Lovely Blue - 4/4

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/David
Rating: PG13
Category: Romance
Series/Sequel: Having the Blues
Summary: Greg Sanders graduates with honor.
Warning: Slash, M/M
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Hodges is the man.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: November 2010
Word Count: 1.102
Beta: Lisa

The lab was buzzing with life when Greg emerged from the locker room and tiptoed through the hallway. He had come to work tonight tormented by his feelings. One part of him wished to see Hodges, the other part feared it just the same. Therefore his heart was beating like a hammer in his chest, his hands were shaking like they had after the explosion. I can´t do this. I can´t run into him. As soon as Grissom has assigned me to a case I´m out of here, out in the field, where it´s much safer to hang around. He sniffed, disgusted with himself. Chicken boy! A hand dropped on his shoulder. He shrieked.

"Why are you sneaking around like a scared little ferret?" Grissom glared at him.

"Huh? I wasn´t..." Greg defended himself. Relax! Hodges could overhear them.

"Sure, you were. You can stop it. He is not here."

"Who´s not here?"


"Why should I care if...?"

"Denial doesn´t suit you, Greg."

"Denial of what?"

Grissom sighed. "It has to stop. It´s affecting your work."

"No-it´s n...okay...sir." Observing the busy lab workers, he kept shuffling and twitching around like a caged animal. I don´t see him. Is he hiding? "W-where is he?"

"It´s his day off."

"Oh." The news tasted surprisingly bitter.

Gil smirked. "I thought you didn´t care."


"Don´t be so hard on yourself. Attraction is subjective; it can't be analyzed."

"What don´t you know?" Greg sighed, defeated. What does it matter? This is the one man I trust not to tell anyone. The master of secrecy.

Grissom shrugged, amused. "I just followed the evidence." He urged Greg along. "Check it out yourself."

What the hell? Rashly, he followed Grissom, finding a small gift box with a pink ribbon resting on his desk. Don´t open it! Put it away. But his curiosity won. Seconds later, he gaped at a coin; but not any coin, no, a very precious and rare coin, a coin every collector was dreaming to call his own. It was worth a fortune. Greg breathed harshly. One of the best gifts ever. No name tag was clipped to the box but he just knew. David Hodges gave this to me. What shall I do now? What does he expect of me? Jeez! This is truly fucked up.

Grissom cleared his throat. "What´s the plan?"

Greg dropped in his chair, moping. "I don´t know."

"Looking for some advice?"

"Yes, please." This is Grissom. The man who knows it all. The adult. He will help me. He will make this right.

"Stop running."


The following night it was easy to obey to Grissom´s ridiculous suggestion. Hodges´ car wasn´t in the parking lot. That´s why Greg strolled unstressed through the lab. That´s why he stumbled into the conversation of three people. One of them was David Hodges. Now what, you idiot?

"Sorry, I´m late." Hodges moved the samples busily around. "The bus didn´t arrive on time."

Archie bit back a smile. "You came by bus? What about your car?"

"I brought it to the garage. The leather seats needed cleaning."

"Gee!" Catherine shook with repressed laughter. "Anyone we know?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hold your horses." Hodges shook his head. "Someone broke into my car, stole a disc-player, and ruined my seats." He swung around. "Hey, Greg!"

Greg startled. "Hey..." He wanted to run. He wanted to hide. He wanted Gosh, get a grip, really...

Hodges returned his stare with unfamiliar softness. "Did you get my gift?"


"You bought him a gift?" Catherine was glowing with curiosity.

"Why?" Archie chuckled. "It´s not even his birthday."

"Because I want to whole world to know..."

"Don´t. Please don´t." Greg shook his head violently.

" unforgivably badly I treated this man..."

"Oh God..." Greg moaned, helpless. He´s going to tell them. He´s going to tell everyone. I´m done.

"...despite the fact I´m utterly crazy about him." Hodges grimaced. "I fell for him the day I came here."

The air was sucked from the room. Nobody breathed. Catherine and Archie were goggling Greg like fishes in a bowl. He wished he could disappear into thin air. Don´t you run...chicken boy...

"Sadly, he didn´t fall for me. But it doesn´t matter anymore. From now on I´ll take every chance to win him over. That´s all I´m hoping for. Will you go out with me, Greg?"

Greg dared to look at him. "I...well, I..." He couldn´t go on. His heart felt like it had turned into a soaked cookie.

"I got it. You hate me." Hodges nodded unhappily. "Let´s go back to business." He faced their still stunned speechless co-workers. "The show is over."

"No!" Greg jumped forward and almost crashed into him. "I don´t hate you!"

Hodges caught him easily. "Really?"

"I thought I hated you. But only because I couldn´t believe you could have feelings for me. It was safer to keep away from you. It was safer to despise you...but" The emotional declaration ended when David leaned forward and kissed him. When they finally parted, they were alone in the room.

David smiled like never before. "So I´m forgiven?"

"What for?"

"Taking advantage of you in the car? I shouldn´t have..."

" know...I thought you played me...that´s why I was so ashamed..."

"I´ll make it up to you." David drowned him in more kisses.

"Is...the car...badly ruined?" Greg gasped heavily.

"Not at all. And even if it was, it was well worth it. I adore you."

"Oh boy." Greg snuggled him. "I´ve loathed you for some time."

"You´re completely endearing." David caressed his neck. "You´re a gem."

"You already said that - right?"


Greg, making the first move fondled David´s balls delicately, feeling an immediate response.

"I´m impressed."

"Why, I´m chicken boy?"

"Not anymore," David groaned with deep pleasure. "Not matter how great this feels we have to stop, oh, uh, because you´ll have the full David Hodges experience otherwise."

"Oh yes, please," Greg pouted, enforcing his grip.

David laughed, shaken. "What about later? Do you want another ride home, sweetie?"

"You don´t have a car."

"A ride by bus?"

Greg grinned smugly. "Including breakfast?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, David."

They kissed again. Softly but noisy.

"Well, I see everything worked out perfectly," Grissom interrupted their intimate moment casually.

Greg broke the kiss. "Ah...yes...sir..."

"Case closed, I assume?" Grissom said dryly.

Greg blushed. " were me." He rushed out, buttoning his shirt.

"Everything´s fine, boss." David smiled blissfully, pulling up his zipper. "Thanks for the tip to ambush him in the parking lot."

Grissom frowned. "You didn´t ambush him, did you?"

"Well...better not start any investigation."


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