Let the Seller Beware

  • Gregīs appearance: Pissed

  • 5 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
    His mother's maiden name is
    Hojem which is Norwegian.
    He knows the language.
  • Misc.:
    His grandfather got tossed
    from Norway for getting his
    grandmother pregnant before
    they got married.

First Scene:
Nick and Grissom work on the evidence. Greg walks in and showed them the DNA test results.

Second Scene:
Sara is picking through Chuck Darwellīs stomach contents piece by piece. Greg looks in. He holds up a large manila envelope. Sara asks him to read it for her. He does while Sara continues with her gruesome job. She picks up a piece of skin. Greg is horrified by what he sees.

Third Scene:
Sara works on the cast of Chuck Darwellīs teeth matching the cast to the rib marks. Greg comes by asking about the case.

Fourth Scene:
Grissom is looking for Greg and finds him in the locker room. There Grissom asks him to participate in an experiment. He swabs both of Gregīs feet and wants to see him again in six hours.

Fifth Scene:
Greg angrily limps into Grissomīs office and complains about what Grissom did do to him. Greg pulls off the socks and puts both his feet up on Grissomīs desk. Grissom examines Gregīs feet. The left foot is covered in a red rash. Grissom tells Greg not to worry. Itīs only mildew. Greg looks pissed. Grissom gives Greg a small tube to clear it right up.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "Tell me this is raw chicken skin."
Greg: "Well, it's raw ... and it's definitely skin."

Grissom: "Greg."
Greg: "Yeah?"
Grissom: "I need you to take off your shoes and socks."
Greg: "See, now we're getting into this whole strip forensics thing and I'm not so sure I can hang with that even if you are my boss."
Grissom: "Your mother's maiden name is Hojem, correct? Hojem is Norwegian?"
Greg: "Yeah. And you know, my grandfather got tossed from Norway for getting my grandmother pregnant before they got married. To this day, he still tells me "som man reder sa ligger man."----"One must lie in the bed one has made."
Grissom: "That's true. Right foot first, please."
Greg: "Now, you're sure you want me to do this? Things could get loud in here."
Grissom: "Left foot."
Greg: "So you want to tell me why we're doing this?"
Grissom: "It's an experiment."

Greg: "What did you do to me?"
Grissom: "You had a reaction."
Greg: "I'm Hazmat meat. Quarantine, here I come."
Grissom: "Your right foot, I swabbed with a placebo, regular tap water."
Greg: "Yeah, well, I'm not worried about the right foot."
Grissom: "Left foot ... eumycotic dermatitis."
Greg: Oh, great. It's probably fatal."
Grissom: "It's a mildew-induced skin rash."
Greg: "You infected me with mildew?"
Grissom: "Here. Hydrocortisone. Follow the directions, clear it right up."

My Comment:
Terrific. I love Greg in this episode. Finally we see him pretty angry. Not angry at anyone but the big boss Gil Grissom. What is more important, he has every right to be angry. Grissom behaved completely out of line here. Worse, he didnīt get the point when he gave Greg some medicine. Greg is very devoted to Grissom and Grissom knows that. This is a matter of trust. Grissom broke this trust by using Gregīs body without letting him know what he is doing to him. Thatīs really mean.
In spite of this these moments are so very, very slashy. Oh dear.
Itīs great to learn something about Gregīs background. Plus, it awed Greg that Grissom knows about his family.

Greg and Sara. A few nice moments interrupted by a very disgusting case.

He looks absolutely stunning. His hair is perfect.