Pool Shark

Greg and the team investigate the death of a girl by a shark.

My Comment:
Wendy and Hodges share a breathtaking farewell, before she moves to Portland for a better job.
This is the highlight of this episode. Hodges suffers a lot and regrets he didn´t take his chances.
It´s not your fault. It´s the writer´s and producer´s fault!!!
They kill the innocent shark to solve the case. So not fair. They wouldn´t kill a human to do the same.
It´s a crime to held sharks in these stupidly small aquariums just for the fun of humans.
An animal that has to move forward all the time. Humans are by far worse than a shark can ever be.
A shark is never a murderer or a killer. He needs to feed to stay alive. Don´t we all?
Elliott Gould is still great. Greg has approximately 1 - 2 minutes of screen time. *rolls eyes*