Castiel - Quotes - Season 4 - 9

4. Season

Lazarus Rising

"I am Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord."

Are you there, God? It´s me, Dean Winchester

"Angels are warriors of God. I´m a soldier."

"I´m not here to perch on your shoulder."

"You should show me some respect."

In the Beginning

"Destiny can´t be changed."

It´s the great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

"Because it comes from Heaven. That makes it just."

Heaven and Hell

"I don´t joke." (cut scene)

The Monster at the End of this Book

"I am not kidding you."

5. Season

Sympathy for the Devil

"I won´t ask twice."

Good God y'all

"I´m gonna find God."

"I killed two angels this week. My brothers. I´m hunted. I rebelled and I did it - all of it - for you.
And you failed. You and your brother destroyed the world. And I lost everything for nothing.
So keep your opinions to yourself."

The End

"This isn´t funny, Dean. The voice says I´m almost out of minutes."

Abandon all Hope

"I think I´m starting to feel something."

"Tomorrow we hunt the devil. This is our last night on Earth."

The Song remains the same

"I don´t understand the reference."

My Bloody Valentine

"This place is a nexus of human reproduction."

"I have no idea what you´re saying."

Dark Side of the Moon

"Don´t go into the light."

99 Problems

"I don´t understand. Why do you want me to say my name."

2 Minutes of Midnight

"I can´t zap anywhere."

"I don´t understand your definition of good news."

"That´s the eleventh hour and I´m useless."

6. Season

The Third Man

"What part of I don´t know escapes your understanding."

"Sam, Dean. My people skills are rusty."

Caged Heat

"I learned that from the pizza man." (Best Quote ever!!!)


"Is it custom to wear a blanket?"

"I need you to let me touch it."

"I never wanna do that again."

Mommy Dearest

"I have a painful burning sensation."

"I´m fairly unpracticed with firearms."

"This is not what it looks like."

The Man who would be King

"Hiding. Lying. Sweeping away evidence. My motives used to be so pure."

"God wants us to have freedom."

"Explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish."

"For a brief moment I was me again."

"It´s a little absurd, though. Superman going to the dark side. I´m still just Castiel."

"I´m still an angel and will bury you."

"I´m an angel, you ass. I have no soul to sell."

"You´re just a man. I´m an angel."

Let it Bleed

"I´ll be back."

The Man who know too much

"I´m neither stupid nor wicked."

"Flee or die."

"What´s the matter, Raphael? Somebody clipped your wings?"

"I´m your new God. A better one. So you will bow down and profess your love for me, your Lord, or I shall destroy you."

7. Season

Meet the New Boss

"What a brave little ant you are."

"You need a firm hand."

"I´m utterly indifferent to sexual orientation."

"I need help."

Hello, Cruel World

"We´ll be back. For you."

The Born-Again Identity

"I don´t feel like a bad person."

"Your friend´s name was Cas? It´s an odd name."

"Am I Cas?"

"I remember everything."

"I deserved to die."

Reading is Fundamental

"Did you know that a cat's penis is sharply barbed along its shaft? I know for a fact that females were not consulted about that."

"Im surrounded by large unhappy dogs."

"We were assigned to watch the earth. Often, it was boring. The wars were very boring and the sex - you know, the repetition."

"That's God and his shiny red apples."

"I don't fight anymore. I watch the bees."

"I'm always happy to bleed for the Winchesters."

Survival of the Fittest

"I don´t participate in aggressive activity."

"I don´t wanna fight."

"Well, I´m still honing my communication strategy."

"Oh, I-I don´t fight anymore."

"We should play twister."

"And at best, I die trying to fix my own stupid mistake. Or... I don't die I'm brought back again. I see now. It's a punishment resurrection. It's worse every time."

"I´m not good luck, Dean."

8. Season

What´s up, Tiger Mommy?

"I´m perfectly sane, but then 94% of psychotics think they are perfectly sane, so I guess we have to ask ourselves what is sane."

"I´m an angel in a land of abominations. There have been things hunting me since the moment we arrived."

Blood Brother

"I am not your aunt."

"It does present a curious case in the metaphysics, doesn´t it? If you murder a monster in monster heaven where does it go?"

"I have no possible relationship to your sibling´s offspring."

A little Slice of Kevin

"I´m dirty."

"I missed television."

"I didn´t get killed."

"I didn´t wanna be saved."

Hunteri Heroici

"It´s a direct link to heaven and I don´t want anything to do with that place. Not anymore."

"I wanna become a hunter."

"I can be your third wheel."

"Yeah, I capice."

"I was being bad cop."

"I don´t sleep."

"When I see what heaven´s become, what I ... what I made of it, I´m afraid I might kill myself."

"That´s not my name."

"I interogate that cat."

"There was a pastry mishap."

"I know I can´t run anymore."

Torn and Frayed

"That´s his serious face, yes."

"Watching humanity. Never gets old, does it?"

Goodbye Stranger

"You know, I can hear you both. I am a celestial being."

"I´m just me."

"Yeah, my noodle... remembers everything. I think it´s a pretty good noodle."

"I´m so sorry, Dean."

The Great Escapist

"I guess I've been acquiring the taste."

"Feels like I've been on the run forever."

"We were supposed to be their shepherds, not their murderers."

"Bite me."

"We aren't machines for them to program and reprogram. That wasn't what this was meant to be."

"It all matters."

"Shut up."

"A little help, here?"

Clip Show

"I like this bunker. It´s orderly."

"I -- I have money. Where's the pie?" - "You don't understand. I. Need. Pie."

"I'm the one who broke it. There was a time when I thought I could lead our people, but I was mistaken. I spilled so much blood."

"I am the one who caused these problems. I should be the one to fix them."


"Would you say that you're looking for a 'partner in crime' or someone who's into nurse role play and light domination?"

"I´m going to fix my home."

9. Season

I think I'm gonna like it here

"I would fly but I have no wings. Not anymore."

"It hurts."

"I...I don´t drink water."

"I heard angels."

"I don´t need you."

"I don´t want your protection."

I'm no Angel

"Do you ever get tired of urinating? I´ll never get used to it."

"Food. Sleep. Passing gas. It's all new to me. And it's occurred to me that one day I'm going to die."

"I gotta plan better. I ran out of food very quickly today."

"Well, I´m better try falling asleep. It´s quite a process, isn´t it?"

"What sheep?"

"Humans. So fragile."

Castiel: "Castiel."
April: "One name."
Castiel: "Like God."

"Am I strange?"

" I thought i was more important, more effective than I am. That i could fix everything. And now all I can do is keep running."

"I´m no Angel."

Heaven Can´t Wait

"My Grace is gone. What did you expect? Do you have any idea how hard it was? When I fell to earth, I didn't just lose my powers. I-- I had nothing. Now I'm a sales associate."

"I failed at being an Angel."

"Nora, she's a very nice woman. I'm pretty sure she's not a reaper intent on killing me, and she's asked me out. Going on dates, that's something humans do, right?"

"You said I sucked."

"I want to live."

Holy Terror

"Hey. Cas is back in town!"

"I'm a part of this. Like it or not."

"Here we go. Three brewskies."

"I got my grace back. Well, not mine per se, but it'll do."

"I'm not sure. But I am an angel."

Road Trip

"Well, I have a vehicle. It stopped a few miles from here, inexplicably."

Castiel: "When you betray us, I'll be the one to carve out your heart."
Crowley: "Oh, Cas, such a flirt."

"You ruined the universe, you damn son of a bitch!"

First Born

"It tastes like molecules."

Sam: "You´re a terrible liar."
Castiel: "That is not true. I once deceived and betrayed both you and your brother."

"It is Enochian which can be a bit flowery."

"The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you - is me. And now I know what that guilt feels like, and I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry."

"Angels can change - so who knows? Maybe Winchesters can too."


"I'm not a murderer."

"Who I was, what I did, that's not who I am."

"I'm nothing."

"Sorry I created this chaos. Sorry I couldn't do more to fix it."

"I'm no leader."

Meta Fiction

"I'm no leader."

"You are safer away from me."

"Honor bar...? What's honorable about a miniature bar in a motel room?"

"I miss my wings. Life on the road... smells."

"I'm just a soldier."

"Well, based on your assessment, that doesn't sound like me."

"Damn it, Dean."

Stairway to Heaven

"I´m not trying to play God. I´m just trying to get my people home." Go down, Moses. ;)

"I´m very pop-culture savy now."

"Why is six afraid of seven? I assume because seven is a prime number, and prime numbers can be intimidating."

Do you believe in Miracles?


"I´m no leader, Hannah. I never was. I just wanna be an Angel."