Shared Sorrows

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: PG13
Category: Romance, Angst
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: Missing scene from "Letters from Pegasus"
Warning: Spoiler for Season 1
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate:Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
Feedback: Yes, please. Every word opens a new gate.
Released: August 2005
Word Count: 614
Beta: Lisa

After the message to Earth was on its way, the city of Atlantis was finally resting, though; it was a treacherous peace, settled right before a storm ready to break loose.

Only Elizabeth Weir hurried through the gloomy corridors and sneaked into John Sheppard's quarters. Surprisingly, she found them pitch black. He had never liked to sleep in pure darkness. "John?" she whispered, flustered. Maybe, he isn´t even here.


Relieved, she undressed quickly. "Why is it so dark in here?" Now answer. She walked to the bed and slipped under the covers.

He flinched at her touch.

For heaven´s sake! "What´s wrong?"

"I´m just tired," he mumbled, broken.

She felt for his face and found it wet. "What is it, John?" she asked, slightly bewildered.

"They will kill us all, Elizabeth," he breathed sharply. "We don´t stand a chance. What I saw today...all those people...."

She pulled him into her arms. "Don´t say that. You don´t know what will happen."

John placed his head on her breasts. "I let them die. I even told Teyla we can´t save anyone. You´ve ordered me to stand down from any fight and I did." He sounded like he was begging her to confirm he had been right.

"You made the right decision," she agreed softly, stroking his messy hair. "You saved a few people by pure luck and couldn´t have done more. You could have gotten killed yourself." Her voice broke. Shit. Now I ´m starting to cry myself. "I couldn´t bear if anything ever..." There. She sobbed.

At once, he raised his head and searched for her lips. He kissed them tenderly. "Sorry that I upset you."

"No, I´m sorry," she sniffled. "I suck in comforting you."

"My Elizabeth," he soothed kindly. "You are always so strong. Don´t you deserve to be weak this one time?"

"What about you? Don´t you deserve to be in fear just once?"

John laughed bitterly. "It´s not the first time I´m afraid of the Wraith. Steve did a good job in scaring me." Sighing, he nestled closer to her. "But right now I´m more afraid because of you. I can´t bear the thought of the Wraith feeding...on you."

Her tears had dried up. Her heartbeat was calm again. She had to be calm for him. "Were not quite there yet, and as long as Im in charge, we will never be there."

He laughed again but without any bitterness. "Now I almost pity the Wraith."

"Let´s forget about the damn Wraith and go to sleep. We need our strength."

"Is that an order?" he joked wryly.

Elizabeth was pretty relieved to hear he was back to his old self. "No, just a plea."

"Alright. I can live with that." He put his head back on her breasts.

She sniggered. "Are you comfortable, Major?"

"Yes, ma´am." Lazily, he stroked her right nipple through her top. "Why did you come over tonight? I thought I made pretty clear I wanted to be alone."

"Oh, you were perfectly clear, but I needed to be with you."

"I´m glad you did come. I needed to be with you, too, but I..."

"...would never have asked you to come," she finished. "I know, John. At the meeting I saw the look in your eyes. I know when you need me. I know my man."

He rose once more and kissed her on the forehead. "That´s why I love you."

Elizabeth took his face in both hands and kissed him desperately. John returned the kiss with the same intensity. Soon sleep was forgotten. Together they dared the coming fear and probable death by loving - and living - if only for a few fortunate hours.

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