Felonious Monk

  • Gregīs appearance: Cute
  • 6 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Catherine and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
    He is compassionate, he knows what heīs able to accomplish.

  • Misc.: Grissom grants him
    a half-hearted praise.

First Scene:
Greg goes over the blood evidence from the knife with Catherine. She thanks Greg and starts to leave but than she takes a closer look at the knife. She notices something and walks into the trace lab, where she examines the knife under a different color light. Greg is curious. Catherine shows him a weak spot of blood. A spot, which wasnīt examined fifteen years ago. Now, she wants Greg to find out.

Second Scene:
Catherine meets up with Greg in the hallway where he gives her the test results. Ecklie calls out to Catherine. Greg leaves quickly.

Third Scene:
Greg works on the wad of chewing gum. He takes a swab and tests the sample.

Fourth Scene:
Greg processes the black substance found on the golden Buddha statue. He dips it in a liquid and watches as the liquid turns blue. "I thought so," he says.

Fifth Scene:
Grissom and Nick discuss the case. Greg walks into the office. He hands Grissom the test results. "Once again I have the case breaker," Greg cheers. Grissom reads the results and says, "You may be right."

Sixth Scene:
Grissom gives Greg instructions on how to process the gum. Greg asks Grissom to give him a suspect he can the results match to. But Grissom can't give him what he doesnīt have. All they are going to have is what they get from this gum. Greg gives in and Grissom thanks him and leaves the lab. Greg goes to work on the gum.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "I'm trying to be humble, but once again I have the case breaker."
Grissom: "You may be right."

My Comment:
Greg and his work. He doesnīt like to miss anything as well as not to know something. Just like Grissom. Again itīs obvious how much they are alike. When he finds what he hopes for, he says, "I thought so," as if he is very sure of himself.

Greg and Catherine. He is very compassionate to her feelings about the loss of her murdered friend. Not one tiny joke is made nor a smile curled up his lips. He even finds a few nice words to say.

Greg and Ecklie. The second Greg sees Ecklie, he vanishes quickly. GRIN. Why Greg? Donīt you like Mr. Conrad Ecklie. An enemy of Grissom is also my enemy, Greg would answer.

Greg and Grissom. AAAAH! One of my favorite scenes ever. I became completely addicted to Greg Sanders and Gil Grissom. The way he strolls into Grissomīs office, the way he moves, the way he smiles, the way he provokes Nick, the way he brags. First, Grissom is very skeptical but also slightly amused. Finally, he seems impressed. The expression in the grasshopperīs eyes when the master concedes, "You maybe right," is priceless. Greg beams with joy. Grissomīs praise makes him happy beyond reason. Why, in Godīs Name? It isnīt even a praise. Only - in Gregīs point of view it is. Coming from his beloved boss makes it perfect to him. This moment exactly, Greg becomes the masterīs grasshopper forever. I truly, truly love this scene. My first tape of it is worn out from playing it in slow-motion again and again. Iīm quite obsessed.
Nick is slightly in a huff that Greg is such a talented show-off. He envies him for the praise. Nick is jealous and Greg enjoys it to be praised in front of Nick.
Later, Grissom trusts Greg to find usable evidence in a gum. Greg is happy about Grissomīs trust but also not convinced he will have success in this particular matter. Ah, sweet.