Room Service

  • Greg´s appearance: Cranky

  • 2 Scenes: With Warrick
    and Nick

  • Shippyness: None

  • What we learn about him:
    He knows about unusual
    sexual practices.
  • Misc.:
    He helps out in the lab.

First Scene:
Int. CSI - A/V Lab:
Nick, Warrick and Archie are going over the security camera footage. Greg walks in. He tells them he heard from Ecklie they have trouble with the case. Nick calls Greg an ass-kisser. Warrick chuckles. Greg stays to watch the footage with them.

Second Scene:
Int. CSI - DNA Lab - Night:
Greg is working in the lab. Warrick and Nick are teasing him because he´s not out in the field. Greg shows them the evidence.

Best Dialog:
Nick: "I thought Greg was in the field. Is he back in the lab?"
Warrick: "I don´t know."
Nick: "We´ve got to clear this up. It´s like he´s confused. Lab, field, field, lab. We have a lab on wheels."
Greg: "How about you guys just shut up, all right?"

My Comment:
What is it with Nick and Warrick having a go at Greg all the time? I think Nick was mean by calling Greg an ass-kisser.
Greg´s knowledge about unusual sexual practices amazes me again. Did he do this stuff himself?

Hodges has started to see someone and asks for Catherine´s advice. She doubts he´s seeing someone. She thinks the woman he refers to only wants to be friends with him. Poor, poor man.

Warrick and Nick find Hodges falling asleep while he was looking through his microscope. The best moment in this pretty boring episode.

Starring Greg