disturbed their ears. His fears disappeared. The darkness vanished. He felt perfectly settled when he woke up. "Rodney," he croaked wistfully. Naturally, Rodney wasn´t lying in his bed. As ever, he was alone. But he wasn´t willing to stay alone anymore; he wasn´t willing to feel alone anymore.

Clad only in shorts, John hurried out of his quarters to find Rodney. He wasn´t in the lab. He wasn´t in his quarters. He wasn´t in the infirmary. At last, he found him in the lunch room, filling his plate with food. Why didn´t I think of this first? Rodney, too, was by himself. Well, it was the middle of the night. Quietly, John strolled towards him. Rodney. Eager. Shy. Tasty. But like me in pretty bad shape. It´s about time we find our way. "Hey McKay, what are you doing?"

The scientist jumped. "Good God, Major! You scared the hell out of me. Don´t sneak up on people like that."

"I wasn´t sneaking." John took a good look at him. "You don´t look well, McKay. You don´t sleep at all, do you?"

"Well, I have a lot of work to do..."

"Is it the dreams?"

"I already told you. I don´t dream."

"Never? Is the genius Rodney McKay even above such a simple thing as dreaming?" He stepped closer.

Rodney blinked rapidly.

Breaking up by blinking. John gave a satisfied smirk. "No dreams about me?"

Rodney blushed.

Got him. "No dreams about me - and you - naked?"

"Are you nuts?"

"Dreams of us - fucking?"

Rodney turned away from him. "I won´t listen..."

John grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him towards him. "I feel lost again." It´s frightening how much I miss those trees, the scent of green...and you and me...spent.... "What about you?"

"Let me go."

"Stop denying."

"Denying what?"

"That we had sex, Rodney McKay."

"That´s utter nonsense, Major."

"It´s fact."

Rodney´s face became crimson.

John´s eyes fixed on his trembling lips. "I want us to continue what we started in the woods." That place which put me right on the track.

"Nothing started."

"Let´s refresh your memory." Boldly, John kissed him on the lips.

"Major!" Rodney yelped, while he retreated to the wall.

"What? I´m a healthy man with natural needs. You didn´t complain in the woods..."

"That never happened. It was just a hallucination... a dream..."

"So you do dream," John declared, satisfied. "Kiss me."

Rodney felt the bulge in John´s shorts pushing into him. "I don´t think so."

"Do you need to be convinced - again?"

"Please... don´t... the woods... it was rather... extreme," Rodney confessed, quivering.

"We can name it later." John softened. "Did I hurt you? Was I too rough?"

"No... just... you stripped away all of my defenses."

"And that was bad?"

"Yes... no... I don´t know..."

"Just remember." John stroked Rodney´s groin, seizing the excited shaft, squeezing gently. "I need you to remember."

"Please... Major... don´t..."

"I do remember. I do remember you shouting and moaning... John... John..."

"Carson told me there were a lot of drugs in those woods. We were not ourselves... we were... bewitched."

"I certainly was," John agreed smugly and captured his lips again. "I liked it." There was no resistance. "I needed it." He pulled at Rodney´s zipper. "I dreamt of fucking you before. It wasn´t because of the drugs. The woods just gave me a push."

"I... don´t believe you."

"Why should I lie to you? Did I ever lie to you?" He cupped one of Rodney´s balls, caressing it delicately with his thumb, teasing through the fabric of the shorts, making the other man squirm helplessly.

"Oh... oh John."

"That´s more like it," John whispered, enthralled, and increased the pressure.

Beaten, Rodney leaned into him, shuddering and gasping, finding John´s lips, kissing them passionately.


They jerked apart. Elizabeth stood a few feet away, eyes and mouth as big as saucers.

"What?" John asked matter-of-factly. "We just... remembered."

"Here? Are you out of your mind? Get a room!" Elizabeth ordered sharply.

Rodney used the opportunity to run out, not minding his unzipped fly.

John stayed behind and glared at Elizabeth. "Thank you. I´d almost convinced him and you..."

"John," she gasped, regarding his appearance, bewildered. "You can´t be serious?"

"I´m dead serious."

"You are military."

"I´m also a man. Excuse me." Determined, he went after Rodney. He wouldn´t let him get away. They were meant to be together.


Rodney jumped into the shower. His cock was a rock of misery, pulsing... hurting... burning... the icy water didn´t help at all. He groaned in frustration. I need something... to eat. I need... need... need....

The shower door was torn open. Naked, John Sheppard joined him as casually as if he had done this dozens of times. "I have to take this shower with you. It´s life saving."

"No. Leave me alone," Rodney yelped. "I..."

John put an end to his endless complaining. He kissed him long and hard until both men had no breath left, and staggered on the slippery floor, desperately holding on, keeping each other from falling.

"Better now?" John panted into Rodney´s ear.

Rodney gulped and nodded.

"Don´t you ever forget again," John scolded mildly, and fetched the soap.

"Why are you doing this? Can´t you just leave me alone? It would be... easier."

John laughed. "Easier by far. But I´m fed up with easy straight lines. I´m longing to take a short cut with you." He soaped Rodney´s belly, going further down, right for the target, cupping his balls, covering them in foam.

Rodney´s mouth worked slowly, while he was trying to speak. "D... d... don´t. I´m gonna explode."

"That´s the plan." His hands glided around Rodney´s middle. "You got yourself a nice pair of love handles there."

"See, you´re way too pretty for me."

"Nonsense." John pinned Rodney against the tiles. "I´ve always wanted you."

"It won´t last."

"It will." Gently, he suckled on Rodney´s earlobe. "I dreamt of being with you so many times... wasted opportunities... because I never dared... feared the consequences...."

"I´m nobody´s dream...."

"Shut up." John grabbed his ass and pulled him into him, grinding their cocks together. "In the woods, I couldn´t fight it anymore. I had to have you. I had to tell you. I´ll want you forever." His lips found Rodney´s, telling him in a different way how much he cared for him, how much he desired him, telling him the things he wasn´t able to say out loud.

Rodney gave in and answered every caress fervently. It isn´t wise to argue with a lunatic military man, right?

"I´ll make it up to you. I´ll be more sensitive. I´ll make you beg me to do you again and again and again." His hands glided over Rodney´s ass and the crack in the middle. "So nice and slow and soft you´ll never complain again." His fingers found the most intimate spot, feeling gently inside, as if it was for the first time. He slipped one finger carefully into him, moving around, resting, moving again.

Rodney groaned, displaying the sensitive spot on his neck to John´s nibbling mouth, needing more, much more than he could bear, but needing it anyway. "Not too soft... please... oh please take me... bite me... fuck me... like in the woods... like you mean it... I need to have my defenses stripped away... I need someone like you... I need... need...."

John chuckled. "Are you trying to command me?"

"No... please.... just fuck me..."

"...blue?" John sank a second finger in Rodney´s ass. "Ah... you always were my favorite fantasy... but only a fantasy... until those woods...." He bit down on Rodney´s tender flesh, tasting his flavor, tasting the sensation of pure safety as well as utter excitement.

Rodney writhed in pleasure. "I need to feel your cock. Please John!"

"Whatever you say." Swiftly, he swapped his fingers for his cock, getting in a little roughly, but the squealing in return made him keep going, fucking Rodney without holding back, and still it felt different than the times in the woods, because for the first time he wasn´t stoned and knew exactly what he was doing and who he was doing. Rodney couldn´t help but to writhe and pant and cheer, exhilarated, pushing John further and further, until they came, gushing their juices, screaming their joy.

"Well, how´s my boy?" John switched the shower off and fetched a towel, drying Rodney tenderly, not leaving out the most intimate spots.

"Amazingly full." Maybe it wasn´t such a big mistake to become a member of his team after all, Rodney thought while his cock prickled pleasantly in the aftermath. Actually green is such a lovely color, comforting, good, perfect for me... not at all scary... oh nature... how do I love you... "...oh yes... keep doing this... John... oh John... I love you... I loved you all along..."

"Do you?" John beamed at him with eyes blazing green and affirmative. "That´s good to hear." He seized Rodney´s cock, going down, licking the shaft eagerly, making him ready for more. "It would have been embarrassing if it´s only me who loves you, wouldn´t it?"

As small as Rodney´s quarters were, the lovers succeeded to get lost in there, not having any wish to be ever found again.


"They´ve been absent for three days? What are they thinking? Did they forget we have a meeting? Did they forget about the city?" Restless, Elizabeth paced through her office.

"You told them to get a room," Teyla replied softly, trying not to smile.

"For a few hours. Not forever," Elizabeth snapped. I envy them. I wish I had someone who made me forget the world. At least sometimes.

"I sense you need a break. Let´s grab something to eat," Teyla suggested diplomatically.

Right. That´s my life. Elizabeth stopped pacing. "Sure." Simply ordinary.

Teyla grabbed her hand and pulled Elizabeth with her.

Teyla´s touch pleased Elizabeth in the strangest way. Don´t go there. You don´t have time for... complications.

In the break room they met Carson, who looked excited. "Ermh... Elizabeth, I just came back from talking to a medic of the Frenas. I have extraordinary news."

"That doesn´t sound good," Elizabeth said, irritated.

"Well, disturbing news actually."

"Perfect," Elizabeth mumbled sourly.

"Eh?" Carson looked confused. "What´s wrong?"

"Just a woman´s issue," Teyla explained, amused.

Elizabeth shot her a glare. "What is it, Carson?"

"It´s best we sit down." They gathered around a table. "I finally found a clue about the berries."

"The berries?"

"Aye. The one thing I couldn´t analyze. Some very strange stuff."

"So?" Elizabeth truly wasn´t in the mood for more craziness. It had been more than enough to see John and Rodney making out in the break room. She only wanted everything to run normally again. It was about time that the two most important men of Atlantis came back from their magical trip for real.

"The Frenas call them tree devils," Carson whispered. "They look and taste like berries but they are not. Their bushes only grow around the oldest trees - the spirited trees."

"That´s unfortunate... the Major ate them, right?" Teyla asked.

"And he´d already... ermh... shared with Rodney. The Frenas said that´s the same as eating them himself," Carson continued meaningfully.

Elizabeth grimaced. "Well, what´s the effect of those tree devils?

"That´s the most mysterious part," Carson said. "Nobody knows for sure. It can be good or bad. It depends on how you live your life, how strong you are, who you love, and for whatever reason...."

"Isn´t that what life always is about?" Elizabeth, the matter-of-fact Elizabeth, surprisingly concluded. "A bumpy path in the woods, sometimes jinxed, sometimes not, and in the end it´s destiny where we are heading?"

"Aye." Carson nodded. "Who shall tell them?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "We will never tell them. Understood?"

"Ignoring the problem will not make it go away," Carson said wisely.

"Maybe it will. What do we know?" Elizabeth ended the discussion and took a bite of her sandwich. Maybe Teyla and I should go to those magical woods one day.


Scary sounds disturbed the nightly corridors of Atlantis when the darkness was closing in. The two men resting, entangled in sweat-soaked sheets, smoothed together like they were one piece, didn´t bother at all. Their hunger was stilled, their fears were beaten, and the bad dreams had vanished. Had they come home at last?

John smiled lazily at his companion. "We made it."


"Didn´t you notice? I haven´t scratched myself in two days, and you have eaten next to nothing."

"I must have lost my mind."

"Don´t you get it?" John smacked his lover´s ass.

"Ouch!" Rodney´s cock twitched - but only slightly. Enough was enough.

"We´re out of the woods."

"That´s good because I can´t take anymore."



John Sheppard/Rodney McKay