Castiel - Quotes - Season 10 - 15

10. Season


"I´ll take the curves faster."


"That sounds like some very special snot."

"It´s my life and it´s my choice, and I don´t want this."

"I made peace with my fate."

Soul Survivor

"We can´t afford to lose our way. No detours of any kind."

"It´s a long story. Crowley. Stolen grace. There´s a female outside in the car that.... Another time."

Girls, Girls, Girls

"We don´t need to shower."

The Things We Left Behind

"I´m not your father."

"I remember everything."

"I fight certain deadly threats to humanity."

"Is ketchup a vegetable?"

Dean: "You´re having a midlife crisis."
Castiel: "Well, I´m extremely old. I think I´m entitled."

"I never knew my father. He was distant to say the least."

The Hunter Games

"There´s a little monster in all of us."

"I like texting. Emoticons."

Inside Man

"I´ll drive."

"You´re gonna be my punching bag."

Book of the Damned

"Can I just kill him now?" - "I'd like to kill him slowly."

"I don´t miss digestion. I don´t miss indigestion."

Dark Dynasty

"I got snacks."

"This call is pointless."

The Prisoner

"I´m a lot like people."

"I don´t wanna have to hurt you."

Brother's Keeper

"Everyone loves something."

"You're not in my contacts list."

11. Season

Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

"Don´t make me hurt you."

"Save me from doing worse."

Form and Void

"I´m cursed."

"Mercy, brother, please."

"I´m an Angel of the Lord."

The Bad Seed

"Earth. Several billion years from the beginning."


"What´s a Netflix?"

"I'm not sure how orange correlates with black that is new."

The Devil in the Details

"Is that what they say, that I kill angels?" Duh!

"Hey, assbutt!"

The Vessel

Castiel/Lucifer: "I can't believe I lost it." - "Him." - "I can´t believe I lost Dean."

Castiel/Lucifer: "Cat´s out."

Beyond the Mat

Castiel/Lucifer: "Is it just me or is it getting a little phallic in here?"

Castiel/Lucifer: "I´m gonna take this and then I´m gonna take you."

Castiel/Lucifer: "You made me bleed my own blood."

Hell´s Angel

Castiel/Lucifer: "How´s it hanging?"

Castiel/Lucifer: "Hey. If it makes you comfy you could call me God."

Castiel/Lucifer: "Don't think about it too long. You know what they say: he who hesitates, disintegrates."

Castiel/Lucifer: "God knows what´s next." - "Ouch!"

Castiel/Lucifer: "I´m just not feeling the warm and fuzzy here."

Castiel: "Guys, you´re gonna break something."

We Happy Few

Castiel: "You know every second I spend subordinating myself to Lucifer, it's been a torment. It's destroying me, it's burning through my vessel. But I would do it all over again. Because through me, he and God, they will defeat the Darkness. That's my role in this fight."

Castiel/Lucifer: "Hell, that go weird."

Alpha and Omega

Castiel: "I didn´t know dogs had breakfast."

12. Season

Keep Calm and Carry On

"No, I don't have a harp."

"I remember my first moments on Earth. It was jarring."

Mamma Mia

"I don´t sweat under any circumstances."

The Foundry

"I´m always up."

Rock Never Dies

"The seeds of a ripe dragonfruit, drizzled with exactly one ounce of acacia honey, prepared in a ceramic bowl, no plastic. What is this spell?"


"I agree with Agent Zappa."

"My name is Castiel."

"The truth can be situational."

Lily Sunder has some regrets

"If I plan to do anything else stupid, I´ll let you know."

"These are my friends. My friends who don´t listen very well."

"You think I deserve to die?"

"Oh, goody."

"So if you leave here and find that you can't forgive me, I'll be waiting."

Stuck in the Middle (with you)

"Urination. I understand."

Somewhere between Heaven and Hell

"So, you are here for my hands?"

The Future

"This is my voicemail...make your voice a mail."

"She's difficult to kill, okay?"

"I am not someone that you should put your faith in."

"I wish I had your faith."

"I've been so lost. Not lost anymore."

All along the Watchtower

"I have faith."

"Remember. Paradise."

13. Season

The Big Empty

"I know you're there. I feel you."

"I will stay awake and I will keep you awake until we both go insane... I will fight you and fight you and fight you for... ever. For Eternity..."


"I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back."

Jack: "I don't sleep much."
Castiel: "I don't sleep at all."

"In heaven good is a relative term."

Dean: "Look, just act like you're from Tombstone, okay?"
Castiel: "The city?"
Dean: "The movie. With Kurt Russell? I made you watch it"
Castiel: "Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The one with the guns and tuberculosis. I'm your huckleberry."

"Howdie, partner."

"Kilmer. My name is Val Kilmer."

"Jack, I've killed people who didn't deserve it... my friends -- I've killed people I loved. I wish I could tell you that it -- that it gets easier, that with time, it hurts less, but that would be a lie because it -- it never gets easier. And those moments, they never stop hurting."

War of the Worlds

Castiel: "You'll forgive me if I'm a little on edge. The last time we were together, you killed me."
Lucifer: "Well, last time we were together, you stabbed me."

Various & Sundry Villains

"That's a nice little horrifying plan. Cannibalism."

Good Intentions

Dean: "Well, Enochian's kinda tough. Maybe you got a word wrong."

Castiel: "I don't get words wrong."

"Well, I am not Sam and Dean."

"I did what soldiers do."


"I'm back from Syria with fruit from the Tree of Life. The tree was guarded by a pack of djinn. I killed most of them, bargained with the rest. Think I'm... technically married to their queen now."

"Wonderful. I once led armies, and now I'm paired with a scruffy philistine and a talking dog."

Bring 'em back alive

"I don't think he's gonna open up and let the Choo choo in."


Castiel: "Maybe Heaven could help us."
Dean: "Uh, not for nothing, but don't the angels mostly wanna kill you?"
Castiel: "Yes. Yeah. This would be something of a Hail Mary. It's a sports term. Like slam dunk or, uh... ball handler."


"I'm not your sport."

"That's a vast oversimplification."

Castiel (AW): "Don't think that you are better than me. Well, we are the same."
Castiel: "Yes. We are."

14. Season

Stranger in a Strange Land

"I speak slower - and you will tell me everything you know or I will burn you to ash. Right here. Right now."

"Coffee has no effect on me."

"I'm more embarrassed than I am hurt."

Unhuman Nature

"This feels different. Losing, um... a son... feels different."

The Spear

Castiel: "Jack. If you can't sleep, that's understandable, given recent events."
Jack: "You mean dying and coming back to life."
Castiel: "Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a rite of passage around here."

"No. No, nothing is perfect."

"The Empty said that it wouldn't come for me until I had finally given myself permission to be happy, but with everything we have going on, with -- with Michael still out there, I don't see that happening anytime soon. This life may be a lot of things, but it's rarely happy."

Prophet and Loss

"The woman has a remarkable command of profanity."


Zachariah: "Come on, Constantine."
Castiel: "I don't understand that reference."
Zachariah: "You wouldn't."

"My name is Castiel. I'm an Angel of the Lord."


"Okay, um... these killings -- it seems like there's a ritualistic quality to the crime scenes, right? It's almost liturgical." - "It means religious."

Peace of Mind

"And then you can sleep until the cows come home."

"Yeah, I know. Everybody is good."

Griffin: "He comes in looking like he's been running all night, asks for my phone, then he just... went all Scanners."
Castiel: "Was it more Scanners 1, 2, or 3?" OMG! Say hello to Mr. Reference.

"It's like you were stepping into a 'Saturday Evening Post'. I look at them sometimes after you fall asleep at night. They're very soothing."

"His head exploded." - "Like a ripe melon on the sun."

"It was an apt metaphor."

"I don't eat."

"You will snap the hell out of it."

"I don't wear a hat."

"Tell me or I'll rip it from your mind."

"God has a beard."


"I was scared."


"I need to go to hell."

"He's a writer. Writers lie."

15. Season

Back to the Future

"Well, I wouldn't starve."

"Well, we are not twinsies."

"You shot me."

Raising Hell

"Yeah, hey."

"I recognize that I... dropped the puck."

The Rupture

"Every second in your presence is intolerable. It's an abomination. You're an abomination."

Belphegor: "Oh, Cass, your voice -- it's like, uh... like an angel."
Castiel: "Shut up."

Dean: "Why didn't you stick to the plan? What were you thinking? How come when something goes wrong it's always you?"
Castiel: "I think it's time for me to move on."

Last Call

"Let me rephrase. If you don't help me tonight, I will find you and burn you alive."

Our Father, Who aren't in Heaven

"Are we seriously talking about going to hell to try to speak to Michael? Michael, who is in the Cage, and insane?"

"You know, Michael, I never really liked you. Even when I was just another angel, I thought you were too haughty, too... to paraphrase a friend, you had an entire oak tree shoved up your ass."

The Trap

"You know, of all the time I've been in Purgatory, I've never seen a bloom of any kind."

Galaxy Brain

"Why would God write the blueprint to his own death?"

Destiny's Child

"Okay, I am not understanding."

"The demon you were sexually intimate with?"

"I'm far from happy, so I should be fine."

"Am I still an idiot?"

Gimme Shelter

"He's a very smart, very, uh, pale young man."

"There were so many cat photos, it was just... There were too many cats."

"You're a deviant soul corrupted by Hell."

"Sometimes humans can be the worst kind of monsters."

"God just didn't care."

"My name is, um -- well, my name is not important. I do know what blind faith is. I used to just follow orders without question, and I did some pretty terrible things. I would never look beyond the plan. And then, of course, when it all came crashing down, I found myself lost. I didn't know what my purpose was anymore. And then one day, something changed, something amazing. I... I guess I found a family and I became a father. And in that, I rediscovered my faith. I rediscovered who I am."

Pastor: "You're an angel?"
Castiel: "Well, not a very good one."


"We don't care about you because you're useful or you fit into some grand design. We care about you because you're you."