A Night at the Movies

  • Greg´s appearance: Daring

  • 4 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Catherine and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
    He is bored by his work
    in the lab.
  • Misc.:
  • He wins a bet he
    has with Jacqui.

First Scene:
Greg is holding a screwdriver and looking at it with Jacqui and Catherine. "Question is not what we're going to find on the murder weapon; question is what isn't on it," Greg says. Jacqui dares Greg to bet on who is faster in finding a match for the blood or a print.

Second Scene:
Grissom and Catherine walk into the lab. Catherine smiles. Jacqui wears Greg´s "swami" turban. Greg won the bet. Now she has to wear the stupid thing all day. Behind her, there's a knock on the glass. It's Greg who smiles and waves at her. Grissom glares at him. Jacqui reports the results.

Third Scene:
Greg is working in his lab and singing softly to himself. He appears to be extremely bored. Nick heads toward him. Greg hands him the results.

Fourth Scene:
Two mannequin´s hands are set up on the counter. The leather gloves are put on the hands. Greg swabs the gloves and tests it. He works efficiently and methodically. He takes a swab from the extension cord.

Best Dialog:
Catherine: "Don't tell me -- Greg won the bet."
Jacqui: "The blood on the screwdriver definitely belongs to your victim. It was incredible how fast he got me back the results. I don't know how he does it. Now I got to wear this stupid thing all day." - "Oh, look at him, hovering. Making sure I still have it on. Do us all a favor and get him out in the field, will you, he's going stir crazy in here."
Grissom: "Jacqui, do you have anything for us?"

My Comment:
Greg is bored to work in the lab. He try to amuse himself by betting with Jacqui, singing while he takes swabs: "99 bottles of beer on the wall / 99 bottles of beer / you swab one down /run it through CODIS / 98 bottles of beer on the wall." He wins the bet, impresses Jacqui with how fast he is ("It was incredible how fast he got me back the results. I don't know how he does it.), and makes her wear the "swami" turban. "You know us lab rats have to do something to get through the day," Greg complains. He is just sooooooooo bored. Jacqui pleads Grissom to take Greg out in the field. Grissom´s look is priceless.

Sara: "What do you think caused these marks?"
Hodges: "Give me more time -- I'm not a miracle worker."
Sara: "Well, that's obvious, Hodges. If you were a miracle worker, you wouldn't be rude."
Hodges: "I wasn't being rude, I was being curt. Rude would be, When I know, you'll know." - "Friends?"
Sara: "No." She smiles!!!

It´s fascinating how this sarcastic man succeeds where many others had failed.