Lt. Colonel John Sheppard - Quotes

5. Season

"Yeah, but I'm the guy. You know, like, The Guy."

"Easy, Chewie!"

"So much for the frying pan. Let's hope we make it through the fire."

"Major, nice of you to stop by. Kind of hard to get a cab in this neighbourhood."

"I should go with you, because I have a relationship with Todd..."

"I'm a lot more charming when my friends aren't about to die."

"All right, Chewie. Start tracking."

"I don't know where you're from, but out here anything's possible."

"Do me a favor, when Atlantis shows up... tell them I said goodbye."

"How you doing, Chewie?"

4. Season

"Tiny rock bullets. Great."

"I get it, it's difficult. Million-to-one odds, blah, blah, blah."

"Remember, no wild parties while we're gone."

"Hold up, Chewie."

"I like simple."

"This is not simple."

"You're one man, Ronon. You can't expect to protect them forever." Oh, look, who's talking? Mr. Suicide Mission.

"It's my bad idea."

"I'm sorry, I've never been able to trust anyone who kidnaps me, and tortures me, and threatens to blow me into space."

"Tenacious little bastards, aren't they?"

"I hate clowns."

"Great! The last time I came face to face with myself, I ended up kicking my own ass."

"Women like it when guys are late." (Does he think that because Elizabeth was always beaming at him when he finally made it home again?)

"Well, my Spidey-senses felt an ambush coming on."

"I know by experience, re-entry's a bitch."

"One thing I've learned about my business is never say never."

"It's just another day in outer space."

"Just in time for Happy Hour."

"All I gotta do is walk in a straight line."

3. Season

"It'll be a walk in the park. A very scary park... filled with monsters who are trying to kill me."

"We leave for a few hours... and Lucius turns you all into Stepford wives."

"These trade negotiations can be real murder."

"Just what we need. More bad guys."

"I could have sworn I was gonna wake up dead today."

"Way to go, John! Listening to a Wraith!"

"What if you were forced from your home by war only to return to find someone on your couch eating your Cheetos, watching your TV?"

"Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death."

"I know this city like the back of my hand."

"We had to go into space and pick up some frozen goods."

"And I was so sure we're gonna survive this one."

"Good old Plan D, works every time."

"All sorts of tree-huggy stuff."

"Does super-ego count as a power?"

"Don't you hate it when people interrupt right when things are getting good?"

"I fought a scary monster. That's what I do best."

"Okay, kids, do I have to pull this thing over?"

"I hate queens."

"I hate those things."

2. Season

"I like time."

"I don't feel dead."

"This thing is like a damn cockroach, you just can't kill it."

"I'm Lieutenant Colonel (proudly emphasized) John Sheppard."

"I'm a worrier."

"I hope I didn't crash-land on anybody."

"Take it easy, Chewie."

"I'm just naturally lazy."

"I hate those bugs!"

"There you go!"

"According to my DNA, I'm 100 percent John Sheppard again."

"There is no place like home."

"I really don't like being ignored."

"R2, I need you to turn the auto pilot off. Now! - Worth a try."

"Do you mind checking the oil?"

"She didn't even tell me her name."

"Good one, John. Shoot yourself!"

"This is Sheppard. I'm pretty sure you can't hear me, but I don't have a volleyball to talk to, so, what the hell."

"Okay, people, I'm starting to develop some serious abandonment issues here."

"Here goes nothing."

"Raising children can be very dangerous."

"I've got a weakness for external weaknesses."

1. Season

"I came from a galaxy far, far away."

"We can name it later."

"But it is the right thing to do. Why? Because it is!"

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat."

"Weapons come in all shapes and sizes."

"He's worse than Dr. McCoy."

"That's the plan."

"I guess it's good to get to know your neighbours."

"I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm asking."

"I'm always open to constructive criticism."

"I can be pretty fast."

"Well, let's leave it be... and it'll leave us be."

"She doesn't look a day over 9000."

"I can fly just about anything."

"Won't even stop at the duty free."