• Gregīs appearance: Funny
  • 4 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara, Catherine, Nick
    and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
    He likes origami.

  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg tells Nick and Cath the results in a riddle. Cath solves it.

Second Scene:
Grissom walks into the lounge and sees Sara, Warrick, and Greg. Grissom is a little annoyed because they are not working on the case. Greg takes the hint, gathers his things up and leaves.

Third Scene:
Warrick, Sara and Grissom discuss the case. Greg walks in to report the results.

Fourth Scene:
Greg, Nick and Catherine discuss the case.

Best Dialog:
Grissom: "What're you guys doing?"
Sara: "Waiting for an assignment. You got a new case for us?"
Grissom: "A new case?"
Warrick: "Well, we heard the sheriff put the brakes on the investigation."
Grissom: "You didn't hear that from me, did you?"
Greg: "I think I smell something burning in the DNA lab. Love to stay and chat, but..."
Grissom: "Greg...I hope that's not the crossword puzzle."
Greg stops, turns around and silently hands the folded origami crane to Grissom and leaves.

My Comment:
I still love the writers for the second season. Here is the fun.

Bored, Greg teases Nick and Catherine with a riddle. Cath solves it. Nick sulks a little bit because he didnīt know the solution. "Must be a chick thing," he comments. Greg laughs.

Nick and Greg. "But when it's important to Nick here, I push further."

Grissom caught Greg, Sara and Warrick not working because they heard the sheriff put the brakes on the investigation. The interesting point is: They didnīt hear this from Grissom. But who told them? Apparently Greg Sanders. Heīs famous for spreading every rumor and heīs looking very guilty when he runs off at first.
Greg took Grissomīs crossword puzzle to fold an origami crane. Hey! You are brave, arenīt you? Gil looks pissed but doesnīt say anymore. See. He likes Greg a lot.

The shirt Greg wears is quite ... unique.