The Killing - Stephen Holder Quotes

4. Season

Blood in the Water

Reddick: "What´s wrong with Linden?"
Holder: "What?"
Reddick: "She smiled at me. Skinner dump her? She need a new boyfriend or what?"
Holder: "Wouldn´t be your saggy, old, dimpled ass if she did."

"I spilled my green goddess."

"What´s up with G.I. Jane?"

"A little foreplay never hurt anyone."

"Let´s go, G.I. Joe."

Holder: "Just chill with the yes sir, no sir bullshit. You know I ain´t your pops."
Cadet: "Sir, yes, sir."

"Everyone make mistakes."


"Yeah, you look like you having flown the coop in a while."

"So, I´m not gonna find the velvet Elvis hanging around here anywhere?"

"He´s one sunny day away from cutting his ear off."

"Boom boom."

"So, you never had some sweet little thing over for some late night Marco Polo?"

"I´m pregnant, too."

Caroline: "You´re gonna start craving things that are white?"
Holder: "Like you?"

"Crunch berries make me a better crime fighter."

"Slow your roll there, Captain America. You don´t wanna take any friendly fire now, do you?"

The Good Soldier

"Come, Kitty Kitty Kitty."

"Shut the fuck up, little man."

"God checked out on me. Blacked out on the backseat or something."

"Fuck God. Fuck God. And fuck all of you."

Dream Baby Dream

"I´m not jumping on some wild goose chase."

"I´m living the dream."

Truth Asunder

"Hell hath no fury like a crazy psycho bitch."

"We´ve all seen Dirty Dancing."

"That´s it? G.I. Jane just wants a hug?"


"I´m just a piece of shit like my dad."

"Happy, joyous and free. That´s me."

3. Season

The Jungle

"You wanna act like a man, I´ll treat you like a man. Make no mistake about it, I´ll swipe the floor with your little baby butch bitch ass right in front of your little skank hoe girlfriend. You feel me?"

"Even the Taj Mahal needs upkeep."

"I don´t eat meat, bitch."

Head Shots

"I like rabbits. Bugs Bunny is a bomb."

"Look at you, you got it going, girl. Any man who would want to dump you because you grew up into a fine young woman is crazy."

Scared and Running

"You spot it you got it."

"Heads up never hurt anyone."

"Happy V-Day, baby."

Eminent Domain

"Yo vintage playa."

"See we´ve been going at it all Copernicus when we need to be Galileo on this bitch, you feel me?"

Hope Kills

"That ain´t a smell, wee one. That´s salary and purpose."

"Bullet got himself a little luv Bunny."

"You know, I had me a whole stable when I was a young one. If you need any tips or tricks - I´m your man."

"At the end of the day you have to protect your girl."


"How long is it gonna take for Dr. Spock to do his mind melt thing before we can see Picasso?" - "We gonna be here all day. That´s okay. I´ve got patience. I´m a patient man."

"I´m an addict. A tweaker. I shot meth into my veins every day!"

Six Minutes

Holder: "You wanna a smoke? You don´t smoke?" - "Are you the big man? You buy for your own stuff with your five finger salary?"
Adrian: "You´re acting drunk?"
Holder: "Ain´t acting drunk. I am drunk. About to go get re-upped. Got to keep that buzz going, serial chiller that I am."

The Road to Hamelin

“Just call my supervisor, he’s gonna tell you what’s what, so I can get out of here, and you can go do whatever it is that you do.”

I.A.: "Do you mind if we take a look at your phone?"
Holder: "As long as you don´t mind the pictures of me bangin´ yo mama last night."

2. Season


"You know anything about the man? I mean J.C. did all kind of righteous shit."

Lucky Day

"Speedy G. that Stu, huh?"


"Yeah, you know, I got clean blah blah blah, you know."

Ogi Jun

"I guess I just trusted the wrong guy."

"I´m ready to embrace meat again."


"Two birds. One Rock."

"Oh Snap!"


"Take a load off. We got you."

"You got spicy and sweet in one."

"I see you found my knowledge corner."

"You can´t put a price on wisdom."

"I´m everyone no one."

"At least I own my addiction."

"Yo, Linden, you´ll be happy to hear we´re out here chasing butterflies."

Off the Reservation

"Just got to roll with the flow like my man Bruce Lee."

"You feel me?"

Sayonara Hiawatha

"Sayonara Hiawatha!"

Donnie or Marie

"Ease up, son. Minimum wage ain´t worth fighting the popo."

Gwen: "I will have you shovel in reindeer shit at the Christmas parade."
Holder: "It´s not real reindeer. It´s huskies with antlers strapped on."

1. Season


"Nice weather. Ocean. Beaches. Hate that shit."

"A guy loses his wallet while he´s getting his knob polished."

The Cage

"I hate Algebra."

El Diablo

Super 8

What you have left

"Perception is circumstantial."

"Amen to that."



"Sweet View."


"Hook, line and sinker."

"All we gotta do now is cross our i´s and dot our t´s."

"You just couldn´t wait for your 72 virgins, huh?"


"People do crazy-ass things."

"I mean, like, wisdom´s all around, Linden. It´s like air. You just gotta breathe it."

"I love meth. Love that Christy. She´s the best little lady I ever had."

"So here I am. Happy, joyous and free."

Beau Soleil

"Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo."

Orpheus Descending

"Hey, if the truth hurts, you ain´t living right."