Who shot Sherlock?

  • Gregīs appearance:
    Mr. Proficiency

  • 16 Scenes: With everyone

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S, G/N, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
    He was supposed to read
    "The Hound of the Baskervilles"
    but he didnīt.
    He is no Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Dennis Kingsley is dead with a gunshot wound to his temple. Greg snaps photos of the scene. Grissom looks around. He tells Brass to ask Greg what he thinks because this case is his final proficiency. Greg tells his theory - the evidence suggests suicide. Brass leaves the room to interview the neighbors. Greg and Grissom talk about Sherlock Holmes.

Second Scene:
Greg is going through the blood on the floor when Sara walks up to him. Greg finds and picks up the bullet amidst the puddle of blood and pieces of brain. Sara kneels down next to Greg to look at the bullet. Greg looks at the bullet under the magnifying glass. Greg thinks the gun was a Colt .45. He asks Sara if she is here to check up on him but she only is here to help him to search the rest of the house. Sara stands up and starts looking around. Greg tucks the bullet into a bindle. Sara picks up the empty old-fashioned glass syringe and looks at it.

Third Scene:
Greg looks at the floor. He finds something on the floor and snaps a photo of it. Sara examines the scratches on the wood near the doorknob and plate of the door leading to the basement. Greg finds something on the floor near the table leg. He picks it up and looks at it. Sara sits down at the table in front of the laptop. He presses the spacebar and the screensaver with the meerschaum pipe on it stops. She looks at the screen for a moment. Greg looks up from his camera as Sara walks into the room to share her findings. Greg snaps a photo of a red book with blood on its cover, "The Hound of the Baskervilles". He shows her the book. It has a blood stain on the page edges. Greg puts the book back on the table in the position he found it in. They discuss their finding.

Fourth Scene:
Greg snaps photos of the body. He removes the evidence bag from around the victim's right hand. He snaps photos of the hand and takes samples from it. He flips the victim's arm over and finds needle marks on his inner arm.

Fifth Scene:
Sara and Robbins talk while looking at the photos spread out on the table in front of them. Greg appears in the doorway giving them the tox report. Greg thinks the suicide was a murder after all.

Sixth Scene:
Greg follows Hodges from the hallway into the Trace Lab. Hodges tells him what he found out. Greg looks through the scope. Grissom walks in the lab. Hodges and Greg inform him about the news. Hodges leaves.

Seventh Scene:
Greg swabs the side of the shoe. He tests and finds blood. Hodges tests the tobacco in the pipe.

Eighth Scene:
Sara walks into the room with a file folder. She tells Greg the DNA confirms that the blood on Watson's shoe is a match to the victim. They got the murderer. Greg doesn't look up from under the magnifying glass. Sara asks if he want to celebrate after shift. Greg shows her what he saw. The blood drops are not uniform. Sara looks under the magnifying glass at the blood drops. Sara figures somebody is trying to frame Watson.

Ninth Scene:
Greg and Sara meet with Archie Johnson, who is looking at a site on the internet, epackrat.com, and is scrolling through the various items up for bid. Dennis Kingsley, the victim, was trying to get rid of everything. The scrolling stops on a mother of pearl handled Colt .45. The murder weapon was a Colt .45 revolver, whose whereabouts are unknown. They keep looking for the "The Hound of the Baskervilles". The blood stain on the book could be from the killer. They find the book listed on the site. The photo of it shows no blood on it. One of the bidders is Reichenbach - Henderson, NV. Reichenbach Falls is the place where Professor Moriarty killed Sherlock Holmes, Archie informs them.

Tenth Scene:
Greg and Sara interview Josh Frost, Prof. Moriarty. He admits he wanted the book and bid for it. Sara asks him to show her his hands. He does and the index finger on his right hand has a bloodied band-aid on it. Greg signifies it as a paper cut. Josh Frost admits he had a fight with Dennis Kingsley about the book at the house earlier that evening but he didn't kill him.

Eleventh Scene:
Greg is looking at the evidence. He scrapes the dust off of the chip and looks at it under the microscope. Greg walks over to Grissom's office. He tells Grissom he wants to go back to the crime scene.
The doors to the study open. Greg and Grissom enter the room. Greg walks over to the fireplace and kneels down, looking inside. He thinks there was some kind of struggle and maybe the killer left behind some skin fragments or a strand of hair on the red clay bricks. Grissom watches him. Greg looks completely into the fireplace. He flips the light switch on and finds something completely unexpected. Hanging from a rubber tube tied to the top of the chimney is the missing gun.

Twelfth Scene
Greg shares his findings with Sara. Sara is skeptical that Greg concludes the victim committed suicide but she confirms Greg to write the report and give it to Grissom.

Thirteenth Scene:
Greg is putting on his shoes while listening to rock music on his earphones. Grissom appears in the doorway holding the open file folder. Grissom shouts, "Hey, MTV boy." Greg removes the earphones and turns the music off. Grissom read Gregīs report and points out that the evidence is out of context. Greg realizes the case isnīt solved. He is ready to find out if there is any other suspect. Grissom turns and leaves. Greg sighs heavily as he buttons his jacket and kicks his locker door closed.

Fourteenth Scene:
Grissom is examining the tubing under the magnifying glass. Greg walks into the lab and tells Grissom he still thinks Watson is the best bet as a suspect. Greg looks over Grissom's shoulder as Grissom cuts open the tubing. He finds tobacco leaves and asks Greg to run a quick comparison because it has to belong to one of the suspects.

Fifteenth Scene:
Brass interviews Kay Marquette, Irene Adler. Greg watches from the observation room. Finally, she confesses the crime.

Sixteenth Scene:
Greg walks dejectedly through the hallway. At the end of the hallway, Warrick and Nick are talking. They notice him and tell him Grissom wants to see him. Greg turns around and sighs heavily. He heads for Grissom's office. Greg walks into the office. He sees a dark figure behind Grissom's desk in his chair. The chair swings around and we see that it's Mr. Gel Dummy dressed up as Grissom, a large sign stuck on his chest: YOU PASSED! Everyone steps out into the room - Nick, Warrick, Sara, Catherine and Grissom. They cheer and applaud him. Sara gives Greg a hug. Catherine kisses Greg's cheek and gives him a hug. Everyone shakes his hand. Grissom smiles proudly at Greg. Ecklie comes in and congratulates Greg too. Then, he urges everyone to go back to work. Everyone leaves but Greg and Grissom. Greg doesnīt understand why he passed. He got the wrong guy and the wrong manner of death. Grissom soothes him. He doesn't expect Greg to be correct in all his interpretations all the time. Most important, Greg did his job. Grissom and Greg shake hands. In the doorway, Catherine holds up a bottle of champagne while the others hold their glasses. They're waiting for Greg. Greg rushes over and they hand him his glass. Grissom watches them celebrate.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "So, are you going to say, "the game's afoot"?"
Grissom: "I didn't know you were a Conan Doyle fan, Greg."
Greg: "I'm not. I saw a Sherlock Holmes movie once by mistake."
Grissom: "Well, just so you know ... those movies never ended like this."

Hodges: "The fragment you found at the scene? It's a mother of pearl. It could be from an ornament or a piece of jewelry."
Greg: "It could be from a lot of things."
Hodges: "Yeah, that it could, Mr. Proficiency."

Greg: "I don't get it. I got the wrong guy, the wrong manner of death."
Grissom: "I don't expect you to be correct in all your interpretations all the time. You collected the evidence. You thought there was something missing, you went back and found it. Hey, that's the job. Congratulations, Greg."
Greg: "Thank you."

My Comment:
Finally, Gregīs dream came true. He is a CSI. Though, Iīm happy for him Iīm also a little bit sad. I miss the crazed lab boy from the earlier seasons. Itīs quite a pity Greg had to grow up so fast. SIGH. In my heart, he stays the "MTV Boy" as Grissom entitled him so nicely and significant.

Greg and Grissom. In the field. Together. Thatīs almost enough to make me squeal. Grissom, the Sherlock Holmes fancier and his "I saw a movie once by mistake" boy. Fabulous. I literally squealed. Itīs nice to see, Greg knows Grissom is a "Sherlock"-Fan. Grissom is slightly surprised and Greg smiles and teases him.
Does Greg even know it is his final proficiency before Grissom tells him at the scene? Iīm not sure. Grissom taunts him further by "Emphasis on the final". Oh dear. Greg stays cool. Brass challenges him and Grissom gives Greg an encouraging look. My heart skips a beat. When Greg tells his theory, Brass and Grissom look at each other. Your boy is doing well - You think so?
When Greg wants to go back to the Crime Scene, Grissom doesnīt quite understand what heīs looking for but he let him do his work. In the moment when Greg is crawling into the fireplace and Grissom is watching him, I thought: Is he checking out Gregīs butt? Naughty me, always thinking about only three things - Greg - Grissom - sex.
The locker room. AH. I wrote a story in which they shared their first kiss in the locker room. So, every scene there is special to me. Get it on, boys.
Grissom gives Greg a tip (So nice of him) that his conclusions about the case might be wrong. Greg listens to him, thinks it over and gets back to work. He is unhappy because Grissom, who is the only person whose approval he longs for, hasnīt said a word yet. And he fears to fail his proficiency. Gregīs outfit is great. Heīs such a cutie.
When Grissom examines the tubing under the magnifying glass Greg looks over Grissom's shoulder, using the opportunity to be as close as possible to him. Grissom doesnīt mind. I wrote a story about that too.
Does anybody but Grissom know that he was helping Greg to pass his proficiency? I donīt think so. Gil loves his "MTV boy" very much, doesnīt he?

Greg is quite surprised that Grissom let him pass and overwhelmed as well. The last look Greg gives Grissom before he runs off to celebrate with the gang implies: See you later alligator. In bed, where we will have our private party. My Imagination is always turned on. Grissom is so very, very proud of his boy. Since first season, I knew he likes Greg, in spite of all the fans who were arguing, Grissom didnīt. Some people are so naive.

Greg and Hodges. Yet another hilarious moment. The "Mr. Proficiency" tease is almost endearing. Gregīs amused look as well. Thatīs why I have these images in my head. Kissing. Grabbing. Hot Greggo/David sex. Help me, God, to find some time to write a story.
Grissom, suddenly joining them, makes Hodges uncomfortable. He acts totally different around Grissom even the tone of his voice changes. He leaves them quickly. Jealous again, David? About whom? The master or the grasshopper?
I think, Greg and Hodges agree that smoking is a bad habit.

Greg and Sara. In the field they are a good team. She is so nice to him, itīs startling. What has happened to this woman? Perhaps, itīs not Sara but her nice twin sister. Maybe, itīs even Saraīs clone.
Sara makes a joke, "Anyone for pizza?" about the brain splatters on the ground. Urgh! Greg doesnīt even smile. Is the world going nuts? In addition she throws him a peculiar look when heīs not noticing. And she smiles. What is it, Sara? Are you feeling suddenly lonely? Is it the "Greg is becoming a CSI" thing? Next, Sara invites him to celebrate after shift to drink a beer with her. GOOD GOD. Could it have been a date if Greg had shown any interest in her offer? But the crazy boy didnīt. I know why. Heīs with the boss. Look hard and you can see the absolute confusion in Saraīs face. She doesnīt get Greg. For years, he flirted with her. Now, she gives him a chance and obviously he isnīt even listening to her. Greggo my boy, you are terrific. Later, she praises, "Way to go!" about his work on the case. At the end Sara hugs Greg dearly. Help me. Iīm going to faint.

Brass teases Greg by addressing him "Dr. Watson". Ah. Guess who is Sherlock? Ah. Sherlock and Holmes. Slash. Men in bed. Oh yes. Thanks Brass for drawing the comparison. And look at the smirk on Brassī face. He knows something we donīt know. The exchange between Brass and Greg let me think about the few slasher stories I read about that pairing. It was great stuff.

Greg and Catherine. She hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. Nice.

The end. He fears he had failed his proficiency. But the whole team surprises him. That was so sweet. Happy Greg. He passed and became a CSI. Ecklie tries to ruin Gregīs day but he fails. SNEER.

Archie - He knows something that Greg and Sara donīt know. Funny.

Random Thoughts:
Greg is allowed to photograph the body alone. Obviously, he is been trusted.

Ecklie says, "Catherine, nothing happened in this lab I donīt know about."
Are you sure, Conrad?