Greg Sanders - Quotes - Season 11 - 15

11. Season

Greg: "This has Van Helsing written all over it."

Nick: "Vomit? Is this really what we are gonna talk about right now, man? I´m eating."
Greg: "You´re always eating."

Greg: "Most people don´t tie any more complicated than their shoes."

Greg: "Dead rising, birds falling from the sky, fish dying in rivers. Should we be looking for the antichrist to make an appearance?"

Greg: "Well, when there is death there is hope."

Sara: "Do gamers have groupies?"
Greg: "Haven´t you seen the Social Network?"

Catherine: "Work your magic."
Greg: "I´ll do my best."

Hodges: "Will you ask him...?"
Greg: "Shut up!"

12. Season

Greg: "Next time we break in a new supervisor I´m in Hawaii. Tossing the sand, drink in my hand. And I won´t do looking at bugs."

Greg: "Just like the real mobsters. Dumb your piece and peace out."

Greg: "Well, uh, see what happens when you break pattern."

D.B.: "Go and meet Morgan at the Park Motel."
Greg smiles, overexcited.
D.B.: "It´s a scene not a date, you wacked kid you."

Greg: "Room service in hell doesn´t smell that bad."

Greg to Hodges: "If you have any results for me cough them up."

Hodges: "I´m just saying that when I play sexual healing it´s foreplay."
Greg: "Yeah, but playing it for yourself doesn´t count."

D.B. to Morgan: "You can take boyfriend Greg with you."

Greg: "I know it´s not technically your wedding night but I´m gonna need you to take off your cloth."

Finn: "Aren´t you going out with Greg?"
Morgan: "Oh, no." (He´s Grissom´s boy.)
Finn: "Nick?"
Morgan: "No."
Finn: "You´re with Hodges?"
Morgan: "Nooo!"

13. Season

Greg: "Live hard. Die hard. So to speak."

Greg: "I´m just following the money. Not mine by the way."

Greg: "You do know that I´m not the DNA tech anymore?" (Unfortunately!)

Greg: "Science is sience."

Greg: "Looks like I´m going dumpster diving."

Greg: "I may not be the genealogy jedi but padawan at least I am."

Greg: "It´s like a regular murder kit."

Greg: "When I heard that laughing I sure as hell wasn´t laughing."

14. Season

Sara: "All these years. You ever think you´ve had enough?"
Greg: "Are you kidding? I´m just getting started."

Greg: "I don´t like anybody who goes to bed before sunrise anyways."

Greg: "Snow far."

Greg: "What? Too nerdy to kill?"

Greg: "Chess is by definition a sequence of captures, ambushes, sacrifices and attacks. It´s violence played out."

Greg: "Based of what I can see the game is just beginning."

Greg: "Chess can drive a man to madness."

15. Season

Greg: "Motivation for our vacation."

Greg: "It goes without saying."

Greg: "Hodges, you´re a genius."

Greg: "Welcome to the Dollhouse."

Greg: "No crime of passion starts without the passion."

Greg: "You can´t change the past but you always have a future."

Greg Sanders