• Gregīs appearance: Irrelevant

  • 1 Scene: With Sofia

  • Shippyness: None

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Sofia fixing a laser through the bullet hole in the windshield of the van. Greg Sanders appears. Sofia turns around and fixes him. "Why are you here?" Greg says, "Grissom said it'd be okay for me to come help. I need the experience." Sofia accepts this, and immediately conscripts Greg into helping her find shell casings if she can't find bullets. She then takes his pen and tells him stand back, saying, "You don't shoot a man with your door open." A brief flick of the switch and the wheelchair ramp raises up. Sofia tells Greg to keep an eye on the pen. Then she makes like she's shooting, and pushes the pen lid with her thumb. It tumbles out past a surprised Greg and that's how they figure out the casing is stuck in the van's ramping mechanism. Greg sees the pen lid come tumbling out, then extracts a casing. Sofia smiles with pleasure and advices him to photograph the casing.

Best Quote:
Greg: "Grissom said itīd be okay for me to come help. I need the experience."

My Comment:
The hair. Urgh! Itīs way too dark. I donīt like it. Heīs way too serious. I donīt like that either. His screen time is a joke. Iīm very disappointed.
Greg and Sofia. Respectful. I have no feelings at all towards her. If she would vanish I wouldnīt care.
Greg and Grissom. And if Grissom said so....The master says "jump" and the grasshopper says "how high".
Grissom and Sara. I like Sara, I really do but I donīt like the idea of her and Grissom being together. They donīt belong with each other. They live both in their own little world and would suffocate each other. I never saw Grissom so uncomfortable as in the moment when Sara confesses: "You have always been more than a boss to me. Why do you think I moved to Vegas. Sometimes I look for validation in inappropriate places." He looks helpless and at a loss for words. Of course. He thinks: Oh no. Not another one. Itīs hard enough to hide my relationship with Greg.