Breach of the Rules - 2/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: Dare all Things
Summary: The morning after is always complicated.
Warning: Adult Fanfiction, Spoiler for Season 1
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate: Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
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Released: December 2005
Word Count: 3908
Betas: Isha, Lisa, June, Betty

The following morning the storm had slowed down. In the blink of an eye they went through the stargate and were back in Atlantis. Back home. The second they had stepped out of the jumper, their friends had surrounded them happily and kept them company. Rodney gabbled on, while Ford and Teyla pestered them like children, bombarding them with questions. Carson wanted to examine them, despite her insisting that they were fine and Bates merely watched them, frowning lightly.

Annoyed, Elizabeth tried to stay calm, not even bothering to pretend to listen to Rodney. The unfamiliar sensation of wearing no panties made her feel uncomfortable enough to wait anxiously for a chance to flee to her quarters. The torn up piece of fabric was hidden in one pocket of her jacket. Forcing a polite smile, she was aware of John´s strong presence, only a few feet away. Having him this close but yet not close enough increased her longing for a quick escape tremendously. The things we did just an hour ago. Thank God, John wasn´t looking at her but glaring at Rodney instead. Apparently, he seemed to share her misery of being trapped in the middle of their very curious friends.

Finally, Rodney paused for a moment in his endless monologue and she used the opportunity. "Rodney, can we talk about this later? I´m really tired and...."

The scientist raised an eyebrow. "How´s that possible, Elizabeth? Haven´t you had all night to sleep?"

She cleared her throat while she noticed John´s smirk. "No... we were trying to figure out how to get back to Atlantis. Right, Major?"

"Ah... yes... we did... did we?" he stammered.

She had caught him unprepared and sneered gleefully. That serves you right. "Fact is, we couldn´t find any sleep because we worried too much about our safety, particularly the Major."

His smirk returned while he competed with her daring look. "Exactly."

"So, if you excuse us, please. We can talk as much as you want at the next briefing." She rushed off to her quarters and heard Rodney calling her name but no one slowed her down, least of all John.


Only a couple of hours later, Elizabeth found herself in the conference room, attending a meeting which had been scheduled days ago. Exhausted by the lack of sleep, she could barely follow Rodney´s speech, but that wasn´t the only reason she couldn´t keep up. Her mind was pretty occupied with a very different matter, a very delicate matter which needed to find a solution as quickly as possible. She had slept with her 2IC and now she had to tell him that they couldn´t go on. They just couldn´t get involved. How did you break up with a man after you having spent only one night with him, with a man with whom you weren´t really together with at all? She observed the team members around her uneasily.

Teyla wore a familiar friendly expression. Unlike Elizabeth, she looked quite rested. Frankly, she looked absolutely stunning.


Amused by Rodney, Ford was smiling as he sat next to her.

Rodney was his typical self. Either he was talking or drinking lots and lots of coffee. Five minutes ago, he had asked her why she still looked so tired. Bewildered, she had shot him a deadly glare and had given no comment. Damn him too. Finally, she checked out the ranking military officer of Atlantis. Major John Sheppard.

He lolled in his chair groggily, elbows on the table, his usual lazy smirk on his handsome face. He looked like a bored schoolboy who was listening to McKay's speech under duress. At a closer look she noticed the shadows under his eyes. Obviously the Major hadn´t been able to gain back the power which he had spent so generously by making her come - again and again.

Elizabeth´s lips twitched. Well, we were busy all night. He was indeed a very thorough man...and also so very talented. What he did with his tongue...all the dirty things he whispered into my ear... she felt a blush creeping up her neck and took a deep breath. Come down. This is neither the time nor the place....

As if he was sensing her impure thoughts, John looked up and met her gaze. His smirk deepened and he winked at her.

The simple intimate gesture made her blush. Elizabeth lowered her eyes, feeling helpless. Shit. I can´t do this. I can´t work like this.

Rodney stopped talking. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No," Elizabeth blurted. "It´s just...."

"I think we all need a break, Rodney," Sheppard interrupted, smugly. "Dr. Weir is still not well rested. Neither am I."

"Well... okay... why didn´t you say something?" Rodney said, offended.

"I just did," Sheppard told him sweetly.

Rodney made a face at him and left with Teyla and Ford on his coattails.

Pretending to be busy, Elizabeth shuffled loudly with her papers. It didn´t work.

John stayed behind. "Finally alone."

"Mmh," she replied icily to chase him away. Go! Please just go.

"How are you?"

"I´m fine. Listen, John, about last night...."

"Yeah?" He grinned hopefully.

"I need... no... we need to forget about the whole thing and go on with our lives."

His grin faded off. "Do you ask me to pretend it never happened?"

"No, not at all. It happened and it was wonderful. But that´s it. We have a lot of people depending on our leadership. The Wraith...."

"I see," he said, in a tone as icy as hers. "You expect me to accept that our relationship is going back to being strictly professional?"


"Is that an order?"

His subdued anger crossed over to her. "If you need it to be, then yes, it's an order."

"Yes, ma'am."

Remembering the delightful moment, where he had spoken exactly those words to her, she winced. "I hope this won´t be a problem?"

"Why should it be?" he snapped. "I´m no boy who can´t keep his pants on because of a woman." In a split second, he vanished like a trained jungle fighter.

Devastating despair seized Elizabeth and she felt the immense urge to call him back. Did he have to follow my order so quickly? Couldn´t he...? Jesus. I´m completely unreasonable. First I wanted him to leave and now I want him back... she buried her face in her hands. I was so stupid to play this game.


Days later, Elizabeth didn´t feel any better but quite the opposite. Frankly, she felt utterly stupid if not like the stupidest woman in Atlantis or even the whole galaxy. She had set the rules and Major Sheppard had played them by the book. He hadn´t tried to talk to her besides work, he hadn´t tried to meet her in private and certainly he hadn´t tried to kiss her. This smug bastard hadn´t tried anything at all. Furious, Elizabeth paced up the length of her office; well aware everyone could see her through the glass walls. She was utterly mad at John but she was much angrier at herself. She longed for him to do all the things she had forbidden him to do. Every day and every night, she waited restlessly for him to finally come around but he didn´t. No, he pretended to be the perfect gentleman, the best professional 2IC she could wish for, someone without any personal feelings, at least not for her. Stern, dutiful, devoted, but at the same time he was as cold as ice around her.

Today, Elizabeth decided she had finally enough. Forgotten was the fact it had been her order which had started his behavior and put her in this position in the first place. She wanted him back. She wanted their trust and friendship back. She needed him to be there for her. He had won.

She shut her laptop and left her office not minding anyone while she headed for his quarters, feeling like an immature teenager. I hate him.!!! She clenched her fists. This has to end. I´m being childish. I´m a grown woman and it´s time to set things straight. Panting lightly, she stopped outside his door. I´ll make him talk to me. I´ll make him... "It´s me. Open up." Surprisingly, the door opened at once. Had he awaited her? She caught him dressing up after a shower. His hair was still damp and smooth, his chest naked. Oh my Gosh! Perfect! Nervously, she gulped.

"What?" he asked, sounding slightly amused.

"I never saw your hair like this."

His eyes were mocking her. "There is always a first time."

She ignored the silly tease. "I came here because we have to talk."

"Really?" he replied in the same cold voice he had saved just for her in the last couple of days.

"How long do you intend to keep this up?"

"I don´t know what are you talking about."

"Pretending I´m some stranger to you."

He threw the towel away with which he had dried his hair. Now it pointed in all directions, making him look like a hedgehog.

Just adorable. She blinked. Focus!

"Isn´t that the way you wanted it to be?" he asked smugly.

"You´ve never played by the rules like this before! Never!" Her voice rose unexpectedly high. God, this is embarrassing.

"You´ve set the rules, Doc. I just obey them."

"Are you kidding? Whenever did you obey to my orders?"

"I remember one night in particular...."

Insulted by his smug grin, she whirled around and headed for the door. She never made it. Grabbed from behind, she was pulled into his arms.

"Do you want me to break the rules, Doctor Weir?" he whispered into her ear.

For a second, she considered to struggle free, to say no but...being so close to him felt incredibly wonderful. All her senses cried out to him. Kiss me! Take me! Don´t talk. Just....

"Do you..." His scratchy cheek brushed over her soft skin while his hands glided upwards cupping her breasts possessively.

A moan slipped through her lips.

"...want me too?" Firmly, he stroked her breasts and the already hardened nipples.

"Don´t mock me."

"I don´t, Elizabeth," he replied, completely serious. "I want you but I need you to want me too."

Stubborn man. "I do want you," she sighed, "but...."

John didn´t let her finish. The next second she found herself on his bed with him all over her.

Elizabeth broke free, catching her breath. "I... we... can´t. We have a briefing in fifteen minutes."

"Fine. No foreplay then." Insistently, he pulled at her pants.

"Oh God... John..."

"Sighing my name doesn´t help much in stopping me," he replied huskily, kissing her neck.

Kissing my neck doesn´t help much in stopping myself. "You can´t...."

"You wanna bet?" Smiling, he shoved her pants to the ankles.

"I meant... we need... protection."

For a moment, he paused but then he bent down to put a trail of kisses on her belly and further down. "There... are... other...ways."

"Oh..." she breathed and let go. She wanted him. She needed him. There was no one else in the world she needed more. Only him.

Easily, he shoved her underwear off and threw it somewhere. His head buried between her legs, he stuck his tongue out, touching her gently. With the softest licks he claimed her most private part to be his alone. Exploring every inch, he was as teasing as he was demanding, giving as much as he took and she turned into a molten ball of flame. "Yes...yes..."

Firmly, he grabbed her hips while his talented and clever tongue darted faster and deeper, driving her quickly to the limit. A burning fire raced from her belly to her center. "Oh yes...John...please...more..." John licked her faster and faster, determined to make her come.

Elizabeth whimpered loudly, while she tangled her hands in his wet curls. She heard him groan and felt his tongue pushing eagerly, massaging her hot center with sharp licks. Dedicated, he tongued her open, to make her slick hole ready to be taken.

Which he can´t...oh Jesus...not this time... A sudden urge to have him inside of her overwhelmed her. It didn´t matter what she had told him before. She needed his hard, throbbing cock. She needed him to fuck her until she couldn´t take anymore. "Oh...John...please...I want..."

He didn´t stop but tightened the grip on her hips. His tongue pushed faster and harder, thrusting in and out - in and out.

The immense tension in every cell of her body broke and she screamed in lust. "Yes!" Striking pleasure raced through her like a heavy bush fire, erasing the last sensible thought from her mind, leaving her shaking and whimpering. His gift of pleasure consumed her while the world around stopped existing for one perfect moment.

Lightly, he rested his head on her belly, feeling her trembling heavily in the aftermath. "Good?" he asked in a warm, velvet voice.

"You are the devil, John Sheppard."

"Only for you." He lifted himself up and reached for her face to kiss her thoroughly.

She tasted her own flavor in his mouth. Oh sweet Jesus. Simon has never...ever....

"Still seven minutes left to get to the meeting on time."

"Certainly," she agreed, "but first we have to take care of another striking problem." Her hand fumbled on his zipper.

"Aaah..." he breathed, surprised. "You don´t have to...."

His hard cock sprang into her hand. "Stop being so polite," Elizabeth ordered and pushed him on his back.

He didn´t put on much of a fight but grabbed her by the top.

"No time for that," she denied, sensing his wishes.

"Oh, come on. I want to suck them."

Sniggering at his pouting expression, she lowered herself further down. "It´s you who will be sucked." Seizing the pulsing rod, she gave his full balls a gentle massage, circling them slowly with her tongue.

Gasping, John bucked his hips. "Don´ I won´t...last one more second."

"That´s the plan, Major." Caressing the balls with her left hand, she sucked the tip of his cock passionately, tasting the first drops of his essence - which greeted her bitter-sweetly.

Fiercely, he pushed his cock deeper inside her mouth. "Suck...harder...please."

His begging filled her heart with love and she increased the rhythm steadily. Hard as steel his cock pressed against the roof of her mouth.

"Good...oh so good...," he praised huskily.

A thrill of power gripped her and she sucked his cock with all her strength.

Becoming strangely quiet, John uttered barely a sound, only his heavy breathing telling of his excitement.

Elizabeth let go of the tip and dragged her tongue along the length. In between, she rubbed the shaft firmly and gave quick licks to the sensitive spot on the underside.

"Don´t stop...sucking me...," he growled, breathless.

Smiling, she continued teasing him.

John grabbed her by the upper arms and made her look at him. His eyes had darkened to the color of a midnight forest. "Please...I´ll do what you want...."

"What I want?" she smirked. He deserved some punishment for his behavior in the last couple of days.

"Yes, god damnit. What is it?"

"I expect you to provide us with dozens of condoms."

"That´s it?" he blurted, puzzled.

"Today," she demanded huskily. "I need you to provide them today."

He blinked but just once. He got the message. "Done," he promised.

Instantly, she bent down and sucked his cock down to the root. A chocked groan was the only reply she heard. Devotedly, she dragged on his pretty member with quick, steady motions.

Thrusting his hips upwards, he met with her rhythm, again and again, and exploded. Spilling his seed into her mouth, he gave a fluttering groan.

Pleased, she welcomed the tasty fluid which soothed her throat pleasantly cool. Thoroughly, she licked him and her lips clean. A little bit out of breath, she lifted up and kissed his face all over, finally lingering with his right ear. "These ears are made for licking."

A strange sound came from his mouth, a sound she had never before heard from him. He sniggered. "Funny. I know I haven´t the prettiest ears but..."

" have the cutest," she interrupted him fondly.

"If you say so." He rubbed his cheek against hers. "I must be dreaming. I can´t believe I´m right here with you. Honestly, I thought I would never be with you again, Elizabeth."

"I missed you terribly," she confessed in return.

"I was right here."

"Yes, but not close to me."

"I told you I wouldn´t force myself on you."

"Sometimes a woman wants to be..."

"Wants to be what?"

"Just wants to be taken by the man she desires."

"Why, I´m surprised."

Amused, she punched his shoulder. "You know what I mean by that."

"I know exactly what you mean by that and will keep your desire in mind for future activities." The tenderest kiss followed his arrogant proposition, turning it into the sweetest promise.

Finally, Elizabeth managed to slip out of his embrace. "We have to go." In a hurry, she entered the bathroom. "I´ll go first and you can follow me in five minutes," she shouted through the open door.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, suppressing a laugh.

After a lick and a promise, she got dressed while she sensed his intense look. "Don´t do that."

"Don´t do what?" he asked innocently.

"Don´t check me out like that. It makes me...."

Pulling the zipper on his pants up, he joined her, grabbing her by the hands. "Makes you what?" He kissed her on the forehead. "You have nothing to hide. You are so beautiful."

"Charmer," she teased lightly, feeling her face glow with joy.

"Just in case. What are the rules I have to obey from now on?"

"Watch your mouth, John Sheppard."

"Yes, ma'am," he repeated once more, smirking, delighted. "Be careful. People will start to talk if they see you coming out of my quarters, looking all flushed."

"I´m not looking flushed."

"If you say so."

"I do say so, Major. We have to attend a meeting. See you soon." She opened the door and peeked out. The corridor was empty.

"Maybe I´ll come a little bit later. After all I have to provide dozens of condoms this very day."

She burst out laughing but left without further comment. He didn´t mean that. He knows he has to be there. As fast as possible she hurried to the conference room. Despite the fact she was way too late, Elizabeth turned here and there to find something similar to a mirror to prove John had been wrong. I´m not looking flushed. Unfortunately, she hadn´t checked her appearance in the mirror back in John´s bathroom. Why? Simply because she had been still excited from what had happened before and just forgotten about it. Without finding a mirror, she walked into the conference room, feeling slightly nervous.

At once everybody there was looking at her. "Sorry, I´m late but I had..." Noticing Bates´ grim expression made her stop talking in the middle of the sentence. Why is he looking that annoyed? Is John right? Am I looking flushed? Is it that obvious?

"It´s alright, Elizabeth," Rodney said. "Major Sheppard is late too."

"Is he? Well, I´m sure he will be here soon. He can´t be far away, right? It´s only a matter of time when he comes in and then we can continue to carry out our duties. Nothing is more important than the city of Atlantis...." She realized she was babbling without reason and stopped, embarrassed. Rodney, say something please. Some utter nonsense which will make them forget what I just said.

Rodney didn´t. Tilting his head, he observed her with the same interest he would give to a new science project.

Oh please. Anyone, Elizabeth prayed. Where is John? He hasn´t seriously gone looking for condoms, has he?

"Is something wrong, ma'am?" Bates asked curiously.

"No... not at all." She forced herself to stay calm.

Her prayers were answered. John saved her. Unshaven, his hair the worst mess ever, his outfit slightly disheveled, he strolled in and despite his sloppy looks he was glowing.

Do I look the same? Oh my Gosh!

"Hey, folks! Sorry, I´m late but I had something very delicate to take care of," he greeted them, overly excited.

Teyla and Ford just stared at him.

"I assume it wasn´t shaving yourself," Rodney remarked dryly.

"No, but something similarly intimate," John beamed.

Bates simply ignored him. "Now that we are finally together let´s begin."

"Right, sergeant." Brightly, John grinned at him, apparently not in the slightest offended by Bates´ impolite tone.

Seeing Bates perfectly confused by John´s cheeriness towards him, Elizabeth had to bite her lip to stop herself from laughing out loud.

"Do you want something to drink, ma'am?" Bates turned to Elizabeth.

"No, thank you. I´m fine." A choked sound from John made her glare at him. Will you stop this.

John started coughing. "Sorry."

"Considering our situation in the last weeks," Bates started, irritated, "I think a few changes in the security...." The remaining time of the meeting went by without further interruptions, except for the impertinent looks and smirks John shot her way every now and then. Part of her felt infuriated by his behavior while the other part longed to be alone with him to teach her 2IC a lesson he would never forget. A lesson neither of them would ever forget. She sighed and counted the seconds till the end of the meeting. Finally it came. Teyla and Ford left quickly, while John strolled around to stall for some time. Elizabeth put her papers in order, giving no further notice to Rodney and Bates, who had stayed behind.

"Elizabeth, something has come up that I really need to talk to you about," Rodney informed her.

"Please not now, Rodney. I have a slight headache and was hoping to take a break," she lied easily. She caught John listening to them and saw his face light up like a sunrise over the ocean.

"Well, it can wait a few hours," Rodney agreed with a peculiar expression. "Get some rest. You look like you need it."

What´s that supposed to mean? Does he suspect something? No. Not Rodney.

"But I thought we could talk about the new changes in the security matters right now," Bates interrupted, displeased.

"Later please," Elizabeth promised. "This headache is really bothering me."

"Fine," Bates snapped and walked out.

"Some of us are meeting in an hour to play cards," Rodney turned to John. "Do you want to join us, Major?"

"No, thanks. Maybe next time. Right now I have some very important business to take care of. Afterwards, War and Peace is waiting for me. I´m way behind my schedule and have a lot to catch up."

"I see," Rodney said wryly. "Well, have fun then."

"I certainly will," John said cheerily and loped out of the room.

"Good speed!" Elizabeth murmured.

"What?" Rodney asked, puzzled.

"I think you gave a good speech today," Elizabeth praised to cater to him.

Rodney didn´t fall for it. "Really? Interesting considering that Bates did almost all the talking today."

"Ah... yes... right...," she stammered. "It´s because of my headache. I cannot think straight at the moment. Excuse me." She rushed out, leaving her notes on the desk, forgotten.

"I certainly noticed," Rodney scoffed. "After all Mr Straight-line delivered an entertaining show to tamper with your mind."

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