Play with Fire

  • Greg´s appearance: Unlucky

  • 6 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara, Catherine and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: Greg gets injured in
    a explosion at the lab.

First Scene:
Jacqui goes over a partial print with Grissom. Greg rushes into the lab excited at what he's found.

Second Scene:
Grissom stops in the DNA lab where GREG is working to ask him about the nail clippers.

Third Scene:
Greg steps away from the fumer. It explodes. The force of the explosion sends Greg crashing through the glass wall behind him. As SARA walks down the hallway, she is thrown off her feet by the explosion. Greg falls to the ground near her. There is glass everywhere. The lab is on fire and the fire system kicks on. Stunned, Sara raises her head and looks in front of her at Greg who is still conscious. He raises his head a little, then finally puts his head down.

Fourth Scene:
Greg is wheeled out on a gurney. He is conscious and lying on his side, the sounds around him garbled. Grissom walks next to the gurney as the EMT fills him in on Greg´s condition. Greg´s eyes open again and he looks around at the damage to his lab as they wheel him out. They exit the building. Outside, injured people are being attended to. Jacqui Franco turns around, her forehead cut. She's disoriented, but she sees the gurney come out of the building. The EMTs wheel Greg out of the building. Grissom, Archie, Jacqui and Hodges follow. They put Greg into the EMT vehicle and close the doors. Grissom watches for a moment, then steps away and looks around at the people and the damage

Fifth Scene:
Catherine and Warrick interview Greg.

Sixth Scene:
Catherine stands in the hospital room waiting for Greg to wake up. Greg groans and opens his eyes. Catherine tells him what has happened in the lab.

Best Dialog:
Grissom: "How'd you do with the nail clippers?"
Greg: "Right over here. Figured it wasn't high priority since I'd already ID'd the semen in the victim."
Grissom: "That only proves that they had sex. The nail clippers can place Jason Kent at the murder scene. His nails, her DNA, traces of the booth, et cetera."
Greg: "Killer, victim, location."
Grissom: "Holy trinity, Greg. I need that."

My Comment:
Greg tries to impress Grissom with surprising test results. "Grissom! I'm about to rock your world." Grissom isn´t satisfied. He wants more results. Greg is eager to deliver them. But then...Greg is badly injured. Grissom is at his side when they wheel him out and put him in the EMT vehicle. *sniff* Grissom doesn´t leave until they close the doors and Greg is out of sight. Grissom looks very concerned. *pain*. Even Hodges looks worried when they wheel Greg out. *Ah* Greg in the hospital. He is in agony. *tears*
I liked it very much that Catherine herself tells Greg the truth about what has happened and why he was injured.

Nick: "Hey, who's working trace tonight?"
Sara: "Hodges."
Nick: "Oh, great. Guarantee you that kiss-ass will have the results to Grissom before we do."

Hodges: "Hey, boss. Just analyzed the evidence found in your vic's rent-a-car."
Grissom: "You should be telling Nick or Sara."
Hodges: "Yeah, couldn't find them. They must be on another break. Anyway, the blister pack is methadone. 40 milligrams, former smack addict dose. And that ceramic chip? Not ceramic. It's acrylic with a quartz resin composite used primarily in dental crowns. Cheap ones."
Grissom: "Good work."
Hodges: "Yeah, thank you. Listen, I'd like to think that and I..."
Grissom: "Now go tell Nick or Sara."

Hodges is jointly responsible for the explosion in the lab.
Hodges: "I know what this is. You guys hear the lies and rumors about me from L.A. You know how much Grissom depends on me. So you figure, let's get rid of him. I'll lawyer up before I let you pin the tail on the new donkey."
Warrick: "Start dialing."