The Big Middle

  • Gregīs appearance: Likeable

  • 8 Scenes: With Grissom
    and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He considers himself to
    be pretty open-minded.
    He has dreams about
    Sara and Grissom.
  • Misc.: He compares
    masturbation with soft porn.

First Scene:
Det. Vartann is looking through his notes when Greg and Grissom walk up to him. They all step inside the hotel room. They stand around the bed where the dead body is. Det. Vartann hands Grissom the plastic bag with the victim's wallet and money. Det. Vartann leaves and Grissom asks Greg to tell him about the body. Greg does and overlooks a strand of something purple near the victim's mouth. Grissom collects it and gives it to Greg, who is embarrassed. Grissom looks around. He focuses in on the table against the far wall. Greg puts the envelope with the fiber in his pocket. Grissom points out that the table is cracked. He kneels down and finds something else on the table. Probably ejaculate. Greg finds them on bed sheets too. Grissom orders Greg to have Sara process the sheets, and then to pull the hotel surveillance.

Second Scene:
Greg reviews the security video. He finds the scene of the victim stepping into the elevator. He views video footage of the victim leaving the elevator. Sara walks into the lab and sits down next to Greg. They talk about what they have found out.

Third Scene:
Det. Vartann, Grissom and Greg step onto the escalator going down. Grissom watches as a large woman wearing a pink tee-shirt steps on the opposite going up escalator. Thatīs the only convention at the Tangiers this weekend, says Det. Vartann. Itīs the "Association to Promote Acceptance of Plus-Sized People" convention." Large men and women party at the poolside. Det. Vartann leaves them. Grissom asks Greg to pass the photo of the victim at the registration desk around while he interviews several women sitting at the poolside.

Fourth Scene:
Greg shows the DMV photo to Brenda Morgan, who is sitting behind the registration table. She recognizes the victim and sends Greg to the message board where you can leave a note if you see somebody you like and want to meet with them.

Fifth Scene:
The registration table is busy. Jill Paisley takes a message form for a man. Greg walks up to her in front of the message board and asks her for the messages for Maurice Hudson. She hands him the stack of messages. The victim was popular but she thinks Maurice Hudson was a pig, because he liked doing fat girls, but didn't want to be seen with them. She informs Greg Regina Owens is maybe a woman who hooked up with Hudson.

Sixth Scene:
Greg shows the video security footage to Sara. They see Brenda leaving the elevator while Regina steps into the elevator. On the video Brenda seems drunk. She spends the night with the victim.

Seventh Scene:
Grissom and Sara strap on the harness to the dummy as Greg watches. They want to test on Greg how much weight is necessary to make him gasp for air. Greg gets on the mattress on the floor. Grissom lifts the dummy and places it over Greg. He lets it go. After a while, Greg pushes the dummy aside and sits up. His breathing was limited. Sara adds another forty pounds to the dummy. Grissom lifts the dummy and places it over Greg. He lets it go. Greg groans. Grissom and Sara discuss the results. Greg squeaks and groans, waving his hands to get their attention. Grissom lifts the dummy off Greg.

Eighth Scene:
Grissom walks through the hallway and into the lounge where Greg is sitting at the table looking through a magazine with large models. He just wants to see what the big deal is. "Attraction is subjective. It can't be analyzed," Grissom says. Curious, Greg asks his boss what he likes, what gets his juices flowing. Grissom thinks about it and answers, "Someone who doesn't judge me." He leaves the room and Greg looks up to watch him walking down the hallway.

Best Dialogs:
Grissom: "And we have what appears to be ejaculate."
Greg: "Me, too. This guy was a machine."
Grissom: "And he got around - Have Sara process the sheets, and then pull the hotel surveillance."
Greg: "Got you. We want to see who came ... and went."

Grissom: "Attraction is subjective. It can't be analyzed."
Greg: "Yeah, I consider myself to be pretty open-minded. Find other people's predilections very intriguing. What do you like? What gets your juices flowing?"
Grissom: "Someone who doesn't judge me."

My Comment:
Greg - Grissom - women - very large women. An episode with a delicate matter. Iīm not fate but Iīm not thin either. At the moment Iīm about 30 pounds overweight. I know how it is to be treated differently. It already started back in school. Thatīs why I just love Greg and Gil for being so nice to the full figured women. Sara is nice too. Det. Vartann lost a great deal of my appreciation. He doesnīt have to like fate women but he can pay them some respect as a human being.

Letīs talk about the fun. Grissom tests Greg who overlooks some tiny evidence. Greg knows Grissom sees something but he just doesnīt notice it. Grissom has to point it out to him. Deeply embarrassed, Greggo finds a lame excuse to justify his failure. "Yeah, I saw that purple fiber. I was going to collect it. I just work on my own rhythm." Oh boy! Why happens something like that always in front of his adored master? Is he too nervous around his good-looking boss? Does he think about one-night stands in the morning?
By the way, Grissom isnīt angry with his boy. He just smirks at Greg being caught. Lovely. Seconds later, talking about ejaculate, Greg is back to smiling confidently and makes a joke which doesnīt get Grissomīs approval. "We want to see who came ... and went." Come on, Gil. Smile. It was funny.

At the pool. Det. Vartann speaks up his mind. "Hudson wasn't fat. What was he doing here?" Shut up, stupid idiot! Greg considers, "Maybe he was a chubby chaser." OH. Grissom frowns at Greg. Greg shrugs. "Hey, some men like curves." Right you are. I know one of them in person. Grissom is speechless. Unfortunately, Det. Vartann isnīt. "There's curves, and then there's rolls. Look, have tons of fun. I got a murder-suicide to cover." Det. Vartann leaves. Please get lost and never come back. Grissomīs expression shows he doesnīt like Vartannīs attitude. Gil and Greg donīt mind the detective is gone. Standing side by side, in their black outfit, they appear pleased and so much alike I have once again the impression one day Greg Sanders will step into Gil Grissomīs shoes.
It happened. Gil is outed. A "big girl" slapped his ass and called him gay. "Fat girl, gay guy. It's not unheard of." Oh yeah. That really made my day. Pity, Greg wasnīt around. Gil, by the way, is not able to comment her remark. His stunned expression is priceless.

Greg questions two women about the victim and is very sensitive. His statement, "You don't have to be large to have low self-esteem," is very interesting. Are you talking about yourself?

Watching the security video with Sara. They are both in a good mood and Sara shows some sort of a smile to Gregīs comment to her statement. "Until Mia processes the sheet, there's no way to know whether the semen is the result of self-service only."
"No way. Soft porn couldn't crack that table."

Greg the guinea pig. Sara and Grissom put a lot of weight on him. Greg is concerned and flirts with Sara. Grissom doesnīt look amused. "You know, this is exactly like a dream I had once, except it wasn't in a garage. Not at all. And Grissom wasn't watching." Sara suppresses a smile. "That was a different dream." Itīs official. Greg dreams about Grissom. I always said that. I even wrote a story with Greg dreaming. "Distance". Iīm happy.

Sara calls him "Dreamer". The woman has really changed. She treats him so well at the moment.
Besides, I have the feeling Sara and Grissom enjoy to put Greg in the uncomfortable position under the dummy. Talking the case they almost forget about him until he calls for help. Ts ts ts! Sara even says, "If we could leave the dummy on long enough, we could actually match the blanching." Now, now Sara! That wasnīt a nice thing to say. Scientists are all completely nuts. Grissomīs "Oh" doesnīt sound nice, too.

Sara and Hodges. The snarky man is in a bad mood. He is short-spoken.
Sara: "That's it?"
Hodges: "That's it."
Sara: "It's not like you to get right down to business."
Hodges: "Even I have off days, Sara."

The ending is the slashiest one in a long time.
First, Greg is pissed because Grissom didnīt ask him about how he feels after they put all the heavy weight on him. Understandable. Naturally, Grissom doesnīt go into that matter and asks Greg about the magazine heīs reading. "A little technical reading, Greg?" Itīs a magazine with "big girls" in lace. Greg stays cool and dares to ask Grissom about his predilections. "What gets your juices flowing?" (A smirk on his face) I know Iīm not an English native speaker but is this the way you can talk to your boss? Is this figure of speech not too bold? Iīm stunned. Grissomīs reaction is unexpected too. He doesnīt ignore Greg or tell him off, no, he gives a simple and clear answer. "Someone who doesn't judge me." An answer which will make Greg think a lot more about his boss Gil Grissom. Guaranteed.

Starring Greg