Greg Sanders - Quotes - Season 1 - 4

1. Season

"Grissom ist just been running me around like a lap dog!"

Sara: "You´re nuts. You know that."
Greg: "Exactomundo."

"I like saying that word. Bio-assay. It sounds nubian."

"Get a hot dog?...I get the ketchup."

"You want a valium for her?"

"I´m the man!"

"Haven´t I done enough for one day?"

2. Season

Greg: "You smell like death."
Sara: "I´ve heard."
Greg: "You know a real man wouldn´t mind."

"What don´t you know!"

Nick: "Don´t sneak up on a person like that."
Greg: "Yeah, well, you know how I feel, like, ten times a day."

"I just wasn´t expecting blood to look like that."

Nick: "That stuff will kill you, you know."
Greg: "It doesn´t kill me yet."

3. Season

"The gods of CODIS have blessed us with a hit."

"You infected me with mildew?!"

"I´m open 24 hours."

"There is something weird going on. Well, not weird, more like hairraising."

"I like to make a presentation."

"What I do is art, now I´m ready to unveal it."

Greg to Nick: "I tought that we had an realationship.
What you´re doing taking Archie out in the field, instead of me?"

Sara: "You´re crowding me Greg."
Greg: "Well, I have some information that can bring us even closer."

Sara: "Grandma was high?!"
Greg: "Yeah! As a kite."

"We labrats have to do something to get through the day."

Greg: "So what´s with that Harpo lady?"
Catherine: "Harper."
Greg: "Whatevo."

4. Season

Sara: "How do you know that Greg?"
Greg: "A gentleman never tells."

"I´m not the allergy ace."

"Little Nurses going wild."

"You know, nothing says "I love you" like an ounce of fresh blood."

"On a man's underwear, semen stains aren't exactly probative."

Greg: "I found something a little unusual, for a roller coaster.
Not a sailor, but a ..."
Sara: "Semen? Sex on the roller coaster?"
Greg: "Or some kid shaking hands with shorty."

"That semen from the coaster's cab was just processed in my lab.
All I can say is, Nevins was a cad." (rhyming)

"Pharaoh's fever was his Spanish fly."

Greg Sanders