The Meaning of Comfort

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Grissom takes care of Greg
Warning: SLASH, M/M
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: June 2003
Beta: Anomaly
Word Count: 8891

"Damn!" Greg cursed loudly.

"What did you do now?" Grissom asked in his familiar calm way.

"I cut myself on a piece of glass," Greg answered in a very dull voice.

"What the hell?" Grissom mumbled and rushed to the bathroom of the house.

They were both at the Crime Scene of a murder. It was Greg´s first day as a CSI Level 1 and Grissom supervised him.

"Please, how could you cut yourself? Didn´t you see, what....?" Grissom scolded but seeing Greg´s white face and the blood, which was dripping from his hand through the latex glove, let his anger vanish in a split second.

"Sorry, boss, but it wasn´t my fault. Some piece of the broken mirror over the sink fell down suddenly and hit the back of my hand."

"What were you doing here, anyway?"

"I was looking for blood splatters."

"Oh, I see you found some."

Greg grinned wryly. "I´m really sorry."

Grissom opened the faucet. "Put your hand under the water." Carefully, he pulled Greg´s latex glove off, and cleansed the wound under the streaming water.

Greg grimaced with pain.

"Mmh, the cut isn´t deep. Sit down," Grissom ordered softly.
They sat down on the edge of the tub. Grissom fetched an unused hanky from his back pocket and bandaged Greg´s hand temporarily. "This will do for the moment. We will take better care of you later at the lab."

Greg felt deeply ashamed, because it had been his intention to impress Grissom today. Now, he had humiliated himself in front of him instead. A second feeling came into play.


Grissom was so close, he touched him so tenderly. Greg could feel his breath, touching his cheek. He could make out every pore in Grissom´s face, he smelled the scent of his body. He took a deep breath to calm himself.

Grissom looked up. "Does it hurt that much?"

"No," Greg whispered, totally magnitized by the deep blue eyes of his boss.

Grissom frowned.

Shocked, Greg noticed he had become extremely aroused. His cock stirred strongly and pushed against the fabric of his pants. Dear God! Not now! Please, don´t. Appalled, he tried to stand up to get as far away from Grissom as possible. "I´m better now, and...."

But Grissom pulled him down again. "Relax." He didn´t take his eyes off Greg. Gently, he stroked his cheek, seeing Greg startle. Smiling, Grissom bantered: "I believe the real pain is somewhere else." He put his hand on Greg´s thigh. Feeling Greg tremble, Grissom moved his hand slowly higher and higher.

When he touched him right there, where it hurt the most, Greg stopped breathing.

"I believe the pain is right here," Grissom pointed out.

Greg blushed.

With a fast movement and a loud snapping sound, Grissom pulled off his own latex glove. "I´ll heal it, make it better." He began to rub Greg´s aching muscle through the pants.
"Maybe you hurt yourself on purpose, to get my very special treatment?"

"No. Never." It was the voice of a shy little boy.

Grissom stopped the rubbing.

Holding still, Greg didn´t complain, but he was breathing heavily. He lowered his head to hide the desperate need which could be seen in his eyes.

Taking Greg´s injured hand, Grissom lifted the bandage a little and blew very softly on the wound. "There. Is it better now?"

"Yes." His painful desire was unbearable now, but he resisted to begging for more.

That melted Grissom´s heart. "What about this?" Swiftly, he pulled down Greg´s zipper, and freed the full, hard cock, starting the needed treatment.

Greg gasped surprised. "Oh God! Oh Grissom!"

Grissom rubbed him fast and hard and in less than one minute Greg´s liquid was spilled over Grissom´s hand.

Silently and without looking at his boss, Greg went to the sink to clean himself up.

But Grissom followed him. "You have only one usable hand. It´s better that I do it for you."

Shyly, Greg nodded and watched nervously, how his boss first washed his own hands, then his privates. Feeling Grissom´s sensitive touch was enough to get him horny again.

His boss smiled amused. "I see the pain isn´t gone. More treatment is needed." Quickly, he knelt down and sucked Greg´s cock passionately until it was fully erect a second time.

Greg moaned in explicit pleasure, enjoying the much slower tempo this time.

Grissom licked and sucked and teased him devotedly.

Inflamed, Greg grabbed Grissom´s head to push his cock deeper into the wet, gifted mouth. "Aah! Yes! Yes! You are so good! Suck me harder! I´m coming!" Exploding intensely, he bit on his lower lip and it started to bleed.

Grissom drank all of Greg´s sweet liquid and cleaned the cock completely. Finally standing up, he covered Greg´s mouth with a long, soft kiss. Tasting the blood, he whispered: "More blood, you silly boy. Still haven´t got enough treatment?"

"It´s not my fault! You made me...."

Grissom silenced him with another demanding kiss.

Weakened, Greg gave in. After they had parted again, he sighed, satisfied.

"Are you feeling better now?"

Greg grinned very happily. "Yes, sir. Much better."

"Good. Now, we can seriously focus on work, can´t we? It´s time for me to supervise you."

Greg smirked. "I thought, you already did that."

"Don´t get smart with me, Greggo. Otherwise, there will be no further lessons."

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